November 20, 2014

triyng to warm up

this morning all hell broke loose on facebook; the water company had informed that the asian side of the city will be without water from monday morning until early friday. thats 4 days, pretty rough? by the afternoon there was a rumor that the mayor had cancelled this, telling the water company to do their construction work some other way. and its only thursday today, many things can change by next monday...  but i will put aside a few (extra) buckets of water this weekend...  but if this happens, i might ask friends if i can go spend a night in europe. Carilyn has her Thanksgiving dinner on thursday, i dont really wanna go there smelling...

Uber launched in finland. i just learned a month or so ago that they had been in Istanbul since the summer. i just ran into a campaign of theirs then, where they offered free rides for the whole weekend. sounded great. i was curious. i downloaded the app. then: no cars available. the whole weekend the best i got was a waiting time of 45 minutes. lol. i twiited @Uber rather bitterly and to their credit, they replied within half an hour asking me for location in a PM so theyd send a car right away. nice enough but too little too late. the next week i received a promotion email saying that my first 2 rides (up to 50tl) will be free. so im still hopeful, but the few (3-4) times that i logged in on the app in hopes of a ride, i got nothing better than 33min (usually much longer). meh. and then, the car MIGHT just arrive sooner, so im supposed to sit here on stand by? makes me ask myself, why did i want to use this service again?? because the price estimation tool easily shows you that they are about THREE (3) times as expensive as a normal cab. even if it was "just" twice the price, in a city where there is a cab in every corner, im kind of failing to see the benefit...  but id like to get my 2 free rides at least.

a painting in a bar (BardanAdam). we were sitting there with Kiriaki and her bf, and trying to recognize the rock legends...  we felt the cast was a bit uneven; Jon Bon Jovi right between Elvis and Jimi Hendrix, really..?? there was also Axl Rose, Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Lemmy and John lennon...  and we could not recognize 3 of the guys. 

i made another news collage to put on the guest room wall. doctor said my collages are getting more and more negative in terms of the content :D i dunno, could be - i tried to balance it with neutral and positive headlines.

i bought this heater last week, its tiny and cute and will allow me to avoid using the expensive air con less.  

i got mail! my stepfather and his gf sent me something for the winter; hand knit socks. the chocolate disappeared quickly.

doctor went TedX istanbul on tuesday. once of his rare days off just happened to match with the event, lucky. he liked it. i had a bit of work and most of the talks were in turkish so i stayed home. i had a plan on watching the free live stream, but it didnt work properly of course.

Kadiköy municipality posted a cute video on their facebook page. the music is infantile but the views nice. maybe i cant be objective though, i do love my home district. 

November 19, 2014

silmien pyörittely ei onneks maksa mitää

viime viikolla me pyydettiin siivooja apuun pitkästä aikaa. facen naisten ulkkisryhmässä suositellaan ja kysellään siivoojia ja lastenkaitsijoita jne. joten bongasin sieltä suosituksen ja koitettiin häntä. Pinar tekee vaan 5h päiviä mutta tehokkuus oli omaa luokkaansa kuten luvattu. päätettiin että koska mukavaa ja hyvää siivoojaa on vaikea löytää niin ehkä pyydetään hänet joka 3. viikko - vaikka alkuperäinen suunnitelma oli täyden päivän siivous kerta kuukauteen. se on jännä mitä hyvä siivooja saa aikaan muutamassa tunnissa. ikkunoistakin näkee nyt läpi kun on pesty...  tarjosin kyllä hänelle varrellisen lastan jolla pestä ne ilman että roikkuu tuolla ikkunatasanteella, koska rupesin miettimään että kun siivoojilla ei ole sos. turvaa työn puolesta (eikä maksa veroja jne), niin jos se tippuu ja kuolee kun me maksetaan sille pimeenä niin...siitä voi koitua meille ongelma? vähän kaukaa haettu? mutta ajattelin että parempi varman päälle. varmaan siivoojalle myös mieluisampaa näin.

luinpa taas hesarin kolumneissa jotain tosi tyhmää; Tanja Aitamurto ja shekkien ihanuus.  nähtyäni otsikon ajattelin että huh huh, mutta luetaan nyt, olen mahdollisesti missannut jotain - lisäsivistys ei ole ikinä pahitteeksi. kävi ilmi etten ole missannut yhtään mitään, mutta kirjoittaja on. shekkien puolustuspuhe on aika heikko; tunnistan jutusta seuraavat shekin puolustukset:
-traditio (vaikak shekki olisi katteeton, se on kuitenkin kädestä käteen annettu!)
-kätevä tapa taata jotain (?!)
-jos ei osaa  (eikä ilm. halua) käyttää verkkopalveluita tai muita moderneja palveluita, ja pelkää että tili tyhjeneee kun puhelimensa unohtaa johonkin...

joo. shekin miinuksia on varmaan turha listata, yllätti vaan nuo "plussat".

mä oon nyt vissiin kuukauden tai puoltoista tehny duunia macillä (tohon on varmaan suomessa sääntö et jos sana kirjoitetaan a:lla mut lausutaan ä:llä ni kumpaa päätteen pitäs seuraa mut jenni menee fiiliksellä), ja ajattelin kirjata ylös että suhteellisen sulavaahan se on ollut. yksittäisiä asioita on googleteltu, eli näppäinyhdistelmiä jne. ja joidenkin ohjelmien kanssa olen vähän ihmetellyt, mutta siis kaikenkaikkiaan aika tuskatonta. niin pitäski. jos astun taaksepäin työroolistani niin mietin kyllä että missä hiivatissa ne mun lataamat ohjelmat jne. on...  kontrollifriikille toi ei sovi...duunissa ok, mutta vapaa-ajalla olen edelleen hyvin cozy windows seiskani kanssa...

