August 29, 2014


bulgarian holiday has been...average because ups and down, of course :) i took doctor to Plovdiv because my past experience there was positive, and sure enough, so it was again. bulgarian cities have more or less of the soviet infuence in the architecture and perhaps culture. service culture is...well, 50/50, they might or might not smile to you. anyway, we arrived to Plovdiv at 6am and walked around with our backpacks until we found our hotel. super central. then we sat at a park bench for an hour before they would check us in (they were almost empty, so this is the soviet service culture im talking about). Plovdiv is green and full of pedestrian boulevards, i think it makes for a good visit, day or two. there is not much to do of course, unless you count the roman amphitheaters and that....  i dont. anyway, whats interesting is that bulgaria probably has more wifis than any other EU county ive been to. not only does every cafe and restaurant have their own wifi, but there are free wifis available in the public areas too. perhaps this means the mobile operators are not offering very good deals to bulgarian residents?? i dont know, but im happy to be "connected", with or without nokia.

i had not been to Varna before, and we both found it a pleasant surprise. the center looked more old-europe than soviet and there were a few shops and so on. the proximity of the beach, trendy beach bars and relaxing pedestrian streets took us by surprise too. it was simply enjoyable.

in general i find bulgaria an interesting mix of things. its not polite to describe a country by comparing and referring to others but its just SO convenient! so, bulgaria is;
  • soviet (some architecture, behavior, service culture)
  • turkish (some hassling, food culture, charging money for beaches indirectly etc.)
  • "euro" (shopping opportunities, brands available, foreign restaurants, english spoken widely)

ive have had some bulgarian foods now but nothing very impressive. im not a big food connoisseur of course, so that doesnt mean much. what i ate so far were like greek gyros, turkish kebab (using pork) and some hot pots. meh. but ok, i didnt come here for the local cuisine, i came for cheap sushi and pork, and thats what i got! until...  enter St. Constantin and Helens, the "peaceful holiday resort". someone could have just told me its DEAD :D there are so few  restaurants offering so few decent foods  its not fun anymore. quiet it is, i give them that. and green, as are Plovdiv and Varna, I like that. but i dot think i will be returning. the lively & international restaurants of Varna are just 8km away and we are sitting here at 10pm wondering where to get a bottle of water. the resort has seen its best days (about 30 yrs ago) so now what is left is mold, rust an russian tourists. or bulgarian. or romanian. how would i be able to tell the difference?

anyway, the poolside and a comfy bed make up for a lot :) i will return to istanbul on monday - not really looking forward to a 9h bus ride but oh well. doctor will go to the opposite direction and continue to Bucharest for a couple days. 

August 20, 2014

travel reads?

i pretty much missed the chess olympics which ended a few days ago. now im listening to the videoed matches...  while translating. work work work!

and i need to get my laptop ready for the trip so i can work while on the road. cant wait to eat bulgarian pork...  i also contacted friends and acquaintances in bulgaria for tips, i think we are all set.

the fall is going to be crazy busy, we have friends from finland visiting like every week...  turkish airlines has flights really cheap (around 185e) right so maybe that is motivating even the first timers to turkey. i hope i dont get too stressed with people hanging around constantly...   anyway im always happy to show friends around, reminds me of the things i love here.

women demonstrating. the demonstration was about the women ISIS have captured in Iraq.

a friend is moving out of the country in a year and while visiting her, she prompted me to go through her extensive book collection and pick anything. i found these two interesting enough; Gloria Steinem: Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions - good old feminist basics. and An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison. 

August 15, 2014

Australia is waiting

yeah the heat and humidity are getting to me but officially i will NOT complain. i mean at least its hot and not cold??

i did this website translation, or the first batch of a bigger project, and dang, exactly 14 minutes after sending the first files i get an email from Paypal that my payment has been sent. thats the fastest salary ever. now im happily working on the 2nd batch...   its a kind of website like "", where you download software...

yesterday we got a confirmation from Australia that the teaching hospital over there welcomes my doctor and one of his colleagues for a 2 month observership at a time of their choosing. which is really...amazing :) so i am looking at flights! we had originally thought january to february as the flights were cheap for that period but today the flight prices have been going up and down sporadically.... however the ultra-cheap flights by Malaysian Airlines are available at least this very moment! some extra excitement if we choose to fly with them? lol.  turkish airlines just started direct flights to Melbourne but they are 1650 euros a pop, lol, no way.

Melbourne just happens to be one of the most expensive cities in the world...uff. but we started saving several months ago when the idea sparked. so we should be ok. 

i decided to fix my eyeshadow and blush with instructions that can be found online easy, you just need 70% (or higher) alcohol, thats the short of it. it worked, too :)

mixing the alcohol in my mac blush

 my Lumene eyeshadow a few minutes later. messy, yes, but the left side which was brokwn is now pretty neat!

new earrings from Six (outlet). 

last night i dropped over at a cafe where this turkish lady was selling 2nd hand clothes. i got a lot for 20tl/7e.  after putting it on, i understand this white shirt is difficult, it will require a top underneath and well, then its not a summer short anymore. oh well. 

this grey piece is actually a mystery, short bt with a huge neck piece. i think ut look awkward but maybe i will find a way to wear it, in october, when the weather permits. 
 a bit boring but colorful cardigan.
brown short sleeve knit dress. i didnt try it on of course and now im wondering if its too big...   i will find out in november or so. right now ill just enjoy owning a new dress...

August 14, 2014

lentil soup is The Thing

the restaurant we often eat at, owned by the municipality. its a cheap & cozy albeit tacky :) the waiter has become very friendly with us. the photo is from a couple weeks ago, but the same kitty - slightly bigger - was there again tonight. and as playful as ever.

i came up with an astray solution for the balcony. a porcelain shoe, used to be a flower pot (gift!). i put some water in and its perfect!

on the wall of the armenian orthodox church (near our home);

"we are women, angry, and after you
-anarchist women"

August 11, 2014

ei täs mitää

vaihdoin yhden vanhan kouluaikaisen kaverin kanssa pari sanaa facessa, me vaihdetaan kuulumiset ehkä pari kertaa vuoteen. hetken mielijohteesta, kun lomailusta puhuttiin, niin sanoin että voisi tulla käymään täälläkin joskus. hän tuntui innostuvan tästä ihan oikeasti. siis silleen että mahdollisesti toteuttaa tämän. saa nähdä tietysti mutta hassua, ikinä ei tiedä. toki se, pääseekö kaverit käymään riippuu monista seikoista eikä pelkästään motivaatiosta, esim. työtilanne ja muut sovitut lomat tai menot, ja tietty se iänikuinen rahatilanne. ja motivaatioon vaikuttaa varmaan että kiinnostaako Istanbul muuten kaupunkina jne. mulla joku tuttu oli käynyt täällä lapsena ja se reissu oli ollut jotenkin ikävä - en tiedä oliko se oikeasti pääasiallinen syy miksi ei tule, tuskin, mutta jokatapauksessa se oli hänelle turn off.

täällä alkoi päivällä yhtäkkiä sataa kaatamalla, ja silleen sivusuunnassa että tuli suoraan ikkunaan. keksin mielestäni loistoidean eli hain ikkunanpesusuihkeen ja suihkutin pikaiseen ikkunoihin ja sitten ikkunat kiinni (muuten ovat monet sepposen selällään koko kesän). ja tietysti sade sitten samoin tein lakkasikin... se on tällä alueella se tyypillisin sade kesällä, yhtäkkiä tulee vettä kuin saavista 15min tai ehkä tunti, sitten se on ohi. ikkunat kyllä kuivui nopeasti tietysti myös, mutta ei ne musta yhtään puhtaammat ole. live and learn.

