December 02, 2016

päätit sit jenni muuttaa napajäätikölle

poikkeuksellisesti poikkesin puolijumala Hesarista ja päädyin lukemaan IS:n uutista sukupuolittuneesta väkivallasta ja jostain EU-kyselystä. sen mukaan 55% romanialaisista hyväksyy raiskauksen jossain tapauksissa. suomessa luku on 11% ja suurimassa osassa maita jotain siltä väliltä. jurha on tuo romanian asenneilmasto mutta tulipa mieleen että kysykää vähän etelämpää turkista jos haluatte räjäyttää tajuntanne. en halua edes arvailla mitä sieltä tulisi. helppo olisi mennä yliopisto kampukselle ja saada ihan eurooppalaisia asenteita mutta jos lähtisi kansan syviä rivejä haastattelemaan niin sieltä paistaisi läpi aika pajon vanhoillisuutta ja "kulttuuria".

viikko meni sen verran sosiaalisesti että aion pitää viikonlopun suht kotikeskeisenä. lääkärin kanssa saatetaanmennä ulos jotain puuhaa mutta mutta olis kiva vaan olla tekemättä mitään.

asunnonvälittäjät soittelee ja kysyy aina ihan samat asiat ku mitä edellisenä päivänä tai paria päivää aikaisemmin. selkeesti vaikeuksia handlata muistiinpanojaan, tai todennäköisesti eivät tee niitä. aina "hei, vieläkö etit asuntoa?"
"oliko niin et 2 makuuhuoneen asuntoa?"
"joo, 1 tai 2 on passeli"
"ja oliko hintahaitari mitä?"
"max xxxx  puntaa"
"ja olikse tammikuun tai helmikuun paikkeilla about?"
"niin et tammikuu ei oieen sovi sitten vai?"
"joo ei oikeen, meidän nykyinen soppari on helmikuun loppuun ja kahden päällekkäisen vuokran maksaminen kokonaisen kuukauden on vähän liikaa"
"joo no aivan, no sit noita helmikuussa vapautuvia ei kyl hirveesti viel oo... ja eikse ollu niin että Brixtonista päin...?"
"joo siis ihan Brixtonin keskustasta, siis ihan keskustasta"
"joo ahaa oo, mulla tossa nimittäin oli yks asunto Ovalista... ajattelin että....  "
jep. HV. joskus niill ei edes ole mitään tarjota jostain 5km väärältä suuntaa, kunha soittavat ja tarkistatavat ettei parametrit ole muuttuneet kolmessa päivässä ja toteavat ettei oo nyt mitää. toki ihmisten tarpeet ja hakuehdot voi muuttua mutta tosi tyhmä joka kertaa käydä ihan samat jutut läpi. siis oikeasti ihan about sanasta sanaan hienolla brittiaksentilla toi ihan sama keskustelu, välitysfirmasta riippumatta! ihan pari poikkeusta on mutta se on yleensä se ihan sama voivottelu muuttoajasta ja "aito yllätys" alueen spesifiydestä. sitä voisvat vaikka kysyä että onko ne hakuehdot muuttuneet? mutta tuntuu et ne ei ihan aidosti monet tee mitään muistiinpanoja. niillä on siellä ehkä about nimi, puhelinnumero, se hintahaitari ja että "etelä" tai "pohjoinen" alueena. no ja ehkä se makkareiden lukumäärä mutta kun hintahaitarin tietää ni ei siinä ihan hirveesti valinnanvaraa oo. ei välttämättä saada siis todellakaan kahta makuuhuonetta, mutta se on ihan ok tässä kohtaa. kaikkea ei voi aina saada.

täällä on niin jäätävän kylmä etei mitään rajaa. mä en enää pysty kerrospukeutuu paljon paremmin, ja silti on nihkeetä. ulos pimeään ei yhtää huvita mennä palelee. ja ihan itse nyt tää kohtalo on valittu. nice job jenni...

December 01, 2016

still know nothing about wines

living in a room is starting to feel ...a bit much now that doctor is home again, all the time. i am trying to work while he is on a stationary bike watching a horror movie....not ideal. to his credit, mostly he watches better stuff, and not while biking.