"Brasiliassa ei stressata arjesta" kuvasi Brasilia-viittauksia lukuunottamatta täysin Turkkia. näiden leveyspiirien maat nyt vaan tuntuu olevan aika samanlaisia tossa suhteessa. äidin nimen väärinkirjoituskeissi oli suoraan omasta elämästäni. Brasilia jaksaa siintää mun mielessä, sinne pitäisi päästä käymään...

November 16, 2014

basically nothing

friend linked me this article about Kim Kardashian. we were just wondering what made her famous. im still not sure, but now i know she poses for nudes (ok?! but found it awkward in this article), has a kid and is married to Kanye West. err. moving on...

i just spent, like, 20min creating a proxy on doctors tablet. thats a long ass time. i have to say f*ck android, and/or samsung. there is no way anyone could have done that without googling, its hidden. and there was even a sort of bug or usability issue related to the table being held horizontally/vertically... boo. but i got the proxy working. i need it for my testing work.

RuPaul's Drag Race is rated high as a reality show (7.9 on imdb) so i decided to give it a go. it is fun to watch the queens but the recorded "giggle" they play here and there is really annoying. but its decent entertainment.  i guess this is what bitches whove already seen every other show on tv, end up watching.

been feeling blue for a few days now. sleeping a lot, not going out. pretending to be normal.

November 10, 2014

bottom of the sea

downer of the day: i heard Lorenzo lamas is on the next Celebrity Apprentice, got excited and googled him. thats where things started to go wrong. i could not recognize his face...not that i expected him to look like in his Falcon Crest times, but oh boy something has happened :( and hes been married like 5 times and has close to dozen kids and ... yeah. okay that last part shouldnt matter but somehow it made things worse.

ive been trying to look at 9/11 conspiracy theory documentaries. but its hard to keep myself focused long enough to finish one. maybe im just not interested enough, although i think its a good idea to listen to different views. and last night i attempted watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with doctor. it was way too tense and annoying, i got somehow agitated and didnt want to finish. tonight i want to attempt another movie, something...  easier. maybe Frank or Lucy.

today im off to Forum shopping center with Carilyn, she is going there for work related shopping so im just catching a ride. i just learned Forum is the biggest shopping center in Europe... there is IKEA so i guess that does a lot? im a little worried about going to IKEA, but i have to use public transport too so i guess i cant buy anything crazy.

there i was, just working away on my laptop at 9:05 when the air raid sirens went off, and i heard the fog horns of the ferries from the distance too and was thinking "war? wtf..." i looked out the window and saw this dystopian world where everything had 'frozen' still; the cars, the people on the street - with this blazing noise providing backround music. it honestly took me like 10 seconds to register that nothing honestly moved, and then another few to remember its a yearly occasion to commemorate Ataturk's death.  maybe i could also take a moment and quote this man?

"I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men."

November 08, 2014

maybe not interested

i watched Summer of Blood. nicely awkward...  obviously not a big budget movie and not great, but refreshingly different and with plenty of truly funny moments. i seem to find those lacking in comedies these so it is worth mentioning. i liked a lot of dialogue and social awkwardness going on. light and humorous.

The Imitation Game looks interesting too. in fact, first it didnt, ok Alan Turing breaking the enigma code and yadi yadi yaa...  however the trailer got me somewhat excited! now i want to see it.

Atice got me installing Goodreads app. now, im not sure if it will actually be useful for me, as i dont read *that* much, and the few friends that are also on it, don't share my taste in books. so then its ..meh. HOWEVER, while i set it up, i noticed its very good in suggesting books and understanding what you are into. i dont know if they built their own database and if its just great analytics, but i felt like it was better than Amazon. which says a lot.

meanwhile in turkey: prosecutor demands up to 6 yrs of jail for a mother, kid gets killed while parents sleep.

as i was working today and emailing back and forth with a developer about a recurring but random bug, i identified another one of my great testing assets (yes, there are several), which is that i just dont let shit go. its - again - not a great feature in life in general, however for testing its optimal. i see a problem, it should be fixed, maybe it disappears, but then i see it again or it was just a freaky browser error, but then i will keep digging like a bloodhound...  #yayme  but i think my real challenge in life is to subdue that behavior in my relationships and general behavior. i have been working on it, and will continue. i think ive made progress...

pharmacy kitty. maybe on tranquillisers cos she was not interested in my petting services.

some articles i read recently:
fooled by your own brain (nothing super deep nor new, but nevertheless fun toread)
a birth story (great writer)
bartender watching over tinder dates (short & amusing)
the bridge to Sodom & Gomorrah (gets tiring towards the end)

Karga's 3rd floor has been made into a small concert space, i just saw it for the first time. no chairs, just sitting on the floor. reminded me of my teenage years :) i didnt stay in for the concert because im just not into live music.

 random. looks like a bar is moving?

you realize you are a little bit older than others when you talk about movies or tv shows and realize that the person you are talking to was too young when that particular thing came out. and by the way, then there is the awkwardness of what to say; cos if you go with the spontaneous "ohh, right, u cant remember it cos it was in the 80s!" it could be considered as patronizing. so sometimes, if i think faster than my mouth opens, i just pretend like i dont know why they dont know, and quickly suggest something else or change the topic.

