January 26, 2015

night shift

when we return from Oz, i will get myself a corner desk - the current one is just too crammed with 2 computers and the cosmetics etc...its affecting my my work and life. i realized my wrist started (seriously) aching after the 2nd computer, the lack of space has me working un-ergonomically. 

i thought Melbourne would be humid but internet says otherwise. im not sure i like dry...  i think my skin and hair prefer humid.  hmmmm. lets see.

i finally pushed myself to do long overdue "health tasks" last week. i took a 1 hour bus to doctors hospital to get a breast ultrasound (1st ever check up in my life...), yearly pap smear and the HPV test. so now, i wont have to think about this stuff for another year i hope? lets see about the results first, ill get them in a week. spending couple hours at the hospital, going from floor to floor as receptionists kept amazing us with their incompetence, i could understand why doctor is so frustrated sometimes. its in many ways a fancy hospital with advanced equipment etc (and apparently the biggest in turkey), but then the system and the people working... not always up to par :( one of his colleagues kindly referred to the ER as a "bazaar"...  yup. okay maybe thats harsh but for a finnish person it does look a bit wild. the ER "handles" a 1000 or so patients daily. and as is common, they all have at least a few relatives with them. so thats what its like... 

tonight I'm sleeping (if I can) on a couch in a fancy hospital in Besiktas - Jinemed. my friend had a surgery and I said I could take the first shift in looking after her. in turkey you don't leave anyone alone at the hospital - the nurses will not feed you or look after you - that's what relatives are for. or in expat cases; friends. the room next door had 6-7 relatives waiting for the patient to wake up, lol. we were just 2 and now I'm doing the night shift alone. at least my friend is sleeping, after waking up she was really not feeling so great....      but presumably she gets to go home tomorrow. I need to leave at 9am anyway, I have work waiting, so someone else will come and take her home. 

this week is busy meeting wise, dinners and what not, trying to catch up with people before we leave. also a few (5-7h) more hours of work than usual, but ill be thankful on payday...

January 19, 2015

in another life

the breakfast that doctor whizzed up for us on sunday.he was home both saturday AND sunday. how weird! but we had a great weekend :)
being an expat especially in certain countries (Turkey, South Korea, thailand...) you often have this exchange when meeting others:
-so what do you do? 
-im an english teacher. but back home i was a XYZ.

so you have 2 professions pretty much, the one in your previous life, and the one in your current country. often the discussion actually starts like:
-so, are you an english teacher?

of course a lot of expats come sent by their employers, too. but in turkey the majority is here for "fun". i sometimes realize i dont know what my friends education or profession "really" is. not that the current situation isnt real but most would like to work in their own field if they could pick. i assume. some find a new profession altogether. my expat friends here are largely translators and english teachers here. but their backgrounds are in social sciences and business or arts mostly.

the accommodation search in Melbourne is NOOOT going well. im in like 7-8 FB groups, where ive posted and looked for a flat, but its mostly people looking for flatmates/rooms. maybe a 1 bedroom flat here or there. and in that case a 6-12 month minimum lease. real estate companies (yes, i went that far) said the same, min. 12 months. okay, i still have some hope in the private market, but i think we need to be there in order to secure something, im not fond of wiring deposits abroad...:D and of course there is gumtree and craigslist, full of scams mostly.

so then there are the "holiday home" companies, but the prices, oh lord...  on average we are talking about 4500 eur/month. but sure, its for tourists and business people.


besides Airbnb, ive gone through all of its competitors;

with these we are talking "just" 3200 eur/month on average. unless u go to the suburbs, i think the cheapest were 2300 eur/month - but those were pretty shabby. i guess u cant be too picky, buuuut, it would be nice to have a table for instance, since i need to work on my computer...

im not gonna go on about this but i can say im pretty tired and ive had it. i want to just book something for 2 weeks now, and then find something while in the city, will be easier and safer.

doctor and i made some kitty houses (kedi evi) during the weekend. a great project. you need some plastic bowls or boxes and whatever leftover fabric you may have. and glue is useful.

ready for use: kitty houses are best in slightly sheltered places, where no one will directly hassle with them. the 2 boxes left of ours are also kitty houses. there were several in this perfect, gated place under a building.

