August 23, 2016

goodbye Gunilla

i think its time i start getting more excited about the move. there are still struggles or things that could go wrong ahead, but they never end, do they...  the lesson i need to learn in life is try and f*ckin relax :D doctor sold the car today, so thats one challenge past us, succesfully. but i will miss her, even if i didnt see her a lot. but doctor said the new foster family is very nice and promised to shower her every day(!). thats great cos Gunilla loved getting a good wash. Istanbul is so dusty... 

the car money is a nice addition to our savings towards the next 6 months. in this 6 month time, doctor should be able to get a UK license to practice and a job, and if not, oh well, we have to continue our adventure somewhere else. also, doctor finally got a paper from his hospital that states there are no obstacles for him to go abroad. even if at the time of the move he won't be a government employee anymore, you can never be sure enough, better have all the papers you can get for when the border control at the airport gets difficult...

after this party i feel even more ready to pack everything, get rid of extra cups and pans and whatnot. but we still have a sushi night to do. we have sushi ingredients so they have to be used. right? but other than that, we better empty the kitchen little by little...  im so ready to go!!

Middle East Eye: Ordinary Turks traumatized by post-coup crackdown


August 20, 2016

the last party in istanbul

the other day i started deleting movie files from my computer. i didnt have that many, a couple dozen movies ive been meaning to watch for months or years. our portable hardrives are kind of full so i figured its not worth it to buy a new one, if i actually want to see these movies some day, i can get a hold of them again...   same applies to some tv episodes and seasons that have been sitting and waiting for their turn. for some of them, it was never gonna be the right time i think... like True Detective for instance.

one of the bazaar shops nearby where i buy mezes and foreign cheese etc.

last sunday we did a wine & cheese evening with a few friends. some good cheese and wines were tasted! mostly french and turkish, both wine and cheese.

tonight is our 'farewell to istanbul party'. around 25-30 people coming. more were invited but a lot of people are on holidays, and several have a wedding to attend to tonight. oh well, a week later wouldve been better attendance wise but i also didnt want to make it too stressful for myself so i wanted to do this well before actually leaving. but overall i want to make it a great party with the people weve shared the past 6 years (or more, in doctors case) with.

party planning!

enough mixers? not quite, but getting there!

building the playlist!

open bar - we need to get rid of all the bottles in our alcohol cabinet. some years old. people are lazy at writing their names on the plastic cups even if you give them the marker (except for swedes) so my solution has been in the past parties to mark them beforehand. this time i wrote down istanbul neighborhoods. it was actually meaningful too, for me, reminiscent of the places ive seen in my time here, they all mean different things; Nisantasi, Kabatas, Feneryolu, Osmanbey, Sirkeci, Pendik, Kartal, Atasehir, Ortaköy, Bahcelievler, Levent, Kozyatagi... 

booked my yearly check up for next monday. its free on my health insurance so why not. also ive been doing research on health insurances in the UK, we will have to get one for when doctor applies for his residence card, since i am 'self sufficient' EU citizen. i got really good service from this insurance broker and they found a cheap one so we will probably go with that. its £84/month.

meze dinner with Carina the other night.

my new favorite lunch take away place, Manca. they are on yemeksepeti but always bring the weekly menu, of course they a lot of if i call and order directly. so i try to do that. they have a lot of veggie options and i usually order 2 small things, which makes for one lunch. importantly, the foods are not drowning in oil, as is often the case with turkish 'home food'.
this 15tl/5eur plate is from the above restaurant. not the most inventive, but if you want healthy vegetarian lunch food (ie. not just cards and fats), your options are very slim. i was happy with this portion.

bought this swedish toothbrush the other way. supposedly ecological and blah blah...  (Humble Brush).

there is this tension in the air though and some people believe something worse than the coup could happen sometime soon. but there are no actual "signs" that you could count on. plus, stuff like coups dont really announce themselves beforehand.

August 11, 2016

somehow i wouldnt mind trying a glass of sake right now

i watched Adaption - for Arttu's and mine movie club - that was a mistake. i mean wtf. doctor had seen it and warned me...  he said i would not like it. how right he was. never again!