historiankirjoihin eli blogiin merkitsen nyt että tänään tein hyvin ison "ostoksen" - mutta ihan mälsää kun en kuitenkaan kirjoita julkisesti että mistä kyse. vois pitää samoin tein privaa päiväkirjaa kun ei mitään kerran voi oikeesti kertoa??? ei kavereiden riitaisista avioeroista eikä omista satunnaisista parisuhdehuolista saati mistään muusta herkullisesta. ainaista "ostin ikeasta X" ja "turkin pääm...presidentti on tyhmä" jne. jaa joo...

parisuhteista sen verran että olen miettinyt ehkä tavallista enemmän viime aikoina että millä mittareilla niitä oikeen "mitataan" ja mikä on hyvä suhde ja millaista oikea kumppanuus on. yks ystävä kysyi et kun meillä tulee pian 4,5v mittariin ni et miltä se tuntuu, onks aika "kulunut siivillä". en tiedä kuuluisko sen kulua siivillä? sanoin et no ehkä tää tuntuu 3 vuodelta, mutta jos tuntuukin 4,5 vuodelta niin ei se kai ole huono. se vaatii ainakin mulla aikaa et oikeasti alkaa luottaa...liekö jonkun ainoon 16-vuotiaana kotoa muuttanen lapsen syndroomaa? miksi se onkin niin vaikeaa, se luottaminen siis?? mut et ei tähän pisteeseen pääse vuodessa tai parissakaan, mä luulen. suhteen pitää marinoitua. sit pitää olla niitä vastoinkäymisiä jotka vahvistaa, tai muita kommervenkkejä, niinku lääkärin taannoinen ensi-apu visiitti ei-omassa sairaalassa.

lääkäri muuten sanoi etten ole enää niin mahdotonta matkaseuraa kuin aluksi, siis en ole enää niin s*tanan takakireä :) mutta bulgarian reissu on nyt aika tarkkaan plänätty! osan reissusta meinaan tehdä töitä etänä, nyt kun suomalaisen työnantajan osa-aika hommat taas jatkuu aktiivisemmin. lomat lomailtu jne. jos hotlan pihassa on uima-altaan vieressä joku kiva pihakeinu niin eiköhän ne hommat siitäkin hoidu, ei tarvi edes huoneessa istua. vai vaikuttaakohan lomamaisemat siihen kuinka velho olen bugien kaivamisessa?

August 07, 2014

prices for a greek holiday

it was annoyingly difficult to find the general price level in Bulgaria. in the end i found this "cost of living in Bulgaria" - which has useful numbers even if you r just visiting. the site has other countries too, so yeah, very practical. but still, odd that the exact info was generally hard to find, why wouldnt sites like Trip Advisor host this time of content? i then checked and its the same for other smaller countries...  i should definitely remedy the situation when it comes to Greece, while i still remember... so prices and costs for a holiday in Greece (limited areas, i know Kos and Rodos or Athens may be more expensive):

  • Greek bed n breakfasts/Inn's in Halkidiki, Sarti, Lesbos high season prices, mid range 30-55 euros/night (a double room with a kitchenette and probably a balcony, A/C)
  • Greek hotel rooms in Halkidiki, Sarti, Lesbos (double) can be around 45-90 euros/night in high season, higher end if pool. although on Lesbos islands most places have a pool so prices are lower. and there are always fancier resorts that charge whatever, but i doubt those people are counting their euros then...
  • bus tickets (Thessaloniki) 0.60 euros
  • Thessaloniki-Sarti bus 18,30 euros (bus timetable and prices updated at KTEL website)
restaurant prices in Greece (mid range restaurant, bars)
  • appetizers 4-6 euros
  • salads 4-7 euros
  • main dishes (meat, chicken..) 6-10 euros
  • fast food (gyros, souvlaki...) 3-4 euros, hamburgers can be found for 1-3 euros
  • beer 3-5 euros (local-import)
  • house wine 0.5l jug 3-5 euros 
  • cocktails 6-7 euros, can find a mojito for 5 euros but its unlikely to be very good
  • wine bars in Thessaloniki (tested 2) had a good selection with per glass prices from 2 to 8 euros

3 appetizers, a salad and 2 main dishes as seen below were way too much, we couldnt finish. this set might have cost 45 euros including 2 beers, a wine and ouzo - but as said, it was too much. a greek dinner with one appetizer, one salad and one main dish (all shared), with 2 beers and a jug of wine should come to about 25-35 euros in the parts of Greece i listed.there are more upscale restaurants, and then you can add 5-15 euros on the bill, but most taverns are mid range.

fast food, big enough for a good luch! 3,5 euros. 
 overall i find the price level in Greece quite alright as a tourist. its no Turkey but close.

happiness is having time to write a blog

tasty foreign ice cream in Kadiköy. its a bit pricey, Cold Stone's concept is this premium stuff and you mix things like caramel sauce and wine gums or walnuts in the portion and so... but yeah, it is SO good. 

we were looking at a combined turkey & greece holiday but then realized doctors schengen visa is good for entering bulgaria too. i have been to Sofia & Plovdiv and the experience was good so we changed our plans. so were probably going to Plovdiv, and then to a quieter beach location near Varna. greece is lovely but change is good....  and we can use train to travel some of the way. i usually prefer trains even if they are a bit more expensive than busses.and now im spending hours on picking the best accommodation and planning eeeeeverything.

doctor asked me what was the food like in bulgaria. i have no idea. i remember liking it, having good experiences... and cheap sushi. but thats all. people always talk fluently about the foods they eat abroad...uff.

when i really like a website/service, and im in a good mood, i click on one of their ads (free things are usually ad powered, after all). thats how nice i am!

happiness is:
a toaster that has the defrost and warmup functions
having nice sunglasses survive for a few years (without being lost or breaking)
spotify's pre-made playlists for various moods
having the time to go on picnics and to see friends

looking forward to this Mad Max sequel, although it will not be the same without Mel Gibson. not a fan but a purist of some sort? last week i tried to watch My Man Is a Loser - and i say try because i had to stumble through with fast forward. it was just poorly made...not funny nor interesting. my to see list also has Luc Besson's Lucy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes pretty high. i would also like easy comedy but they dont make them good anymore...(as proven above). Maybe The Olivia Experiment could be something...

sushi last weekend. 
only a portion of the tasty makis...  we made so much sushi everyone could eat their bellies full and take home some.

doctor and me having another picnic...  im doing picnics like weekly now. the seaside/park is just so close, even for a lazy girl like me. and the grass is perfect, weather is always perfect and i like looking at the animals roaming around (dogs, cats...chicken!). some mezes or other tastu edibles and i am happy to hang out doing nothing for hours. and obviously im lucky to have 'hours' to spend like that, i am aware of that. should add it to the list above...