November 04, 2014

alakuloinen sää vaikuttaa

joo uus viikko ja kuukausi. tällainen taivastelu on kyllä todella turhaa mutta aika tuntuu kulkevan nopeasti, on jo marraskuu.... 

hesarin kolumnisti kirjoitti vanhasta aiheesta, "kulttuurit sulautuu yhdeksi massaksi, yhyy". se on tää ihmislaji sellainen. miksi vanha on muka aina parempaa? kyllä mäkin pidän hienona että maapallolla on ollut (ja on edelleen jotakuinkin) tosi erilaisia kulttuureja, tapoja, ruokia ja kieliä - mutta jos lähtökohta olisi toisinpäin eli ihmiskunta olisi ollut jotenkin homogeeninen ja sitten eriytyisi erilaisiin ryhmiin niin sitten itkettäisiin sitä, kuinka kukaan ei enää ymmärrä toistaan jne. en halua sanoa ettenkö yhtään ymmärrä tuota Saarikiven vuodatusta mutta ehken kuitenkaan "viitsi" harmitella sitä että ihmiset muuttaa maailmaa jossa elävät vaikka muutoksesta keksiikin kaikkea enempi vähempi ikävää.

mulle tuli eko-elokuvafestareilta sellai fiilis et puolet ongelmista maailmassa just nyt on  padot ja vesienergien tuotantolaitokset joita rakennetaan "vääriin" paikkoihin (lainausmerkeissä koska en tiedä kuinka oikeita tai vääriä paikkoja voi määritellä kaikkia miellyttävällä tavalla). mut voi olal et se on vaan nyt suosittu aihe. jos saasteita ja päästöjä on käsitelty jo tarpeeksi et se alkaa kuivua kasaan? mutta vesienergiasta mietin että ollaanko joissain maissa vain tosi käsiä sen rakentamisen kanssa vai onko se niin mahdottoman vaikeaa tehdä sitä rakentamista ekologisesti? ja eikse vesienergia pitäny olla ekologista? mut sit jokien suunnat muuttuu ja jotain...  ei oo helppoa. yhdessä dokkarissa yks tyyppi sanoi että jostain 168 tuotantolaitoksesta jotka on pohjois-turkin alueella ni saadaan vaan 2% turkin energiasta. mä jäin kelaa et oikeestiko, oliko niistä siis puoletkaan toiminnassa, onko ne vaan tehottomia vai mitä helv? ei sillä, se onkin varmaan sit ainoa 2% energiaa minkä turkki tuottaa itse itselleen, kaikki muu tulee rajan takaa...    vaikka ydinvoimalaa rakennetaankin maanjäristysherkkään etelä-turkkiin niin olen sitä mieltä että hyvä hyvä. sit saattais köyhemmilläkin olla varaa lämmitykseen (jos rakentais sähkölämmitteisiä kohtuuhintaisia asuntoja), eikä tarvis kuolla häkämyrkytykseen.  vaikka se taitaa olla niin että teitpä miten pin vaan ni heikommassa asemassa olevat kärsii aina. se on ehkä samaa darwinismia mitä lajeilla on aina ollut, se on vaan siirtynyt moderniin ympäristöön ja siksi tuntuu epäinhmilliseltä?

tää uusi tukka on kyllä ollu aika tuskallinen välillä. en ole tottunut siihen etten tiedä miten hiukset saisi aisoihin tai että niistä ylipäätään tarvisi huolehtia. vahat ei meinaa tepsiä jos hiukset on pesun jälkeen päässy kuivuu jotenkin pystyyn ym. voi myös olla että etenkin edessä tukka on vähän liian lyhyttä - paksu hius sojottaa siten joka aamu taivasta kohti. ja siinä ei kastelu ym. auta.  en myöskään halua alkaa opetella föönaamaan hiuksia. yritin tänään googlettaa jotain mutta tuloksetta. tilanne on siis aika mahdoton (välillä). yritin tänään sellasta että pesun jälkeen kampasin hiukset "paikalleen", normaalin wash & go sijaan... katsotaan onko ne huomenna yhteistyökykyisempiä. pitää silti varmaan joka tapauksessa käydä ostaa jotain spessuvahaa joka on tujumpaa kuin lääkärin vastaavat (sillä on pari Osiksen tuotetta jotka kyllä fiilikseltään on kivoja). mut et ainakin 2 ongelmaa: 
1) miten aamulla saada hiukset kuosiin 
2) miten saada ne pysymään koko päivä...

no ja 3) miten tällästä säätämistä jaksaa...

