June 27, 2016

with friends

mondays are a bit slow for me. i mean getting into the work groove...  takes me half a day. im trying to figure out how to speed it up but its challenging. and this is the week after Brexit, not super motivating from any angle... 

i watched 2 movies recently; A Perfect Day and The Family Fang. both were interesting in their own way. the first one had only strong male characters, the women were thin stereotypes. but its a good film about NGO's trying to help and do their thing in warzones. not that im a specialist. Family Fang was a sort of drama comedy, entertaining with a fun story but with boring end.

the violent attack at a "Radiohead bar" here in istanbul was just near my friends place, and the place owned buy a friend of a friend. a few of the recent events here have hit close to home. i still remain emotionally unaffected, i dont know is my selfishness or my heart just made of stone, but on another level i acknowledge it and it serves as a reminder of why we want to pay £800 for a room in London, while we pay £500 for a 120sqm flat here.

i have serious sleeping issues lately. i am often tired after working hours and after 9 or 10pm i feel like i could definitely sleep, but when i put my head on the pillow my mind will not rest. all the worries and tasks in the world are lined up and i cant let go. well this is not a new problem, but its worse these days. its the move, obviously. but i cant spend the rest of my life like this, i need to work on this issue...

out with friends last week
this is Umut with his beer. a turk currently not living in turkey, just visiting.

something i cooked. mushrooms & walnut seem to go well together.

i met Yusuf too last week. i met him through couchsurfing in 2010, he was my host in Hatay when i was on my way to Syria. since then he moved to Istanbul and we meet up occasionally.

out in Istanbul with the cats...  i think my social life is a bit more active lately cos im trying to take it all in, see everyone, enjoy everything...

i love this old house. i think i might have taken a photo of it before. 

when finns were celebrating midsummer on friday, i went off for a picnic with Hanna in Macka park. i dont know if the mood was very midsummerish but fun enough...we had mezes and white wine (cooled in the cooling bag!). after finishing the wines we continued to a Nisantasi bar. it turned out a late night.

from Kiriaki's place a week ago. an amazing brunch/dinner with lots of pork and nice wine and good company.

got 2 small plates, 2 "dessert spoons" (i think they are perfect coffee spoons!)  and a tea infuser for doctor. he is big on tea and loves this. the plaes and spoons, i have no excuses, but had to use our Pasabahce gift card.

on saturday i went out for dinner with Elin and her Iranian friends. they have been living abroad for a long time (Italy etc), so we are all expats - lot to talk about - we had a great time. Behnam (left in photo) is planning a start up application and we had good discussions ob the topic.

June 18, 2016

pick your hassle

im seriously nesting. i was browsing London flats online... even though who knows where we end up... but london really has the most expensive flats anywhere. yet i am even obsessed with the location and the quality...the windows.... im desperate for a bloody home! my own home, not rental! this feeling has been growing inside of me for a few years now and its getting unbearable - but there is no way we will own a place in the next 48 months at least, possibly much longer :/ i realize this must be some sort of rootlessness i am experiencing. for when i moved to istanbul, i still felt quite attached to finland, and assumed i would returned sooner rather than later, but years have passed and its become clear im not going back just yet. so ive slowly started to cut off that mental umbilical cord i guess. and with that, i have started to question where my home is, really. sure, i have felt very comfy and 'homy' in istanbul too, but its been clear that i wouldnt stay here forever either and ive been waiting for doctor to graduate so we would move. and i feel the need to set up home somewhere. still, first world probs...

so yesterday i learned that  diapers are REALLY expensive. okay i guess they contain a lot of materials too, but oh boy. i bought a few packs for a local charity run by foreign women, helping syrian refugee families. their number one need is diapers. i wish the world just switched to re-usable diapers. and im not even ecological - it just sounds sensible.

i had a busy week with work but it included some pretty exciting times. also learned that Avner & Elmor are coming to visit Istanbul in July - which is awesome. my work and LIFE station.

