November 29, 2015

apparently i look younger with short hair. meh.

turkey's perhaps most prominent human rights attorney was shot. some more established gov critical journalist were jailed. another journalist faces up to 5 years in jails for "insulting the president" (he used the word 'dictator' among other things) and the scientific and technological research council is getting some childrens education books destroyed, u know, books that do not meet the criteria of “localness and cultural coherence.” books that, gasp, talk about hanukkah and other holidays celebrated around the world. sooooo, nothing new in this part of the world! lets move on...

*listening to new davie bowie*  (was not really my thing)

The Atlantic: Not Wanting Kids Is Entirely Normal. a nicely long and interesting article worth reading,  although im a bit stuck in not being happy with the title. maybe its just semantics, but i associate the world "normal" somewhat with "natural", and i am a big believer in biology. evolution wise i think it is not natural to not procreate - because all species "have to", in order to survive. however it is entirely OK to opt out, as i have. i just think there is a difference with natural and "ok". of course its ok to opt out of things, its okay to get plastic surgery to look like a cat and its indeed okay to want to live in an unnatural skyscraper eating processed, genetically modified moods while getting radiation from a mobile phone. but natural i think its not. although maybe our species has exactly developed into doing things that are slightly "off"? and thats how we have adapted so well and become what we are? but not continuing the species is hardly a good idea. and to get back to the article, of course i too wish i was seen as more than a potential mother.

being seen as from there i get to what made my day yesterday. the dating app i tested (for localization) a few weeks ago, that went well, the customer was very happy and i am being paid much more than i expected. considering my uTest projects are a bit of a hobby, its great. and this should lea to more interesting projects. but the customer feedback is what really touched me :)

i have this engineer friend working for a big turkish construction company, they have projects all over the world and even more stuff moving from one place to another as they buy materials and transport them to the sites. now they have stuff stuck at the finnish-russian border for example, suddenly "the papers are not okay" and the russian projects have come to a halt. ops. anyway she told me how the embargo on russia and iran are circumvented. for russia, turkey will buy the material from whichever EU country is in question, then sell it to russia, because they can. and for Iran, they send the material on a cargo ship to the Emirates. where its "bought" by the Emirates, and loaded on to another vessel, and then apparently Iran has a port across from the Emirates. handy.

ive been suffering from a stuffy nose and sneezing on and off this week. i think it allergies but cant really pinpoint the cause...  i was doing some major cleaning in our bedroom though, washing everything from curtains to clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe unused... i know that causes dust to rise in the air but its been a couple days now. i think opening windows is useless with dust, too. but i am packing some unused scarves, hats and other clothes, along with rise & flour and there i have another box to send to the refugees in the east of turkey.   in addition me and doctor have been fighting with the insurance company who say they have lost my claim (i sent papers 3 weeks ago to get reimbursed for the doctor's fee in my surgery). well its not really fighting, its more like they say they lost the stuff and are looking into it, promise to call back, never do. my insurance broker is also not replying his email or phone. and we've been at it for 2 weeks now. i know dealing with insurance claims is tough in any country but in turkey its bound to be hell.

i also got my hair shorter again, on the right side. doctor loves loves loves it. im not always sure, like which is better, shorter or longer, but for him there is no question. my barber also introduced me to his dutch gf who recently moved to istanbul to live with him. she seemed cool and we have plans to meet up all 4 together sometime, for dinner and drinks and so.

November 26, 2015

watching Ultimate Fighter Brazil

after hundreds of food deliveries to our door, today the meal was delivered by a WOMAN. huge thing. i was so happy. not sure if there is reason to, but if any job is male dominated it is that one. but it is a rough job, driving around on a motor bike whether sunny or rainy (rainy today), on a minimum salary if even that... i can assume that its not just misogyny from the employers side, they rather keep the women safe in the kitchen, if they should hire any. and an obvious problem i see is that a female delivery person would get harassed by male customers :( but still, i was extremely happy. the taco meal was good too, and its a new restaurant, so i will definitely order again.

The War Nerd: Cleanse Thy Neighbor  an insightful article, delivered to me by my british friend Jim. the writer is a bit emotional and too personal at times, but it does give color to the article while eating its credibility (in my eyes) a tiny bit. i still believe the fundamental idea is correct. an excerpt;
"The Turks have never quite gotten over losing their Empire, and the idea of anybody inching onto the territory they’ve got left sends them over the edge in no time at all."
right on.

a gourmet mini burger place opened on our street (called....Mini Eatery). they only make miniature burgers. tried once, it was tasty. 

30 signs you're dating a unicorn boyfriend omg i have a unicorn! :P only #22 is there and there, cos my unicorn has a very poor memory! the article starts with a stupid stereotype of women looking for 'bad boys' though, which is not true.

i had added a chinese beginners course to my Udemy course list at some point. i decided to check it out today. i didnt plan on actually getting to a point where i can communicate in chinese, i was just curious about the very basics, the tones and stuff. basically i think i was curious what is this "incredible difficult language" they speak of...    the classes seemed better suited for children, lots of jokes and cute stuff, less chinese. i found myself saying "jesus christ" out loud a few times. i should really replace jesus christ with something else though...something less religious. anyhow, i got frustrated with the short and ineffective classes. i learned numbers 1 to 3 and thank you (in slang and proper chinese). and that was like... 10 or 13 lessons. uff. for reference, this is the chinese course. overall, online courses are a pretty wonderful invention. i have enjoyed quite a few, especially when there is a 1.5x speed accelerator.

a woman who wants to look like a cartoon character (eg, Jessica Rabbit). she is well on her way.

today i learned that brazilian portuguese has adopted the english workd knockout and made it their own; 'nocaute' :D
i was also wondering about botched nose jobs, those where the person (often female) wants to get a smaller, narrower nose, and somehow it ends up crazy narrow and the nostrils are visible cos the tip is botched...  i plan to google and learn what exactly goes wrong there, its such a common fuck up. 

November 25, 2015

get over it

its almost the time of the year when turks starts talking about christmas. by which they mean december 30th. honestly, i know i sound like a nazi here, but if you dont celebrate christmas traditionally, dont pretend to, and dont use the term. new years is a thing here anyway, why not just settle for that??

and everyones going nuts over shooting a russian jet... i hitnk its honestly partly just hunger for drama. im not a specialist on world politics but entitled to my opinion, and my opinion is that: this will not cause any serious aftermath and will be forgotten in a week or two. i think turkey and russia are like 2 big boys, needing to assert their dominance and show each other that they are a credible threat. surely these kind of situations have sometimes escalated, when the leaders are...well, we all know. but with NATO behind turkey, i mean, no one wants a hassle. this reminds me of gorillas pounding their chest, proving themselves to be alpha. russia is known to violate other countries air spaces. and what those countries do? give warning, bitch over it in media. and thats all fine, im not suggesting aggression is the right way to go. but we cant pretend surprise when another big player finally says 'enuf'. turks are used to being in war, more less, having people die in combat, shooting the ground or to the air, and at neighbors if necessary. this is front page news but just barely. end of story.

one mess of a pancake (most of them ended up prettier). im not sure if this was my first, second or (gulp!) third time doing pancakes, but it's definitely not a habit. i dont generally cook anything sweet.  its an easy enough recipe and with whipped cream and jam its honestly amazing. but i dont mind taking another 5 yr break from this - i mean its not proper food so, then, why would you do it? like, you still need to eat food too, so this is just extra trouble. but i mean, its really tasty extra trouble. doctor agreed.