January 12, 2015

adults and their parties

last night i was on the european side, at Carina's - we were a small group watching Golden Globes live. i am not really interested in that type of stuff... but i thought it was a good background for a social gathering, hanging out...  and its been a while (3-5 weeks?) since i stayed up all night! we had a fun night talking about tv and movies, then i came back home with the first ferry - the view and atmosphere on the bosphorus was wonderfully quiet.

but overall weekend was busy. on friday there was a birthday party, although i just visited for one drink. it was in Karga bar, on the 3rd floor where people are allowed to smoke inside (not legal of course but whos watching?). the birthday girl was turkish. saturdays party was in a home near my place, very convenient. i like house parties more, but everyone smoked inside there as well....at times my eyes really hurt from all the smoke :( its getting to me lately...   it was my greek friends italian boyfriends birthday. everyone was either italian or greek. 2 turks. i can say i was truly the foreigner in this group :D but the party was really nice and the pork and other things were taaasty :) the party started late and went on late, most people started leaving after 3am. but it was very mediterranean, not too much drinking,

today despite my inner clock being confused from staying up all night, i had a flat viewing scheduled. this swiss guy came to see our home and we got along, he will rent the flat for one month right after we leave. now i just have one more month to worry about.
new, pretty decent HBO series: Togetherness. but some oldies goldies are back too; Episodes and Girls. although girls started annoying me like 1+ seasons ago. at its premise its a good show but somehow its become fake and too "eccentric".

i had to buy this 2nd hand wine rack. even though im very aware that i dont buy wine bottles for storing them... it was just such a pretty object! and i though, ok, we actually do have 2 wine bottles at home right now (both were gifts). then i bring this thing home and realize the wines are white and rose -> both in the fridge. so. the rack shall remain empty. it was truly against all common sense to get it, but i allowed myself to just not care. it was 10t and i like plastic objects. 

January 10, 2015


i went to around 6 book shops in my area and they all have the same bloody wall calendars. there are exactly 2 themes; Atatürk and Istanbul. seriously. and as said, they all have the same ones, i think there is probably one or two companies printing them and thats where they all buy from. even the very "modern" and big book stores have these ugly f*cking calendars. looking at the calendar section makes me feel like im in Iraq (although thats probably rude, their selection could be more varied). ok, so then i asked around and heard a rumor that a few D&R book stores  (not the one in my area of course...) have cat and dog calendars. 1 cat and 1 dog calendar, and then 1 street animal calendar, the sales profits going to a local animal org. while nice photos, the street animal calendar was not for me. and im not into dogs. so those were my options...     Hanna was going to a D&R on the european side and got me the cat calendar and and brought it to me today as we met for lunch. i am quite happy with it actually, not only does every month have a kitty pic, but every DAY! and the kittys name is included, i kinda like that :)

lately im reading a bit more. by a bit i do mean just a little. mostly i read articles from Long reads, but also books, but im not able to finish any, its just bits and pieces. although I keep going back to Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow. i love it and like going back and reading some parts again. i dont read fiction but i will make an exception, or try at least. i read so much praise about Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, i decided to give it a go. ok a lot of novels are praised but apparently this one has a more philosophical or thoughtful tone to it (i reckon kind of like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? not that i ever finished that one either. not sure i even started). its 1000 pages though... uff. but ill try. i left my books in Finland, including The Red Queen (by Matt Ridley), but im thinking i could browse through it again now in digital form. and maybe read his other book; The Origins of Virtue. also im thinking of;
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness by Thaler & Sunstein. horrible name though, im not too optimistic. Dan Ariely's books are bit too "generic", readily processed and somehow "too obvious" maybe, but im thinking of reading one or two more - i think i already read one earlier, hence the opinion. but not sure which one...  maybe Predictably Irrational? i should check, start reading and see if it sounds familiar, if not, maybe its something id actually like, seems similar to Thinking fast and Slow.

a kitty sitting on a railing in a bar.

just realized there IS one thing i wont eat: foie gras. well, im assuming there is no ethically produced foie gras...  perhaps im wrong. there might be some other parts of animals that i would not eat if i was aware but right now i cannot think of any. from cows to dogs, if its ethicaly produced, im ok with it. i dont believe animals are aware that they will die, so if they have a good life, i think its fair. its is problematic though as it is hard to trust the "free range" claim that a lot of products and packages have, from country to country there was ways to circumvent the laws. in turkey i have very little trust that so-called "village eggs" are really village eggs. i know there are plenty of free range eggs, its just a matter of really knowing... buying from the bazaar doesnt guarantee it.

ive found another great reality show; The Undateables. a british show about individuals who have hard time finding a date/partner and it follows them being set up by a dating agency and so on. their dating difficulties stem from issues like autism, stuttering, physical disabilities etc. i could definitely be a match maker if i wasnt doing anything else, i think i would be good at it.

January 08, 2015

focused on the task at hand

"the violent gene found in finnish men" interesting. maybe there is something like that. although violent men can be found everywhere, i guess finnish men may be extra prone to snapping when drunk.

and what did i find in the corner of our kitchen today? a small pond of water...  hahaa. the floods are back i guess. i am going to predict that within the next couple weeks we will see an even bigger pond (or not, as the water spreads and then slowly dries it can be missed if the timing is right)... and eventually there will be a proper flood again. i guess it might happen when we are away. lets see.