(about the) depressed egg yolk mascot from Japan

it's a warm, humid sauna outside our livingroom. ive been enjoying the AC a lot, i turn it off here and there cos i feel like the air gets too AC:ish (even if the temp is set at 25) but its on 80% of my waking hours i think. yesterday i met a friend for a coffee in this garden cafe/bar, it brought up a nice hamam-ish sweat up although we were in the shadow of course....:D

im selling our home decor and small items on FB's 2nd hand groups, little by little. it's barely worth the pocket change so i consider it more like a hobby - and i like 'recycling' in that way, buying and selling 2nd hand. the other kind of recycling, that i dont care for.

Max Rose this film may be interesting. i wanna see it when it comes out

every now and then someone asks why i dont get turkish nationality, cos im eligible for it (5 years of residence). of course there are benefits but holy fuck it would never cross my mind. i guess it can be seen as a practical choice, like getting married to make paper work easier....but i take nationality quite seriously and my love affair with turkey is not that deep after all, and out future turkey looks like it's coming to an end anyway. and im just not turkish by any standard. furthermore, it would make me feel unsafe, for once you are a turkish/(whatever) dual citizen, and you get in trouble here, you can say goodbye to any help you would normally get from your country. people don't believe me when i say this, they claim dual nationality wouldnt change anything. i am naive in the way that i get really annoyed when people don't believe something i know to be a fact. recently  Australian Department of Foreign Affairs sent an email reminding dual citizens of this; "Dual nationals are reminded that, while Turkey recognises dual nationality, it prohibits Australian consular officials providing assistance to Australian/Turkish dual nationals who are arrested or detained." there. i believe it refers to Master Nationality Rule

these news of women killed in turkey by family or partners are always around 
Turkey’s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clausespanish journalist is said to have been deported over tweets

if im watching tv or a film on my computer and dont have my phone, i find myself distracted, looking for 'something'. im conditioned to play 1010!. it relaxes me.

August 10, 2016

erimielisyyksistää ollut Lauri Holappan juttu Turkin tilanteesta yllätti mut vähän sillä että se meni melkein toiseen ääripäähän Gülen-pelottelussaan. pahin silmiinpistävä asia oli mielestäni asiavirhe; että vallankaappausyrityksen yhteydessä "sotilasosastot surmasivat lähes 250 ihmistä". koko hässäkässä kuoli tosiaan se joku 240 ihmistä mutta ei todellakaan kaikki sotilaiden surmaamia. en tiedä montako kuoli kun siviileille jaettiin aseita ja he ottivat oman käden oikeuksia (!) mutta poliisi ainakin ampui toki takaisin ja sotilaitakin kuoli. voisin vielä lisätä että 'virallinen sairaalähteeni' kertoi että sotilaat ampuivat paljon ei-tappamistarkoituksissa, esim. jalkaan. ampuminen ei toki oo ylipäätään ok, mutta tässä vaiheessahan on jo tiedossa että siellä oli paljon nuoria sotilaita jotka eivät tienneet alkuunsakaan missä olivat mukana, eli mielikuva 'verenhimoisista gülenisteistä' jotka alkoivat vaan lahtaamaan ihmisiä mitään kyselemättä ei ole oikea sekään. Ergenekonista minulla ja Laurilla on myös hieman eri näkemys - Lauri puhuu vain Gülenin tekemisistä mutta koko projekti oli AKP:n ja Gülenin yhteistyötä. en kelaa että Gülen on joku pyhimys tai Erdon positiivinen vastavoima kuitenkaan. noiden kahden vastavoiman välissä kansa se on joka kärsii - mutta tällä hetkellä on pakko myöntää se tosiasia että sekulaarinen osa kansaa (noin puolet) kärsii nimenomaan nykyisen hallinnon alla, Gülenin mahdolliset vaikutukset tavallisiin ihmisiin ovat olleet mielestäni minimaalisia, enkä viitsi jossitella että mitä jos gülenistit saisivat vallan, mitä sitten tapahtuisi.