November 21, 2015

fruitful debates behind every corner

i found a nice new page to read news or news related articles from; Vox. yeah i feel im a bit late to the party, but better late than never right?
this was an okay read for example; A leading socialist explains what Bernie Sanders's socialism gets right — and wrong

the other night i discussed with some friends about streaming vs owning. they are my age, but believe in owning, mostly i think to avoid being dependent on one company in between. we also debated a bit over Spotify. i see Spotify existing for at least another 2 to 5 years, despite the new competition, they have a strong share of the market and i believe in the growth of streaming overall. my friends were not as optimistic. but this motivated me to sign in as a Spotify beta tester. i am not always happy with Spotify, they have removed some features that i liked, but overall i have supported them since day one and plan on continuing. paying x money per month for my music listening experience is a fair price, i think.

Officizial Sziget aftermovie 2015 is out :) its nice to remember the festival.

last i was out for dinner with some friends. they wanted to go to this popular wine house and of course no one had thought of a reservation...come on its a friday! i called and they said they're full, but come and see. i was there first and luckily the managers know me so we got a great table which had been reserved for someone else. welcome to turkey?  all in all it was a good, thought provoking evening. although i am sometimes confused with these people, the talk about altered states of mind, the infinite ideas and understanding that an LSD trips can give you ...  it can get a bit much, i dont agree or believe certain views or share some beliefs. certainly not the one about finnish and turkish languages being related. although i think it has not been proven either way, i am with the school of thought that they are not. but with all the stuff discussed, there could be interesting areas in each topic, depends how you look at it. so we can always try and talk, to see if we have some common ground. IF.  anyway another friend of a friend showed up, i was introduced to him, and we got to talking about revolutions and politics. 2 people in the table had been in jail for 2 years during the Ergenekon trials. so they are quite deep into the politics circle and have strong opinions. it reminded me i should read more about Marxism, just to be able to discuss more and have some more references. but i am notoriously bad with abstract ideas and theories. i read and its like water; i pee it out. anyway as for the night and the turkish politics talk, it was very interesting and refreshing overall.

this reminds me, on wednesday i met Hanna and we had a feverish discussion about "profiling" (the kind of that airport may or may not conduct...). not gonna go in detail about that, but i agree with Sam Harris' views on this. i watched the linked talk with Sam Rubin and enjoyed it a lot. i think i probably just like it when someone agrees with me, lol? anyway, this was yet another thought provoking discussion ive recently had with someone.

i dont remember how, but i stumbled upon this book Infinite Jest somewhere, a long time ago. i dont read fiction but somehow...i was persuaded by something. is that vague enough? so today i decided to make good of my free time and open a book. i think i got to page 5 or 10. with some skimming involved. because;
 " ‘Just so, Chuck, and that according to Chuck here Hal has already justified his seed, he’s reached the semifinals as of this morning’s apparently impressive win, and that he’ll be playing out at the Center again tomorrow, against the winner of a quarterfinal game tonight, and so will be playing tomorrow at I believe scheduled for 0830 —’
‘Try to get under way before the godawful heat out there. Though of course a dry heat.’
‘—and has apparently already qualified for this winter’s Continental Indoors, up in Edmonton, Kirk tells me ’ cocking further to look up and left at the varsity coach, whose smile’s teeth are radiant against a violent sunburn — ‘Which is something indeed.’ He smiles, looking at me. ‘Did we get all that right Hal.’ C.T. has crossed his arms casually; their triceps’ flesh is webbed with mottle in the air-conditioned sunlight.
"My silent response to the expectant silence begins to affect the air of the room, the bits of dust and sportcoat-lint stirred around by the AC’s vents dancing jaggedly in the slanted plane of windowlight, the air over the table like the sparkling space just above a fresh-poured seltzer."
i mean what the f.....  is the writer trying to kill me?? sweet jesus. there is no way i will attempt to continue. but for the record, the book has a 4-star rating in Amazon. one of lifes big mysteries for me.

November 17, 2015

due deed done

today i appeared in court for the first time in my life. it was much more nerve wrecking than i expected! and for no reason at all, i was there just to testify on my own behalf about the phone robbery which occurred 2 years ago. but it was all pretty smooth. i headed to the court house in Kartal early, doctor warned me that its a large building. but holy shit, really? it was possibly the largest gov building ive ever seen. but doctor said there is on the euro side of the city, said to be the largest court house in europe. in fact, now that i checked, wikipedia claims that the Caglayan courthouse is the largest in the world. and with further googling it seems like the one i visited is only half of the size. oki doki, these people like to centralize their courts...  and the architecture itself, well thats another chapter;

so i arrived early and had no trouble finding my court room #68. next to the door there was a schedule for the day, with the names of both defendants and accused, as well as the charges. it was fun looking at people going in and then checking the list to see what they had gotten into. when doctor arrived we enjoyed guessing who is a wife beater and who has been seling drugs (allegedly!).

then they call me in and turns out the 2 guys charged for possession of my phone had not come. and that i need a translator. we had to sit and wait outside while they requested for the courthouse english translator. he came quick and we got started. i wish i wouldve had the guts to try to take a photo of the pretty nice court room, but i didnt want to be improper. it was just like in american tv shows (ie. Law & Order), furnished with light brown wood, but much smaller. there was one short row for "audience" and the rest was pretty congested too, but modern and functional. on my table there was a screen, where i could see in real time the document relating to my case, and the court reporter writing it. it was on a turkish word editor program, kind of nice to follow the proceeding in writing too...
i shall borrow a pic from the court house website, although the room here is bigger;

in the actual 10min proceeding i had to explain again what happened, and confirm my address and other details. the judge (a nice woman! :)) also asked me for the value of the phone and if the sentence can be reduced in case I get either the phone or the money. surprising question, so i just said whichever. she was also interested in how long ive been in turkey and what is my level of turkish and so forth. then they set a new court date, for which the police will try to summon the 2 charged men, and my prsence wont be required since i already made my appearance. i would say that was a pretty smooth process overall. i will see in january i guess if i get money back or something :D

the uncolored lines in the railway map are in the works. a lot of construction going on in istanbul, public transport wise!

 macaroni casserole i did 2 days ago. the last portion going... nom nom

lopetetaan kun ollaan vielä voitolla

suomiuutista poimittua:
"Lama vei vauvahaaveet – yhä harvempi suomalainen haaveilee isosta perheestä". en lukenut itse juttua, mutta jos syntyvyyden lasku oikeasti johtuu "lamasta" tms niin on kyllä "herttaista" kermaperseilyä. vaikka ihmisten tunteet on ihan relevantteja eikä tietenkään voi olettaa että ne olisi suhteessa todellisuuteen (eihän munkaan ole).  mutta kun suomi on ehkä vanhempien kannalta se maailman halvin maa hankkia lapsia... tai oh no, ehkä vaan 3. sijalla, tosi huonosti, jonkun tanskan tai norjan jälkeen!! noloo! mut kun maailmassa on ne jotain 170 maata....  tarviiko suomalaisen miettiä miten säästäisi satojatuhansia eroja lapsen elinaikana kaikkiin kouluihin tai koulutuksiin? ei tarvii. äitiyspakkauksenkin saat ilmaisesta neuvolasta. ja sitten valtio antaa joka kuukausi rahaa, jokaisesta lapsesta. jos loppuu silti rahat niin muitakin tukia on. jopa asunnon voi saada. mä oon alkanut kuulostaa vihaamiltani konservatiiveiltani. vaikkei ole mikään uutinen että mulla on jotain tiukkoja mielipiteitä, olen silti mielestäni aik liberaali ja vaikak mitä, ja jopa vasemmalle kallellaan. olispa joku keino oikeasti arvioida omia arvoja syvemmin, että kuinka paljon ne sitten vastaakaan kuvitelmia itsestä :D

"Löytöeläinkodista loppuivat eläimet". eikä edes siksi että ne olis kaikki viety lopetettavaksi (odotin jotain vastavaa downeria)! ihku uutinen.