i was looking at the prices of various items in Melbourne again... but there is no way around it, its EXPENSIVE. a tram ticket is like 2.5 euros. a kilo of potato (not that i would ever buy a kilo!!) is just over 2 euros. a bottle of domestic beer is 3 euros. but well we have saved like a year for this, its not an issue. it just stings. parting with money always stings...  doctor is not that emotional about it. and he is not as stingy either.(one of the price comparison sites)

we had a dinner with Melis who is also going to melbourne. we will probably share a flat to decrease the overall costs. so we are co-ordinating things a bit now. today i started putting up ads in FB groups and contacting landlords on gumtree.com.au- looking at flats like this;

finding furnished flats is not too hard actually. but most are for long term lease of course. im looking at St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra area wise. and checking the addresses in google maps - the street better have a shop or two, and the tram stop nearby.

in the winter especially one can see all kinds of dog and cat "houses" in the city, dwellings that people make for the street animals. municipalities also make pretty neat ones, but in the winter the need is greater. doctor found these instructions for a 'cat house' so ill go buy the plastic bowls and we'll make one tonight. i am a little bit worried that the fabric is not a good idea as it may get humid and then - cold & wet is a not a good combo, cats hate that. but will an old towel for instance really get wet from the humidity in the air alone? i think we should just try, i already have a safe covered place in mind, within steps from our front door so i can easily go check how its working.

my right wrist is killing me, but i cant bear to use the mouse and type on left hand alone.

January 04, 2015

taas kiiltää

päätin katsoa suomen Voicea, kun uusi kausi just alkoi. sen ekat 5 minuuttia on kuin yhtä RAY:n mainosta, elämän filosofioita ladellaan ja puhutaan siitä mikä on 'oikeesti tärkeetä'. jotenki hullun pateettisella sävyllä, ikävä sanoa. mietin olenko liian tottunut jenkkityyliin (mikä se sitten onkaan, toki nekin suoltaa suustaan kaikenlaista) vai miksi tuo kuulostaa niin pahalta? Michael Monroe kuulosti ehkä luonnollisimmalta. nää artistit kuten Redrama, Tarja T ja Olli Lindholm ei kyllä kiinnosta mua muutenkaan.... no mut katotaan nyt kuitenkin. laulajat on monet kuitenkin aidon oloisia, niistä tykkään. ja julkkistuomareitakin kuuntelee kun ne puhuu laulajille tai laulajista. toi alku oli vaan jotain ihan hirveetä. se oli kuin 80-luvun huonosta suomidokkarista. en tiedä olenko sellasia edes katsonut mutta sellainen mielikuva.

sit mitä noi miehet halailee, juontaja Axl miespuolisia laulajia ja tuomarit jne...  onks tää aina ollu näin? siis et miehet halaa miehiä, suomessa? tai etenki telkussa? kuvittelenko? kysyin neiti R:ltä et wtf, se sanoi että olen ollu liian kauan poissa suomesta, asiat on tosiaan muuttunu. se on varmaan se uusi tasa-arvoinen avioliittolaki!! :D mutta oikeesti, hämmentävää kun yhtäkkiä pistää merkille jotain eikä ole varma onko se aina ollu niin. mutta fiilis on se että miehet ei suomessa paljon yleensä halaile.

meillä oli eilen taas siivouspäivä eli siivooja kävi. paras nauttia siitäkin niin kauan ku turkissa asutaan, tuskin jossain läntisemmässä maassa moiseen luksukseen varaa. tosin siivottaviakin neliöitäkin sit varmaan vähemmän. tämä siivooja tuli meille muiden ulkkisnaisten suositusten perusteella ja taidan olla vihdoinkin löytänyt "sen oikean". tämä nuori miespuolinen siivooja tuli ajoissa, ei kiirehtinyt lähtemään vaan teki duuninsa loppuun asti ja puhdasta tuli. ja mikä mulle on tärkeää niin kommunikointi sujui. ehkä tyyppi ei ole niin kovin paatunut vielä ja kokemus muista ulkkiksista saattaa olla myös eduksi, tuntui että tultiin toimeen hyvin ja kuunteli mun toiveita siitä mihin ei saa koskea ja mitä ei tehdä (mattoja ei tungeta pesukoneeseen, mun vaatteisiin ei kosketa, jne). 

aikasin nukkumaan et tulee tehokas maanantai. sehän on tärkeetä, tehokkuus, eiks?

January 03, 2015

leftovers for lunch

im just going through my Chrome tabs, where i leave open the trailers of movies i want to see. i dont like when they release a trailer like a year in advance, but 3-4 months is a normal wait. so every now and then i go through the tabs and check the release dates and whether anything should be available. im sure there is an easier way, but im old fashioned?

next on my watch list is...
Before I Go To Sleep
Reach Me
The Zero Theorem

and all the films from the previous lists ive linked...   also Melisa recommended Clouds of Sils Maria. so i guess i will check it out.