i met someone through Vina yesterday at this innovative wine bar Vagabond. im not necessarily 100% sold on the idea, but i think it was interesting. u go to the bar, get a card, load money on it like you would on a travel card, and then u can go around and get your own glass of wine. if at the end of the night u have money left on your card, they give it back to you. same with the 5£ deposit of the card itself. im sure they are happy if u just keep the card and become a frequent visitor. immediate thoughts:
  • the trouble of educating people on how it works, oh lord...  when you go to a new place and they say "so is this your first time here? let me tell u how we work..."  i go "fuck..." in my head. the time and effort, seriously!
  • definitely allows people better chance of trying different things; u have time to ponder and see the options right in front of you (instead of words on a menu), u see the bottles, u can read about them, take a tasting note with you, only buy a tasting glass (25ml)...  so its great for wine hobby-ists and wannabes alike
  • for the casual wine drinker, its also ok...doesnt beat table service tho
  • the wines are handly organized by taste, not by region or something posh. so this end is for the sweeter wines? thank youuu.....
  • the food and nibbles menu complements the wines well, i enjoyed
  • skipping the bar queue is handy when u want to fill ur glass
  • u still need to go to the bar at the beginning and end though, to buy/charge a card and at the end for the deposit, if nothing else
  • at the Northcote branch, the atmosphere is nice and cozy, but as expected for anything nice in London, it's full even on a wednesday night...  good luck getting a table :/ but so this is a common problem
  • holy F*** how much must it have cost to develop the self service system?? i cant not think about it. i had to google to find out they did develop it themselves, i was sure there is an american company who is just selling the license. now im sure vagabond must be selling (or trying to sell) the license, to recoup the development costs. running 4 bars cant cover them, can they? but what do i know. 

the back room of Vagabond. 

last weekend in Cay Tre for some vietnamese, with Avner & Elmor. tasty stuff, and not crazy expensive.

 something i tried last week. gets the jenni stamp of approval.

me and doctor decided to try this one as it is apparently a local delicacy. we didnt think so, it was meh. 

Zigfrid von Underbelly, a hisptery trendy bar in Shoreditch. very nice no doubt but PACKED in the weekend. i hate packed. 

vintage yard sale at Flat Iron Square. i went there with Susanna. the weather was jus a bit chilly, of course, i think it makes  sense to come back in 6 or so months...

November 29, 2016

team at 100% again

Sat 26th
i think doctor is healthy again, i woke up to a breakfast in bed;

Tue 29th
wtf Wolford tights are 90£?! i wasnt browsing cos i thought they were cheap, but i was surprised nevertheless.

i have been in further contact with various letting agents. some are nice, some annoying. one guy this morning (from Keating Estates) was super negative... "yeeeea, it's really not likely to find anything that close for around your budget, if you're looking for a steal (i am not) it's really not going to happen in january february, you will face a lot more competition then (well i am in the lookout now arent i??) are not going to get any more central than this...oh you are open to living above a shop? have you ever lived above a shop before, have you been to central Brixton in a flat above a shop? it's really quite loud! oh you have lived above a shop okay well then... but it's really will have to give in something if you want a 1 bed so central...oh you have been to viewings that match your requirements?? well what were they like then? oh they were available too early, yeah see you can get a steal now for december but if you want something for february it's just not going to be that cheap (they were not steals, nor cheap, for the record) you really need to consider what you are willing to know you do pay extra for such a central location...   "
i dont know if he was having a bad day or if thats a special technique that works for some potential clients. i was turned off. it's okay to give the facts, and i dont need a pep talk or exceptional optimism, but putting down evetything i say and giving this sad, naggy monologue was just...ufff, i was eager to end the phone call.

my nonexisting prayers have been answered; i found a farm shop that delivers ethically produced meat (and other stuff) to the door. must make a bigger order obv, but they had a good discount so i decided to try. ive been eating mostly bacon and sausages for the past 2 months, thats all the free range/RSPCA assured meat i can find... so some mince meat and chicken is welcome. we can freeze them and use one by one...  this is the order, arriving on friday;

doctor has 1 upcoming job interview at a hospital he had been eyeing, so i am happy for him. its 2 weeks later, but we are not in a hurry right now, as long as things are going forward...   he will get his exam results just before christmas so until then its just waiting, and hopefully some development in the job search front.

2nd hand observations about Dr Hamed's Common Stations for PLAB 2 (vs. Samson)

i need to rant a little bit, but its about my husbands PLAB 2 course so not wildly interesting. but i need to write this out.

doctor decided he should take a course in preparation for PLAB2. fair enough. there are at least 2 well known schools offering PLAB2 common stations courses in London; Samson and Hamed. online, they both have a big fan club with equally positive feedback. doctor had a friend who recommended dr. Hamed from personal experience so he took that. it was a 2 week course with some people traveling here from abroad to participate. boy were they sorely disappointed when the course lasted a few days extra, decided the last minute. so instead of 14 days it was 17 days. also, the mock exam (9 stations) that was included in the price of the course was reschuled for a later date. so those people coming from far away missed out on that. oh well.

