September 02, 2007

moral hangover. besides the obvious physical hangover. clearly, i lost it, again. my only consolation is that its been quite a while since that happened last, so im not a completely helpless case. i guess i got myself thinking i dont need to be careful anymore. if i decide to keep things under control, i will. but last night i wasnt thinking about that, very careless of me :( anyway i wasnt doing as bad as this girl (randomly saw her on the street on the way home)

the birthday party was cool. never attended a party with so many lesbians, there was like 20. and 2 gay guys. it was quite obvious who didnt belong in the group. the haircut, the make up, the skirt... yea i was out. another co-worker of mine, R, was present but despite of her hetero-status she fit right in with her clothes and look. well i make it sound negative which it wasnt, it just looked odd. i had a very good time and made new friends. i had to leave early to go to Tony's wedding party. so i met his wife Noi and more of Tony's friends and relatives. 2 of his friends were DJs and the music was really nice, house and semi-chill out and smooth pop. Tony & Noi:

people dancing at the wedding party;

both parties were set to have an after-party at DTM which was right across the wedding place. i left to DTM when the birthday people informed me they got there. in the end i guess the wedding-people decided to go to Redrum as i never saw them in DTM.

in the bar, this guy was serving J├Ągermaister in vials...

me and R we bought J├Ągermaister shots and tested the pecs. which is wrong, had he been a she and had we been guys, wed be in court for harassment already. even if she (he) gave his consent and all.

geez i just found this site; - lol

turns out people think it is my face on the business cards... i dont think i look like her, but i guess if u glance at it very fast? and Fuss is very pretty, so im not offended by the assumption :)

i should do something useful tonight to make up for my stupidity last night. its a psychological thing, you make it up to yourself... so far ive only watched Extreme Makeover. in which they tried to reconstruct this womans face, shed been bitten by a poisonous spider and the face was scarred and fucked because of the episode. this reminded me how lucky i am to have my face more less normal and hair on my head and 10 fingers and 10 toes...

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