New Year's party was nice, about 25 people, great food and a lot of selfies.

the other day i popped into the "jewellery" shop, they only sell the accessories and tools to make them though. from gem stones to wire to sequins. so i picked up a bunch of stuff and put them together at home. i realize a (nearly) 35 year old is supposed to wear gold and diamonds or something along those lines, but i dont feel like doing that at all. im not sure i will like and wear these things i crafted either, but it was a cheap shopping spree and i enjoyed making them. my right wrist did not. its being really pissed lately. im trying to ignore.

start earrings! classic...
this black stone was cool - smooth but heavy and...well, its stone, so. i hope the super glue holds it on the ring.
 hearts, another classic. but i went for the big hoops.
 random star and a transparent/white glass piece.
heart brooch. i think i should make a new years resolution to wear brooches. because i never do, but they would make for cute accessories...

the brooch pins were too big for this heart so i bought one tiny safety pin and a roll of fishing line instead and so its "extra home made"....   works great though.
also i bought a pink felt moose to make yet another brooch. i glued plastic on the antlers, to make sure they don't start sagging because the felt was quite soft.

random items that might work as necklaces.... i got chain and leather string and the necessary accessories to make necklaces. 

in use:

random earrings. i made one of each so if i like them, i can make another. but my earrings dont need to match. and with my current hair style you only really see the other earring usually...  the snow flake is felt too so its gonna have a short life i bet. one shower or pulling off my sweater and itll break. but thats ok.

 a coin i found, attached to a ring base.

hearts...  black felt and metal. 
 more random things....  button earrings and so on.

doctor made some sort of meat spinach"pie"  last night - it was delicious.

December 31, 2014

lets not too plan too far ahead. although i will, anyway.

this list of "24 movies from 2014 that you should see" seems pretty good, based on what i have heard about some of them and them and the ones ive seen (Only Lovers Left Alive, Snowpiercer and Enemy). i think ill start with the obvious ones (for me), ie. the dramas and relationship films;

The One I love
What If
Obvious Child

Ok, now that I've seen the first 3 from the list, I can confirm that they are nice, cool films. my fav so far was The One I Love, it had me thinking. and thinking.

i also watched Under the Skin. what the fuuuu----. movies need a big red flashing "art movie" warning. 2 hours of my life wasted right there. i could have given up after 5 minutes when it was pretty obvious that i was not gonna be a happy camper but for some reason i kept watching. ill just say "fu*k" once more.

my new years resolution: i will eat tenderloin steak more often (free range preferably).

we will end the year with a party at a friends place tonight. tomorrow i plan not to work!

2014 was great work wise, and that affected my identity too. other than that i guess the year was "average"? like, the usual. definitely not bad. this calendar/year thing is a human construct of course but an okay tool if we want to reflect and look ahead and it gives us a "tool" to take a step back and evaluate...  i guess...  meh whatever.

December 30, 2014

verhot kii ja lisää lämpöä

lääkärillä oli päivävuoro tuossa joku päivä sitten, ja se oli vastuussa koko päivystyksestä. no, samana aamuna joku toinen lääkäri eli alainen jätti saapumatta töihin eikä vastannut puhelimeenkaan. henkilökuntaa on rajallisesti joten mun lääkäri pyysi jotain yövuorosta lähtevää lääkäriä käymään sen ovella ja koputtelee sen hereille. sieltähän se löyty nukkumasta pommiin, ja selvisi sit töihin. kaikki hyvin. puoli kuuden jälkeen illalla sama tyyppi katosi taas mystisesti. vastasi kuitenkin puhelimeen? "missä helvetissä oot?" "ööö?" "sulla on 24h vuoro" "...."     lol.

hius"ongelmat" jatkuu. itseasiassa kun hiukset leikkaa näin lyhyiks ni pitää ilmeisesti tietää mitä on tekemässä tai olla aika rento meininki, muuten ongelmat ovat väistämättömiä. ylläpito on niin työlästä. ja se kun tajuu et aijaa en mä voikaa leikkaa ja pitää näitä näin, ne ei vaan suostu taipuu mun tahtoon... fuck. kynin oikean puolen siis taas hyvin lyhyeksi, 5mm. ei tää pahalta näytä -ollenkaa- mutta olin toivonut vähän pitempää. se sentin tai kahden pituinen siili kuitenkin uhmaa painovoimaa joten luovutan toistaiseksi, kunnes keksin jonkun toimintasuunnitelman.

tänään sataa lunta. mitä suomalainen tekee? pysyy sisällä tietenkin, tätä osastoa on nähty jo ihan tarpeeks.

katsoin vihdoin "tosissani" Melbournesta kalustettuja asuntoja, nyt alkaa olee melkee se aika et voi kuvitella löytävänsä kämppiä joiden vuokran vois aloittaa helmikuun alkupuolelta. aika tollaset vaatimattomatkin luukut on kyllä sen 1500-1800e/kk...  mutta katson 2-makuuhuoneisia koska oli puhetta että lääkärin kollega Melis jakais meidän kaa kämpän. olen vähän epävarma kuinka tuo järjestely sujuis mutta säästäisihän siinä, koska yhdenki makuuhuoneen kämpät on reippaasti yli tonnin. ei tarvi olla ydinkeskustaa mutta paikallista töölöä/meilahtea/krunikkaa toi sairaalan alue taitaa olla, jonka lähelle mä luonnollisesti kelaan että kantsii sijoittua.