the course was supposed to start 9:30am daily... but the earliest it ever started was 10:30. usually it starts around 11. the only break - for lunch - was around 4pm. and the day lasted usually until 9pm, often 11 or midnight. seriously. midnight. oh well thats great you get a lot of hours for your money? no, who the fuck can learn new stuff, sleeping barely 8 hours, spending hours waiting, and then sitting in class for 12h straight?  this seemed fucked up to me and doctor was not too happy himself. he was constantly tired and trying to make sense of everything. of course everyone arrived at the course center later, like 10:30 or even 11, but nevertheless when you study until very late night with just one break...:/

and the extra mock exams if you should buy any? they can be on consequent days, starting at 8am for example. which means you will wake up at 6:30 and be there at 8 but really it will start at 9 or 10 or whenever they feel like it. ok. then, after the exam they tell you the feedback will be given at 6pm. so you hang out in lovely Barking all day. at 6pm, of course there is nothing. at 7:30pm they might start considering to give feedback. and something around 10pm, you will MAYBE get your feedback for the exam you had like 12h ago. so around midnight or 1am you have received it and finally go home and try sleep and feel fresh for the next mock at "8am" the next morning. good luck with that. doctors, at least EM docs, are used to shitty sleeping hours and rough schedule, but for a private company to do this to people who paid proper money for their services is just shit. there is practically no time between the mocks to digest the feedback and try to improve. even if the exam is scheduled at 5pm, it wont start until hours later, and then your feedback can be delayed until 1am still.

however: dr Hamed is apparently a good teacher, the people i've talked to who took his course all agree on this. so i have nothing bad to say about that. taking his course, you will probably learn a lot, and it covers the stuff one needs for the exam - this is the most important thing. he also gives 'nice to know" info on NHS and how things work, which is invaluable in terms of integrating and preparing for work life. he makes people write everything down too, instead of giving free text books or notes as Samson does, so hopefully that will help you learn (unless you leave his class early at 10pm and have to beg others for notes). so im not bitching cos ppl taking his course arent passing their exam or cos the teaching is inadequate - i am bitching cos the organisation and customer respect are zero, when they don't have to be.

Dr Hamed's Common Stations is cheaper than Samson, but his extra mock exam's are pricier (150£ for 2, instead of 50£ each at Samson). and during the course Hamed  advertizes his extra 3 days course, which is more focused on practical examinations, and its 250£. most people take it, cos they don't get enough of that during the actual course. so in the end, you pay almost the same, most likely. Samson's course includes more mock's to begin with, and is a tad bit more organised, with free coffee on the premises (you wouldnt think that matters but if you pay 1£ per cup it starts adding up). i'm NOT saying Samson is better, he also lacks table manners from what i hear, but just putting more info out there. also on some courses, Samson has 'teachers' who just recently passed PLAB2 themselves, but lack teaching the students rather study from the book on those days. the facebook groups are just full of praise to these demi gods, i need to balance it out. honestly if these courses depended on european students, they would have to change their behavior. sorry to say but middle eastern/african people are unfortunately too used to this treatment and just accept it as it is.

oh and no one gets a receipt from either course, from any of the courses or exams, these businesses are for sure not paying all of their taxes.  im not super passionate about this, what is it to me if they dont pay taxes? but disrespecting student's time and then (most likely) not even paying taxes, somehow i find it double offensive.

another comparison between Samson and Hamed is here. it says there too that Hamed's courses are 17 days, but on Hamed's website they are pretty clearly 14 days. prepare to dedicate about 3 weeks of your life, just in case...

November 25, 2016

the journey continues

its time that i open up about annoying stuff in UK:
*property ads do not usually mention the sqm or sq ft size - its like in turkey; "1 bed flat". that could be literally anything. another thing property ads fail to mention is the availability, if you're looking for something starting February (...) good luck with that. or even if you want to move tomorrow, you need to call the bloody agency to find out. i realize it a pull in method, but its annoying.
*reference numbers. brits love reference numbers. i think this, and many other issues are related to the fact that they dont have ID's. and general bureucracy. for example, i called my bank to arrange an appointment to make it a join account with doctor (now that he finally has proof of address to make it possible). they too my details, and hell, im a client of the bank already - not a stranger! and gave me the date and time and name of the person to meet. perfect and then; a reference number. what the actual fuck do i need that for? yesterday i got a txt msg reminding me of the appointment, cool. this morning the person we are meeting called to check we are coming in, and he seemed to now know i am a client at their bank...oh well. but hey i do have a reference number! i just dont get it. its not a huge issue but there is just so many numbers, and they assume you to always have them, HNS number, NI number, tax number, bank account number AND sort code, and the reference numbers to go along with eveything. a secure passcode app to store all these should be popular in the UK? if they didnt love paper so much :D

doctor is ill, poor thing. seems like a flu kind of thing. the day after he returned from Manchester where he took PLAB2 exam, he got ill and in the nights he is shiverng and shaking, feeling cold although wearing 3-4 layers of clothes (including a bathrobe!) and under a down duvet. him shaking in bed next to me keeps me awake too, ive had hard time waking up for work. but i feel bad for him. he's usually never ill this long, he has these short figh fever things, maybe once every 2 years or so, but they are oddly over in 24 hours. now its been double that i guess. at least he is sleeping now, i believe in the body repairing itself.

doctor got well enough to get up and go to our appointment at Lloyds. we finally had proof of address so we wanted to make a joint account. finally, after 2.5 months he has a bank account! party?! it was a 1.5 hour appointment too, the longest ive ever spent in a bank. so many papers, videos with information and just the sheer process of it all. it was tiring, but the customer rep was soooo nice. we later discussed whether they confused as for millionaires or why did we get that.