no ehkä onkin hyvä lopettaa positiivisiin uutisiin. voisin mennä oikeestaan värjää hiukset sen sijaa et ihmettelen niitä sen enempää.

välillä viime aikoina on tullut mietittyä pupun hankkimsta. siis ei nyt. vaan että josko kuitenkin jonain päivänä, ehkä, joskus sitten. olen ollut nimittäin aika varma että lemmikkikin on liikaa vastuuta ja huolta mulle. ja toki on riski että kehitän hyvän allergian pupuihinkin (jos ei sitä vielä kai ole). mutta sterilisaatio sai selvästi siis mun "väärinkohdistuneet" äidilliset tunteet esiin. kyllä, olen hormonien uhri. olen jopa miettinyt eri pupurotuja. mihinkänhän tän kanssa vielä päätyy...

more caffein, please

I'm kind of started watching How To Get Away With Murder, and then gave up, too. but now read this; "Black, Queer and Powerful: Annalise Keating is TV's Most Overdue Anti-Hero". umm, what, with Famek Janssen??! shit, i need to get back on track with this show, i must see that happening ! Annalise is definitely the best part of the show, its the students that got on my nerves and made me give it up.

the other night i asked myself if me/we have finally become proper adults, or a proper adult couple. cos i find us watching tv together and me doing stuff like fixing my tights or whatever...  (could be compared to knitting, right?!). the one thing we dont do is watch tv while eating, usually, i want to keep the dinner sacred, "together time". and the tv we watch is selected shows and episodes, its not like we have an actual television channel blasting whatever... so when we watch, we properly sit down and watch.but this adult-ness is quite nice and comfortable.

last saturday i had another extra post-op check up, since the belly button incision was healing so slowly and i still had other complications too. the incision edges had started to heal without closing so the gyno poked and teased it (sounds nasty but wasnt painful thank god) to activate the healing. and now, indeed, its healed fast and is almost close. i just hope it actually bloody closes one day. even if not painful, having a small open wound in your belly button is kinda...awkward and makes you cautious. i complained about some bladder pain as well, and he put 1 + 1 together and figured it is probably a urinary tract infection. happens sometimes with surgeries & catheters...  ive never had a UTI so i didnt even consider it. anyway now im on meds and hopefully thats the end of that. ive had enough of these issues...

I really shouldn't say a word about the whole Paris and terrorism thing. it has me thinking of various, contradicting ideas. i have always sneered at changing profile pictures is into flags or other appropriate icons (like plain black). YET, there is nothing to sneer at, its how humans express themselves, we want to share and show our values and morals. whether its gay marriage or saying "something shit happened and i feel sympathy, i have feeling, im a caring person". probably similar to wearing a peace sign on your jacket or a palestinian scarf. human animal needs to communicate itself to those around, and changing a profile photo is a way of doing that. makes sense. my first thought is just "well but it does no good, its not useful", but what IS useful? pretty much nothing is, so. i think I'm the pot calling the kettle black? then there is the whole, why doesnt FB offer Lebanese flag etc...  yeah. sure, i can see that. but this is the world we live in, FB is an american company and while it may have millions of users around the world, it is a western "thing", with western rules and values, lets be honest. and humans feel more sympathy towards people and issue close to them. it is not evil, its normal. i doubt somalians are as horrified of the Paris attack as they are over an attack in Nigeria. even if they are more common in the latter. and we cannot mourn everything, everywhere, all the time. we just need to choose whats the closest to us. closest referring to culture rather than geographical distance. and thats how it is. i am lucky im saved from most of this panic and grieving by not feeling anything. i am not sure how close to home (psychologically or geographically) it should hit for me to feel, but pretty close i think. i hope i dont need to find out.

so, this was an odd article about a guy who has a "christmas village" like, christmas villages are a thing? he actually sunds so coherent and smart that i think the article must have gone throgh heavy editing... i mean, i rephrase; i think an obsessive hobby - whether christmas village or something else - is cool, but the part about selling his wifes clothes , thats where i declared him "off". also, trying to get a job could be useful, because a job would bring you money so you can buy more christmas village things? but thats just my logic...

i read Anonymous "declared a war" on ISIS. meh, i have to say for once that the threat sounds a bit pathetic - i really dont think those guys are affected if their "websites" fall down due to trafficor whatever, of course they use internet, but i dont think its the type of internet usage Anonymous can  f* with.

ah, a friend just said there is a new pancake cafe nearby, run by some biker dudes :D i think i have to see this. that area (about 700-800m from here) is becoming so hipstery!!

November 13, 2015

discovered Milka Oreo this week

always great to have breakfast in bed. last weekend one morning doctor came from night shift and prepared us something tasty. which reminds me, tomorrow morning he will come from yet another night shift. i doubt ill get as lucky with the breakfast tho.

Independent: Was the Turkish election rigged? i just heard the writer of this article got fired from his Hurriyet Daily job after this was published. nothing surprising of course but nevertheless, sucks every time.

so apparently theres been a show called 90 Day Fiance. last year. too bad i missed it, seems like.."fun". oh! there are new seasons!   but now i have Law & Order SVU season 6 on the way...

this week i tested this dating app (alongside my other work). it was for finnish localization, so i was looking at the language and other locale info. it is awkward to see these profile photos while at it, and whats annoying is that these apps look at potential partners for you based on your location... so ive been looking at turkish men for the past couple days. maybe im exaggerating but even a few are too many. some of them also put something other than their face in the profile...  and once you create a profile as a female, even if you dont put your photo or any personal info, the messages start pouring in...  which is okay once, to see the incoming message notification is translated correctly...  after that...  yeah okay im whiny. overall it was interesting cos there was a lot to fix, i spent a couple hours on it at least. i think it was my 3rd dating app testing ever :)

November 08, 2015

vloppu hyvässä säässä

Toni Alaranta kirjoittaa (taas vaihteeksi) asiaa Turkista; Turkin tarina sillanrakentajana romuttunut - Pakolaiset kauppatavaraa.

tosi vaikea ollu muistaa tunnin aikaeroa josta Rakas Johtajamme päätti ennen vaaleja, meinannu mennä aikataulut välillä sekaisin työtapaamisten(skypetysten) kanssa. onneksi olen kuitenkin tunnin edellä enkä jäljessä, niin pahimmillaan alan vaan varautumaan johonkin tuntia ennen. huomenna vihdoin siirrymme samaan aikaan kuin itä-eurooppa, mitä nyt vaalit heitti meidät epäsuorasti jonku satavuotta taakkepäin. se ei ehkä vielä näy käytännössä mutta "sanokaa mun sanoneen" (mummoäänellä).

mikähän on leningin ja mekon ero muka? itse en käytä sanaa leninki ollenkaan, ja mulla on ollu käsitys et ne on ihan yks ja sama. jossain hesarin artikkelissa vaan käytettiin sanaa leninki...

se tsekkinainen sit löyty sieltä metsästä. mä myönnän että mua kiinnostaa sen motiivit jotenkin, ja jotenkin, et mikä juttu siinä oli että läks yks aamu metsään kuolemaan. koska en usko että se oli vahinko, et halus vaan vähän haukkaa happea..   eihän se periaatteessa meille kuulu, mutta jos joku lehti kirjoittaa niin kyllä mä aion lukea.