November 03, 2014

been there, seen some of it

to cross off the bucket list....:
ecological documentary festival

overall a nice experience like i thought it would be. it was good to have a change of scenery although i had to work on thursday and part of friday. Bozcaada was cold as fuck though, brrrr. it didnt help that the hotels there had been empty until festival people came so some had not even turned on hot water...  i came just in time as things started to function. although the first night when we (a busload of people) arrived the hotel staff had gone to bed and were unreachable so our friends already set there opened another room with their key (yes, their key opened another rooms door!) and luckily it fit 3 people so i got to be roomies with my friends...  and the air con worked as a heater.

i dunno how this island ended up as the location for the ecological documentary festival but i think they worked hard to make it worthwhile for guests. breakfast was free for everyone and many cafes and restaurants offered 10tl lunches and dinners - way below normal prices. locals were welcoming and it was cute as i expected. it was also to be expected that i would not go see too many documentaries, but enough to get a festival feeling. 

my favorite of the ones i saw was The Road (youtube trailer for the the road) - i didnt find the topic so interesting but it was visually VERY pleasing, and overall flowed nicely. easy to watch, basically. the director was also present and we later talked, he seemed nice. as for easy to watch, that could not be said for some of the turkish documentaries that i saw...uff.  i was actually wondering if maybe in this part of the world they have different "rules" to film making even... maybe having a comprehensive storyline and beginning, middle and end etc. is not so... important? cos me and Hanna both had trouble following some of them. i was even disappointed with the festival winner, A Few Brave People. the topic was important but it was way too long and there was too much of emotional villagers babbling etc. i feel like turks like their documentaries rather emotional than informative.

all in all i saw too many poor people struggling for their life - its too common on this planet but it gets depressing to watch. and wtf, then i return back to my city pad, to clothes made mostly (?) by chinese kids, the cleaning chemicals, to cosmetics of which some are animal tested, to putting toilet paper in the toilet and eating processed foods and using electricity which is imported and produced abusing god knows who. so who am i kidding? ok, documentaries are meant to be enlightening. meh. i already know im the bad guy in this story. and i dont agree with all of the currently popular views on

i missed these but they are on my to watch list:    
Tarlabasi and Me
Aint No Cinderellas (all Turkey & urban related)

Rooms Without a View
Five Star Experience

Bozcaada has a lot of cats!!

Festival headquarters; Eski Cafe. wonderful service. Hanna and I enjoyed their wifi and worked while enjoying breakfast, lunch...

my room, once i finally got it. very cute.   

town hall (i believe). the mayor held speeches and local wine was poured at the awards ceremony. friendly village. 

10tl dinner menu. and local wine, of course! Bozcaada has its own wineries. 

the other screening location (Armagrandi Hotel).

me and Hanna ran into this interesting fellow on the street, he invited us into his...not shop, but "hobby room". which looked like a shop. right in the center of the village, too. he likes to collect stuff and his specialty is memorabilia and letters and postcards from different parts of the world. its amazing how many people he has interacted with. and the amount of stuff...  and, then we took selfies together with his mobile phone. i, too, promised to send him a card.

this soft wonderful thing enjoyed sitting on my lap. 

i dunno what these guys were doing...  but i took a photo. 

the village center. 

Bozcaada municipality bus standing by the roadside diner tonight. thank you Bozcaada for the ride! 

 and new shoes!!

October 27, 2014

eco what??!

so somewhat suddenly i am going to this documentary festival on Bozcaada island on wednesday. its maybe somewhat ironic since its the "ecological documentary festival"...but im sure there is something interesting to see. my friends company is doing the technical work/screenings for the festival, and my friend Hanna is going, so she was pushing me to join...   Bozcaada municipality is arranging a free bus ride too, so why not, itll be an experience :) ive been on Bozcaada once in the summer, its a nice greek-style island, cute and with, that helped the decision.

 got these shoes from eBay. nice rubber sole and simple, warm...  perfect for the winter.

i ordered from a new "home food" place, an omelette and a meaty stew...  bread is included, naturally, but hey, how much bread is that???!!! i feel bad throwing that away. sometimes i take it out next to trash in a separate bag but i admit this time it just ended up in our trash bin. turks and their bread...

doctor told me about a case at the hospital. in the morning, the was a lung cancer patient at another ward, they were doing a lung endoscopy on him. he had a heart attack in the middle of it, hence ER ppl were called. doctor performed CPR on him, gave him a lot of shocks, and eventually got the patient back to this planet. anyway, doctor goes back to ER etc. in the afternoon he goes out on the yard for a break. there is a familiar looking guy wearing hospital  clothes. yup. and he is smoking  cigarettes. the fastest recovery ever, doctor said.


syksy on tullut ja olen kaivanut sukkikset laatikosta, ja ostanut toki parit uudet.

viikonlopun sosialisointi huipentui lauantaihin kun tapasin Billuria sen kotona ilta naposteltavien ja viinin merkeissä, ja Carilyn myös messissä. turkkilainen Billur on asunut espanjassa, joten keskustelu expat-elämän ongelmista ja voitoista olivat keskiössä. 

perjantaina ulkona parin tutuntutuntutun-couchsurfingkaverin kanssa jotka oli todellisia tanskalaisia olutfanaatikkoja. selvitin ne muutamat paikat kaupungissa jotka teoriassa voisivat tarjota heille jotain ja siis poikia näihin paikallisiin pubeihin joissa ei sitten ollut puoliakaan listassa luvatuista pienpanimoiden erikoisuuksista...eli ihan normi turkki, sekoittavat rose- ja punaviinin keskenään (joten pojat nopeasti kyllä heräsivät tilanteeseen että we're not in Kansas anymore...). sorry!

se missä täällä on kompensoitu heikkoa olutvalikoimaan ni sadat erilaiset oliivit ja juustot. osa expateista ihastuu tai mieltyy paikalliseen tarjontaan mutta mä a) en välitä oliiveista, ja b) oon edelleen että missä prkl on se edam... paikalliset "juustot" ei vaan yhtään lämmitä, ihan sama minkä pikkukylän erikoisuus ne on. mutta Billurilla oli tarjota savustettua goudaa, nam nam. ja viime viikolla mä ostin brietä kotiin ja maisteltiin sitä keksien ja rose-viinin kera kun lääkärillä oli vapaa ilta.