August 04, 2014

hikoilua yössä

suomessa yltää muutamana päivinä mittari 30 asteeseen ja sitten aletaan jo otsikoimaan helteiden vaaroista ja kuinka rankaa se onkaan...   no, vähän sama tietty kun turkkilaiset ovat ojassa heti jos tielle ilmestyy lumipeite ja koulut laitetaan kiinni. eli kaikki on suhteellista, mutta suomessa on niin pitkä ja kylmä talvi että ehkä muutamasta lämpimästä päivästä ei tarvitsisi valittaa tai ainakaan kriisiä kehitellä? kyllä normaalit aikuiset ihmiset pärjää vähän lämpimämmässäkin, vaikkei siihen tietty tottua ehdi kun ensi viikolla sataa taas räntää...

eilisen sushi-illan jäljiltä on ilmaan jääyt leijailemaan aika vahva kalan haju. yhhh. aloin siivoamaan jälkiä, mutta haju on tiukassa. leikkuulaudat pääsi valkaisuainepesuun, eiköhän ne siitä tokene. mutta sushi oli hyvää. sitä jäi vieraillekin kotiin vietäväksi ja meikäläiselle lounaaksi. aamiaiseksi paistoin ylijäänyttä lohta pannulla, sulatin pakkasesta ruispaloja ja voilá, lohileivät olivat valmiit.

ylimääräisten sushien ja roseviinin kanssa menin tänään iltapäivällä piknikille Billurin kanssa.  tapasin tämän reippaan naisen joku aika sitten kaverin kautta. Billur asui Barcelonassa useamman vuoden joten mielelläni haastattelen häntä siitä... mutta tänään siis istuttiin rantakivillä, siliteltiin kissoja ja nautitiin säästä. molemmilla suojakertoimet mutta niin vaan turkkilaisen iho alkoi taas punoittaa, mun ei. tota tapahtuu ihan liikaa....  ja meikäläisen rusketus sen kun vaan syvenee.

illallisviritelmä alkuviikosta. peruna-kukkakaalimuusista tuli jotain vähän muuta...siihen päätyi porkkanaa ja lopulta jopa pellavansiemeniä. kaupassa ei ollut taas ihan kaikkea mitä toivoin (eli kukkakaalia). kaikki foodiet jotka intoilee "paikallisista", kausittaisista raaka-aineista on tyytyväisiä niin kauan kun ne oikeesti voi ostaa Stockan herkusta avokadoja mihin aikaan vuodesta tahansa. mutta mitenköhän suu pantais jossei vadelmasorbettiin tai hmmm, sushiin löytyiskään aineksia kun vuodenaika vaan on väärä? mä en edes ole foodie mutta kyllä se vituttaa.

August 02, 2014

focusing on fresh salmon

i dont know why im so stressed about the sushi....its not my first time at the rodeo, but its been a few years... making sushi is pretty expensive here, u need to get the ingredients from specialty shops etc. focusing on veggies would help but i want to make very fishy sushi.

Hurriyet: Turkish court considers wearing leggings as ‘provocative’ factor in domestic violence case - these kind of news are pretty much daily. and i bet they only show the tip of the iceberg.

that reminds of what happened recently at doctor's ER. 4 guys brought their friend to the ER by car. the friend was a cancer patient or something. the brought him in the morning, because they were not able to wake him up. it was quite soon clear why he didnt wake up; because he was already dead. thats not funny exactly, but tragicomic somehow...

anyway need to read about sushi making now. if i survive tonight i will watch live chess games online tomorrow!

July 29, 2014

my usual stream of thoughts...

saturday shall be sushi day! we invited a couple like minded friends and i started collecting the overpriced & rare ingredients. uff. but it will be tasty. and fun.

we invented a solution for doctor to get good sleep after his night shifts. he can simply sleep in the guest room, i set him bed there. that side of the building is very quiet compared to the other, and the guest room even has curtains to darken the room. add a fan and u can actually sleep properly. he claimed to sleep 'decently' in our bedroom in daytime but i am skeptical of the quality...    its so light and ALL the sounds from the shops, bars, the street - u can actually hear what people talk about, every dog and cat and cars passing by, too. anyway, after comparing, he found the guest room to be great. its not bad for me either, avoiding the bedroom all day can be difficult, and i had to be careful in the kitchen too which is next door to bedroom. ok, not that i can be found in the kitchen very often... but the guest room is protected from that as well.

we are still contemplating on getting a new projector, the when & what being the main issues...  the old one is infested with dead pixels and seems to be getting worse. but those things are pricey...     i am still wondering how come televisions are so much more popular than projectors. it depends on ones needs of course, but for a lot of people my generation or younger, i bet a projector would do the trick. i mean, we get a 70 inch screen (i measured today) and the projector is tiny, easy to move.

i watched the first season of Resurrection with doctor the other night. i soon realized it was "just" the US version of The Returned/Les revenants. which was awesome, btw. the US version was nicely different, like, not an exact copy. not as good as the original but good enough.

i dont remember what sparked the question, as the inquiry was presented with a smirk, but doctor asked me what would i keep as a memory if he died. he suggested his computer. but no way, too big and noisy, pffft. i decided it would be his hard drive(s). as those truly represent him and his collector persona. not to mention i could actually watch the documentaries and movies stored in them, i think thats actually thoughtful! doctor doesnt have the time to watch a fraction of the things he downloads, but collecting stuff - books, films, music - and then organizing them seems to bring him joy. i used to be critical of it, until i grew up a little and realized that its none of my fuckin business and if something as harmless makes him happy, i should just be happy for him.

so its been a while since i cooked eggplant kebab . ive only ever done that (out of all kebabs) because its easy and happens to be one of my favorite kebabs overall. it seems its not as easy as i remembered though...  i shopped the ingredients, put everything together and just put the tray in the oven and THEN went on to google the recipe again to confirm. it seems like i didnt get it exactly right but close enough.

eggplant recipe below is from
i nailed 4 of those. i bought 350gr meat and 3 eggplants. i did mix black pepper and some salt with the meat. and i put onion rings on tray alongside the rest, but that is apparently something i made up, it was supposed to be mixed with the meat...  . i felt bad about the lack of "greens" so i went to buy carrots!



July 27, 2014

if there are no probs, make some up

i just ran into a new kind of problem. well perhaps not entirely new but i havent experienced this in a while. im trying to do my usual multitask, where i watch something while doing...everything else. but this movie "begs" me to make the screen larger. and i need to pause it to write this. the visuals and atmosphere just demand a lot from me. i think thats great, but also annoying, i cant go with my usual routine. the movie is Enemy but im just 5 minutes in, there is still hope? i think this is why i favor 'easy' content. but either me or the movie industry has changed, i just dont think most comedies are funny at all these days. and i am stil interested in "deeper" content too. so Melisa suggested Enemy to me. i guess i should just pull my paws off the keyboard and try focus for once...