November 07, 2015

in case i change my mind...

today i will check Master of None, a promising comedy. when i watched the trailer i was actually surprised how cool it seemed.

my belly bump keeps diminishing as i recover. i would say im at 85-90%, if 100% is complete. although it would still take a couple weeks before i am allowed to lift anything heavy or play basketball, those are not part of my normal curriculum anyway...    yesterday i went for a check up to my doctor, just a quick visit to see how the incision is healing. what i decided now was that it is odd how he keeps bringing up IVF. at my pre-op meeting, it made sense to inform me that after tubal ligation, IVF would be the only option to get pregnant. yeah, sure, whatever, i did add that theoretically adoption is another way to have a child, although age limits may come into play. then he brought it up again later, and i just didnt pay attention but yesterday as i was leaving the office he wanted to remind me that if i change my mind, there is always IVF. umm, yeah, kind of like if you went to get a tattoo and on your way out the artist told you that there is always laser...u know, in case u get tired with the ink...   its not wrong to say that, nor immoral and not exactly unethical either, but its odd. what if i had just gotten pregnant and went for my first ultrasound, would a doctor then tell me "by the way, if you change your mind, there is always abortion...". i doubt it. okay now i sound offended, although i really dont care enough. to be honest i think its a business issue, he is thinking of his income, and thats that.
(i have so badly wanted to share pics of my belly button and the healing process but i know its just too gross by general standards so i have to hold myself back)

my friend Jim gave me this link "The Falconers of the Eastern Pontos". i admit i skipped a chapter here or there, although i read most of it, its well written with interesting details. but my memory and understanding of geography and history are so poor that i dont even try anymore. but i was able to connect with the more current and practical themes and issues.

last night i met Volkan after a long break. he has been traveling and does not live in kadiköy anymore so there has been a natural break. it was nice to catch up over a few drinks. tonight im heading out again, this time for dinner with a new friend i recently made, Zuhal. she is an engineer and i find her company intellectually stimulating. 

November 04, 2015

had turkish fish & chips for dinner - home alone...

one of the weird things is that ive never been a big redditor. for the time i spend online and enjoy all kinds of useless things (along the useful things!), its kind of weird ive never really spent much time on Reddit, save the occasional link or story. i took like 3 to 5 minutes today and hung out there and tried to figure out what the problem is...  but i couldnt really put my finger on it. not enough meaningful content somehow? i mean the stuff people say... maybe funny but...  :/ im still perplexed.

in the next year i think ill look to expand my testing arena a bit. from front end/web/UI/localization etc to integration/SOA testing. goal set :)

this tv show starting next year seems maybe semi-promising, although too much supernatural tends to turn me off, so we will see... Preacher 

movies to see:
The World of Kanako asian thriller action brilliance, im hoping it will remind me of Oldboy etc
The Funhouse comedy thriller, seems promising with the circus theme
Sisters cos Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are usually awesome
The Last Witch Hunter not sure, but i admit i enjoyed Chronicles of Riddick a bit, maybe there is something like that here...
Do I Sound Gay? a documentary that is seemingly impossible to find :/ i think it could be interesting, the topic of "sounding gay" is something ive thought about

Irrational Man was also on my list until i realize its a Woody Allen movie. they are usually disappointments and i just dont get them... so ill skip although i like Joaquin Phoenix a lot.

November 03, 2015

falling asleep at 10pm

a few days i got an FB msg from a greek woman. she told she was in deviantart back when i was, too, and has been reading my blog since. like, what, really? its hard to believe someone would bother, i feel like the blog is so superficial and cannot possibly offer anything to anyone who doesnt know me at least...  i was wrong? but i love randomly "meeting" people :) so it was kind of an energy boost for me. i needed it, although having guests was nice too, my slow surgery recovery has dampened the mood lately.

2 in 1: a cool t-shirt Senni brought me and my 'no-baby bump'. the photo is from a few days ago though, i think its finally going down a bit. i could maybe get away with just having drank beer now, its good its not summer anymore, neighbors asking if im expecting would be...hmm.  

a few pet peeves i have on FB:
1. people sharing more less edgy/critical/radical articles, where the source is something like or i mean, ummm. not saying the piece of news cannot be true, but it undermines the credibility. and the annoying part is that when i comment just pointing out that i find the source less than credible, they go "oh but ive seen this information in various, well establised, medias too". oh yeah? well why would you shoot yourself in the leg then and share it from there?? come on...
2. the images of teachers holding a sign "hi im a teacher from x school in x and i want to show my students how fast stuff travels on the internet, please Like this post/image...". im not even going to comment.

not so delicious looking dinner from some days ago. however it was delicious! there are meze type of mashes which doctor made, and my lentil stew.

the waiting area of my ob gyn/doctor. private practises in turkey pretty much compete in the amount of gold, leather and diamonds they can cram in the impress the wealthy (and not so wealthy, but who all the same should be convinced that the relatively high prices are worth it). 

recent things:
i read about the use and efficacy of Furacin (topical cream for wounds). white feminist with dreadlocks - wtf...  i mean i can read, and understand...but meh, i cannot fully agree...   someone eradicated bed bugs from her house with some heavy chemicalsTim Atlas on The Voice really stole my heart, i dont love the original version of the song Torn (by Natalie Imbruglia), but Tim's was...wonderful, so quirky and unique. i cant believe they let him go, in favor of some all american, generic stuff. i cant even remember the performance he lost to! ugh. then i found this blog-site sort of thing about the more scientific (chemical) side of cosmetics.

work has offered me a lot of challenges lately. in a good way. just testing different features in different environments, there is a lot of stuff going on, changes to some elements that need be integrated and sometimes i feel like its going way over my head but then i catch on again.

October 31, 2015

enjoying the day off

i slept a full 8 hours last night and the odd pre-cold feeling in my throat disappeared. yay.

turkey celebrated Republic Day on thursday. flags everywhere and festival activities all over. i didnt pay attention though, was at home working :D

and tomorrow is election day. i could link to a dozen interesting articles on the topic but im way too jaded for that. and honestly, when 12 yr olds are facing 2 years in jails for ripping a poster of the president...  is it even safe to share a bloody link anymore? ill just turn my head away and go 'lalalala'. 11 more months to go, i hope no harm will come on our way until then. meanwhile, doctor will go vote tomorrow.

im in high spirits today cos im pain free. i guess the new long acting painkillers are working miracles. add an episode of The Amazing Race Canada and im kind of smiling....:)

i just remembered i didnt post any of the wedding photos from august... it crossed my mind when i got the photos from Marianne, but ive had a kind of 'no show policy' with bf's. anyway i just asked doctor and he is ok with this sharing this pic;

October 30, 2015

and now i have this feeling in my throat..o_O

im getting rid of extra clothes by sending them to eastern turkey, there is a local family distributing stuff to syrian refugees. i sent the first box last week, and i guess ill fill another next week, since this week is spent with Senni and Anna-M, they came here for a visit. the post office cargo is quite cheap, i paid 12tl/3 eur for a quite big box of full of clothing, i think it was 4,5kg or so.

my recovery has been...meh. slow! i had my 1 week check up and stitch removal today. i bitched about the occasionally annoying pain levels and was prescribed more pain killers. also i have an infected belly button incision, and im already using antibiotic cream for that. i guess i should be just happy there is nothing else wrong? but im a bit paranoid, waiting to see if i get fever. cos then thats a really bad thing.until then, i should just wait and see :/ as the icing on the cake i look like im 3-4 months pregnant - talk about some some serious bloating...  i can appreciate the irony and dont mind overall, but it does add to the physical discomfort, this bump is the area where the pain lives.

im watching Terminator Genisys...and its...confusing. 