ja me todettiin että siivousapua tarttis taas. mun siivoukset ei ehkä ihan riitä... en tiedä liittyykö se siihen että neliöitä on se 120 vai siihen etten oo niin kovin innostunut hommasta...  mutta joka tapauksessa nyt tuntuu että nyt olis taas myös varaa maksaa ulkopuolisesta avusta. kaikkihan on suhteellista ja moni turkkilainen tinkisi jostain muusta kuin siivoojasta mutta meille se on about viimeisenä listalla. ehkä joku kerta kuukaudessa diili olisi ihan kohtuullinen mutta se voi olla vaikea löytää koska suurin osa siivoojista etsii vähintään kerta viikossa keikkaa. etsitään sopivaa...

aktivoiduin myös vihdoin aussikämpän etsinnässä, voi osittain olla liian aikaista mutta parempi ainakin tsekkaa markkinoita. tsekkaan jopa homeswap mahikset vaikka ne näyttää tosi surkeilta. home swap meininki näyttäis olevan se että Melbournessa on aika paljon sub urban -perheitä, tai sitten jotain 4-kerroksisisssa design-kämpässä asuvia pariskuntia, ja epäilen että kumpiakaan ei ehkä kiinnosta meidän suhteessa aika vaatimaton kämppä talvisessa Istanbulissa. mutta mitään ei saa jos ei kysy. kirjanmerkkeihin lisäsin jo paikalliset craigslistit (gumtree) jne. ja liityin facebook ryhmiin jossa asuntoja etsitään ja tarjotaan. kyl sielt jotain löytyy. kysymys on vaan et paljon tää sit kustantaa, ill do my best. toisaalla alan myös laskee että millä hintaa ja kelle me voitais vuokraa eteenpäin tää meidän oma kotipesä siks aikaa...  ja lääkärin pitäs alottaa viisumianomuksen papereiden keruu. itse anomus (ei mikään ihan yksinkertainen) on jo netissä valmiiksi täytetty.

toi Sunny Car Centerin juttu on kyl mahtava läppä, juin hesarin selvityksen, 2 nigerialaishuijausta?

October 21, 2014

leaning forward

some realizations about the new hair:
1. straight out of bed hair is ...not so great anymore, the hair needs some attention, namely,
2. wax. thank god doctor has some, i borrowed from him.
3. looks like i will be dyeing my hair much more often...

im so used to "wash & go" this seems very high maintenance. and my experience in styling hair is... well, limited. i think i need to google and talk to people who have more experience in this.
and what is this...   well a turkish cleaning lady of course. i havent seen statistics on their work related deaths but they may well be high. (those numbers for turkey overall are VERY grim).

a week ago my old high school friend posted this highly debated new article on FB (the one about a study that says women dont have vaginal orgasms...pfff) , and a friend of his commented on it and referred to some statistics regarding turkish women. so i then asked this friend off topic where the numbers came from and it turns out it was a study hes conducted in Istanbul. so we start to talk and turns out this guy is practically my neighbor. he has been studying womens sexuality for a long time here and said he would give me some books he wrote on it, and he sent me the surveys too which i was interested in. the sad news is that the sexual behavior and thoughts of young educated turkish women have changed considerably in the past 20 years...for the worse imho. the women have less orgasms, less partners, suddenly virginity on a wedding night is valued again etc. the figures are horrible :( and now that i talked with some turkish friends, they agree that the country was more liberal in the 90s (the first survey was from 1993). uff. so anyway on saturday i met this friend of a friend (Ümit is his name). he is a professor of pharmacology so we had plenty to talk about in that field too! but we covered sex & health education, scandinavian depression and turkish women in detail. inspiring discussions. and i came home with some suggestions to try (dopamin, melatonin, 5HTP etc). lets see, now googling hard.

Ümit is a big fan of tea as well and suggested i try black tea (called "gunpowder") and melissa tea. i do not like tea but somehow felt impulsive so i decided to try. this is day #2 of trying, and im not yet impressed, almost had a nap yesterday afternoon after this "gunpowder", and last night i stayed up until 6am, after 2 glasses of melissa tea past midnight. im not expecting these things to work like medical products but i think this is very unlucky. i do believe these experiences are very individual, and perhaps im so used to all the toxic waste and chemicals i normally consume, that these just wont even make me blink an eye. and im not sure if i am imagining, but i feel like both teas make me feel sort of nauseous?? 
im glad i found this proper tea mug in our cup board, we got it as a gift from someone, and i didnt even know what its for. lets put it to good use. i have to say, very messy and complicated though. 

Miriam suggested me a book (or, alternatively, the authors TEDtalk), Esther Perel's Mating in Captivity. it was 9,99usd for Kindle so clickety-click... i already started reading. she tends to have interesting suggestions so i did not even read a description or a bloody review, i trusted her recommendation and the interesting title. 

i havent cooked for a long time. but today while doing a shopping round in the neighborhood i opened BigOven app in my phone, it has a great feature where you write 2 or 3 ingredients that you have already, and it will suggest some recipes based on that. i started off with spinach and chicken. and chose a pasta food since one was available. although it required me to buy gorgonzola cheese and cherry tomatoes and whatnot...    overall it was too complicated, although the end results was tasty. recipe here.

dinner; served with a "you know i wouldnt do shit like this if i was alone, right? i do it for you." but in the cutest tone possible.