November 20, 2016

its as easy as 1 2 3

my facebook feed is always full of foodie videos that friends have apparently liked. they are easy on the eye but thats about it. it always starts with an empty cup, then they pour in eg. milk. easy so far. then sugar. ok, i dont have sugar cos i dont bake but whatever. then pieces of banana. alright. then caramel sauce. wtf, where do u buy that from? okay maybe Sainsbury's would have it. then they put it all in a blender. uff, if i had one that would mean i need to wash it afterwards. then pour the mix into an oven tray. jesus, that means waiiiiiting! while the dish is in the oven, the video shows you how to make a chocolate sauce or something, by using ..whatever, pieces of chocolate, cream, honey...lalala. im way checked out at this point. i scroll further down to forget about it.

the flannel pyjama we bought doctor from Primark. its super soft. this is a country where u need a pyjama in the winter...  thats just the way it is. but i did have to use one in Istanbul too.

a bar in Peckham. its under a bridge, very cool spot.
 Clapham North and pop up coffee shop. 
 Clapham Common park

a lunch made from semi-ready ingredeiens; mediterranean grains, courgettes etc.  i cant remember the last time i properly cooked, without using any pre-prepared ingredients. and i dont really care, for now.

 a korean restaurant, Kimchee. i had a bite there with Elmor earlier this week. it was a bit like a banquet hall, and stuffed, as popular places tend to be. the food was affordable and tasty tho, no complaints there. 

flowers that are starting to wither. doctor brought them to me last week when i was feeling really down. although im not into flowers, i appreciate the gesture. 

a large local branch of real estate agency Foxtons. they showed me a couple of flats. not even close to where i told them i want it (Brixton Hill vs central Brixton, about 4 bus stops in between). the agent thought maybe the extra space provided by the distance would persuade me. but no way. anyway it was a good experience to see something with my own eyes and now the search continues.

i went to the finnish christmas market yesterday with our flatmate. it was expensive of course so i only bought a couple things. they had everything though, from sausages to muumi mugs to handifrafts - it was nice. and outside there was the scandinavian market with mulled wine and swedish meat balls etc.
 the cafe had all the best finnish things :P i had to get a cinnamon roll, its been years since i ate any.
 i spent on a can of pea soup and a chocolate bar.

i also went to see Hunterian museum with Anna. it was pretty cool with all kinds of abnormal and gross stuff, brain tumors and syphilis ridden skulls and snake intestines :D

November 17, 2016

making it work

i started watching Westworld. i am fast forwarding the very 'western' parts cos shooting and yadi yaa does not interest me. but other than that, im looking forward to the next episode every week. im always into the human/machine/consciousness thing. but the black young boss lady character is really over the top and doesnt fit in the series. its just too much and not realistic.
"that doesn't look like anything to me"

i bought us a pack of 5HTP. we used to take it in istanbul, and while im not sure at all if it does anything for me, i think it may. studies suggest it's at least a bit more efffective than placebo in treating depression and as a sleep aid. im not depressed just yet but with this darkness and all... better safe than sorry. and my serotonin levels are always fragile, if there's something that might help keep them up, i'll have it. and sleeping... is a whole different animal - i dont even bother complaining, it is what it is.

on monday i visited the dermatologist (Sweta Rai). she looked at my moles and concluded that they were ok, even if assymmetrical and unusual. but she does want to remove one of them just to be safe. but im waiting to hear from the insurance company, if they'll pay for it or not. and now doctor has the job of checking all my moles once a month for changes :D he was the one who found the mole that should be removed, anyway (its on my butt) :D and doctor himself... this week he is busy practising for the exam which is next tuesday. the time to study for it seemed to be a bit too short, he hasn't had the time to go through all the scenarios. and practising requires another person and so forth. actually it's not that difficult sounding, and he has the medical knowledge, and he's studied the local regulations and all that, but the artificial situation is giving him stage fright. and thats challenging to tackle. im doing my best to support him, practise with him and give feedback (i have read the exam judging criteria and rules too, obv) but in the end, who knows. we will see. he is going to Manchester next monday for this challenge.

Occypy Democrats: Chomsky's response to elections. not necessarily super objective but nevertheless.

November 13, 2016

learning the city pt.38

i knew queuing would be an issue in london when going out. annoyes the fuck out of me nevertheless. it happened in melbourne too, people queuing outside the most popular restaurants. some would take phone numbers and let u know of a free table, others just expected u to stand in line. i think "no reservations" is the new cool. but i am passionately opposed to queuing. not even sure why, besides my obvious dislike to walking and standing (cos my feet start to ache). overall, the weather is rarely nice enough to make it comfortable, and even if it was, maybe you are just hungry/thirsty?? i associate queues with something bloody special like Star Wars opening night  tickets or iPhone for 100$...  for an everyday thing like meeting a friend for a dinner, no i dont want to spend that time standing on the street. so i need to be careful here, to a) not hang out with people who 'enjoy' queuing, and b) always have plan B and C if a place is full.