IL: Entinen vegetaristi puolustaa lihaa. Joonas Konstig lapsineen saa kyllä ennenpitkää korkean verenpaineen ja tai muita jokapäiväisen lihansyönnin sivuvaikutuksia. uskon että ihminen on moniruokainen (? omnivore) mutta lihaa joka päivä... se liitetään lyhyempään ikään. mua myös huvitti kun Joonas sanoi ettei ikinä ollut ravittu olo. oikeasti, ei saanut ravittua oloa ilman lihaa?? huh huh. ehkä se tosin oli joku pysyvä tila jos ei sitä lihaa ikinä syönyt. mutta uskon kun vegetaristiystävillä on omien sanojensa mukaan ravittu olo. veganismi on jo mielestäni haastavaa, mutta syököön miten lystää. meillä pyritään eettiseen lihansyöntiin (siis eläinten kannalta, ei välttämälttä maapallon) mutta monestakaan syystä sitä ei ole pakko joka päivä saada.  vedin just vegaanilounaan ja illalla on tiedossa kalaa. odotan mielenkiinnolla Lontoon tofu- ym. valikoimia, luulen että vihersyöminen helpottuu siellä entisestää, sekä tietty free range lihan osto - täällä se on rikkaiden tai ulkomaalaisten hömpötystä, vaikea löytää.

tulevana sunnuntaina olis tarkoitus tehdä sushia kavereiden kanssa. eikä ole pelkoa että syötäisiin viimeiset tonnikalat kun ei tuoretta tonnikalaa ikinä täältä löydä...  se on tyydyttävä norjalaiseen loheen. en tiedä missä on ne kasvatettu ja miten päin - mennään nyt asia kerrallaan näissä valinnoissa.

August 06, 2016

groovy saturday

a colleague is in bed with a flu. reminds me how lucky i am for never getting ill like that.
we all have our problems, but that i aint one of mine. instead i continue packing and going through our stuff, what to give away, that to throw away...what's perhaps worth selling 2nd hand...

and what did i get in mail? my new EU style drivers license! EU...hehe, but, i think it works as an ID, anyway good to have... 

Aeon: The idea that gender is a spectrum is a new gender prison
Wired: Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us

but this is the stuff i want to start reading;
Guardian: Should you say no to prosecco with your pancakes. u know, first world probs. i want more first world probs.

Filth - fun enough, i wasnt in the right mood but i would still recommend
The Last Heist - this one has 3.6 in imdb and Henry Rollins, so i was eager to really was a 3.6

something i will not miss from Turkey...

:( :( Torrentz is dead.

manti, turkman style. nom nom. 

turkish motorcycle 'gang'. 

view from a friends window. business district far in the background.

turkish flag has a new meaning since the coup. it is used by the religious people to 'celebrate democracy'. tomorrow there is supposed to be yet another big gathering, maybe both european and asian side, to celebrate this 'democracy'. yay? 

August 01, 2016

starting august

i am really sad Matt Damon is getting all this hate now - first it was the thing he said on Project Greenlight forever ago, and then now this 'whitewashed' movie thing. as if its just his fault. why did the chinese director cast him in it? lets talk to him...  the whitewash thing is still a valid issue but i just dont agree with the amount of hate this one guy is getting for what...2 things? also i have 1 friend on FB who got totally pissed when Damon spoke in favour of restricting gun ownership - Oz style - but yet he stars in films where 'violence is glorified' and his bodyguards have guns. so he's a hypocrite, then, according to my FB friend. i dont agree with this either. and i did not agree 100% with the Project Greenlight case and criticism, maybe it didnt come out right but i dont think what he meant was inherently wrong. i have spend a lot of time thinking about this specific case and why cant i fully agree - maybe im just looking it wrong? maybe my logic is wrongly meritocratic and i "just dont get it", being a priviledged white woman? yeah whatever.

doctor came home from what was hopefully his last ever work shift in turkey. cos in turkey u can never be really sure...  but for all purposes, he has not been scheduled any shifts for this month and on Aug 31st he has his specialist exam and then thats that. amazing. this 4.5 yrs was tough. a lot of doctor-non-doc couples break up during that time. i guess thats why they pair with each other most of the time, any other combo and the relationship just wont last. the crazy hours he's worked and the time ive been alone at home, sometimes frustrated for not being able to reach him...    im sure Uk is not all roses and rainbows either but im hoping the worst is over now.