December 29, 2014

pretty amazing

i was at this pretty amazing party on saturday. the amazingness of it was in part maybe how it reminded me of some nice parties in helsinki. but definitely amazing on its own merit too, and just what i needed to cheer up. it was a top floor flat of these 2 artists, with a view over Istanbul. somehow a few dozen people managed to fit in there and the atmosphere was... i dunno, smoky? ok, thats cos everyone smoked inside, eww. most guests were more less artists, but i did meet a lawyer and an engineer too. everyone was nice & smart, some great personalities. i stumbled home around 4 or 5 and woke up cheery at 11:30.  from there on i went for a brunch with Carilyn and to a 2nd hand market held by some locals...  ended the day watching The Interview with doctor. he feel asleep of course. playing a movie is a bulletproof way to make him sleep. i just realized he never asks me what happens at the end :D

party in the dark.

the house was in/near Tarlabasi, a "not so nice area" of Istanbul. in other words, u dont go there when its dark. but there i was, anyway, at 21:30...looking for this address...  what wouldnt i do for a party. i passed prostitutes, the trans and the "classic" kind, but they are not the ones you need to worry about, this area is just shady - dark streets where shady looking men are hanging around. i hate to be so fearful but turkey has gotten to me :( thats one of the reasons i think i should eventually leave... 

video installation on the wall
 the host

 a room with a view

in the next country i live in, assuming i get to choose such a thing, i want:
-warm weather at least most of the year
-several H&M's in the city i live
-grocery stores with western products
-nice cafes and bars
-friendly people
-liberal atmosphere and culture

in turkey your employer dictates the bank you use (at least for your salary). the company or organization makes a deal with the bank and so all their finances stay within that bank. for big employers the bank may offer perks like a better interest rate for the employee accounts. but interest rate is called "bonus" and paid for example at the end of the year and is a % of the salary. doctor gets his salary in 2 parts, from his hospital and the ministry of health, both different banks. annoying for sure. the hospital just changed banks a month ago, to Yapi Kredi. the negotiated interest/bonus is around 5.7% of the yearly salary, so although they just switched, in december doctor got a nice lump sum on his account. Yapi Kredi, just like the other banks, are sneaky bastards though, trying to force feed credit cards. when doctor went in to open the account, he made clear he doesnt want a credit card, and yet, when signing the dozens of papers, in between he found a credit card contract. as the teller kept on giving papers to sign, he found another. and another. 3 times - WTF?? the teller was not happy that doctor skipped the credit card deal. i havent seen statistics but most turks ive discussed have several credit cards. several could amount up to 10. im not an economist but i dont see this trend ending well...

im enjoying Bonfire City's Chandelier - Chill out version (spotify) these days.

after christmas dinner i had leftover salmon and pork. this pork was probably like 1-2 euros/slice..."ho ho ho..."

went to this (new?) cafe nearby today, quite cozy.  

December 26, 2014

not sure about something

meh, i hate how during christmas time all the tv shows go on a break. no new trailers coming out. nothing.

i have some sort of crisis going on for sure. so i bought tickets to Sziget 2015 - for me and doctor. some of our friends are also interested, but i dont want to wait and see if and when they want to confirm. i just wanted to make sure im going. australia is just 1,5 months away too but im just thinking of other things..  brazil. anywhere. i really DO look forward to Melbourne but its kind of set... so its not exciting enough to plan. i will look for a flat for us, in a couple weeks when its time for that. but what else is there??? packing. meh. but i started a freakin pinterest board for foreign (=non-turkish) foods. desperate times.

Sziget's 2014 aftermovie to get in the mood;

i did fill my australian e-visitor application. 37 min later i got an email that im welcome. nice, now thats done.

we hosted a small dinner last night and invited old friends; Volkan, Ilcin, Tamer, Deniz. doctor cooked a stuffed chicken in the oven, i did some oven veggies and mulled wine...  nothing fancy.

the occasion called for salmon and prosciutto though.  
 (oven veggies)

on Christmas Eve Melisa and her friend hosted a dinner for friends, and that was very christmassy indeed. tons of great food and very nice people. i should hang out with her more, she always knows the most interesting individuals...  there was a bearded guy whose birthday it was, an obvious jesus!

christmas nails!

today im taking some finnish friends of friends out, and on saturday there is another party, so... too much alcohol...