October 25, 2015

alive and so-so

my surgery went well. i woke up to a world of pain but the lovely hospital staff took care of that too, and then i slept most of saturday. i was discharged at noon today and so now im just taking it easy at home. doctor left for a nightshift, poor guy, having stayed up and taken care of me, he didnt really get a good sleep...

notes to self:
1. no laying down, getting up is a bitch
2. no laughing.
3. definitely no coughing. already felt like ive ripped my stitches from couching a couple times :(

i counted 9 holes in me...  3 in my abdomen (...), 2 in my butt for painkiller injections, 1 in my thigh for the same reason, 1 on my arm for pre-surgery blood tests and 2 on my hand when they tried to find a spot for the IV. if i was a balloon i would not be a happy one.

overall, physically im sore, but emotionally i feel a bit relieved that i finally got it done, after soooo many years of planning. and of course i am thinking what a weight this will take off my shoulders, but it hasnt really hit me yet. i am happy that i did my research and found an ob gyn that knows his stuff, specialized in laparoscopies. not the warmest person although friendly, but thats secondary, i prefer someone good at their job.

saturday evening. the hospital room was very hotel room like, like they usually are in private hospitals.

turkish gov decided last minute that nooooo, the country will not end daylight savings time on Oct 29th like everyone else, instead it will happen 2 weeks later. result: everyone phones and computers show different times. this sums up my FB feed this morning;

October 22, 2015

the woman who didn't want to be fertile

ive been out and about and meeting new people lately. last saturday i was out with a friend at a club and it made me feel old cos although i had fun, dancing etc, the next day i had a dry throat, runny nose and everything smelled liked cigarettes. people were allowed to smoke inside there and the volume was so high you couldnt hear even your own voice. it was not for me. but it was not bad either and i had other great night too, met some new people and so forth.

some new series i found;
Code Black a very hectic ER show. too hectic, in fact. i will try another episode but it is hard to even follow the conversation when 10 people hassle and shout at the same time, supposedly trying to save someone. but i do like the seasoned actors they have cast so there is still hope?
You Me and the Apocalypse so far so good. Row Lowe has several fun roles going on right now, im impressed.

today is my tubal ligation surgery. something I thought about for so long...  finally happening. i should be in working condition in no time, just need to be careful and take it easy for a while. doctor is going to be with me all the way too, which is nice, im nervous about anaesthesia. 

October 15, 2015

food, relaxing... its all good?

last Saturday was doctors english (IELTS) exam as well as his birthday. the guy turned 36 for f*cks sakes!! hmm, that reminds I'm turning 36 in only a few months....    hmmmmmm.

on sunday i took him to a spa (Sofa hotel) to relax and enjoy. ive been there once before and this time was possibly even better. we were the only customers there all day and the place itself is very calm, quiet and has this lighting...thats not too bright. its very nice. and the water is 27 celcius. even warmer in the jacuzzi. the sauna was not finnish but good enough for me, 85 degrees. and we liked the steam room and hamam too. all in all, succesful, relaxing day, after coming home we just wanted to sleep...

the other week i went to an acquintances wedding. i was surprised to get an invite, but it is turkey, so...  i guess i shouldnt be? anyway the groom is cool so i thought the bride must be too. i went to the evening party thing as well and we got to know the bride with doctor and she was indeed cool, just recently returned from london where she did her masters or something. this photo is from the kadiköy "marriage hall" before the room got full - nicely casual event.

there are so many new cafes and bars popping up in kadiköy these days...  its becoming really trendy (which is reflected in the rents, theyve gone up 20+ % per year). last week we tested this one place, it was nice, we sat by the street side and it was cool.

this cafe place is 100m from our home. the front is not impressive but they have a huge backyard. well, the fall has arrived and we had to sit in enjoying our breakfast. i was just wondering whose idea it was to build that ikea style shelf on the outer wall and have it ruined by rain. it doesnt show in the photo but obviously it was getting all sorts of fucked up by exposure to the elements....

the other week i also had a friend visiting. someone me and doctor met in Melbourne, but hed lived in Istabul before, and just next door to doctor. what are the odds? this is an american person after all! anyway, he was here and suggested to meet and he invited me to this georgian restaurant with his friends. its in a shady part of town, on the european side (Aksaray), known for prostitutes. normally that wouldnt matter but in this case its really not good, its also religious, traditional and all kinds of 'meh'. anyway i went and although i had to stand and wait on the street with men looking (even stopping and looking) at me like i was for sale, it was worth it in the end. this georgian place looked really unimpressive, located at a bus station with busses going to russian and georgia, with plastic on the windows and as a table cloth and the owners barely speaking turkish nor english. but overall, it was great. the food was great (they just brought out dishes, there was no menu), the georigian moonshine which i unknowingly ordered was great and the owners were great. we had a great time. i want to return.
(moonshine in the red cap juice bottle)

we met doctors friend and his boyfriend in the eastern part of the city. he had rented the flat 1.5 months ago. turns out the building has no internet connections built yet, like no ADSL nor cable, regardless of if you want to pay, its not possible. also, they are still paying for electricity and water as if it was a construction area, and share the bill amongst the flats, because they dont have a permit for a housing, in fact. ..  thats turkey, right? but its a nice closed gated community with a gym and pool, security at the gate, modern flats etc. the friends flat had 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets, one of them a full bathroom.  the bathroom was very nice and modern, but the toilet seat was kind of opposite to the sink cabinet.... so although im a short person, when i tried to sit on there, my knees where touching the cabinet. i dont know how taller people are managing it. my point is that it was not really feasible, new and nice looking but poorly planned. also the bedroom had a fire escape door, which didnt actually open. aaaanyway, not my concern, just sharing. the evening was great and we had such great discussions that we must meet again soon. when you dont have children, friends are your family...

there was a warning the other day for metros, and the metro stops in the very center were closed (for "elecricity cuts"). there were demonstrations too, mostly on the european part of the city, because of the Ankara bombing. and then i met a finnish guy who had just been there to witness a demonstration, how the it did not move because of the police barricade (nothing worse happened). i met him for the first time, he is a pilot who lives here and works for a private company. he is my age and so very finnish in many ways, but extra calm and collected, it really reminded me of whats cool in finnish people. anyway, i did the metro.

the corner of our kitchen on some mornings (the black stuff comes with the water. obviously). the foam is from the 5th floor guys using the shower, which they decided to relocate to the kitchen. i hear they are architects, friends of friends (small world!). we sent our greetings to them...

October 13, 2015

täälläkin syksy näköjää

kuten 'asiantuntijatkin' ovat kirjoittaneet pitkin nettiä, Spotifyn 'Discover Weekly' ominaisuus on kova juttu, se suosittelee fiksusti. toimii yhtä hyvin tai paremmin kuin Amazonin kirjasuositukset.

tänä aamupäivänä tosin kuuntelen 'hissijazzia' spotifystä ja jostain syystä olen ihan tyytyväinen siihenkin. tätä se ikä teettää?

jotain jostain kertoo myös se, että nykyään olen ihan vainoharhainen lukkojen kanssa. ulko-ovessahan on aina salpa kiinni kun ollaan kotona. se on vanha juttu. nyt siihen pitää laittaa myös yöksi avain eli sisältä päin lukkoon. partsin ovet laitettiin lukkoon jo yli vuosi sitten, me ollaan kuiteskin ekassa (suomalaisittain tokassa) kerroksessa!! sit mielellään lääkärin työhuoneen ja vierashuoneen sisäovet pitää kans laittaa lukkoon, yöksi ja jos matkustetaan tai ollaan muuten pitkään poissa. kaikki lukothan on ilmeisesti täällä kovin heppoisia murtaa, joten niitä ei voi olla liikaa. mutta myönnän että tää alkaa menee aika säädöksi. kysyn vaan itseltäni et helpottaako tää kun muuttaa muualle, vai oonko mä vaan jotenki henkisesti vammautunut? mietin siis lähinnä että onko tämäKIN ikäongelma...  vaikka tiedän että mun paniikkia pahentaa kaikki ryöstöjutut mitä ulkkiksilta kuulen, puhelimet lähteneet yöpöytää myöten kun on nukkunut jne. joku oli herännyt kun makuuhuonessa vieras mies (ikkunasta tullut). ja toki sit jos ei olla kotona ollenkaan niin passi on viety murron yhteydessä. se olis tosi nihkeä menettää. onneksi mun mies sentään hyväksyy nää kaikki säädöt ja suostuu näihin lukitusjärjestelyihin...

niinistö on täällä vierailemassa turkkilaisen kollegansa luona. asialistalla on syyrian pakolaiset, tietty. onnea vaan siihen keskusteluun.