Guardian: Lebanon sex trafficking

July 28, 2016

there is always something...

turkish police sometimes sends warning sms. a couple day's ago it read, translated;
"Do not believe anybody who claims to be a police, prosecutor, or a military member, and says that YOUR NAME HAS BEEN LINKED TO THE COUP, AND HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE COUP PLOTTERS' LIST, trying to collect money or gold from you."

im really obsessed in finishing everything by the move, i mean finishing that bottle of body lotion that ive been using for 2 years, finishing the detergent, finishing the huge stock of toilet paper...  yeah im not gonna force it but im trying a bit too hard. spending too much brain energy on planning.  but definitely we have too much sushi materials to not have a sushi gathering before the move!

today was Carilyn's last day in Turkey - she is leaving the country tomorrow. us girls gathered at her place today for one more chat and get together before saying our goodbye's. our pack is falling apart 1 by one! on friday she also hosted a farewell party. and yesterday me and doctor went to a turkish wedding over on Heybeli island. 2 doctors got married so the guests were largely other doctors. the setting and party was ...nice:

i also met some new people, doctors from other hospitals that even my spouse does not know :D

i removed 5 stitches from doctor yesterday. he taught me what to do. im so proud of myself! the re-stitched one will have to wait for a few more days.

tonight i had planned on just relaxing and being at home.... but in typical turkish custom, i got a message from Nilla saying shes in town and that we could meet up...   Nilla is someone i first met in Istanbul (by chance) soon after moving here. turkish girl eager to move to finland, already speaking more than a few words. she moved and over the years we met a couple times and ive learned that her and i largely shared the same friends, she knows *everyone* in both turkey and finland. point is, she is social and out there like no one else and it impresses me. anyway, so we got to see each other again. i remember her being really young when we met, like 19...  turns out she is 23 now, which makes her 16-17 when we met. its hard to muster that someone so smart and wise was that young so i guess i upped her age in my mind. and you dont assume to meet underage people in a bar setting... although no one checks here. point is, we had a fun evening and through her i met a couple more cool people.

the public transport has been free in Istanbul since soon after the coup. because the public has been invited to celebrate democracy (or something) at the squares every evening. tonight there was a huge gathering in Taksim square. i saw people traveling there in masses. i also heard the free transport thing would be continued for another week. things are changing frequently these days. and not many neutral media outlets exist anymore so its hrd to get the information...

just Bachelorette stuff

Facebook is suggesting i follow Kylie Jenner's page. i am in the understanding that she is one of the Kardashians. although i am not sure cos then why the F is her surname 'Jenner'. not that all kids need to have the same surname but they usually do...  but i dont really care.

so this season of Bachelorette is disappointing me a bit. i know Jojo will pick the hot player, and i think it will go down in flames. i do understand its like a game, most people want to start a career and become a minor celebrity, its just a theatre that is played, but im certain some people have some genuine feelings too. viewers, including me, are upset she dropped Luke. i mean, yeah, he seemed great but i guess she had her reasons. maybe its that he lives in the countryside, maybe the producers told her that if she isnt sure she wants him, to drop him now, so they can start grooming him to be the next Bachelor. i certainly hope its Luke rather than Chase...  i dont think they'll pick the 2nd runner up 2 times in a row (=Robbie, i assume). actually my preference would be to find a new face to star as Bachelor, but its already become a standard to pick someone from within the francise, i guess i just have to accept it. meanwhile, today i will watch the Men Tell All episode, go see Tarzan with doctor hopefully. so im getting an extra dose of abs and testosterone in hollywood packaging.