i have been confused about all the Clapham's in London. there is Claphan Common, Claphan North,  Claphan Junction, Claphan South...and probably one or 2 more. some have a tube station, others not, and they are all in the general area of south west. i finally looked at google maps which helpfully showed me that all but 'junction' are in a neat row, close to each other. Clapham Junction however is separate and doesnt seem s as busy, except with a lot of train tracks. so there is no way i think i would move to CJ, but the other Clapham's, specificlaly CN/CC area seems interesting. we went for dinner at Honest Burger in CC with Avner & Elmor the other night, and i figured i should return there soon, daytime, to investigate more. going to meet a swedish girl there today, then. met her in Vina. after my close friends in Istanbul, i am looking forward to meet a swede. not that i was opposed to it before but now im very optimistic.

November 12, 2016

remembering Leonard

the past years blog writing has been almost arduous at times. 'arduosity' something im doing to myself, in my head, i think. some weird expectations, limitations.  i dont want to share too much of myself, and i am worried about the privacy of friends or the people i meet... and then there is alwys expectations of writing at least a few chapters before publishing...  where the F did that come from? when i started, i had the right attitude, i didnt give a fuck. i wrote as little or much as i wanted, and i pressed 'publish'. sometimes i posted a couple times a day i think. i dont understand why i am setting these rules to myself...

since the beginning of podcasts, i've been opposed to them, personally. i dont like videos where people talk, like educational videos, it never goes as fast as i'd like, i get frustrated. so it made sense - and still does - that podcasts are not any better. buuuut ive finally given it a proper go, and i admit it can work for me, in some situations. i guess it does have a lot do with the specific podcast. and i started with Love Hurts by Lea Thau. a danish woman talking about her love life, especially what's gone wrong, and in general about the expectations and fears that come to dating and relationships. i was listening to it sitting on a bus, on my way home, in rainy dark London around 9pm. it just worked. i was persuaded to this by Anna, a NZ girl i met through Vina (yay, the app is working!). she gave me a whole list of interesting podcasts to try out. such as
my dad wrote a porno    (not that funny i think, but ok)
the guilty feminist  (have not tried yet but sounds promising obviously)
2 dope queens
Love+Radio (link to "the living room" episode which i listened to and liked)

this afternoon we are supposed to go with doctor to see some area of the city we havent been to. need to just decide which one. it gets dark so early and it s a bit rainy and chilly so its not really fun walking around unless there is a lot of lights and stuff to look at...  and im not fond of long walks. we want to see busy areas anyway, keeping in mind we need to move somewhere by March 1st.

 i was sad to read about Leonard Cohen's passing. but it was so coming, he'd even said he is ready and knew it's not too far. his last album sounded to me like it was gonna be the last one, the lyrics were suggestive. of course he always flirted with the theme, and maybe just knowing that he was old, my mind automatically makes these connections...  either way it was his time and im happy i have so many albums of his to listen to. and the concert i saw in Helsinki was unforgettable, really touching. i also remember it for Avner & Elmor were there, and F & his then new gf (now wife) - so there was a level of awkwardness. but i'd decided to not be fazed by that awkward stuff, we had so many friends in common and i didnt want to make things difficult socially. that meant i took on some difficulty myself, but i rather did that than dance around social situations, i felt i should just soldier on.

"I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice
indeed, that he did

following Trup with different points of view (heh, both below are from Guardian)


November 10, 2016

ylös tai vielä alemmas

viimevuosien avokonttoridissaus on häirinnyt mua. mä en aidosti näe mitään vikaa avokonttorissa, mutta voin kyllä uskoa ettei se sovi kaikille, ihan niinkuin mikään ratkaisu ei yleensä ole kaikkien mieleen. omassa huoneessa hissukseen istuessa kuolisin ehkä tylsyyteen.

pimeys on alkanut nakertaa fiilistä. oli tietty ihan odotettavissa että pimeä talvi tuntuu jossain mutta on se silti vaan harmi. vaikea sanoa tietty mikä on vaan pimeyttä ja mikä muuta ahdistusta mutta kokonaisfiilis on nyt ehkä hieman alakuloinen. UK:n kuuluisa byrokratia on näyttänyt mahtinsa vero- ja terveydenhuoltosäätöjen muodossa. kohtasin ne reippaana mutta nyt on iskenyt kisaväsymys. oon onnistunu käymään ulkona tapaamassa vanhoja ja uudempia tuttuja mutta nyt on sellainen olo ettei jaksa edes sopia mitään muuta tälle viikolle.