yesterday i went for an evening picnic with Melisa. she has been touring with her documentary and had a birthday so we needed to catch up. at the park, there was thiis dog that sat by for quite a while. it had a collar and a sort of tag. firstly, his name is Findik; Hazelnut. next, it said he is the dog of this district and there is nothing wrong with his leg, so one should not call animal shelter. there are plenty of dogs at the parks - and elsewhere - i find it sweet that they bothered making him this tag. he was limping so i guess people have been calling about that.

last week with a finnish friend i met through couchsurfing. me and him and doctor went for a dinner. mezes and some meat. 

and then, me and doctor enjoyed a turkish breakfast outside, with these little kitties.... 

i snuggled with the kitties and i guess their hair was all around in the air too, cos i got so allergic it was a bit devastating. i suffered from it for hours. u never know how hard the allergy hits. but boy were those kitties cute!!

tuesday was dentist day. i went to this dentist who had trained in germany and whom foreigners were recommending. sure enough he was great indeed, i cant complain. as private offices tend to be, his was like a palace. but a whiter, more sci-fi version. seriously everywhere was white, no nothing. and the aquarium on the wall there...  i could pay less for my dental night guide and not have the aquarium. but i should just be grateful i found a reliable place, right? i am. i need to go pick the acrylic dental guide next week.

leaving europe, heading to asia. 

rings. in the middle, Ataturk, of course, what else. 

one of the countless terraces in kadiköy. the weather is great now, it may be a bit warm in the day, but at least the nights are super warm too.

my brexit stress is quite hight and there is still almost a week to go...  uff
next week we are also applying for another family permit, because doctor's current FP expires in november. so ive been collecting papers for that and he needs to go to the visa center and so forth. hassle, yes, but what can you do. we chose this hassle, at least? there are many hassles in life to choose from, at least for us. we should grateful we can pick our hassles?

Mike Dargas' art - cool realistic paintings. i think the teeth could use some more realism (they look extra photoshopped) , but he is especially good with eyelids, and liquids, obviously.
founder of online dating, still dating online :) i am online dating supporter, just for the record
Turkey canceling passports

today in Viktor Levi - one of my fav restaurants by far - i just had to take a pic, Ataturk's photo nailed on that tree is so random... but so turkish. he is always and everywhere. 

June 10, 2016

this type of positivity is pretty disgusting :D

today im happy that:
-the weather is awesome (like every day in june, july and august...)
-doctor does not care about football
-doctor cares about massaging my feet
-our last guest (MIL) has left and im finally ALONE
-my friend's bar gives me a discount
-ive met so many awesome people in turkey
-my work is flexible so since im feeling 'meh' i can skip some things today and do them tomorrow instead
-i have gotten some new responsibilities at work, some of which are pretty exciting; scouring through and keeping track of error logs finding patterns and researching the severity of said errors :)
-i am slowly learning to use sunglasses