last night i browsed Bachelor/ette related books at Amazon. there are a few books written by past contestants. I read one a couple months ago, by Courtney Robertson, it was okay. now i noticed 2 of the books (by Sean and Emily) are published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing. umm what? okay Sean is a born again Christian, and the book apparently really underlines that, but then i read the summary of Emily's book and it goes: 
"Overcome with embarrassment following her nationally televised failures at romance, Emily finally committed her heart to the only one she knew would never leave her empty and alone. Abandoning her desire to be chosen by men and finding peace in the fact that she was already chosen by God, Emily found the joy she had been looking for in serving God."
that just makes me throw up in my mouth a little :/ i have the same reaction to religion as some do for reality tv :D her book has received good reviews but inserting god here and there really turns me off. so im not sure i can read either of these. also, they are still too expensive (9-17 usd) to be worth it, light entertainment should be cheap...   Andi's book has received scathing reviews. she was an interesting Bachelorette, but apparently her book is just a bitter hate fest with generic to bad advice (she recommends 'hate sex with ex'), and she calls herself a feminist :(

oh and the 4th season of Married at First Sight is starting! woohoo! a bit less of a game, more reality.

July 17, 2016

little getaway

me and doctor decided to take a long weekend off and head out of the city, from all the craziness. such a cliche but it really helped. doctor had deserved his vacation and for me it was good to get out of the house and my head for a bit. we headed to Özdere, near Izmir, to an all inclusive hotel. 7h drive more less. nothing fancy, just a very basic place but with the food, drinks, pool and beach. what also helped was getting some good news while there. the date for defending doctors thesis was confirmed, its tomorrow. yay for that. also different sources (police, university) are saying that one working for the government can acquire this or that kind of paper, enabling them to exit the country september doctor should have graduated and it shouldnt be necessary as he won't officially be working for the gov anymore, but in turkey nothing is certain, better cover all angles. and even now, a lot can happen in a month. but it gave us hope that there are proper channels in dealing with the 'exit' problem...

 looks like lunch.
 me and dctor chilling.
 pool area.
 the quiet and shadowy end of the beach. stony too, but only in the beginning. the water was wonderfully clear and shallow for at least a 100m. perfect.

doctor in the sea. he was probably a dolphin in previous life. 

next to the hotel there the military's holiday resort. i saw families there too. one day as we were chilling on our sun beds near the fence wall, 3 guys were trying to escape, the fence only goes into the water a few meters...  it looks like it's so easy...  poor guys were stopped by a guard like this. in a few minutes a motor boat came over - obviously planning to pick those guys up, had their escape been successful. i have no idea what happened to the escaping soldiers but im sure nothing good. considering there are repor....rumors of torture and rape taking place after the arrests of a lot of people (who's counting anymore?). aaaanyway im just gonna keep low profile, wanting to get out alive and all...

view from the balcony. 

random turkish scenery. 

Ataturk statue carved into rock, kind of like Mount  Rushmore...  i felt like profile pic would do it the most justice, its not as lookalike as one would hope. this one is near izmir - and really makes you raise your eye brows in "wtf".

another pretty majestic Ataturk statue. located on a hill by a small town. 

on a car ferry heading to istanbul

my bf is listening to 40's musicals (instead of his usual black metal stuff), i think he might have hit his head too hard on the pool bottom. the bump in his forehead doesnt look too bad though. he had some birthmarks removed over a week ago and one of the wounds opened during the holiday too - had to get him re-stiched on our way back. and i got a weird crack on the sole of my foot that aches. holidays are rough.

i decided to try the following series:
Marcella. verdict: yes! love lady detectives
Stranger Things. verdict: Stephen King horror...  im over it, unfortunately
The Night Of. verdict: might make me anxious or uncomfortable but i want to try

Bosphorus bridge is now: 15 July Martyrs' Bridge. there, we woke up these news this morning. 
hotel being built in kadiköy, near a famously smelly creek
chemical castration regulation introduced to sex offenders in turkey
Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was a hoax

uncertainty in the air

sunday has started like any other sunday. the city moves on. yesterday FB was full of lynching videos and photos - now that stuff does make me sick. army clashing with the police is one thing, but when civilians turn on to each other (given guns by the police and AKP offices, i was told) its at another level. doctor too witnessed this behavior and the results at the hospital. he finally returned home last night and i was just glad to hold him. i dont feel like he is in danger at the hospital but he had been on shift since friday morning and with all this happening, i did miss him.