October 04, 2015

eyes and ears open

my new fav song. googled and turns out its written by Bob Dylan.
The Basement Tapes: When I Get My Hands On you. spotify - youtube 

"And now you know
Everywhere on Earth you go
You’re gonna have me as your man

i revised my alarm clock tunes. I had Birdy (by 22-Pistepirkko) for a while but now decided to go back to Kokomo, possibly my all time favorite. also i added Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World in the selection :)

i seemed to have caught a cold! oh wellllll.

just watched an old Guns n Roses documentary. it brought back memories. it was definitely one of the bands that shaped my youth and the music, i still think, is fucking amazing. when i was a 13 yr old little anxious rebel, they gave me hope and meaning.

tonight i want to watch Going Clear, the HBO doc on scientology. its documentary day! last night me and doctor watched a Todd Solondz film; Dark Horse. i have to say it was a disappointment. very 'meh'.

VICE: american vigilantes who are fighting ISIS 

October 01, 2015

tantunis are the best

im trying to get back on track after the trip to Mersin. i had my laptop and did some work while there but it was almost like a long (holiday) weekend. our way back was tricky as the flight was delayed due to bad weather in Istanbul. and when we finally landed at 2:30, there were so many other planes landing late as well, and the luggage took forever to come out (about 35min to be exact) and the queues to the busses were so long...  we were at home like 4:30am. so  yesterday was messy, i started work late.

i really took the wedding party that doctors family arranged as a sort of "theatre". i mean, it was a show where i did have the leading role, but only as an actor. everything else was arranged, including my "costume". technically, my mother in law did call and ask my preference on  a number of things like the table cloth color (wtf?), which was considerate, but in the big scheme of things, they were details anyway. i had checked out already.  also she took me to a wedding gown shop and i could pick whichever dress i wanted....but a turkish wedding dress is not something i would want if it up to me. so i thought, whatever, and just went with it. i played my part, "chose" the dress that she (and my sister in law) seemed to prefer and at the party i followed the traditions and everything went very smoothly i think. the MIL seemed happy which was the most important thing...  and i do appreciate her doing it all, even if the culture expects it from her, she was clearly into it, and so i did my best to go along :) the only things i said 'no' to were a tiara, diamond studded dresses and "professional" make up artist. and they were offered many times.

turkish wedding shop selection (tiaras!)

at the party, doctors cousin said he'd googled me and digged my photos. that was an odd one. there were around 90-100 people - thats very small by turkish standards. i didnt really care but doctor had asked to make it a small one. there were traditional dances, i was forced to join too. but it was a 'lol', i didnt mind, part of the experience :) it was fun. there was a live band and a guy with a mic announcing what the couple needs to do (dance, cut the cake...). then we would go around and greet everyone. and towards the end of the evening they would come to our table and give their gold coins/bills (=turkish wedding gifts) into the white chest on the table, or the red ribbon around my neck. another option is to hang the stuff on the brides dress, but my MIL opted for the red ribbon.  i can say its odd standing there, while people attach gold coins on you. humbling too, the family and their friends are all lovely people.

the red ribbon that i got for the gift giving portion.

we sat at this table under a cave like thing, overseeing everything. meh, let me put the pic of the cave; (its from a group photo, of which hundreds were taken...turks love group photos at weddings)

we were taken to the place an hour after the party officially started. thats how it works, apparently. doctor's brother drove us to the place, and as soon as we walked in, there was a photographer and a videographer there, and i felt like i was on a movie set. they wanted to shoot the entrance, so they walked backwards in front of us, and there were balloons and firewords and whatnot. walking towards the bright light of the camera was awwwwkward! but i felt like a movie star :D 

doctors parents home is just at the edge of the city, in a gated community, where each family has a 2-3 storey house. thanks to the hot to mild weather, they can live on the rooft terrace half of the year. even the 2nd floor bathroom has its own balcony! its really nice and calm. i still rather live in a city but its a wonderfu place nevertheless.

there is a toilet on the roof terrace, with the sink outside the toilet, with this view...  so weird for a finn.
 the roof terrace is probably bigger than the flat i had in Helsinki.

on sunday we raided tantuni restaurants. instead of döner, Mersini is focused on tantuni, and it is truly one of the best things on earth. we had tantuni for breakfast, then another after a break, some coffee, more tantuni. i should be a tantuni reviewer...  i could have a column in a culinary mag where i write about tantunis...  i really got into the role, i think i can now pretty accurately tell if a tantuni is good or not, and how it should be served. not just due to this trip of course, but it helped.

a spice shop. a big one. this is just one room in it. fresh and cheap.

a great desert experience: künefe (and some small sweet bites in the back). this is really one of the odd desserts because it has a load of cheese. but it really is good.

a square near the center of the city. it was a hot day (supposedly only 31 degrees...felt like more) so sitting in the shadow was the only option. 

Mersin seaside. lots of green. lots of palm trees. palm trees are everywhere in Mersin.  

 monday was beach day! we went to kiz kalesi, a beach near Mersin. the water...oh lord, it was 28-29 degrees. which means it felt heavenly, doctor said "pee warmth" :D its been forever (since thailand, to be exact) since i swam in warm waters. the sea was so shallow too, and all sandy...   it was nice. and a free, uncrowded beach, on top of all.

someone we met on the way home from the beach. well, he was hanging out at a tourist attraction (Heaven & Hell) that we visited. camels are huge animals...  nor my first time seeing one, but still i was impressed.

the guy in the line - funny story

television: new season of The Ultimate Fighter started, its US vs europe... a couple of swedish guys on it. in lack of finns, i am okay cheering for them.

australia's first Bachelorette season started. good stuff, its the woman who was (allegedly) dumped by season 2 male lead. 

The Grinder seems like it might be boring, but i like Rob Lowe so i am giving it a good try.

Blood & Oil has Don Johnson, its obviously supposed to be like the new Dallas, but i think it will fail like Luck did (not suggesting Luck was supposed to be dallas, but i see other similarities)

but something that has me *really* interested, is The Catch. it helps that Mireille Enos is somehow mysteriously seductive. but i have a weak spot for female detective and the like. which reminds me Mulder & Scully are returning too...

Face Off also continued, and its awesome every season. its one of those feel good reality shows.  

today while working, i was communicating with this colleague over gchat, he is a developer and told me something is going to the test environment and is ready for testing, and i said okay etc. then for while, i went to facebook, where he is my friend, and he has posted something about the finnish economy and disposable income and stuff. i started replying to the post and just then realized its the same guy that i "talked to" at work. but it felt different. very odd.

September 24, 2015

possibly my favorite hobby: telly

today im happy because:
-i can have my favorite energy drink every morning
-i have a great computer for work and an amazing personal computer(i could just write PC?)
-my bf made me breakfast cos i was busy working

my pet peeve: people say they dont want tv just cos they don't own a television set, flatscreen or otherwise. but then, they will mention the latest episode of GoT or whatever. umm, so where did you watch that?? "oh, i have a computer and internet..." right. but so you do f*cking watch TV!! i mean i know we associate the word tv with the black box, but its 2015 and just semantics, tv has obviously come to mean the content as well. tv is the stuff that is not a movie. it could be a series, a game show, news...  its the content that we used to enjoy through the black box. now we have our iPads and what not, but we still enjoy the content.