November 04, 2016

windowshopping flats & jobs

im looking at London hospitals at CQC for how their emergency departments are. i got the tip about CQC from a New Zealand girl i met for coffee last saturday. so i am, hopefully, little by little, making new friends. its just been 2 months of course, but im quite eager to socialize. so anyway, im looking at hospitals, browsing possibly suitable jobs on NHS website for doctor. he is studying his notes from the previous course and started the second, shorter course today. the exam is in 3 weeks. he had one job interview last week, and he was offered the job, but i am looking at these other options in case he doesnt take that one. i guess we will decide in a few days.either way we are on track for him to be working in February. i hope everything goes to plan. i like my plans and get upset if they are derailed.

ive been in high spirits too. not for any particular reason altho i am delighted that job opportunities are coming up for doctor. in general things are just quite good.

im not totally sold on Windows 10, yes i can see it has a lot of good elements, and some features taken from Apple (which i dont think is theft, part of development is surely combining best practises and great ideas wherever they come from) but im not eager to lose control - and i feel like thats happened a little bit. but im okay with it, im just tweaking things little by little.

i found the gay version of Bachelor! Finding Prince Charming. a bit cheaper, sure, but nevertheless LGBT version is appreciated and im happy with almost any dating show. 

someone with a tattoo based on my photo is missing. i have to say i dont think the tattoo is very well done. a couple of people contacted me about it, hoping i might have come across the woman. the other was a NYPD detective. my first reaction was 'BS' but i checked the email address and whate else i could find, it was solid. wow, i felt like i was i a CSI episode. anyway, unfortunately i couldnt help.

 im also trying to get a feel of the rental flat market. if we were lucky enough to know about doctor's working conditions (=location, salary) sooner rather than later, then it would be easier tostart setting more parameters, now im just browsing within some areas and price ragce that we are tentatively considering. its hard to find unfurnished here.

Army of One. comedy. might actually work, who knows.

wow so i read the current season of Bachelor US - the one with Nick - is shooting in the overnights and final rose ceremony Finland. somehow, im not jealous. usually they do it in warm places, like the Bahamas, so im surprised... 

so last friday i went to see a GP to show a couple of birthmarks. she referred me to a dermatologist. the way it works is i come back home and wait for a letter. which i got yesterday. they reaaally like letters in this country. everything works by mail. Royal Mail is probably lobbying to keep everything they way it was 20 yrs ago. so anyway, now i have a letter with an appointment for next Tuesday. i basically just dont want to have skin cancer, thats all. but we had to get this private insurance for doctor's residence card application (due to me claiming 'self sufficiency') and avoid using public funds, so now i need to call back to the GP and try get a referral letter to give to the insurance company. and they would arrange me an appointment somewhere else. yet, i had to go to the GP (NHS, public funds), first. umm, this is messy.

nachos. we met doctor's friend in Soho the other day for drinks (after shopping in Primark). 

October 30, 2016

kiinalaista fastfoodia lounaaks!

on taas se aika vuodesta kun face ja lehdet jankkaa daylight saving timesta. puhutaan kellojen siirtämisestä...ja kuinka tuskallista se on. mut kellä oikeesti enää on viisarikelloja joita kääntää?? no, just nyt meidän kimppakämppähuoneessa itseasiassa ON seinäkello, ja sen kääntämiseen, siitä kun laitoin tuolin seinän viereen ja laskeuduin tuolilta, meni varmaan ehkä jopa minuutti. mutta jos nyt todetaan että yhyyyy kun siihen menee 2 minuuttia vuodessa ja mihinkään muuhun turhaanhan ei kinä tuhlata aikaa, niin sitten toiseksi tulee se ihan mieletön jetlagi eikö?? en nyt yhtään tiedä mikä päivä tai maa kun kello ei ollutkaan mitä sen piti olla kun heräsin. niinhän ei kans ikinä käy muuten, et heräis ja kello onkin enempi tai myöhempi kuin mitä odottais. mä olen varmasti omassa tuttavapiirissäni ainoa jota DST kiinnostaa nolla.

noin muutenhan tää on aika tasasta. en ole ehkä sillee perinteinen muuttaja että en ole juossut nähtävyyksissä tai oikeen muuallakaan. olen vähän laiska itsekseni menemään, olis pitäny lääkärin kaa aktivoitua. mutta nyt se on ollu siellä sen kurssilla pari viikkoa putkeen. olen tietty käynyt jonkun kaa kahvilla ja jonku kaa drinksulla ja ollut jossain book club-tapaamisessa johon Elmor mut kutsui, mutta aika hiljasta ollut muuten, jos vertaa joihinkin muihin jotka on muuttaneet tänne ja kiertävät kokoajan teatteria ja muuta. mä oon jotenkin, osittain kai ihan tietoisestikin, siirtynyt heti automaattisesti "arki"vaihteelle. kukin tavallaan kai, ja silleen. varmaan budjettisyistäkin tässä kohtaa, ei ole halpaa tässä kaupungissa käydä melkeen missään paitsi museossa. mutta haluan jossain kohtaa käydä tietty katsoo eri paikkoja. ja kohtapuoliin pitäski päättää mihin kaupunginosaan halutaan alkuvuodesta muuttaa, joten pitäs sen verran käydä eri alueilla et vois varmana päättää mistä etsii. paikalliset opasti et pitäs alkaa jo kysleee real estate agenteilta ehdotuksia. tuntuu aikaiselta mut no...   vaikea tietty myös kans päättää missä asua kun ei tiedä mistä päin lääkäri vois saada töitä. pitää kai vaan toivoa parasta ja hakea sairaaloista jotka on hyvien yhteyksien päässä. kuitenkin sen verran tiedetään että tullaan varmaankin asumaan etelä- tai itä-puolella, hinta- sekä preferenssisyistä.