yesterday the mosques were also calling people out to the streets, to celebrate the victory/ to support the nation - i cant decipher the singing of the muezzin so i rely on what im told. normally i dont hear the prayer call, but suddenly when its more often and at unusual times, i register, knowing its not normal. people (me too) got sms from either The State or R.T. Erdogan himself calling us to gather at squares in the evening, to celebrate etc. so secular people would stay inside pretty much.

today there are reports about religious people (mostly) verbally attacking seculars, attacking minority neighborhoods. its messy so its hard to tell exactly what is going on, but the pious people now feel like the have the mandate to express their anger on the seculars. if the president has wanted to divide the country, he has done an exemplary job... 

suddenly 2 months seems like a long time. made a computer back up today and finished packing one box of stuff.

Citylab: Istanbul, the Day After by another expat

July 16, 2016

eerily quiet new day in turkey

....after what i would call a very "kuumottava" night. meaning uncomfortable, anxiety-filled. way over my comfort zone. i was at my friends bbq on the other side of kadiköy when someone was looking at their phone and said that the military has closed the first Bosporus bridge. thats odd, especially turks know to get concerned over something like that. i was still hoping its just related to a terrorism threat. but then we started getting messages from friends and the news started to unfold, thats there is a coup. over this time, the traffic on that street pretty much died, and doctor also messaged me that there are soldiers on streets and i should go home. felt like a good idea and i got home. i saw everyone on their phones and leaving bars at that time. military imposed martial law and curfew. i got home and saw people queuing to the shops, buying water and whatever food they could. i also popped out to get cash, water and some food. facebook was slowed down and twitter totally blocked. turkish news gave contradicting information and i relied on friends messaging what they saw on foreign media and what doctor told me. he was told way early in the night that he wouldnt be going home today, instead they called more doctors on shift. and all hands were needed because plenty of wounded and dead were brought to the hospital all night. doctor just went to bed now in the morning that things calmed down. i hope he gets to come home soon, although whats the point, he has yet another 24h shift tomorrow morning?

ppl queuing to buy food in a nearby store.

i can say i did not sleep well. only 54 days into our move, and the airport is suddenly closed and future feels uncertain. i woke up to jets flying close above, and bomb and gun like sounds further away, but i dunno what exactly was going on. and wasnt about to find out. the mosque was loudly giving extra calls to prayer or calling people to the streets. but im glad i insisted on sleeping, because i woke up to a very quiet Kadiköy. the quietest ever. no cars, no people. and there were the first rumours out that it was over. doctor messaged me that there were no more wounded people coming in and that he could go to sleep. then little by little i saw people on the street, the kiosk opened, pharmacy opened. by now ive seen a couple cars and motorbikes. i bet everyone will be on their toes for a while. i...just want to get safely out of this country.

Vox summs up the situation in less than 500 words.

yesterday i wrote;

NYTimes on Erdogan sculpting a new Turkey. nothing new perhaps but well written.

doctor finally got his 2nd family permit for going to UK (we waited for 3 weeks for this one). the old one would have been valid while we were going but its nice to have it cover several months. its just a permission to enter, not like you have to leave when it expires. EU law gives him the right to enter, stay and work, but UK has just made things a little more complicated... 

July 09, 2016

jenni tours

Avner & Elmor are coming here today for a short visit from London. i kept begging them to come see istanbul while we are still here and it worked!!

i think i need to see the Tarzan movie. this review written after a couple wines encourages me further.

i checked out this tv show called Preacher this week. it was....interesting. really out there. its based on a comic, which may explain. im not sure if i liked it or not (quite). i might watch another episode just to confirm. but i did find it different and intriguing. the series im currently following include Motive, Murder in the First, Arranged, Ultimate Fighter and The Amazing Race Canada. series on my To Check list are: Braindead and The Girlfriend Experience.