June 07, 2016

nyt vähän liikaa näit juttuja taas

anoppi tuli vierailulle sitten, mikä on ok, lähtenee huomenissa. mutta mun pitäis tehdä töitä kotosalla kun hän intoilee keittöissä ruoanlaittoa, ja kun lääkäri tulee illalla kotia niin kaipaa yleensä omaa aikaa tai vähän lepoa ainakin, kun minä haluaisin jo vaihtaa "vahtivuoroa" (ei ole kohteliasta jättää sitä itekseen kovin pitkäksi aikaa?). sitten alkoi kunnon tulvashow keittiössä eilen illalla pitkästä aikaa. normaalisti antaisin asian olla mutta vesi alkoi lähenemään ovensuun stopperin korkeutta (puoltoista+ senttiä) ja anoppi oli ihan tohkeissaan joten sitten piti vettä lappaa sankoihin ja sankoja tyhjennellä. ja kukaan yläkerran naapureista ei tunnustanut valuttavansa vettä sillä hetkellä. välillä veden tulo loppui ja sitten taas jatkui. anopilla oli niin oma näkemys siitä miten asiaa pitää hoitaa ja lääkäri yritti pyöriä sen pillin mukaan joten minä vetäydyin nukkumaan klo 22. ajattelin että antaa niiden taistella keskenään, ei siinä nyt maailmanloppu ollut kyseessä kuitenkaan. aamulla lääkäri lähti töihin, anoppi markkinoille ja minä toivoin tekeväni töitä mutta olivat sitten illalla soittaneet vakuutusyhtiön sedän ja vuokraisännän että tulisvat paikalle nyt aamulla. ihan hyvä idea siis mutta vuokraisäntä lähetti sijastaan jonkun naapurin ja täällä on koko aamupäivän nyt lappanut porukkaa keittiössä vänkäämässä asioista. vähän vaikea saada töitä tehtyä! lisäksi mulla on stressi meidän (tai lääkärin) uudesta family permit hakemuksesta, halusin laittaa sen menee ennen brexit-äänestystä mutta tarvin passistani kopion konsulaatista, joka onkin nyt kesälomalla. ja itse hakemuksen täyttöön menee pari tuntia - uskomatonta mutta totta. pari muutakin projektia on tässä lisäksi joten hermoja kiristää. vakuutusyhtiön putkimies juoksee partsilla tupakalla ja ovikello soi kun tyypti menee edes taas, pitää hakea autolta väineitä putkien avaamiseksi ym. ja aina pitää kaikille selittää juurta jaksain samat asiat, että EI ole meidän vettä, turha testailla keittön hanan juoksuttamista, ja EI, ongelmallisen lattiakaivon tukkiminen ei ole "kätsy ratkaisu" koska se vesi tulee ennenpitkää meidän tiskialtaasta ylös sitten... 

internetkin takkuilee harva se päivä ja operaattori ei myönnä mitään syyllisyyttää eikä halua selvittää, tai jos lupaa selvittää niin mitään ei tapahdu. ihan normijuttuja siis kaikenkaikkiaan mutta kun näitä kasaa tarpeeksi niin alkaa tulla savu korvista.

sitten joku viel kysyy netissä että oonko kunnossa, kun aamulla oli jossain hevon h** kolkassa istanbulissa joku räjähdys. myönnän että pyörii niin oman navan ympärillä tää homma että kiinnostaa nolla. ei ole energiaa harmitella koko maailman puolesta kun oma kriisinhallintaprojekti kesken.

June 05, 2016

food and drinks and food and

another week with guests...almost over. Arttu & Inkeri just left today, BUT tomorrow doctors mom will be coming! however she is so low maintenance and stays typically 1 or 2 nights...    we did have a good week though, everyone was working so our living room was like an open office, and in the evenings we went out to eat and drink and the usual. but i look forward to being home all alone, too...  like, just watching tv shows, doing nothing for hours...

crazy tasty food. nearby liver & kebab place.
out guests came bearing gifts...nom nom. i had asked for a cider and doctor for "lonkero" (gin+grapefruit9. we both got several each <3 a="" addition="" gin="" got="" href="http://barmagazine.co.uk/iwsc-judges-best-brands-for-a-gin-and-tonic-and-a-bloody-mary/" in="" target="_blank" we="">Napue, which recently won the best gin at Internation Wine and Spirit competition
and, doctor got a deo he asked for (Lumene). we got 2 packs of Stevia. and a belated wedding gift from Inkeri - a proper finnish cook book. AND she gave me a copy of the book she wrote that won the Finnish science book of the year award. ive been really curious about it and finally get to read it now :) its about pseudoscientific history, stories about where finns originate from (but which are not true, like, finns being related to egyptians...). should be entertaining.

on wednesday we went to see Melisa's documentary at documentarist festival, in SALT Galata. after that we dined at the rooftop of said building, at a fine dining establishment called Neolokal. the festival has not done much PR i think...cos this film, and many others, are playing to empty theatres.