/well Enemy was interesting. but very artsy, between the lines. i didnt get any of it. nice to look at but wtf?! worth checking though, i think. afterwards i had to google what the whole thing really meant, since i didnt comprehend it at all. 

so the MRI i got like a year ago. i dont remember why actually, was it just for "fun"? i brought it up with doctor, i think it started with me asking how he liked my ovaries, and it turned out he hadnt really looked at the scan! it hurt my feelings and i told him to check! so he goes and sees something and gets an opinion from some professor...  the diagnosis printed on a paper says i have a small cyst in my left ovary :( needs to be checked at, so, nothing urgent i guess. then again, a year ago the radiologist said my MRI is fine. so much for trusting anyone, ever. the professor also saw signs of sacroiliitis, some sort of inflammation in the pelvic bone area...  but the symptoms i googled dont match, so i dont think its something i need to be concerned about now. i will get old and surely have arthritic issues, the inflammation in my feet and right knee occasionally are just a prelude i bet.

some people (including me) feed cats and dogs in the neighborhood, but now im apparently feeding a child, too. and when i talked to doctor i learned he has been giving stuff to the same boy. for the past weeks or a month this poor kid (5 yrs old? doctor says 9. lol, we are clueless about kids) has been sitting on our building steps with a scale. poor people sitting around with an old fashioned scale is pretty common here, u pay a lira to step on it...  that just one way to try make a living when all other options have been used. this boy looks so totally depressed though, i never saw him have a single customer, and he never talks to anyone. to go in or out of the building u must pass him. eventually i asked myself, "do i have something in my fridge to give him?". well, yeah. lets see if i make it a habit. he is not crazy thin, but i would bet on him not getting healthy food. and the fact that he doesnt talk...  i guess his mind is already crushed :( but, unfortunately that sight is too common here, its no africa but...   

we dont need to worry about burglars now. getting in and out of the front door has become a serious task due to the floor expanding upwards. the "waves" are so severe i almost stumble sometimes, on my way to the living room. the landlord firmly believes insurance company will take care of it. and the insurance company is firmly not interested during holidays. next week is bayram, the biggest holiday of the year. i think the muslim fast ends this sunday, or officially monday, not sure.

i started watching Extant. is it just me or are there a lot of scifi series lately? it could be that im just noticing them more, although im not a huge fan. Helix is ok, The 100 is for teenagers, Intelligence is fluffy american action bs, Leftover is quality HBO but depressing and pointless, The Last Ship shows potential although it looks the Americans will save the world once again...   i have skipped all historical and pirate related stuff, i cant take any of that. and i have yet to watch Resurrection.

ive been reading on software testing the past days. it does inspire me so my mood is getting contemplating on the things i could expand my skills at.

July 22, 2014

our Hundertwasserhaus

i have to share these photos of the floor...  when the landlord visited yesterday i asked him about it, but as i guessed, he was not interested. my intention was actually just to draw his attention to it to set a "future reminder" that its not our fault. but i should really have it in writing...this is turkey, after all.  
 waves, anyone?
the only prob is, this morning i noticed the door is now scratching the floor when you open it. so the floor is still "moving".

i wonder how long till the mold or whatever must be growing underneath the floor gets too bad? ok im kidding myself, i know it must have been bad for a long time by now.

yesterday, before heading to night shift, doctor said "lets make salad tomorrow". i nodded. he is turkish enough to have forgotten his idea by now, but i decided to stick to the plan. so i googled a bit and i think it will be a tuna-egg-tomato-basil salad. i was confused at the veggie aisle though, i couldnt recognize basil for the life of me. so many green things piled around, and no price/name tags nearby. had to ask for an employee. he of course just pointed to the general direction of the green things first.... ehh. this experience made me think i dont buy fresh basil very often. but i must have bought it before. so how did that go?? i think i must have gone by smell, striking my nose into every green bush in there...  basil is very easy to spot that way. anyway. i will make salad!

this is the night isnt it

i looked into some testing software these past days! HP QC and also im looking to contribute at Mozilla Bugdays :) i do feel like bugs are my special something...

thats Senni, in Pixie, before she left Istanbul. im jealous of her top.  we had a good time, the two of us. this is a video i shot the same night. the bass is so hard u FEEL it everywhere.

i have started checking new tv shows:

The Strain: so maybe Guillermo de Toro was a writer but i think this is meant for a strictly young/horror hungry audience. its a sort of gothic vampire scifi that lacks logic, so you need to be pretty dedicated to the genre to like it. otherwise the loops in logic will kill you. if not, you would enjoy the teeth and blood thirst.
The Lottery: no more kids are being born into this world (maybe for the better?) and the last 6 were apparently in the US - well of course. naturally a very US centric series does have a compelling subject at hand, but i am suspicious as to where it will go....
The Last Ship: not too deep but serious enough for an adult. stiff looking characters though...  i would say this is entertainment for when u run out of things. like, Under the Dome episodes, whish are not that awesome eithee. but they're ok. 
Satisfaction: about marriage...  seems like first world problems but then, there are some surprises.
Rush: a little too fancy, a little too underlined...  a talented, drug addicted doctor trying to, perhaps, fix his life. i doubt it.

vaikeeta tää on tälleen...

keittiön tulvaongelmaa lähestyttiin tällä kertaa niin että soitettiin vuokranantajalla että me lähdetään menee jos ei se hoida sitä kuntoon. me ollaan kyllästyttty maksamaan omasta pussista putkimiesten kuluja, kun ei asiaa edes saada pysyvästi kuntoon. pitää tehdä vähän isompia korjauksia. vuokraisäntä sanoi tulevansa huomenna eli tänään katsomaan. ensin se oli soittanut alakerran ravintolalle (johon kai oli jo alkanut vettä valumaan katon kautta, no ei mikään ihme) että ne lähettäis meille putkimiehen. ne lähetti jonkun tyypin jolla oli pieni käsilaukku eikä todellakaan mitään keinoa tehdä tilanteelle mitään. sen lisäksi tilanne haiskahti siltä että me oltais taas oltu maksumiehiä. lähetettiin se putkimies tiehensä ja soitettiin uudelleen että nyt oikeesti.

lääkäri ehti lähteä töihin kun vuokraisäntä sitten saapui itse, toisen putkimiehen ja vuokralaisen kanssa. tämäkin alakerrasta, yllättäen siellä asuvilla on tässä jotain pelissä kun alkaa tulee vettä katosta...   annoin selonteon ja kerroin miksei tyyppilliset turkkiratkaisut (lattiakaivoin tukkiminen jne) toimi, koska niitä on kokeiltu ja sedät joutui toteamaan että kyllä, tässä on ihan oikea ongelma, rakenteellinen sellainen. joku ulosvesiputki on vaakatasossa eikä...  öö, pysty, tai alaspäin laskeva, ja kun vettä tulee yläkerroista tarpeeksi niin se puskee ulos jostain väkisin...  sen sijaan että avattais lattioita ja korjattais putket niin sedät päätti että vedetään tuosta pahan onnen lattiakaivosta putki seinän läpi ulos. ja ränniin kai...? lattiakaivosta seinään kun on vaan vajaa metri. oikeesti toikin kuulostaa musta vähän turkkiratkaisulta, mutta samalla se kuulostaa myös sieltä että ongelma olisi vihdoin poissa meidän käsistä, joten pidin sitä ihan hyvänä.

nyt enää odotellaan, milloin työt alkaa. luultavasti vaatii patistelua kuten yleensäkin kaikki täällä.