got my dental guide a couple weeks ago. yay. im not sure if its helping with my jaw ache because the problem is very on-off, but time will show.
the other week i wanted to consult a local lawyer about the turkish law as i have been struggling on what do with my taxes. my status and an emigrant is seemingly permanent so so i was wondering what would happen if i was taxable here for whatever i earned this year or so...    in a foreigners FB group someone recommended a lawyer named Davut. i called him to ask for a short consultation. he got back to me telling that their tax specialist would be happy to consult, he will translate since the other guy doesnt speak english, and they would do it pro bono. surprising? yes. i think its cos my income is not that high, although its good by turkish standards, but maybe in lawyer-world im still not worth charging anything :D so i went to their office and met with them and i got some of the information i was looking for. i am now applying for "tax examption" from finland starting september. i dont want to take the slightest risk of dealing with the turkish tax authorities. but i would like to start paying taxes in the UK.
 Tiitta & her OH were here for a short visit one last time. this is Tiitta with a kitty who is into motorbiking.
 picnic at Caddebostan seaside. 
its always relaxing there with a lot of young people. you can almost feel like you are in europe....heh.
 the park cop! very cute.
 we went for a breakfast with a view last sunday. this restaurant was in anadoluhisari. 
 Viktor Levi mezes.  to be honest their unchanging menu is getting to menu, i really wouldnt go there anymore if it wasnt for the wonderful ambience, great service and good, affordable wine. the mezes are good, but jesus, ive had them so many times!

kitty guarding Karga bar entrance. 

Bomonti beer "installation" (=ad) on a bar wall. 

Ayi bar chain has started to produce their own bear too. here they advertise it on their wall. 

 kadiköy's moda seaside, with its native cats.

my standard breakfast. finnish rye bread, some margarin and a microwaved egg. with salt and pepper. perfect. 

July 07, 2016

iloa tuova materia

olen lukenyut näitä "Konmari" juttuja nyt, tai niitä tulee vastaan jostain syystä. kai tää on joku trendi, fengshui on jo out? voin allekirjoittaa sen että turhaa tavaraa kannattaa heittää pois (=kierrättää tms), mutta ihan sen verran kuin miltä tuntuu. mä olen kova keräilijä joten mulle tuntuu vieraalta ruveta ihan tosi askeettiseksi. enkä ole varma saisinko siitä hirveesti energiaa ja uusia ruokailutottumuksia kuten jotkut kuvailee... ehkä se on taas näitä "kukin tavallaan". nyt kun karsin kamojani muuttoa varten niin osittain se on ihan hyväntuulista puuhaa, luopua jutuista jotka on roikkuneet nurkissa, mutta on siinä kans paljon vaikeaa. joistain asioista ei haluais luopua koska ne on muistoja ja muistot tuo lähinnä iloa. ja kaikki se kama mitä pakkasin laatikoihin ja johonkin varastoon suomesta lähtiessä? haluun ne edelleen takas! toki siel on paljon sit vaatteita ym. mistä tässä vaiheessa vois luopua, ja kunhan pääsen niihin käsiks niin teen sen, mutta paljon oli oikeasti "tärkeitä" juttuja. ja vaatteita jotka tuo iloa. mulla on niitä iloa tuovia vaatteita aika paljon.

se mikä tuottaa iloa ni on mun mies, ainakin suurimman osan aikaa. se oli eilen kotosalla kun kävin suihkussa ni pyysin tulee seuraks, et istuu jakkaralla suihkukopin ulkopuolella ni voidaan jutskaa. pidän sit suihkukopin ovee auki. se keksi kaivaa jostain kaapista jalkarasvan ja otti mun jalan ja sain sit jalkahierronnat. sen jälkeen kovettumien raspaus... ylläri jalkahoito <3 nbsp="" p="">
nyt eletään taas niit päiviä et oikea käsi vihoittelee liiasta hiirenkäytöstä. teen töitä on/off vasemmalla...jos se vähän helpottas.