October 28, 2016


the other night i had a bathh for the first time in perhaps a decade. it was more relaxing than i expected, i read the latest issue of Wired and just sunk into the hot water. next time ill do it in the evening with a glass of wine! hopefully sooner than a decade from now.

my iPhone is f*cking things up. for the 2nd time in a month, its alarm/ringer were somehow 'muted', i can see on the screen when somehow calls but cant hear a thing. and its not nice to learn that first in the morning when youve overslept, due to not hearing an alarm. ive fixed it by rebooting the phone, but since its happened twice now im worried it may be becoming a proper issue. im just gonna have to go and buy a proper alarm clock for back up, stressing about not waking up is not nice.

im nominating the following companies and organizations for worst automated voice call centers (where u need to talk to a robot before getting through to a real person);
  • HMRC
  • HP

BT is close to getting a spot on that list too. im sure my list will grow as i have more contact with arious places. its utterly ridiculous to also always tell your full name, address, post code, date of birth, customer number and any other details, AND then repeat them all to the actual rep when u get through. and they really want all those things, every time. it is bureucratic. but then, they did say UK is...  at least it still somewhat works, eh?

im loving how the meal packages have nutritional info on them, makes things easier. i do realize that as long as i eat pre-cooked or semi-ready meals, and ready meals of course, my diet is not going to be the healthiest ever. but it doesnt have to be perfect. im just trying my best while still enjoing life. in my attempt to eat healthier, i try to have no-meat days like half of the week. UK is big on sausages - its just that they are all the same, same size, same whatever. so i keep missing finnish sausages. still, sausages are great, and i am buying both veggie- and free range versions. 

and there i was thinking stuffed mushrooms would be healthy... its almost all orange!!

toast, an egg & slice of smoked bacon, 1 minute in the microwave :P 

veggies and sausages from the oven

today i had a GP appointment. i wanted to show a coupke of my birthmarks that seemed a bit off. she is referring me to a specialist so we will see i guess.

October 23, 2016

finally got some fresh air

i have been always a bit suspicious of Norwegian. i guess cos Ryanair has a shady image in my mind and i just clump all the cheap airlines in the same box. not sure. but now that i booked flights to finland from them, i have so far been impressed. the plusses:
+fairly easy and neat booking UI
+luggage was not too expensive - 12 eur i think, and i could book it seperately for outbound and inbound to bring down costs as im flying out with less...
+extra lugagge is very cheap - 15eur per 20kg
+if i want to make changes, its "only" 36 pounds
+customer service chat works well & no BS (like upselling or such)

(cheap price is not on the list cos that kind of comes with the 'cheap airline' territory)
all in all, considering that i will pay for food & drinks, it still comes cheaper than Finnair or British Airways, especially with the extra luggage i needed for the return flight. and on Finnair you pay for food too, lol!  travel time to each airport (Heathrow vs Gatwick) is about the same so that doesnt change the situation either. i am beginnign to understand why finns in UK love in the end i booked flights to Helsinki for Jan 1st. me and doctor will spend a week+ there, meetings friends and whatnot. i will start making a schedule right about now...

view from the nearby train station

im enjoying all the ready and almost-ready meals. veggies in portion size bags, sausages, potato salad. certainly 2 or 3 sausages wouldve been enough but i was hungry. 

shopping in Balham.. they have lovely little stores.

meeting friends for drinks; 

waiting for the bus

i signed up at citysocializer. cos why not, ill sign up for seems like a less business-version of InterNations. but immediately, the day i signed up i got some 10-15 messages from men. okay, its international, but it felt so uncomfortably unfamiliar...   anyway im not condemning the whole platform for that - prevention is virtually impossible - so i think i might later join some of the events they arrange, just to give it a go.

earlier this week i met someone through Vina, so thats a step forward. then yesterday i dragged myself out to meet Elmor for breakfast in Balham. refreshing and i found a nice 2nd hand bookshop on Balham. went nuts and got 4 books...   then i headed to Waterloo to meet another 2 friends that i know from my Istanbul times. the other has a child and the other is expecting which is great for them. but later in the evening when i was out with a turkish gay couple who are visiting the city, i realized my future as a childless woman is probably with gays :P said gay couple is considering moving to London, so we would surely welcome them with open arms.

i got myself some light reading...   the tourist guide is actually handy because there is way too much info for any tourist to really digest, but for me to take it in, litte by littlem to learn something of the areas im not gonna bother even visiting.. makes sense.

i have a couple of birthmarks that look a bit suspicious, i think i need to get them checkef. im glad booking a GP appointment online was fairly easy;

 i ordered these jackets from eBay and they were delivered to the door by Royal Mail or whoever, i didnt even pay attention. one of the packages was coated with "myHermes" logo - neverheard but whatever. so then i get an email asking for feedback on the delivery. i ignore it. a few days later i get another email, PLEADING for feedback. jesus f christ. pkay maybe i could answer a few questions, yes the delivery was ok and so forth. but look at this BS;

 its a bloody delivery service, after all...