mä oon saanu tais aika hyvät turkkiangstit päälle tässä. en edes vaan ton keittiö-ongelman takia, vaikka se oli myös jonkunlainen kimmoke. jotenkin alko vaan ahistaa, se että pitää vähän katsoa miten istuu julkisilla paikoilla hame päällä, ettei vaikuta ihan horolta. vaikkei sillä pitäisi olla väliä, mutta sit kun joku hullu alkaa seuraamaan...  ja se ettei kehenkään voi oikeen luottaa, siihen mitä ne sanoo tai siihen että jonkun tuotteen takuu oikeesti toimisi. ja se että tän kokoisessa kaupungissa (tai maassa!) ei saa hyvää ulkomaalaista ruokaa kohtuuhintaan ja/tai helposti. se että "tyyli", niin kalusteiden kuin vaatteidenkin, on niin kuvottava ja omaan makuun vanhahtava. se että lentojen hinnat ulkomaille ei ole kovin halpoja yleensä, oli sitten syynä kilpailun puute tai mikä vaan. se että terveydenhuollon taso on niin pelottavan vaihteleva että lääkäri ja sairaala pitää valita tarkasti, ja silti voi tulla huti. ja kyllä tälläsellä hetkellä kun vituttaa niin maan vahva luokkayhteiskuntaisuus ja tuloerot kaivelee myös. normipäivänä niihin vaan on tottunut. kyllähän se heijastuu yhteen sun toiseen asiaan. tän kaiken päälle nykyinen hallitus on  icing on the cake. mutta mutta, on näitä hetkiäkin ennenkin ollut. jos tää taas tästä?

mua kyl ärsyttää (tai siis loukkaa) tyypit joista ei ikinä kuulu mitään, tai jotka jättää (usein) viesteihin vastaamatta ja sitten puolen vuoden tai vuoden päästä on sillee et "moiiiii, miten menee?" wtf, mitä se sulle enää kuuluu... ja vielä ehkä ehdottaa tapaamista mutta sitten niistä ei taas kuulu mitään. ymmärrän erikoiset tilanteet ja kun yksi viesti helposti menee ohi ja unohtuu mutta mutta...    ei kai kerta vuoteen (tai viiteen) yhteydenpidossa ole itsessään ongelmaa, vaan ongelmaa muodostuukin yhteydenpidon tiiviydestä, jos toinen olettaa muuta kuin toinen? ok, hyväksyn tämän, ja sitten en pidä kyseistä henkilöä enää niin läheisenä kuin aiemmin, my bad...   sitten on näitä, jotka on yhteydessä vaan kun heille itselle sopii, eli on tarve avautua tai tarvii apua johonkin. siis klassinen hyväksikäyttäjä, jollain tapaa. mä aina annan nää kuitenkin anteeksi, kun siis joku kirjottaa puolen vuoden päästä ja on sillee wow, me ei olla nähty aikoihin, sopisko nähdä tässä joku päivä? mutta mun pitäs ottaa tiukempi linja, jos joku loukkaa mun tunteita useamman kerran niin eihän se hyväksi ole. vähintäänkin mun pitäs oppia ilmaisemaan että olen loukkaantunut, mutta se on vaikeaa kun olen niin passiivisaggressiivinen.

July 20, 2014

they are rubbing me the wrong way again

so far this summer i have not swum in turkey. the closest beaches are on the islands...which is not too bad, 50-60min by a ferry, but none of those seem really "good enough". either they are loud beach clubs with a high entrance fee and overpriced drinks/food, or they are cheap pebble stone beaches with no toilet no nothing. ok so i see you need to pay for a sandy beach in turkey (not just on the islands), but as the price goes up, so does the volume, typically. and u need to be careful when to go, they are packed on the weekends. if a beach was actually calm AND quiet, i think i would dish out the money, once or twice in a summer.

i have 2 'groundhog day-ish' movies on my watchlist now; Edge of Tomorrow and Premature. so, a Tom Cruise action (eh...) and a teenage comedy. but i really like the groundhog theme! i recently saw Transcendence which was thought provoking too, it wasnt as simple as it seemed on first look.

i just got home from meeting friends (Nilla, Umut etc), i guess im old but the bar just got too loud and and i was thinking i dont want to have regrets tomorrow. i had a nice evening all in all so i thought it was time to leave. anyway, so i come home and there is another flood, yet again. so much for whatever fuckin fix the plumbing company did last time...  im getting really tired of this...     at least the water didnt get very far as the floor is slightly tilted, so its contained just barely inside the kitchen. the corridor has a wooden floor, already damaged from the previous floods...

Arka Oda bar tonight;

maybe it doesnt fully transmit the "sardines in a can" feeling... maybe it was just me?

turkish spices in a grocery store; kekik is both thyme AND oregano! world class translation, once again...  for the record, kekik is thyme. oregano is an unloved child with many names nonetheless (bilye kekik, güveyotu, izmir kekik, keklikotu...). i had to go to a special spice shop to find some.

July 17, 2014

kesähiessä puurtaminen!

sain yhden FI-EN tekstitys/käännöstyön, mikä ihan kivaa vaihtelua. mulla on yks oma vastaava homma myös kesken, eli olen aloittanut suomalaisen elokuvan tekstityksen kauan sitten englanniksi mutta sitten laiskuus aina voittaa. kyseessä on tv-sarjan pilottijakso eli formaatti ilmeisesti halutaan myydä ulkomaille. mutta tämä on vaan oma arvaus. en ole tästä realitystä kuullutkaan, tosin kun seuraan suomalaista mediaa rajoitetusti niin ihan mahdollista missata. mutta voi siis olla ihan uusi.

tänään sain kans yhden muutaman tunnin testaushomman, eri asiakas kuin mun "jatkuvassa" työssä (joka on nyt heinäkuussa aika totaalisen tauolla) - mikäs sen virkistävämpää. pidän itseäni lähtökohtaisesti aika laiskana ihmisenä, mutta silti sillä että onko töitä vai ei, on pelottavan suuri vaikutus mun henkiseen hyvinvointiin.  voi tietysti olla että tämä kumpuaa lähinnä toimeentulostressistä. vaikka oikeasti meidän avoliitossa mun (tai kummankaan) ei nyt ihan heti tarvi stressaa jos ei olekaan tuloja, mutta se voi olla sellainen psykologinen juttu kun on ollut omillaan aika nuoresta asti. vaikka "omillaan" onkin hieman epätarkka kuvaus suomalaiselle, yks sun toinen saa siellä opintotukea tai työttömyystukea ja mitä milloinkin. turkissa ihminen oppii että yksin ei selviydy, tarvitaan perhe. paree pysyy väleissä. ja jos kaikki perheessä työttömänä, niin silloin tilan nimi on effektiivisisti "kusessa".noh, kun perheet on vähintään parikythenkisiä niin noin ei ehkä usein käy, lol....  mutta kyl suomalainen nainen haluaa sen itsenäisyyden ja riippumattomuuden tunteen omista tuloista.

hesarin juttu neljällä raajalla kävelevistä turkkilaisista oli semiturha (aikanaan mielenkiintoinen), mutta klikkejähän pitää saada. se, mitä nyt oli tieteellisesti todistettu ja mihin juttu perustui, käytännössä todettiin aika vakuuttavasti jo tuossa vuoden 2006 dokkarissa. olihan se siis pakko katsoa, Youtubesta löytyy...   mutta nyt siis on varmistettu ettei nää tyypit (tai niiden liikkumis-geeni) oo yhtäkkiä hypänny 4 miljoonaa vuotta taaksepäin...  se mitä yksi dokkarin "pääasiantuntija" päätteli syyksi oli musta jotenkin täysin järkeenkäypää (ei sillä että tunne järkeenkäypyydestä olisi aina todiste tiedon oikeellisuudesta) eli pienet pikkuaivot jotka vaikuttaa tasapainoon, sekä vähän pieleen mennyt kasvatus siinä mielessä, ettei äipällä ole ollut aikaa huolehtia että vauvat siirtyy neljältä tassulta kahdelle. yleensä toki lapset siirtyy ihan omineen, mutta kun nää just on kehareita ja huono tasapaino, niin...  kaupungissa nää olis viety fysioterapiaan. mutta nää asuu jossain kurdikylässä syyrian rajalla...  ja miten 19-lapsiseen perheeseen on saatu niin monta keharia? vanhemmat serkuksia. ja heitän villin arvauksen että niidenkin vanhemmat olisi sukua, jolloin virhe on päässyt kertaantumaan. ja äipällä siis ei ole ollut aikaa vahtia konttaavia lapsia kun se on tehnyt niitä 7 kpl 5 vuodessa. dokkarin loppu oli kuitenkin hyväntuulinen, joku keksi antaa niille sellaisen vanhusten kävelytuen, ja kas, ne alkoi kuin alkoikin oppimaan kahdelle. mä mietinkin sitä katsoessa kun hoettiin että ne "ei pysty" kävelemään kahdella jalalla, että onko edes yritetty. ei oltu.