QA for Daddy's Girl.
On Tuesday we met Toros and Siri and their friend Irmak. had a great time and learned that Toros has lives in Camberwell, which is where me and doctor are first moving! small world :)

thursday was picnic day, in Caddebostan, with Volkan and Afsin. i shouldve taken a pic when it was still sunny and perfectly warm...  oh well.

Volkan and Afsin both brew their own beer and brought a few bottles. well, i dont drink beer so it was not something i could enjoy, but i DO enjoy the cool labeling here:

May 29, 2016

things with people

from a birthday picnic a week or so ago. i love kadiköy seaside, its less than kilometre from our house and all summer long the green grass and good weather is there just waiting for you to come enjoy it for free. istanbul doesnt have a lot of green so i feel lucky.

Carilyn, Hanna
Carina, the birthday girl.
other girls arranged things to eat while i got us yellow disposable picnic ware, and balloons! 

one of the places i will miss is Karga's backyard, its small and has this garden feel to it, with a net on top where cats often walk. i have been there so many, good, times...:) last week after the picnic some of us continued there and my friend Hatice joined. she introduced me to a friend of hers, who is a swedish finn, and we also have another common friend with her, Toros (whom i met in deviantart some 8 or whatever years ago and then met in Istanbul of course). now we are planning to all go out together, the 'finns' and Toros.

out street, next to our home. fairly lively in the evenings too.

in Taksim on wednesday. there were many bars that were kind of open towards the street so everyone was just hanging out drinking on the street, amidst a few random bar tables.
someone snapped a photo of me talking to Yusuf. i invited him and carilyn to join me, Miriam and her colleague for a night out. Yusuf was my couchsurfing host in hatay in early 2010, before i moved to Istanbul. we kept in touch and occasionally met over the years, now being in touch more, actually. he is really nice.
this DJ had a car front that was basically out on the street (coming out of the building a bit).
me and Miri having dinner in Viktor Levi (another favorite place of mine in kadiköy, and istanbul).
friday night we made craft jewellery stuff, lol. Miri got interested in making something for herself and well, it was nice and relaxing. and then it was her bedtime anyway. Miri is an easy guest cos unless i take us out for something, there is no need to drink and party, we just take it easy. with some lentil soup on the side.

May 27, 2016

monsoon rains today

work wise, i got a challenge. im going to look into integration testing. thats a big vague area, but if i could learn even a portion of that, not only could i work on an ongoing project of one of our clients, but it would be something i could add on my skills list. im kind of eager to widen my repertoire, but abstract stuff is my weakness, so i think this will be challenging. today im reading about cURL.

Top Secret comedy club in London. monday's are £1. it was great fun, we enjoyed.
free range chicken in this London restaurant. i had a donut though.

Istanbul from air. the third bridge is visible at the bottom. i think it'll open soon to traffic.
something from Pasabahce. long story short, we got a gift card from friends and although the thought of buying even *more* things to pack and try move to the UK, they sell really nice things, catering to both "turkish" and "western" tastes so im willing to pay the postage for sending some small glassware by mail. got 2 white soup bowls, 2 champagne glasses and 2 water glasses (both "straight" in form), a small Istanbul themes candle holder and a glass jar which is heavy as f* and im sure u can buy them cheap anywhere in the world but i LOVE glass jars, i had to have it. too bad the photo sucks, the champagne glass especially is beautiful.

the best onboard entertainment UI ive seen so far. On our Turkish Airlines flight to London and back. very easy to use and even user friendly.

my lunch. makaroonilaatikko is one of my all time favorite foods. i also add zucchini, it's basically tasteless but still brings something healthy into the meal.

researching London internet providers, i learned they basically sell "broadband up to 17Mb" or fiber (various speeds but nothing like i had in Helsinki in 2009 via cable). other than "up to 17Mb" or fiber, you can choose unlimited or limited (to eg. 30GB). I applaud them for making it simple, but umm... it's a bit scary that it's easier to get fast internet in turkey. am i downgrading every time I move??