Melisa was today at the Antalya film festival with her short film. i just saw a video clip from the red carpet - pretty cool :) ive seen the short film too, it is worth the exposure.

October 15, 2016

fall i mean autumn in Camberwell

living with house mates has been interesting. im of course not happy to have to be so considerate, like always clean after myself (right away). but a weird form of comraderie is forming, and it is nice to have people to share news or experiences with. today we have a housewarming party so thats something nice - ive invited the few people in London and the housemates invited a few more. so it will be a...mix.

wow my thumb looks wonky. but i wanted to show off the pink on pink polish i did this morning.

doctor got the results of his first exam (leading to UK doctor registration) on wednesday morning and he passed with flying colors. they made the exam harder starting this september, so we had been a little nervous over the results. what a relief, im so proud of him :) then we booked the 2nd exam. passing that, he could register as a doctor. its a process of several months...but this is a start.

TripAdvisor stops selling tickets to attractions that allow contact with wild animals. good.

Black Mirror is an amazing series, here's Guardians interview with the creator. this caught my eye;
"You take a computer for granted. Then, when you get the spinning beach ball or the Wi-Fi goes down it’s like “For fuck’s sake!” You scream and shout at them. I’ve read about a device that remembers all the times you’ve shouted at it and gives you fucking payback. It’s a very Black Mirror idea."
i never shout at my computer. if my computer is having issues, getting frozen or jamming up, i feel bad for her. i feel worried. i want to help. not shout. but computers are much like humans, if you take good care of them (and they are made of solid components to begin with), they can go live long and healthy lives. they need care and attention and they will do their best if you just LET them blossom. okay, that last part might not apply to humans, i dont believe in inner 'goodness' in people, necessarily.
i am also looking at flights to filand in early january. and it looks like doctor would be able to join me. he hasnt been to finland for like 5 years, so it would be nice to see my city together again.

 my initial set up. i got a new screen from work  (yeah colors still need calibrating). so i use it with my mac book during the day, and with Bunilla in the night!
 mornings are muesli & monster.

more jackets from eBay....    a short one with attitude... (Superdry)

and a longer more sophisticated one... (Love Label)

October 09, 2016


what i dont like is people asking why dont i get a laptop, when i mentioned that i am buying/bought/planning a PC. thats like suggesting a gerbil when ive just said im getting a dog. "but gerbils are easier to take care of! they are quieter! why would u want to walk a dog?!". dude...  im 36 i know what i want. thats all.

Arttu, doctor and me tried a cheese & champagne 'bar' in Brixton village. they offer selections of cheese and champagnes and champagne coctails.

also had dinner in Soho. Kings Court was full of restaurant bars and really crowded on a friday night. 
with my new PC, candles and a brand new paw warmer im quite content. the only thing missing is another monitor due to arrive on Monday. it will be shared with my work laptop and Bunillla the PC. need toget a switch for that. i am happy that i sent myself one monitor from istanbul, although the VGA to DVI converter didnt fit and i had to get another one, wasting another day. but today i finally moving all my backed up files to Bunilla the PC. my first impression is that Bunilla is that she is perky and energetic but means business. which is exactly how i like it. below is her first official 'baby pic'.

in fact, sitting by my computer, installing software and  keeping my back paws warm, im a bit too happy. it makes me a little concerned as then there is a the fear of "how long can this last??" and "i must be dreaming?". im not an unhappy person generally, but its peaks like this that are rare and confusing.

what i really appreciate is BBC's and Channel 4's free online selection. together, they are more valuable than Netflix. not fair to compare, and they can compliment each other, but considering that the 2 are free, and Netflix is not...  maybe not fair to compare also since although Netflix has good stuff, ive just seen 90% of it cos its old.

what i dont like in UK so far: cheddar is way too popular compared to other cheese. the electricity in this house (and probably a lot of other houses) is not grounded, it seems.

doctor admiring the beer selection in a new shop in our neighborhood.

today: signed up as an organ donor at NHS website. watched The Apprentice UK at BBC's website. how nice to be near where the show is shot! yeah can be easy to please.

i got a simple trench coat off eBay (H&M) cos my old fall/spring coat is about 10 yrs old and about to fall apart, the cuffs are in fact half off...  

whenever i look over, doctor is watching or reading something. ive registered the following:
modern european history (book)
the propaganda game (documentary)
Chomsky: the responsibility of intellectuals (book)
John Oliver stand-up shows
the century of the self (documentary)

(crazy detective wife??)