mutta joo kun menee itä-turkkiin ja siellä geenipooli on joissain kylissä vähän pieni niin sieltä löytyy kaikenlaista! suomessahan on samaa mutta vaan koko maan mittakaavassa. tämän ansiosta suomalaisilla onkin joitain tauteja ihan suhteettomasti. kyllä se mamun valitseminen on vaan koko maan eduksi!!

July 14, 2014

the expert opinion!

me and doctor watched the world cup final game last night on our projector. it was the first for both of us. yet, doctor knows the rules and he was trying to explain the game to me.

i admit i was hoping germany to win. not only because, eh, finland and germany are on the same continent, but because germans have so effectively abolished their sense of national pride. i just thought it would be healthy for them to face the situation of winning world cup and the discomfort mixed with joy that it may bring. but i did assume they need to give in and just rejoice over the victory. i have not followed media enough to see if that actually happened though.

something that i paid attention to in the game was all the wasted time these guys are laying on the grass "hurt". flopping, i think its called. a lot of precious game time...since they dont ever stop the clock. especially this one german guy, Schweinsteiger...  come on. even in the last 2 minutes (the extra time granted for all the flops) he found himself face first in the grass...  perhaps since football itself does not interest me greatly, i spent a disproportionate amount of time wondering how to fix the situation. i have a couple of suggestions:

  • if a player spends more than 5 seconds on the ground, he should be out. kind of like in boxing. i mean, if you cannot get up in 5 seconds (which is a long time in the end), you MUST be badly hurt, no? in that case, yeah, you should be exchanged to another player. i know there is 3 player rule with exchanges, we would then need to change that too, and i dont see how that would be a problem. but i think the 5 second rule would effectively keep the flops more minimal, although they would still happen.
  • if a player flops 3 times within a game, he should be out. because either he is clumsy and therefor deserves to be out (lol), or again, after falling 3 times, he cannot be in a condition to play. i could see a rival team trying to trip important players then, like hey, "let's get Messi out", but that would become a vicious circle im sure, so i actually think the players might start controlling themselves there (bit like in hockey). 
  • everytime a player flops, give them both (the supposed "aggressor" and the "victim") a yellow card. here, the team who wants to take "Messi" out can share the yellow cards, but againi believe this would lead in such a vicious circle that the players would start self-regulating. i guess this theory would have to be tested small scale before implemented. 
all of the above ideas would give the players an incentive to stay on their feet rather than roll around. at some point during last nights match i even felt like the game wasnt being played by moving the ball around but by flopping and fishing for fouls.

also, whats boring is the small number of goals.

July 13, 2014

july should be dedicated to self-development

this week i started using the air con. i struggled pretty long, but had to give in. it is an expensive, but sweet luxury. today, at 30C, i am managing without though. i think i can manage room temperatures between 23-29 comfortably. 22 is too cold and 30 gets 'meh', outside i am more flexible of course. doctors comfort level is around 22-28, i think. just one degree but a crucial one!

i also started with a new English student. she is smart and fun, works in a pharmaceutical company.

things to google today:
  • what is the rate of cardiovascular disease as a cause of death in greece? (had a crazy salty and oily greek sausage for dinner last night)
  • a (printable)  list of most common spices and what type of foods they match up with 
  •  which cancers are the most difficult to detect
  • how do you tell the difference between hot peppers and [non-hot]?
  • ultra-runner feet problems
  • why is death sentence so expensive to carry out?

past week or so has like some kind of a honeymoon for doctor and me. i guess holiday did good to both of us? im really thinking i have the best bf in the world, and the reasons are too many to list... i want the same things as everyone else, and then some.

my new favorite series is Rizzoli & Isles. it gets minus for being like all the others, very mediocre, obvious and cheesy, but plus for having ran so many seasons i actually have something to watch...  also female leads without sob-stories and children is attractive to me.

i found this to somehow reflect my thinking:
'Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.'

July 08, 2014

my solution

just before the holiday i finally found a solution for the water bottle, which was previously on the floor. and granted, its one really ugly solution, i HATE dark wood, AND i hate the decorative style. but it was 5tl 2nd hand and it does the job. i am considering spray painting the table white or black like everything else i dont like. but really, the kitchen walls are still beige, the cupboards have beige and dark wood... its not really going to get pretty whatever i do....

the breakfast farewell thingy on sunday was at Social, a fancy-ish restaurant in Cihangir. which is a fancy ass district near Taksim. it has this nice garden, very comfortable. professional staff. therfefor; 6tl/2e for a small coke! but it was nice, the breakfast was plentiful.

from the trip. a fridge magnet.

what we brought from greece to doctors colleagues. retsina, a white wine like ...drink, and a...another type of drink, home made tsipoura i think? its like ouzo but not ouzo...i dont know. not for me.

i didnt know weight was such an issue in F1...  i guess its not very manly to talk about it, so the media avoids?

here is doctors headwound all healed, right after i took the stitches off (which was super easy).
the other day, after shift, doctor told me about 2 women who had been admitted to the ER that day. the other, fully veiled (rare in turkey, but she was actually from middle east), had had her face badly beaten by her husband. the other had been stabbed in the abdomen by her husband. neither of them wanted to press charges - as usual. the police is always present at the ER, so a complaint could be made, and victims of domestic violence are explained that. and the medical records will support it. but, no one ever goes through with it. it is sad. im sure the situation is not easy either, if you husband is just a few meters away behind a door, talking to the police probably doesnt seem possible...maybe there are kids at home waiting too...  who knows. if and when these women are discharged, their husbands escort them back home...    what was somehow "funny" abut the stabbed woman is that the husband had put a bandaid over the wound... 

the numbers for domestic violence and even murders of women dont look good in turkey. depending on who you ask, 200 to 900 women were killed last year by their husbands/boyfriends.

watched Wolf of Wall Street tonight. and a few nights ago, Snowpiercer, which was an interestingly utopian scifi drama/action. i really didnt expect anything of it, but naive cliches aside, i kinda liked it. WoWS was quite good of course, but not out of this world. just solid good. too long! 