September 22, 2015

holiday week in turkey

i met this syrian girl here, she is taking the IELTS exam soon and i offered to practise english, socialize and share whatever info i have about the exam. we had a good talk and i learned a lot. she has a good university degree and her english is already decent, so that's a start. in addition her brother (also highly educated) moved to the US years ago, before the war, so she might have a chance of going there. or, there could be an option of going to sweden where her other brother just moved a month ago. this, again well educated, brother had a business with his friends in istanbul, and it was doing well and so all was good, but his syrian wife had already gone to sweden a few month prior (on a fake passport if i understood correct). obviously the brother would've had a legal right to go to sweden, using the family tie, but instead, he wanted an adventure and paid $3000 for a boat ride to greece and a fake passport and flight to sweden. so, instead of waiting for paperwork and enjoy life in istanbul, he opted for this 'adventure'. not my words. they had talked about the sister going with him, but she decided to stay here because she has been studying german now and is interested in applying to germany, to further continue her studies. and the IELTS exam is in case she would like to apply to the UK. so, a lot of possibilities, although there is no certainty that any of them would work out. but she has a job here (which is great, most westerners have hard time finding a job here) and a place to live and i personally think she made the right choice of staying here for now. but she said it is stressful because the rules and regulations are changing constantly and you never know if waiting will increase of decrease your chances. what i found also interesting is that her parents who are still in Syria live in a small coastal town which has not suffered so much from the war, in fact it is peaceful and "ok" there, she says. electricity cuts and low salaries, but overall fine conditions minus some tension in the air between 2 sects. so she has even considered going back to her parents. making decisions in this situation can be hard, with your family all over the world, your parents still back home but safe (but for how long?)...

also i learned that a boat ride alone should be around $1000. but the boat + bus to Athens + fake passport & flight to sweden for $3000 is not a bad deal at all, in fact i think its a fair price for starting a new life, and she agreed. of course it is still plenty of money, especially if you are not rich and have a family of 5, but for her brother it was not bad. i do get the feeling there are different levels of these boats, not all of them are crappy inflatables...  because she did not find it super risky, and said that going by foot or land can be worse (referring to the truck found in austria).

there is a new restaurant near here that only makes (home made) lasagna. it is very good, i cannot deny. so i order it for lunch every now and then.

this week is a holiday in turkey. doesnt effect doctors or my working schedule though, yet we managed to get some time off to go to Mersin. his parents wanted to arrange us a turkish wedding party (which we guessed) and so, we set the date for this saturday. so the mother in law has been organizing the party and we will just show up. i appreciate that they want to do this for us, but at the same time i dont consider it to be my 'wedding' (in my head), i feel like its a party they are throwing, and a chance to meet and show myself to the rest of the relatives. so i do want to have some ties with the family, especially since we plan to move away next year and then won't be seeing them much i presume.   

MIL sent a photo of the printed invitation. names of the parents are usually included in turkish wedding invitations. my mother and father ended up having the same surname because somewhere along the line someone had trouble comprehending that parents could have differing surnames. understandable perhaps, since that would not really happen here.

September 20, 2015

going out in 'Bul

i got a blue screen of death 4 nights ago. im still shaken over it. and to be honest this was like the 3rd time this year. things are not good. but im in denial about it. i just wish my computer would hang in there and be reliable for a year more. then she could retire. but it might be too big of an ask :( i dont know what to do.

the satirical cartoon publishing (LeMan) that opened a chain of restaurants finally arrived to Kadiköy too, this year. me and doctor checked out the establishment this week. the decor and atmosphere is cool and fitting, but the music was kind of dance-y, made it feel like a club for 20 yr olds. and the menu was like 50 pages, everything from pizza to burgers to whatever - they are one of those "wannabe international, everything for everyone" places, common here. it just means that nothing is really well done, in my opinion. the food we ordered was tasty though, i cant complain, but i think they could shrink the menu down a little without the business suffering.  

so The Bachelor AU has had a non-white male lead in one of it's (3) seasons, while the original US show never has - and it's been running for like...10 or 20 seasons. call it a coincidence...  i dont. i cant make deep analysis of either country, but in my 2 months in Australia i did feel like it was truly very open to all nationalities and colors. anyway, im now wasting my weekend away watching Bachelor AU. i like that the women in the Aussie version don't wear make up 24/7 and the 3rd season male lead is from Hobart, living in Melbourne. its weird, having been to those places recently.

last night me and doctor went out eating with friends (a couple we're friends with), in Taksim. good food, good times. out of the 4 of us, the other 3 happen to like metal music so we then went to a metal bar. and of course there was a live gig. i dont know how i suffered through it, it was like, black metal type of stuff..  a couple Rammstein covers saved it or me, but i was not loving it.

from last monday. Bosphrus dinner/party cruise of 38 doctors and 2 of us who were not... there were many spouses, but ER doctors seem to generally couple up with other doctors.
the views were great, gliding under the bridges was cool, combined with the turkish dances people really got into...

and then there is me and girls at mama Shelter's rooftop bar & restaurant last week. great food and views. 
found a video from my camera too. i guess the views, nice atmosphere, music and lounging chairs (and maybe alcohol) made me want to capture the moment.... :)  in the beginning of the video there is some unknown male, its odd cos it looks like he was lounging practically next to me :D

that was a crazy night. i think i got back home at 5, no idea. and i paid for that fun the next day, it was tough.

September 18, 2015

helppo neuvoa

tällä viikolla sain seurata kun suomi valmistautui kolmanteen maailmans...eikun siis perjantain mielenilmaisukseen. tämä oli vallan on "viihdyttävää". joo, hyvä se on täältä puskista huudella ja arvostella. no, mitäs tuohon lisäisi. niin.

tällä viikolla löysin sellasia helmiä kuin Siskonpeti ja Ensitreffit alttarilla tokan kauden, se oli alkanut suomessa enkä tiennyt asiasta mitään.  Siskonpedistä olin varmaan kuullut mutta olin hyvin skeptinen, yllätykseni oli positiivinen. suomalainen huumori ja tilanteet viihdyttää kovasti...  jaksojen 'musavideo' osuus ei ole suosikkini, mutta siis noin yleisesti ottaen hyvin hauska.

silmään pisti tänään hesarin artikkelin otsikko:
 "Ninjoiksi naamioituneet heittivät bussia kananmunilla Itäkeskuksessa ".
josta tuli mieleen otsikko eilisessä turkkilaislehdessä:
"Masked attackers throw Molotov cocktail in public bus in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu"
 (Beyoglu on Istanbulin keskustaa, ei mikään kylä jossain itä-turkissa).

Muualla uutisissa... "Turkey spent $7.6 billion hosting 2.2 million Syrian refugees". nyt voi viettää hiljaisen hetken ja miettiä tätä.

nyt palaan töiden pariin. viikonloppukin tulossa. 

September 15, 2015

hangovers get worse with age, lesson learned...again

i came across the other day. what a nice's still in the beginning stages but i contacted the creator to give some feedback on how to improve.

turkish (last ) week wrapped up (without the hundred or so articles on clashes, vandalism, attacks and general instabilty...)
(Today's Zaman) video footage released of american women killed by turkish airport police. thats fucked up. and i bet the only reason we even know about it is because she is a foreigner.
(Today's Zaman) Court gives high schooler prison time
(Hurriyet) Turkish Kristallnacht coming soon?
(Hurriyer) Why insanity is a Turkish pastime? 

last friday i went out with the girls, on saturday i suffered from a hangover, and yesterday i went on a Bosporus cruise with doctor and his colleagues (2 of them just graduated). so, stuff going on.