Ink Master has become such a social media 'game' its kinda sad. and the drama they push in form of getting the artists to fight is just too obviously scripted...  its getting a bit sad. which sucks cos i love watching a reality where they make great tattoos! the finale of Ink Master this week was just social media this and that, vote now, we are counting your votes now, vote for your favorite artist...   i get that it sells, and thats why all the shows are doing it but im just personally not a fan.

Miriam is staying a few nights at our place now that her work conference is over. we r taking it easy and drinking tea and eating healthy. except for the first night when we were out with her colleague and my friends in taksi - that was a party night. its been years since we spent this much time together, its kind of odd, but its always easy too. we are not as close as a decade ago maybe, but at the same time we share a long history.


May 24, 2016

kynnetkin pitäs ehtii lakkaa yhyy...?

pieni *tutus. (ihanaa kun musta on tullut asteriskin käyttäjä...siitä tietää et on aikuinen, tai vanha! tai molempia). kun huone Lontoossa oli buukattu, sopimukset allekirjoitettu jne, niin olin jo hetken hukassa et mistähän sitä nyt stressais. no, lääkärin thesis on aika hyvä kohde, sehän on edennyt tähän asti etanavauhtia koska tyyppi ei ole akateeminen vaan enempi tekevää sorttia - ei ole mikään sattuma että erikoistui päivystyslääketieteeseen. ja kun lääkiksessäkään ei mitään artikkeleita tai muitakaan tarvinnut kirjotella. anyway, lisäpainetta toi se kun sen esimies lupasi että vois valmistua etuajassa, antavat erikoisluvan, jos vaan saa sen thesisin myös etuajassa tehtyä. ehdottomasti hyvä vainta stressattavaks. no, sit aloinki katsoa lentoja Lontooseeen syyskuun alulle, koska ei sitä huonetta siellä tyhjillään halua pitää kovin pitkään. joo, oli ihan ok hintaisia lentoja ja soimasin jo itseäni liiasta häsläyksestä ja hermoilusta mutta mitä, eilen kun katsoin niin osa lennoista oli paljon kalliimpia kun viime viikolla! ja tänään...no, sanotaanko et 60 euron lento on nyt 280. riippumatta hakukoneesta ja siitä että käytän VPN:ää ja osaan tyhjentää keksit selaimesta JNE. ne halvat lennot on yksinkertaisesti kadonneet yön aikana (*tuttaa sekin kun joskus jotkut neuvoo mulle et hei, sun kantsii hakee ja tehdä näin ja näin). ehkä mä osaan?? mut mitä tästä opimme? mun stressihäsläys on joskus ihan aiheellista ja kun näet edulliset lennot ni ne kantsii ostaa just sillon. niin yleensä yritänkin, mutta meillä oli tässä nyt niin monta muuttuvaa tekijää että se sekoitti pakkaa. lääkärillä on syyskuun 14.pv lisenssiään varten koe Lontoossa, eli silloin pitää siellä olla ihan varmasti, mutta jos tyyppi ei ole sillon vielä valmistunut niin pitää tulla takaisin. ei siis tiedä pitäskö ostaa meno paluu vai yhdensuuntainen. jos joutuu tulee takas viel joksikin aikaa niin sit on nekin lennot. ja minä ajattelin mennä laittamaan kotia ja avamaan pankkitiliä heti syyskuun alussa, mutta en mielellään maksaisi jotain 300 euroa yhdensuuntaisesta! siihen päälle extra baggage, joka on 8-10e/kg riippuen lentoyhtiöstä jne... 

