September 06, 2009


lazy sunday. i was at Arttu's parents party yesterday (was fine), and then thought i was in a major rush, as Tiitta was coming over to cut my hair and then i had another party to go to. when i finally got myself to K's party...turns out i had the wrong day. the party was on FRIDAY. i missed it. and, i had NOTHING on friday. in fact i got tired early and went to bed at like 7pm. anyway, i then went to the nearby bar where K was with his friends and we had a couple drinks and then went to K's place where he held a private party just for me. woohoo. so it turned out all good but i feel like an idiot nevertheless.

at the party where i did get to, during the day, i talked to a woman whos a gynecologist... and i of course asked her of any interesting occurrences at work. she mentioned a few instances which were funny, but i think the best was her finding a piece of candle from someone... the patient was not there because of the candle, so she did not mention it at all, just dug it out and continued whatever she was supposed to do. that was thoughtful i suppose, i mean it would been hugely embarrassing for the patient. i am still giggling at this.

found this in my cam, apparently took it last night when coming home from K's. he says it mustve been at least 5am when i left. hmm.

this was on the wall of the bar (Rytmi) where i went last night. maternity and blowjobs... err? ok...

Bon Iver's Flume; i love this one; (youtube)

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