October 17, 2014

feeling like myself again

our new projector is looking good, we are happy with it. seems impossible (without a lot of effort) to get a photo that showcases the 'screen' watching experience we have, but here my best half-assed try.

beats a bulky black television hanging on the wall any day.

Miriam finally has a smart phone and whatsapp...  connecting just got easier. and nokia had (unfortunately) nothing to do with it.

i think Miriam subconsciously inspired my new haircut too. now im really starting to look like a "bitchy feminist"...  which is great? at least i like the look. the short side could use some more work, but im not sure what...  the hairdressers here are not very good with this type of stuff...i might be better off going to a barber. but for now im happy. i havent changed my hair so radically in years so its an odd feeling.

after the left side was cut short it was clear that i need to dye my hair again. its only been a week but... 1 have 3-5mm of brown growth, not too visible in photos but horrible in real life. operation hair dye then...

and doctor *loves* my new haircut.

there was an ebola scare at his hospital on wednesday night. a patient with high fever and flu like symptoms, who had returned from that part of africa 2 weeks ago. turkish health ministry instructions dictate that these kind of patients are assumed ebola until proven otherwise. im sure its the same everywhere else, but im a little bit proud my doctor followed the rule book and the patient was put in isolation and proper safety measures taken. it was a huge mess of course, the media ran to the scene etc. by morning the tests for malaria came back positive, so the situation solved. i was already thinking to myself i better move to sleep on the couch and take some distance, although doctor did not touch the patient.

tonight my friend is hosting a 'Mexican Fiesta' party, looking forward to those tastes!

October 14, 2014

stretching the brain cell

today besides my usual work i got some mental exercise from trying to set up some automated tests with Selenium Builder. i am just testing it to see if it fits my/our purposes at work. incredibly easy to use, but of course lacking some fine tuning then.

 im also checking out Applitools. slightly harder to set up and the focus is on automating visual regression testing.

i have since made more space to be practical, but this is my messy set up from last week:

i still need to make some arrangements, and i could use a slightly wider table to help me out. the make up however, is not going anywhere, i need it close by!

doctors birthday gift, finally pictured in flesh...Samsung Tab 4. 

and then we got YET another 'toy'. an Acer projector. it was about time we switched, the old one was like a starry sky...on a very dark night. and the tech service told us a new LCD will cost as much as a new projector all together. i think it might still make do at an orphanage or charity run school for refugees - will donate it to one of those. now, its time to present: Acer H5380BD;

doctor seems quite happy about it. and me too, i guess. my only issue is that this is slightly bigger than the old one :( arent these things supposed to get smaller with technical advancements??

34 things u can do with coffee grounds. i suspect some of those may be poor alternatives to other options (like using them as gravel on icy sidewalks, home made soap) or plain BS (remove dark circles from under your eyes), but others... i will try.

i have also bought some things just for myself...  i went to Mango and found this dress...its a bit turkish (all the lace...oh lord), but i felt like i should have something slightly dressy for ...birthday parties or whatever, all my clothes are very casual. this one fit the bill and was 13,50tl/4,5e.

2 skirts i got from someone 2nd hand;  the grey woolly skirt has a funky form and the more fitted one is army green.

October 11, 2014


today, maybe inspired by my week with the mac, i finally took my MINIPUPU laptop to Volkan and we installed Ubuntu on it. im glad i went to him because alone, im not sure how many hours i wouldve spent on it, the first try was not succesful. so far my initial thoughts are that it has a smooth ideology, just the execution is a bit bumpy. kind of as i expected. i may sound obnoxious, but there are reasons (besides corporate capitalism & lobbying & conspiracy theories etc) why especially Windows is so popular. stable and easy to use operating systems are hard to make (and W only succeeds every 2nd time...). anyway, i will continue my critical evaluation...

hahaa...  i just watched a trailer (Exodus: Gods & Kings, for the record) and it says "from the director of Gladiator" as a sales point...  okay, true, Ridley Scott did direct Gladiator, and sure, its similar to this so it makes sense. but i was a bit baffled anyway when i saw it, cos for me Ridley Scott will always be Blade Runner, Alien...     but yeah, the more i think of it (which is over 30 seconds now), the better i understand why they must refer to Gladiator in this instance.

turkish government recently allowed headscarves for students, while banning tattoos, piercings and make up. yeah. all this would make for a great reality show if fast forwarded 5 yrs, i would call it Turkey goes Iran. the Kobane thing and that, im not gonna go there. i have my first world problems here, like the stream feature gone missing from my utorrent.

i ended up looking for new reality tv food again after watching the '6 months later' episode of Married At First Sight. lovely show, more real than...typical reality show. maybe because with an actual marriage the shit just got real, its not ur usual dating show. anyway, i found Face Off! make up special effects show. reminds me of my more artistic times of course. great entertainment. also the new season of Ultimate Fighter has recently started. its womens strawweight season...:D


October 10, 2014

vikkelillä sormilla tämäkin toimii

nyt oon 2 päivää testaillu verkkosivuja silleen että silmissä vilisee...  mutta eilinen tuotannon päivitys sujui taas aika hyvin vaikka itse sanonkin :)  pieneen henkiseen väsymykseen vaikuttanee myös tuo uusi työkaveri eli mäkki, pitää työn tuoksinnassa asennella juttuja ja toki siinä on muutama jännittävä "ominaisuus" tuottanut harmaita hiuksia... mutta ei mitään mistä en selviäisi. aika moni asia selviää vain googlettamalla oikea näppäinyhdistelmä...