lääkäri on nyt edelleen lomalla mutta joutuu silti juoksemaan harva se päivä sairaalalla thesisinsä takia ja toki kotona odottaa jokapäiväinen paperisota sitä lisenssihakemusta varten. onhan tää silti rennompaa ku normiarki, en mä sitä. mut et säätöä ja kaikenlaista. sit meidän pitäs alkaa kerää (tai mä aloinkin) papereita kasaan uutta family permit hakemusta varten. edellinenhän on voimassa 1.11 asti mutta jos muutetaan sinne just ennen tuota niin vähän tiukka, toinen heti perään olisi parempi. viime kierroksella kerättiin jo melkein kaikkia 2kpl eli sikäli tämä on nyt helppoa, mutta joistain dokkareista pitää hakea tuoreempi versio tai jotain muuta. mutta vähemmällä vaivalla päästään nyt. ja mä siis haluan tehdä tän hakemuksen ennen brexit-äänestystä 23.6, vaikkei mikään voikaan ihan päivässä (tai edes vuodessa?) muuttua jos niikseen käy. ja sitten olen aloittanut hyvän stressin lääkärin residence card -hakemuksesta joka siis pitää tehdä sit kun sinne asti päästän. sehän perustuu siihen että mulla on oikeus on olla maassa syystä X. mutta osa-aikainen etätyö suomesta ei välttämättä ihan vakuuta. selvittlen tässä noita kiemuroita ja onhan sitä toki aikaa miettiä mutta tällä menola istanbulin kesästä nauttiminen voi olla aika ajoin tiukkaa, kun kokoajan joku paperi tai lisenssi tai muu hässäkkä painaa päälle. tietty sitä miettii hetkittäin ett mitä vit...  tässä jos vaan istus pyllyllään niin menishän tää elämä näinkin, et onks pakko lätee? mut se on hiukka myöhästä nyt pohtia. ja joka tapauksessa kyl mä tiedän et tää on nyt sellainen asia jota me oikeasti halutaan kokeilla, ei mikään hetken mielijohde.

nyt on vähän kiiremeiningit kyllä jotenkin, Miriam on täällä Istanbulissa just nyt yhdessä kongressissa työnsä puolesta...sitten jää muutamaks päiväks sen jälkeen ja tulee meille, ja kun se lähtee niin Arttu vaimoineen tulee...  ja tietty töitäkin on joinain päivinä ihan oikeasti.

kun on hetki aikaa ja tarvii relaa ni luen av-palstalta vaikka tätä mustasukkaisuus-ketjua. eihän tuo nyt hauskaa ole mut saanpahan pyöritellä silmiäni.

May 17, 2016

sort of successful visit

London holiday over and done. i cant say we had a super busy week, but it wasnt boring enough for me to start typing a blog entry on my mobile either...heh.  we met plenty of people and gained information of all kinds, and are *this close* to signing a room lease starting in september...so i guess the trip was overall a success. exciting and scary. the move is just becoming a reality, and as with all my big decisions, i am going into the "what the fuck am i doing??!!" mode. partially, anyway. the train has left the station and it's not stopping anymore, i think, so i better just hold onto the seat and be ready for what comes. i dont know why i make it sound almost like im a passive participant, i definitely made this happen. but there is slight panic in the air too. doctor is the calmer one for sure, altho he has some stress about his thesis and graduating on time, or ahead of of time,  of course, i think he is very content with everything.

Camden and the canal. and other stuff.

in London we met Tiitta & Tuukka, Alina & Justin, Susanna, Riikka & Ray, Miriam a& mahmoud, and finally, we stayed a few nights and Avner & Elmor, with whom we had great time....  and we still had time to enjoy daytime picnics when the weather was loving us.

they have my fav cider in london! Rekorderlig has that proper chemical fruit essence taste...

Vauxhall tube station
 at the Borough market. there were tons of hams, cheese, oils, wines...  amazing things. i wanted to become a foodie.
  a pub in Crystal Palace.
 Godfather, italian restaurant.

had we not spent so much time with people, it wouldve been very different. i sucked in all the tips, details, thoughts....and stuff between the lines, although im generally not good with 'between the lines'. i think its the people i know there that made me feel especially welcome.

now reading:
why the Amazon river's true source remains a mystery
Until I was a Man...
A Guide to the Rices of Asia

films to watch:
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Tales of Tales
Maggie's Plan