July 07, 2014

lunch disappointment - Meal Box

my neighborhood has a new kitchen with delivery service, with a "different" concept. Meal Box. actually i think they are a chain as they have at least 1 more location in Istanbul. their tagline in is english "gourmet home delivery". sounds tasty? very stylish look, too. and great photos of what looks like gourmet meals (below. i ordered via yemeksepeti which has the same images).

but it fails to mention anywhere that their concept is MICROWAVE food. i love microwave meals, when i buy it cheap and prepare it myself. as a sidenote, ironically turkey does not have microwave meals in grocery stores (the occasional expensive imported box in a huge Carrefour does not count). now i paid a normal restaurant price for a lunch that was microwaved. and i still wouldnt mind, if somehow, magically, it was tasty. and a bit cheaper.

what a fail! and i failed to take a photo of the meal itself. i just wondered how on earth did it look like a microwave meal with the plastic seal on top, and only when i asked a friend online whom i knew was familiar with the company, did i find out that its exactly what it looks (and tastes) like. she had also tried the food and was not impressed for the same reasons; taste & price.

so i feel like something has gone wrong here. firstly, the branding doesn't match reality - i am sure if you scour the website you will find that they have a famous, renown chef planning these meals, which are them heated upon order, but the first impression is that they make nice gourmet food and are focused on home delivery. to me, "meal box" does not immediately communicate microwave food, and i seriously suspect a large portion of the customers even recognize both of the english words in the name. ok, not important. the word "taze" (fresh) keeps showing up here and there too, i see the point but without the microwave info its going the wrong way...  its a communication fail, imho.

another thing gone wrong is the pricing. turks value freshly (home and restaurant) cooked food highly, and while this stuff is - i believe - directed at the more educated class that adores everything western, i am still not sure a turk would line up to pay "normal" prices for food that is not *really* fresh, and does not add some other value. halving the price would do, the current prices are comparable to those of other restaurants. in richer areas i could see them being cheaper than average even now, by 10-20%, but i dont think thats enough. to me it looks like im paying for the fancy chef and plenty of carton in the form of fancy packaging. yet the chicken noodles i ate were watery, and with years of experience, i can really say - microwavy. yeah they might use a real, speedy oven to heat the food, i dont know, but its all the same to me.

ill add that the food was not bad per se, just an average m.w. meal - with a good amount of chicken though. i would love to see them sell these packaged meals in my next door grocery, for about 6tl/meal. having paid 10.75tl (3,7 eur) for home delivery, i am not happy.

kiskalla ei oo ollu sinistä Monsteria moneen päivään...:(

kotiinpaluun jälkeen oon ollu vähän pihalla.

luin reissussa Thinking, Fast and Slow -kirjaa, enkä vieläkään ole päässyt loppuun. mutta se toimii pienissä osissa aika hyvin. kirjoittaja on ehkä hieman itseensä tyytyväinen mutta rationaalinen lukumateriaali piristää silti.

NYTin juttu Bieberistä oli tosi...tyhjä. että 'Justin Bieber on globaali Matti Nykänen'. ja puolet jutusta sitä paitsi kertoo Miley Cyrusista, eikä siinäkään ole kauheasti sisältöä...  nyt on kaivettu aika turhasta tarinaa....  vähän ylinopeutta, alkoholia, pilveä & xanaxia...    mikä ei ole ollenkaan hyvä yhdistelmä mutta ei tällä nyt viellä mihinkään nykäs-lukemiin päästä.

päädyin katsomaan kehonrakennusdokkaria Generation Iron. onhan sekin harrastus - ruma sellainen, mutta kauneus on ilmeisesti katsojan silmässä... huh huh.

eilen ja tänään vietettiin ystävän läksiäisiä, eilen baarin kautta ja tänään aamiaisella, isommalla porukalla. oli hyvä meno.

nyt voin lukea grönlanninvalaista, asioista joista Ayn Rand oli väärässä, ja Centralian kaupungista Pennsylvaniassa (Centralian alla palaa hiilikaivos tai jotain). 

July 04, 2014

oh. thats music.

a pair of Clarks shoes i got a while ago. the photo shows what seems liek a scuff at the back of the heel which is not realy visible in real life. i love the metallic purple color. a very comfy pair of low heels!

before the trip Atice took me to her friends gig in a nearby cafe. i was really worried it would be some noisy rockband that would go on for like an hour and a half, but it was this sort of experimental electronic...stuff, and not too long. the cafe is in an old flat, an old living room, with a bar downstairs but apparently its semi self-service, as another friend went and did our drinks all by herself. Erdem, the artist, had a TV on stage showing abstract stuff, like drops on color dissolving in water and "static" noise when you cannot find a channel. the music was similarly out there, everything from static radio noise to something ...else. and then he occasionally played guitar on top, adjusting it with the mixer. the atmoshphere was interesting and felt other worldly so i actually enjoyed myself. i shot a very short and a very dark 30 sec clip;
today i watched The Armstrong Lie documentary.what is all this stuff about CYCLING? and im looking for good live chess game reviews again, hard.

July 02, 2014

important update on the state of tv

after coming back from holidays i caught up on my tv shows. Mistresses, Nurse Jackie, Murder in the First, Bachelorette...  a lot of trash, but it relaxes me...

there were also 2 new ones waiting for me; Young & Hungry  was meh, empty comedy. maybe just average. maybe im too demanding, i think the only comedy ive enjoyed in many years is Big Bang Theory.

The Leftovers was interesting, HBO quality, but...not sure where its going, if anywhere. the first episode was just ...depressing?

Dominion started before our trip. it was a fail...  too illogical, messy and lacking credibility. so arch angel michael is this vengeful, obnoxious snob and then these "bad" angels are...uhm, bad, and then there is this one chosen child and only time will show who it is and...  sounds a little bit familiar but a little bit crazy too.

True Blood is back too, but im just checking it for the Eric bits. the rest is really boring. but in episode too i got more than i could have asked for, some steamy guy on guy stuff that only HBO can do!! holy...

popcorntime works. i hope its not illegal to say so?

i made the mistake of watching They Came Together. what seemed like it could be a promisingly meaningless but decent comedy, turned out to be one of the worst films ever. the humor might work in writing, or some other...setting (like...?) but in the movie it was just horrible. i think they were trying Zoolander meets Movie43. a lot of repetition jokes and ...stuff. i had to google for a clip. and thats by far above average 1.30 minutes from the movie. in fact i felt so strongly about the movie being odd and bad that i asked myself many times if there is a new trend that ive missed or something. furthermore, i logged in on IMDb to rate the film. and i do that like once a year. i DID find myself chuckle once at around 45min at a dinner discussion re: white race. so then i had to finish the movie juuuust to see if i would chuckle once more. and i did (at 55min), at another dinner scene re: fiction. the guy sounded a bit like me and he was a total jerk.

by the way, both Zoolander and Movie 43 are worth watching. the latter not for being so good but...because you cant unsee it :D

July 01, 2014

catching up on tv now

first thoughts on greece:

-very, very nice & friendly people
-food is very good, BUT also very salty, and that was doctor's opinion too, which is a lot
-plenty of nice, spacious beaches, at least in Halkidiki area
-most greeks speak English
-i seriously suspect (despite being tried to convince otherwise) that a lot of businesses are not paying taxes in full
-the air seems a little more dry in Thessaloniki/Sarti than in Istanbul

this trip also increased the feeling that i have had in the past 6 months to a year. that my time in turkey is sloooowly coming to an end. perhaps the feeling can slowly disappear too, who knows where these feelings come from. but most things do come to an end, so.  

didnt have work today, which was nice. i did have an alarm to check the situation, if something had come up. but then i could go back to sleep. yesterday was the travel day and we were back home after midnight. i guess it was kind of tiring.