December 22, 2014

mulled wine and candles

kadiköy has put up new years decorations, for the first time ever. its pretty impressive. i really like the look and feel. this illuminated globe where you can walk inside is cute.

i was watching trailers, i guess these ones are must see:
R100 wtf asia crazy s*it.....  ?! :D seems awesome
while we were young something about this hits close to home i guess :) i am interested at least
exmachina probably promises more than it can deliver, but nevertheless i always like AI stories
Inherent Vice Paul Thomas Anderson - need i say more? ok, yes, this traiker really seems promising

i was prompted a few times if i wanted any days off around christmas, and i was like "whaaat???!". partly of course because christmas does not "concern" me directly here (but neither does the local ramadan!)  but also maybe because im sort of in my freelance mode, although i work part time i often do stuff during the weekend, out of my own choice. anyway, now im like, hmm, it might have been a good idea. i know next week is quiet though, because everyone else is on holidays, so i can do my work when it suits me, and probably more less relax when i feel like it. unless i take something from uTest or elsewhere...which i have been doing lately. but yeah, i think i can still manage. i guess christmas atmosphere is around me in a way. people have parties, i too want to relax and enjoy good food with friends...   someone is hosting a christmas dinner, we are thinking of having one too... i am burning ikea's christmas scented candles...   mmyeah. 

we tried a new restaurant behind the corner, Siraz. they have a greek-turkish-iranian kitchen, and its a very tasty one. slitghly pricey but it was worth it to eat something slightly different... im desperate for anything different these days. 

ONION. with some annoying spice on top, turks and their spices...

me and Yusuf (my couchsurfing host from Hatay) met the other night to catch up and had a drink in this new bar nearby which i had not noticed. E6. they were playing 50's, 60's and 70's music, so it was kind of trendy in its own way. 

yesterday was a cooking day, meh. i spent a record 45 or so minutes in the kitchen because i wanted to try steaming veggies and had bought this sieve to make it possible. mashed potatoes ended up anything but potatoes cos i put in whatever i could find, from dill to cauliflower to onion to...     and the stuff on the pan was pretty varied too; some leftover turkey, the carrots that i steamed and broccoli and so on...    not great but probably semi healthy. we had chinese for lunch, so. 

an elite sex club in the UK for straight women. hmm, ok... 

December 18, 2014

not stepping out of the house today

today for me:

had actual, real issues with my work laptop, the mac. i could not figure it out for the life of me, so i finally had a novel idea, lets REBOOT the thing! i dont think ive done that since i got it. i really dont like rebooting. anyway, reboot didnt solve my issues. but now i have a better view of where the problem is located.

on my personal computer then, the display driver crashed (and recovered), but my Firefox then lost all the button elements, lol. so my tabs dont have a cross to close them and there is no refresh icon in the url bar. they are there of course, and work, so everything is "fine", buuuut rather awkward. i guess today is a rebooting day?? hah, fuck it. there is no way this baby is being rebooted any time this year!

testing a new music streaming web app today. fun to play music (as i normally do on spotify anyway) and test the player at the same time. it looks very promising.

were out of blue Monster energy drink, either me or doctor have to go out to replenish our stock... 

eating raw onion (came with the lunch yesterday). just cos i looooove it.

plans: cooking asian again tonight. watching a movie OR a documentary, doctor can pick which one. 

December 16, 2014

mikä kaivelee ketäkin

nyt puhutaan tietysti siitä, pitäisikö pappien vihkiä samaa sukupuolta olevia pareja ja kuinka monet papit sitä puoltaa tai vastustaa. mä en ole ikinä tätä keskustelua ymmärtänyt. eikö siinä niiden pyhässä kirjassa sanota että se homous on tosi väärin? jos sääntöjä muutellaan trendien mukaan ni se vie uskottavuutta vielä paljon enemmän kuin se muutamien harmi ettei pääse kirkossa naimisiin. jos haluaa kirkossa naimisiin niin kantsis vaihtaa uskontoa. vähän ku minä haluisin pihviä vegeravintolassa. cant have ur cake and eat it. mutta ehkä se suomen luterilainen kirkko on jo niin epätoivoinen ja polvillaan että tekee mitä vaan...

ostin eilen kookosöljyä kasvokuorintaa varten (raaka sokeri+kookosöljy+sitruuna). viimeksi kun ostin niin se oli nestemäistä mikä sopi mun logiikalle. mut nyt oli todella hämmentävää että "öljy" oli kiinteää ja kuitenkin pullossa, johon ei mahdu edes lusikka. no siinähän lämmittelen sitä sit. hyvin se suli kun laittoi pöytäkynttilän viereen. facessa joku linkitti mulle listan kookosöljyn käyttömahdollisuuksista. testasin pariin saranaan ja kiillotusta kaipaaviin kengänkärkiin, hyvinhän se toimi. ilmeisesti tämä kiinteä on vielä yleisempi kuin nestemäinen joten mitä lie myrkkyä viimeksi ostin. no en kuitenkaan syö sitä, toimii vaan hyvin kosteuttavana ja sokeria sitovana ainesosana tuossa kuorinnassa. 