yksi mäkin sivuvaikutus ei tullut yllätyksenä; tarvii etsiä joillekin tutuille ohjelmille vastaava mac-versio. siinähän googlettelen sitten...  screenshottien kanssa olen etenkin hikoillut, OSX:n natiiviominaisuudet ei oo just niinku haluaisin joten latasin erillisen ohjelman, mutta sekin on vähän erikoinen käyttää. voi olla että en vaan osaa?

lääkäri lähti eilenaamuna suoraan yövuorosta kentälle ja lensi Mersiniin eli kotikaupunkiinsa. kerran kahdessa vuodessa on ihan hyvä... ja tänään on sen synttäri, mutta kun huomattiin viime viikolla että sillä on 3 päivää lomaa putkeen niin se oli sellainen tilaisuus jota ei oikeen kehdannut ohittaa, muuten kyläily voisi taas siirtyä vuodella...

Under the Dome alkoi ihan lupaavasti, tai lähtöasetelma ainakin oli mielenkiintoinen, mutta jo ekan kauden puolessavälissä se alko olla sellasta ihme teinijännitysbs:ää...ja toinen kausi on mennyt kepeästi fast forwardilla. enenevässä määrin. järkyttävää paskaa. ja joku kaveri huomautti hyvin että kys. sarja on aika kova win8 mainos. no todella.mistä tuli mieleeni, lääkäri asensi jo koneelleen win10:n jonkun previewn:n... katsotaan mitä siitä tulee. joka toinenhan pitäs olla hyvä, katsotaan jos näin on.

HS: perätön raiskausilmoitus toi ehdollista vankeutta. ihan oikein. noita on tietääkseni ikävän paljon. toki vielä enemmän on raiskauksia joita ei ikinä ilmoiteta koska se vaan on aika vaikea juttu, maassa kuin maassa ja naiselle kuin naiselle (tai miehelle!). mutta silti noihin kostoilmoituksiinkin pitää puuttua, se on tosi häpeämätöntä touhua se...

October 07, 2014

then, Mavericks!

our over month long queue of guests has come to an end, as Sebastian left for the airport yesterday. what a weekend! and what a month! i need rest after this.

but first things first, i had 89 emails (!) in my work inbox yesterday morning :D not all personally sent to me of course, but things to look into or keep an eye on, re: release management & testing. the colleague that was ill last week and whom i covered now left on a 2 week vacation so i will continue doing her job too - big shoes to fill. but last week went well actually. work wise, i am doing less and less anything else now, i still have 2-3 translation clients that keep coming to me with stuff but its not too much. i dont have any testing related freelance gigs now either, but i think i want to keep doing something on the side just for variety and learning...  overall im happy just working for this one company and client. AND, this brings me to an addition to our family, a Macbook Air! my employer gave it to me for work and Sebastian was kind enough to pick it up from the office and bring it in his hand luggage.

now, i am known to not be mac-friendly. actually im not a hater either, i think "to each their own" honestly, i personally just love my Win7 and i am very religious about keeping things the way they are. for work though, ok, whatever, i dont have feelings about the computer... i just require it to work. and im sure this mac will do just that. they are "notorious" for being smooth and easy to use, right? (the phone is!) so thats what i will expect. while i can of course use a mac for daily stuff i bet there is a lot to learn...  but for the reason i already mentioned, i dont expect the road to be rocky. my first mac related google search though? "how to lift a macbook air lid". seriously. because the lid is so thin and smooth, and i didnt notice the crease on the bottom in the middle, i was like fuuuuck, how do people open these...  

now, between doctor and me, we have 5 computers and 1 tablet. its starting to feel like a big family. a lot of responsibility. i had some dilemmas naming this newbie, but in the end i settled for DUUNIPUPU. "work bunny", which does not really sound as good as it does in finnish.

sunday night in Taksim.

im not proud of it but on saturday i definitely had the worst hangover ever. and by ever i mean one that ive ever experienced. lets not top this record. i blame it on my finnish guest, these things dont really happen when finns are not around! without going into too much gross detail, i was suffering a lot. when doctor arrived from work around around 3pm on saturday, i was laying on bathroom floor - the cold tile almost made me feel better. and toilet bowl was close enough, i was feeling like the painkiller i just ingested would try to creep back up... doctor prescribed me a hangover drink and mixed a vodka energy drink. well i would have thought of that myself but it was not possible to keep anything inside until that point. and just holding a glass sitting up was a struggle. sip by sip i worked on it though and sure enough, in a short while i felt almost human again. sitting there, on the bathroom floor with my better half next to me and Sebastian keeping us company nearby i felt lucky and emotional. surviving a killer hangover does that you. maybe writing this down will serve as a slight reminder, for a while... 

Sebastian, enjoying Istanbul & Efes (and shots!).