June 29, 2014

the smell of sun on the skin. meh.

Sarti beach town (village) has been a pretty good spot for us the past days. quiet in the night, somewhat busy with families (unfortunately) in the day....sandy beach that is not too crowded and tavernas with Greek food.  all things considered, we are happy. sleeping until noon, cooking some cheese, bacon & tomato toasts and then hitting the beach. me not wanting to get tanned is not a good mix but I'm trying to hide under beach towels and a shade, when not in the sea. I'm not crazy about the sea anyway, waves are annoying. I've been reading books laying on the sun bed. for which you'd have to pay if it was Turkey...  there are many other comparisons I could make but I'll save that for later... 

this peninsula of halkidiki seems popular with romanians, serbians, germans and some locals. when looking for our holiday  destination I specifically did not want a place with finns, turks nor russians. mission accomplished. Kiriaki gave us good tips. for someone looking for all inclusive hotels, beach clubs and other action, I hear the last peninsula (kassandra?) is good.

we have been eating plenty, and drinking some, too. it's ridiculous to eat pork for 10 days straight but hey... ppl need their  #firstworldproblems.

we moved to a hotel with a garden and pool, I'm much better with pools than the wavy ocean...  although mostly I just rest and observe doctor is being a dolphin..

on monday we should rent a car to visit another beach and to head to airport!

June 24, 2014


Thessaloniki can be summed up with one word: CUTE. cuuuuute. a few ruins or old churches here and there, a lot of trees, everything within walking distance and hundreds of artsy cafés and cool bars. I'm not sure how life really is in Thessaloniki but it sure looks and feels cute. and I think what makes a big difference is the smiley and friendly greeks, everyone everywhere has been nice to us. 

beach near Thessaloniki, called Perea. reachable by ferry in 1h. 

120km to Sarti somehow took 4,5 hours - the bus stopped in EVERY greek village ever. but the nice views made it worth it. plus it's not like we were in a hurry. Sarti is a dreamy beach village as expected. white sand and rooms for let. fish tavernas and some beach sandal sellers and souvenir shops...  time is not of concern. and the first seaside dinner has been tried and tested. it's easy to feel happy.

we got bacon, eggs and cheese from the supermarket - doctor will cook breakfast for us...

June 20, 2014

sitten mennään taas

yksi ystävä on lähdössä taas maasta. kyseessä kuitenkin pidempiaikainen tuttavuus niin silleen merkittävää... mut niin se vaan menee. asiaan varmaan vaikuttaa että kysessä ei ole mikään ylläri vaan lähdöstä oli puhuttu pitkään.

expattina oleminen on avannut silmät ihan uudenlaisella maailmalle, myönnän suoraan. en tarkoita siis edes sitä "tutustuu uuteen kulttuuriin ja diipa daapa" vaan se että näkee suomen ulkopuolelta, ja elää mamuna jossain, hengaa muiden mamujen kanssa. siinä tuleekin sitten nää kysymykset et mikä osa kavereista on paikallisia ja mikä mamuja, kuinka integroidut, kyllä näitä asioita mietitään ulkkisten kesken että kuka on saanut paikallisia kavereita ja kuinka helppoa tai vaikeaa se on. jotkut on ihan tyytyväisiä ns. expat-kuplassaan. joka tapauksessa jos muita expat-kavereita on niin tottuu siihen että ihmisiä tulee ja menee. sitä puhutaan ihmisten kanssa ketkä on juuri "off the boat" ja ketkä on lähdössä.

kyllä kanadassa ollessakin varmaan oli näitä elementtejä, mutta nyt tää 4+v on ihan eri juttu.

matkavakuutuksen hankkiminen oli taistelua, pankissa sanoi 3 päivää putkeen ettei järjestelmä toimi, ei nyt onnistu. uskoin jopa koska samat tyypit aina ennen kyllä saanet sen aikaiseksi. sitten menin toiseen pankkiin, sama juttu. tänään stressissä menin sitten oikeaan vakuutusyritykseen, vaikka sana "yritys" niistä pikkutoimistoista tuntuu liian hienolta. uusin samalla kotivakuutuksen josta ei toistaiseksi ole ollut juurikaan iloa. mutta matkavakuutus onnistui. sen kattavuus on huono, vain megahätätapaukset eikä mitään matkatavaravakuutuksia. kaikki tarjoaa sitä samaa pakettia, n. 9 euroa 14 päivän reissulta. sit jos haluis jotain parempaa ni hinta olis reippaasti korkeampi.

tein sen hesarin murretestin mutta tulos oli että olen 'pesunkestävä stadilainen'olen yllättynyt koska mielestäni käytän jotain häme-sanoja  "taakke", käet vs. kädet... mutta ehkei ne sit ole hämettä :(

no mutta yöbussiin pitäs ehtiä, kreikka odottaa. 

June 16, 2014

Kadiköy Moda last weekend

doctor and i went for a walk around our neighborhood (Moda) the past weekend...  the great weather and my cheery mood (apparently) inspired me to snap photos.

a high school with Ataturk flag AND statue. statue reads like "the most important thing to understand life is science".

the seaside boulevard that starts from near the port, close to home, and spand about 2-4km to the east. wonderful for picnics, walks - and jogging , dog walking or family activities for those who r into that.  

 (is that pollution in the background, over the european side of the city?)

europe in the back...

the most popular ice cream parlour in Moda always has a queue...

sitting in a cafe (Yer) taking it easy ...

a coffee shop near our home. there are countless hipstery cafes in Moda...

a new restaurant on our street. 

"baby baby" is covered, but "hit me tyyp one more time" still makes the song reference obvious :D tyyp referring to the PM, of course. turks have learned to deal with the frustration through humor.

a bbq brunch with some friends! there was a proper chef present and omg everything was so tasty. pork sausage, honey marinated chicken and grilled veggies...  a lot of spanish and greek tastes. not that i could tell but i was told. also catalan style Vermouth was served. a wonderful view of the bosphorus set the mood for the wonderful day.

a protest against governments plan to deal with the street animals by taking them to "natural parks" outside the city, which means a fenced area where they will be left to die (not on paper, but in practice, we believe). the plan is coming to effect on june 19th, if i am not mistaken. very sad if they go through with it. just as i took this picture, we were sitting in a cafe  and a sweet (well fed) dog was laying next to our feet.
i wasnt able to confirm the latest details on the stary animals issue, but while looking, i ran across this piece from last year (Hurriyet);
Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu has appealed ----

“We shouldn’t forget our friends. A cup of water, a piece of food saves an animal’s life. In this boiling hot weather, our friends who live in the street need water and food as much as we do. We have to be sensitive on this subject,”


“We see them as our friends. In the past, our ancestors used to put water cups in parks and gardens. We need to maintain this tradition,” the minister said, adding that meeting the water needs of stray animals was “a duty for everybody.”

also, from the past February, a news piece about animal cruelty sentences being upped to max 2 yrs (Hurriyet) ;
The penalty for killing animals through torture will be increased to two years in jail with a new legal amendment.

Previously, the law on the protection of animals only stipulated fines--


The fines for 21 other crimes against animals have also been increased. The highest possible fine is 15,226 Turkish Liras and is given for “any action that causes the extinction of a species.” The lowest fine is 89 liras for “those who fail to take measures or comply with the rules during the ownership and maintenance of animals.”