otin yhden pienen mutta jatkuvan sos. median/verkkomainonta duunin, tai se on n. puolen vuoden rupeama, päivä pari kuussa. en rakasta näitä SEO ja some-projekteja niin kovasti mutta "vanha tuttu" yritys ja silleen tuttu juttu...  joten no mikäs. nyt plänään sos. media nappuloita verkkosivulle, että mihin kulmaa ne laittais ja mitkä napit.

ja viime yönä tein uTestille yhden testauskierroksen mobiililla. no, harrastukset vie aikaa. et kai täs puuhaa on. mutta vapaa-aikaakin riittää vielä hyvin, eli asiat ei ole huonosti... paitsi turkissa noin yleensä. joka päivä uutisissa jotain mikä masentaa tai vituttaa. eihän ne mua koske, jornalistien jahtaaminen tai uskonnon pakkosyöttö esikoululaisille, mut jotenki se vaan...  kuitenki. vähän meinaa olla sellasta ilmassa että miettii et millon pääsis pois. ei silleen et huomenna tarvis mutta haluais kuitenki nähdä sen muuton jossain tunnelin päässä. nyt se on vaan aika kaukana (1.5-2v) ja siksikin teoreettinen... et semmosta kaivelua ilmassa.

December 13, 2014

just suggestions

last night we enjoyed a christmassy ham dinner at a friends place on the european side. mmmm. stayed late, i think we got home around 2-3am. to make sure we wont be hungover, doctor prepared an omelette, and we drank like a liter of water each.

so i wake up this morning  at 10am, pert and ready for a new day. i got a couple of invitations to test cycles on uTest during the night, so i was eager to check those out. started with a mobile game app that needed localization testing. fun enough. 

since doctor has yet another day off (!!!) i suggested we watch movies. all day. i asked him to he pick his favorites from this list:
Jackpot (Arme Riddere, 2011)
Disconnect (2012)
Frank (2014)
Hunger (2008)
Oblivion (2013)
Sauna (2008)
Iron Sky (2012)
The Congress (2013)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)
Third Person (2013)

December 11, 2014

the clock is ticking

i think im drawn to italian and asian food as both use pasta/noodles...or other carbs.  perhaps i miss traveling and exotic foods and thats whats "forcing" me to cook lately although i dont like it. i would do really well in Top Chef though, if speed was the only thing they measured, im the fastest cook ever because i want to get out of the kitchen.
turns out this is doctors new favorite food. it had a few too many ingredients for my taste, but at least they were all cheap (broccoli, peanuts, bean sprouts, jasmine rice, ginger etc...). i did a chinese sauce according to a recipe like this (not exactly).

we watched 2 documentaries about istanbul. both quite good actually.
Tarlabasi and me

this week in turkey: 
compulsory ottoman language classes to schools. the article explains how this is just in the works, a possible recommendation, but the president already announced that ottoman will be taught regardless of whatever anyone else says. so, i guess thats that. a local newspaper here used ottoman writing in their headline today, spelling "thief" big and bold...  :D (opposition newspaper, obviously)

i just saw ads for Sziget for 2015...  reminded me i really wanna experience that again. i was there like, 5 years ago or so, with Miriam. and i got a slight age crisis... like, if i plan to go there, i should start thinking about it...?! so, im quite set on going next year! no artists have been announced yet, but my wish list is:
Nick Cave
Florence + The Machine
The National
Antony and The Johnsons

i would also be happy with:
Paloma Faith
Lykke Li
Of Monsters And Men
London Grammar
Blue Foundation
Zola Jesus
Hercules & The Love Affair 

and if they could bring Ramones back from the dead, id be extra appreciative.

December 08, 2014

slightly nationalist - so what?

doctor got an early christmas present last week. a year ago he bought these Jaybird bluebuds X headphones. a couple months ago they started having issues, the connection breaking etc. a friend of a friend had bought them from the US and we didnt have the receipt, but doctor emailed the customer service anyway. they wanted a photo of the barcode on the packaging, and of the headphones, before and after cutting the cord (rendering them useless). we sent those and voilá - today the postman brought him brand new Jaybird headphones :D good customer service?! 

i got my own share of good customer service on saturday when i woke up to no internet at 12:40. i called TTnet customer service at 12:50 after rebooting the modem a couple times and doing whatever problem screening i could. the call was short, the guy saw i have an issue and said a technician will be in contact with me. last year the same thing happened and it was fixed within a couple hours, i didnt dare to hope for the same this time around. but 13:15 a technician called me to check im home, and he arrived at 13:40. at 13:50 the internet was up again. damnnnn, i say. i understand that in cheap labor countries its easier to arrange fast service, but its pretty unheard of here - with ttnet especially - they have a bad reputation (but not many competitors - and they are the only option in our building). knowing how awry these things can go in turkey, i was thankful.

i got in the mood for christmas decor. i was out of ideas for a christmas tree so i just put the lights on the wall. and "snow flakes" on the windows. there you go...