hesarissa oli "puolilääkärin" mielipide. on se rankkaa kun ei ole päässyt pääsykokeista läpi ja on pitänyt mennä ulkomaille ja nyt kun palaa kesken kaiken niin ei pääsekään jatkamaan suomessa siitä mihn ulkomailla jäi. sehän olisikin oiva keino pääst suomessa lääkikseen tai mihin tahansa kouluun, hanki opiskelupaikka ulkomailta, mene sinne hetkeksi, tule sitten takas suomeen ja vaadi saada jatkaa suomessa. mä luulen että sitä kutsuttaisiin porsaanreiäksi...  jos tyyppi suomessa nyt pääsis lääkiksee ni varmaa jotain niitä ulkomaanopintoja hyväksiluettais, ettei tarvis nollasta aloittaa. ainakin jos opiskeli EU:ssa. mutat sehän ei ole ongelma vaan ettei tyyppi kai edelleenlään pääse pääsykokeista läpi. hän toivoo että asiaan tulisi parannus jotta suomen kaikista puolilääkäreistä saataisiin ihan valmistuneita lääkäreitä. montakohan tuollaisia tapauksia oikeasti on??? kyllä se koulu on käytävä kuitenkin loppuun, se on varmaan selvää. eikä sitä rimaa pitäs tarvii laskee sillä että "ai sä opiskelit indokiinassa, no sitten, tästä sivuovesta vaan sisään...". jos olisi ulkomailla valmistunut, niin sittenhän reitti olisi selvä, oli sitten suomalainen tai ulkkis, siinä on pari koetta (ja suomenkielen koe jos ulkkis). sääliksi kävi myös kun tyyppi on suomesta lähtiessä "luopunut sosiaalisista suhteista" ja varoistaan jotta voisi opiskella ulkomailla. monille se on kuitenkin aika hyvä kokemus että PÄÄSEE ulkomaille, et edes on varaa sellaiseen. suomen suhteita voi halutessaan pitää yllä - on se multa joten kuten jo 6 vuotta onnistunut. aika uskomaton tyyppi, sanon vaan. 

June 27, 2016

with friends

mondays are a bit slow for me. i mean getting into the work groove...  takes me half a day. im trying to figure out how to speed it up but its challenging. and this is the week after Brexit, not super motivating from any angle... 

i watched 2 movies recently; A Perfect Day and The Family Fang. both were interesting in their own way. the first one had only strong male characters, the women were thin stereotypes. but its a good film about NGO's trying to help and do their thing in warzones. not that im a specialist. Family Fang was a sort of drama comedy, entertaining with a fun story but with boring end.

the violent attack at a "Radiohead bar" here in istanbul was just near my friends place, and the place owned buy a friend of a friend. a few of the recent events here have hit close to home. i still remain emotionally unaffected, i dont know is my selfishness or my heart just made of stone, but on another level i acknowledge it and it serves as a reminder of why we want to pay £800 for a room in London, while we pay £500 for a 120sqm flat here.

i have serious sleeping issues lately. i am often tired after working hours and after 9 or 10pm i feel like i could definitely sleep, but when i put my head on the pillow my mind will not rest. all the worries and tasks in the world are lined up and i cant let go. well this is not a new problem, but its worse these days. its the move, obviously. but i cant spend the rest of my life like this, i need to work on this issue...

out with friends last week
this is Umut with his beer. a turk currently not living in turkey, just visiting.

something i cooked. mushrooms & walnut seem to go well together.

i met Yusuf too last week. i met him through couchsurfing in 2010, he was my host in Hatay when i was on my way to Syria. since then he moved to Istanbul and we meet up occasionally.

out in Istanbul with the cats...  i think my social life is a bit more active lately cos im trying to take it all in, see everyone, enjoy everything...

i love this old house. i think i might have taken a photo of it before. 

when finns were celebrating midsummer on friday, i went off for a picnic with Hanna in Macka park. i dont know if the mood was very midsummerish but fun enough...we had mezes and white wine (cooled in the cooling bag!). after finishing the wines we continued to a Nisantasi bar. it turned out a late night.

from Kiriaki's place a week ago. an amazing brunch/dinner with lots of pork and nice wine and good company.

got 2 small plates, 2 "dessert spoons" (i think they are perfect coffee spoons!)  and a tea infuser for doctor. he is big on tea and loves this. the plaes and spoons, i have no excuses, but had to use our Pasabahce gift card.

on saturday i went out for dinner with Elin and her Iranian friends. they have been living abroad for a long time (Italy etc), so we are all expats - lot to talk about - we had a great time. Behnam (left in photo) is planning a start up application and we had good discussions ob the topic.