October 03, 2014

another KitKat...

today is the day i moved my summer shoes from the hall to the ..."shoe room", aka doctors room. the day temperatures are around 19-23 and i even need warm socks inside the house, there is no way im going out in sandals anymore. BUT, the other day i bought shoes for the fall/winter! real leather, sturdy heels - got them from another expat who had bought the wrong size essentially... 

me and Arttu watching telly when he was here.  

doctor has a birthday next week and i was struggling over what to get him, its a semi-round number after all, 35! Arttu pushed me towards the gadgets, which doctor loves...  so eventually i got a 10" Samsung tablet. i couldnt keep it a secret very long of course and gave it last night. i had essentially started leading doctor astray like a week ago, when he was talking about buying a proper, good quality umbrella. i said i will get it for him as a birthday gift! i would think thats an odd gift but i knew he wouldnt object. anyway, yesterday i said i found the perfect umbrella, and he was somewhat worried about it, asking the diameter of the umbrella etc :D i had him close his eyes and gave a pink box...and enjoyed seeing his face when in the box he found a printed picture of an umbrella and his tablet. i love seeing him happy like that. its not the fanciest tablet around but its not certain how useful it will be (his phone being almost the size of a tablet), i figured if he loves, he will buy the fancy model next year - fair enough?

Sebastian arrives tonight, i gotta get ready for an Istanbul Tour weekend... 

October 01, 2014

kovemmat kädet

Arttu lähti eilen kotimatkalle. ja Sebastian tulee ylihuomenna. taas pari päivää hengähdys (ja siivous) taukoa. sain aika hyvän nuhan, mutta nukkumalla viime yönä melkeen 11h olen saanut sen jotakuinkin hoideltua. nyt pitää enää rasvata niistämisestä kärsinyt nenä kuntoon, siihen menee käytännössä toinen päivä tai pari.

kollega töissä (helsingissä) on sairaana joten otin vastuulleni hänen release management hommansa tällä viikolla - uutta ja jännittävää - vaikka silleen vähän tuttua kun testaajana tietty olen prosessissa mukana. mutta nyt olen itse se ihminen kenen kanssa yleensä olen tekemisissä :D tänään kuitenkin regressiotestailin 7h putkeen ja sen jälkeen olin jotakuinkin silmät ristissä. se on yllättävän vaativaa kun kokoajan keskittyy jokaisen visuaaliseen elementtiin ja miettii että onko tää se lopputulos mikä piti olla. sitten vielä tunti englannin opetusta, en ole raaskinut lopettaa tunteja yhden oppilaan (Seyda) kanssa joka on tosi mukava. pitää ajatella sitä taskurahana... 

soitin verotoimistoon kysyäkseni jostain ja tuli esiin että olen ollut ulkomailal yhtäjaksoisesti yli 3 vuotta. verotoimiston tyyppi oli sitä mieltä että 2014 ja siitä eteenpäin olen vain rajallisesti verovelvollinen, jolloin mun ei tarvitsisi muka maksaa veroja enää suomeen duunistani. vaan siis turkkiin. öööö. kuulostaa ensi ajatuksena kivalta, niitähän vois olla sitten maksamatta mihinkään, teoriassa. mutta noi verot on kyllä vähän sellanen juttu joka voi tulla vastaan myöhemmin. joten voisin niitä maksaa kyllä. sitten kysymys on että mihin. mä olen kokenut täm paikallisen järjestelmän toimimattomuuden niin monella tapaa että vähän epäilyttää. oliskohan veroprosentti eri? kertyiskö siitä eläkettä vai kertyiskö se delleen suomeen? paljon kysymyksiä. mä oikeesti ehkä haluan maksaa veroja suomeen? sovittiin sen verotyypin kaa etten tee nyt mitään, ne saattaa lähettää mulle joskus postia asiasta jos huomaavat, tai sitten voin itse ottaa asian esille keväällä kun saan sen veroehdotuksen. just nyt ei ehkä kiinnosta.

nyt vapaa ilta, yksin kotona osa VIII. aion reilusti katsoa telkkaria ja relata (uudet sarjat Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, Vain Elämää 2. jakso - jos mielenkiinto pysyy yllä - ja sit vielä mitä jaksaa...Good Wifen, Foreverin tai Ink Masterin viimeisin jakso). Vain Elämään ekaa jaksoa jaksoin melkeen loppuun asti, olen Vesa-Matti Loirin fani mutta ohjelman hidas on kai vähän raskas kun on tottunut jenkkikamaan ja muutenkin vähän keskittyminen herpaantunut.

/edit Paula Vesalan Vain Elämää -jaksoa en jaksanut kuin puoleen väliin ja Selfietä 5min. olisihan se pitänyt arvata. paras siirtyä tuttujen ja turvallisten pariin.  

September 27, 2014

drought continues

Kadiköy water cuts continue today. should return by 11pm but i have no reason to believe the info the ISKI website ...  glad i filled the water bottles last night.

just checked with doctor that indeed my health check up included an xray for tuberculosis. fuck that, im not getting 'rayed once a year! i understand its still a concern in turkey (22 per 100 000 people in 2012), but i dont want to get x-rays "just in case" (i rather get my cancer from artificial sweeteners or whatever it is thats causing cancer these days).

random: delivery guy moving furniture downhill.

since the landlord and plumbers decided that fixing the under floor plumbing is not feasible (read: too expensive), we just put a marble doorsill in the doorway with silicone. hopefully keeps the water at bay when the next flood hits our kitchen.

Liman kahve's garden expanded, they basically broke the walls between the 3 bars next to each other in the back, so in the front on the street, there are 3 doors and bar signs, but walking through the bar you will find a huge combined garden in the back. below is one corner of it. 

random: public toilet in an underpass (in Karaköy).

breakfast at Van Kahvalti a few days ago. the weather was on our side and the offerings plentiful...   im not a big fan of turkish breakfast but i still got full (bread & egg!).