decided to use the wok pan i bought...long time ago. shouldve had noodles instead of potatoes, but oh well. sesame oil and soy sauce made everything tasty.

 a small get together/party on saturday...  

for the event, being it was also finnish independence day, i printed some finnish facts on paper and taped thrm on the walls around flat. for ex. 
Finland has a National Failure Day on October 13th
Finland has the most heavy metal bands per capita
Finland has the highest level of press freedom in the world


i was really freakin' excited yesterday as i freelance on uTest (as a hobby...) and was invited to this test cycle and got to test a 'top 100' website for GUI and functionality issues. found bugs = happy jenni.

my entertainment today: a voice for men forums

December 04, 2014

jälkien siivous

noniin, nyt on tasa-arvoinen avioliittolaki about sovittu. voidaan taas palata tilittämään sitä kuinka suomen talous on niiiiin kuralla ettei ikinä. siis ikinä! tämä hallitus viimeistään on ryssinyt ihan kaiken! jos ikinä oli mitään toivoa että suomi nousisi sieltä (?) missä se on ikinä ollutkaan, niin nyt se on mennyt! ainakin tämä fiilis tulee kun lukee uutisia ja kuuntelee ihmisiä. mutta jostain kai niitä ongelmia on pakko kaivaa.

supon mukaan syyriassa on kuollut 6-8 suomalaista. nää taitaa olla niitä sinne lähteneitä uskon sotilaita. ruma sanoa mutta ehkä parempi että ovat pois geenipoolista?

siivoojan piti tulla tiistaina mutta ei kuulunut. lääkäri soitti lopulta sille ja sillä on lapsi kipeenä. no kiitos kun ilmoitit...?! wtf. sen jälkeen soitettiin toisaalle ja nyt on huomiseksi tilattu sitten toinen täti. ylihuomenna on pikkujoulut/itsenäisyyspäivän bileet ja ajatus lattioiden luuttuamisesta ei nappaa, etenkään bilestressin ohella. co-host Haticella oli kyllä hyvä pläni tarjoiluista, aika eurooppalainen, joten ehkä mun ei ainakaan tarvii ruokapuolen takia avata ranteita. Melisa saattaa myös tehdä ehkä lihapullia tuomisiksi, ja ne sen lihapullat on aika taivaallisia...  mä keskityn kutsuvieraslistaan, booliin, glögiin ja koristeluun ym. fiilikseen. Haticen mies on DJ, joten spotify soittolista tulee sieltä. ja lääkäri kokoaa jonkun elokuvapätkäsetin joka voidaan laittaa seinälle pyörii projektorilla, saadaan tunnelmaa.

November 28, 2014

good hair makes a happy jenni

i got very stressed about my hair and the cut, i felt like i need to start from a clean slate with the right side :/ so i took doctors electric shaver and got going. but when doctor woke up and saw the results, he was not too impressed. and sure, i guess he was right... so then, before heading to work he took me to his barber for a polish. the friendly barber evened out my work. and although i was a bit terrified i think he did a good job. so now i will have it grow a bit and see where i wanna go. but last night at Carilyns Thanksgiving party people seemed to think its perfect as it is, and should not grow. hmmmm. well, i have already come to realize that hair this short (3-5mm) is way too much work, so i think that will direct my moves anyway. i think i need a minimum of 7-10mm. even that would need a frequent cut and dye.

phone pic (tested Adobe's photo app - Dean filter at 25%, sharpen at 50% and blur tool)

my facebook is full of changed profile pics supporting gay marriage as the finnish parliament is today voting on same-sex marriage. registered partnerships were already possible, so this would be an improvement only. people feel very passionate about this so when i say "only" i know it sounds like im downplaying it, but i think im just putting things into perspective. of course i support everyone having equal rights to marry, its not my gain or loss, so feel free. but i think its good there was already a way to make things somewhat official. u know, things could be worse? i also gave a try to the "I DO" ("TAHDON") meme pic maker, but actually im not the type to change my profile pic for "a cause" because it seems illogical. but actually i doubt its about logic to begin with, i think its probably the modern way to express yourself..  a tragedy happens, u change ur pic to black, or something political is stirring the pot and you put a slogan on your image, etc.u dont expct it to make a difference, but you want the world (ie. fb friends) to know how you feel about this and where you stand. it creates a feeling of unity too; "hey, we're on the same boat" or "oh, we have that in common with my old highschool friend, cool". yeah i guess it is useful in that sense :)

(me and Miriam)

in other news:
i like my job (finding bugs, quality assurance)
i like my job schedule; around 13-18h/week, semi flexible hours...
i like my work station from where i have a view out the window to the street
i like Spotify's artist radios - today is Hozier radio station day
i like my every morning Monster energy drink
i like that today is our 4yr 8 month relationship anniversary
i like eating manti (turkish meat tortellini) for lunch
i like buying shoes
i like downloading apps to my phone, checking them out and then deleting
i like wearing wool or thick cotton tights in the winter