September 09, 2015

schnozzle surgery

yesterday we got up as early as 5am to get ready and drive to the hospital on the european side, just to make sure we are not late - u never know with istanbul traffic. while doctor was in surgery from the morning till noon, i napped on his bed for a couple hours. everything went well although the operation was apparently more difficult than expected. the nose was heavily bandaged and continued to bleed all day and night. but thats normal and thats why we had to stay the night. the sofa chair next to his bed opened into a bed and the hospital cafe offered room service, so i was happy with my life too.

turkey turkish public hospital gaziosmanpasa
the gaziosmanpasa public hospital was new and quite nice, not crazy crowded. ive seen some pretty 'eww' public hospitals in this country so this was a nice surprise. the patient room was in fact great, better than some cheap hotels ive stayed at...  it was spacy, with a great view, in good condition, with a big wardrobe and fridge and a big bathroom with shower and all.

turkey turkish public hospital gaziosmanpasa

the only thing not that great was the (free) food. i mean...  this is how they keep the cafe alive...  (i had one spoonful of the macaroni before taking a pic).

turkey turkish hospital food

a turkish prescription! the system is all electronic though, u dont need the paper if u have the number.
turkish drug prescription

something i realized I have a problem with, very quickly after my wedding, was the word "husband". changing from bf to husband seemed and seems uncomfortable. while bf does sound almost too casual, it's so vague, husband is way out there, sounding traditional and making me feel old! Doctor agreed with me and we decided that we can use gf/bf or whichever term we prefer, for as long as we feel like. it shouldn't matter, anyway. I have also used the word 'partner' on random occasions.

September 06, 2015

managing on all fronts

i happened to run into the work of Taner Ceylan, a turkish artist who will be featured at the Istanbul Biennial. the website is not very user friendly, but his work really is cool.

Trainwreck was a really fun movie to watch, i was surprised. the premise didn't seem too interesting. but i found myself LOL'ing a lot - that's a good sign, and rare!

next on my list is Jafar Panahi's Taxi, which seems interesting and will probably remind me of our trip to Iran. although the trailer also reminds me of Turkey - the 2 countries do share culture.

doctor is undergoing a small nose surgery on monday. its a routine thing, and maybe he could live without, but it could improve his life quality. and its better to get everything 'in order' while we are still in turkey. ill go and stay with him at the hospital of course, thats one of the good habits ive picked up on in turkey. i am also looking to get my sterilization finally, i have been calling around for prices etc. i think im old enough to decide, yet still young enough to benefit (its would hardly be of much use 10 years later). so this is a year of...body management for us?

people react to this sterilization thing like i was telling them that im going to a belgian clinic to get euthanized. "well, it is a big decision, if you are really sure, i guess...". but it's not just the words, it is the tone of voice. i am 35 for f*'s sakes, not 20...   one friend admitted that she realized she would react much more carelessly to a man making the same choice. there is still this stigma in women who say they don't want children. even if i have been saying it for years and years, the mention of sterilization seems to surprise some people. what, am i just supposed to juggle with contraception all my fertile life?  

my friend Billur is moving to Cyprus. kind of suddenly too (by finnish standards!), she got a job there like 3 weeks ago (or so). it was a good offer, she is a psychologist and its a university and ...well, it fits her well. in turkey  things change fast. you meet someone in february and they are happy in their job and then you meet them in march and they have a new job and say that the old one was actually shit anyway. something like that happens all the time. people change flats and jobs like shirts. maybe this is not the right time to roll eyes over it since Billur is actually not a textbook case, i knew what kind of work she was looking for for a long time, but to me it still seemed sudden and it reminded me how things are here sometimes. me and doctor went to see Billur to her place, she has a nice terrace in the top floor flat, and despite living in the city, we could see a lot of stars, and in september the air is still perfectly soft and warm in the night...     it was a lovely evening.

the refugee discussion is going on wild. today i was thinking how money is sometimes in the wrong place...  i dont know how much it costs in finland to upkeep/feed/etc the refugees, but my guess is that its not cheap. i think thats a fair guess..   i currently live in a country which does host more refugess than any other, but at the same time, many of them see turkey only as a gateway to europe. turkey is a pit stop. not good enough to stay. because really, besides the camps by the border, and some fragmented NGO work, there is nothing in turkey. europe offers the real chances, from social benefits to other finland the homes are on average quite small, so hosting refugees is not an option for most families. of course its not just a space issue... but its also a space issue. in turkey, the homes are big, but if you were to take a syrian family, you would need to feed them too, cos, it's not like they have income? it's all on you. so it's not very common here. maybe in the east, but i doubt it. this country has its prejudices too. but honestly, if finnish gov sent me a fraction of the money it takes to "host" a refugee family in finland, let's say 400 euros a month, i could go find a syrian family to stay in our guest room (before they take a boat across to europe, or attempt to) and feed them and it would cover our increased utilities too. even if not, the money would at least feed them and help with the basics. i bet a most syrian families would rather stay near their home, in a culture thats similar...   with the finnish money it would theoretically work here. but i realize thats just fantasy. just saying. they are already in turkey and there is space and big homes here, too. the refugees should be stopped here, by giving them what they need. but of course essentially millions of people shatter the balance here too. and turkey has its own unemployment problems etc. oh well. i just messaged someone who can take our clothes donation bag to an organization helping the poor and the refugees in Istanbul. once a year or so i collect extra clothes and it's nice to pass them forward.

September 03, 2015

monthly (not really) app rant & review

pinterest. ive been looking for a sort of visual 'to do list' app or an app that allows me to create small visual bookmarks (but not just of stuff online, could be anything). all sorts of notepad apps fail miserably, they are too complicated and requires titles and are not visual enough. technically, pinterest should fit the bill? but honestly whenever i look at pinterest it keeps striking me as "selfish". all companies are selfish and must think of their advertisers and shareholders bank accounts, but it's not supposed to show to the user! pinterest is always pushing their own agenda; not allowing you to browse anonymously (forces you to create an account), and now, that i downloaded the iphone app and wanted to pin a photo of mine? they wont allow that without a description. so im a fucking tagging robot for them now? i dont think so. and when i open the app, instead of MY BOARDS, its pushing me to choose topics i like, so it can show me a bunch of BS i dont care for. i wanna see the boards i created. at least i should be able to choose what to see first...  if its this hard to find my boards, in order to pin something...and then i have to describe it for them... nevermind. with the messages, notifications and features in general, pinterest seems more like an instagram of photos you did not take. in other words focused on the social side of it, showing things you have 'collected'...  they want me to pin stuff, but yet it doesn't seem to be the point...

Evernote. what a wonderful idea. and i still use this app. but dear lord how confusing and complicated it has become. i think they want to be everything to everyone? i mean i open it, and it looks like a christmas tree:
where the F* is the button for a new note, i have to look for it every time. and then there is "web clips" "files"...  ??? i wish they had a "simple version" available, and then they could charge money from people who really need all this... stuff. the UI actually reminds me of like, Outlook. as said, i use Eevernote from time to time, it is a good place to save ...recipies. all 6 of them.  but i dont find it user friendly. and on the phone, the app is not any better, making a quick note is not too easy.

Oneminute. the app intro is not very clear, or maybe i just didnt pay attention, but this is a cool app...  very random and i find seeing photos from distant places inspiring, as well. anyway, in short,
"You never know when your notification from OneMinute is going to arrive, but once it does you have just 60 seconds to take a picture of your surroundings before the app scoops everyone's photos up and freezes them in place for all to look at." (Business Insider). so the anonymous app is like an anonymous instagram, but without the filters and always representing one moment, eg. 9:48am.
theres not much else to do, u take the pic and then browse other people's pics. i just enjoy seeing a glimpse of the world, the different time zones and lives.