March 01, 2015

smooth sailing

we finally moved to our "steady" accommondation, staying here for the rest of Melbourne time. near the city center (walking distance even by standards - so we are talking about a few hundred meters), the shared house is at the edge of Carlton (1 Drummond st, FlexiStayz). near restaurants, 7-11, etc. i only wish there was a supermarket closer by. doctor can go to his hospital easy with one tram, i think it should be 40min door to door, i guess we will find out tomorrow...
so we have our own room and the common areas are shared. then u pay for using the washing machine, internet etc... even sheets and a duvet! we managed the sheet situation in another way but i am going to ikea tomorrow to buy a duvet, god dammit. i checked the website and its way cheaper to buy one than "rent" it from these guys. i think its pretty cheeky of them to charge for everything like that.

anyway, the room is fine, nothing fancy but has everything we need and windows for light and so. so we are feeling good overall, spirits are high.

 fridges have shelves for each room.

yesterday we went to a small, free music festival by the docks, the weather was really sunny and it was a good afternoon. then we sat down to eat indonesian (which was AMAZING) and suddenly there is a huge storm and things flying in the air. a huge trash bin almost crashed into us (but hit the wall instead). it felt surreal.

i took a pathetic and short video on my phone (at the music fest).

and our indonesian meat dish. there were truly flavors i had not tasted before, we were all pretty surprised.

this week i went to the city library too. found some cool books, took them to a reading room (of which they have plenty) and enjoyed my time. very pleasant atmosphere and a great selection of books, i found it really inspiring and have to go again!
 a kind of reading/hang out area at the library.

just people in a bar. the bar was called Ferdydurke. very cozy & nice, reminds me of some places on Kadiköy's bar street.

just a bar.

notes on aussies:
  • they still watch DVD's... we've seen rental shops and shops selling them
  • they belong in different kinds of social or hobbyist groups and enjoy meeting in group, parks are always full of meetings & you see joggers on the street with matched sportswear, restaurants booked for groups, people with name tags getting together and so on...
  • most common sentence is "no worries"
thursday night me and doctor did barbecue on the rooftop. he also went swimming of course, me, not so much.
 the view was great. we really enjoyed the evening with our self made steak dish and red wine (in a coke bottle, because alcohol was officially ot allowed in the pool area)

random lunch restaurant type of area. its the business & law district so very formally dressed people...

a luch last week. paste of the day for 13 aud/9 eur + a glass of wine for 4 aud/2.5 eur. taking notes in my little notebook and people watching. and internetting with the free wifi of the supreme court.

February 24, 2015

moved my flickr to blogger, it seems

last week we headed to St Kilda beach. its a practical combo of beach, park and sea. something for everyone. but the strt heading down to the beach side is full of junkies and homeless people. i guess there is no paradise where someone wouldnt fall off the wagon....

our starters in a spanish restaurant after the beach. 
on saturday we were also cooking leftovers stuff in the evening since we were about to change accommodation on sunday and dint want to carry everything, nor throw them away...
whats that bright star over there...  what, Jupiter? no fuckin way...  i didnt know u could see planets from earth. but thinking of it, sun and moon are planets too, so fair enough...
i guess i got too excited from seeing Jupiter, i got up and walked straight into the sliding glass door, hurting my nose and breaking the wine glass in my hand. to my defense, i almost did this on several occasions, even without a couple glasses of wine under my belt.

i visited the hospital, Melis and doctor gave me a short tour. i even saw the helicopter landing site (one of them). its is a big hospital..but like a labyrinth, consisting of many buildings. very confusing.

last saturday Melbourne celebrated White Night, a kind of overnight (7pm-7am) art festival. i was tired but its kind of once in a lifetime we headed t the center, or city, as they call it here.

Victoria National Gallery is not a place i would generally wander into, but in this situation i was more open to experiences. the glass wall at the entrance was made into a kind of waterfall first of all. and inside we found a big art book store and several areas and rooms of art. and no, we didnt really go see all of it.
it was cool to be in a crowded, big art gallery at night. im not sure if this working carousel in the main hall was a part of an installation or what...

all the street artists, and bands, were out of course.
the city library had this weird interactive rug/projection thing...  coudnt figure it out. but the library was super nice, modern and inviting. boy its been a while since i visited a library. this brought back memories...
a busy square. the people were flocked everywhre though, all the big streets were full of life. Sydney Morning Herald covered the festival nicely. apparently 450 000+ people came about :)

on sunday we changed places. Melis went to the flatshare place and we moved closet to the center, staying in a room via airbnb. its an immigrant family we are staying with, super helpful and accommodating. and views from the skyscrapers are pretty impressive. i just happen to be afraid of heights so i avoid balconies.
the pool at the top is pretty  & there is a grill facility too. the water is 27 degrees, but my toes found it a bit chilly. but im the one who takes showers in scorching hot water, so.
"my" designated work desk. the mother of the family made me breakfast too, i felt odd accepting but she insisted. well, nothing nicer than to have breakfast delivered right to me...
 the room is not so spacious, there is only a bed, a camping chair and a built in robe. so all our stuff is on the floor. lol. looking out the window u see skyscapers only, offices and homes...  its a view i like though, i dont mind it at all. it makes me feel cozy.
random back alley!

having an afternoon tea and writing a list of cuisines we want to try while here. spanish, sri lankan, aboriginal, indonesian, indian, taiwanese...   korean, thai and vietnamese are done already.

mexican nachos... it was a bit buttery for my taste but who cares when you have real guacamole and sour cream on home made chips?

menu from a nearby restaurant Alibi. its a business district with banks and courts so mostly lunch places but these guys were open for drinks and snacks in the evening too. maybe there was a hotel upstairs forcing them to stay open?

view from the window. its a long way down...

Melbourne streets...

today i found myself deserving of things. starting with these leaf earrings and a necklace.
then, once i spotted H&M earlier, i knew i was going to go there very soon. so i did. the building itself is fancy and big (built in 1814, it says). i think it may be the biggest H&M ive ever seen. and after googling i learn that until last July it was in fact the largest H&M store until last july :D i knew it!! no wonder i was so dazzled by it.

im not sure i can wear this white semi-transparent patterned shirt in istanbul without a top, but it was super cute. and fits with the simple jersey skirt...(as well as the jeans below).
the jeans were a sale rack find, 5 aud/3.5 eur. the skirt is actually from a 2nd hand shop earlier, looks a bit "aunty" but combined with the right top i think i can make it work.

more sale rack finds..each 5 aud/3.5 eur.  a blindingly pink shirt, actually sportswear but whatever it had nice seams and interesting details, a perfect match with the white layered lace skirt. below that is a black cocktail dress. i rarely need those but now i got one at a good price so it was the right time to get it...

my handbag, which i bought from finland lst april, 2nd hand for 2eur, was now breaking apart, literally. holes and rips everywhere. so i also decided to get a new hand bag. a sturdy one! i figured i will seriously invest in it and hopefully not buy aother handbag for a year or two. so i got this leather bag today, tadaa!

these Steve Madden heels were on sale, and mightve come home with me, if it wasnt for the shortest ever ankle strap! to be honest im not obsessed with designer shoes, but there were generally nice looking. perhaps still too pricey by my standards (45 eur), but the ankle strap really baffled me. so my foot is FAT? ufff.

meat meat meat...  the selection here is truly plentiful.

in turkey u buy stuffed mussels cheap off the street vendors. here, u order them from a menu - but i am happy to not know the price, the turkish restaurant owner was so happy to have us these were on the house.
random. especially Chapel street is full of nice places to sit at all afternoon and evening. now that the weather permit, on the terraces even :)