November 18, 2017

well, winter is here thats for sure

landlord emailed us regarding contract renewal, as expected. they want to up it by 82£/month! and, charge 100£ for renewal itself. so depressed now, cant deal with this. we'll try negotiate obviously but might actually just need to move, the current rent is kind of our upper limit. none of this is a huge surprise, but i guess im allowed to feel down nevertheless.

 LA Times: Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?   good piece. ive thought about this a lot lately too. if its the case of ONE fuck up in your life  (usually its more though, of course), do you deserve to lose your job and have your life and reputation permanently ruined? not talking about Weinstein here obviously, but the fringe cases, where someone out a hand someones thingh in a car 20 years ago. also started reading Jon Ronson's So you've been publicly shamed. kind of related topics...

that brings me to Morrissey. he too had an opinion on this "Harassment Gate"..  i like Morrissey's music but his opinion as of late (on pretty much anything) are just nauseating.

another good article from LA; LA Weekly's One Band From Finland Inspired the Entire Sunset Strip Hair Metal Scene. yeah Hanoi Rocks obviously. they are soooo good :)

November 15, 2017

planning, high on caffeine

i should be excited over our soon upcoming Tenerife trip but instead i found myself planning for Santorini next May and even daydreaming of winter 2018! well, i am excited about tenerife but its there and waiting, not much to do. its a simple fun & sun trip, just need to chill a bit. i am not sure i would go to Santorini in May normally, but our friends are getting married there and we are invited. so, lets make it a holiday then? im just so confused over whether we should stay in Santorini the whole time or also go to nearby islands for a few nights. oddly enough, direct one way flights to separate islands is cheaper that return flight to Santorini, but the ferry cost evens it out. Mykonos seems to be a party island and have a higher cost of living, whereas Naxos is affordable but im not sure if its worth going to. well, all greek islands are pretty - i tink im just feeling lazy and hence would prefer to stay in Santorini all the way. when doctor returns from work tonight i'll get his opinion on our preferences. i feel slightly ridiculous for planning things this early, we might well be dead by May, but then again i dont see a reason to stop planning - the assumption is that we are alive and well and want to have a wide selection & early booking discounts...     comparing the hotels is just an endless task. there is the matter of location (nearby shops and restaurants), then reviews by other travelers, quality of wifi, pool, pool bar, and possible other perks. greeks are not into heating pools either so im between a rock & a hard place, do i just give up on swimming altogether or do we splurge on a private jacuzzi or something?? and as far as winter 2018 goes, i suggested to doctor we go somewhere properly bloody warm, like asia. he suggested Caribbean. ok, fine, i google what countries are around there. ive been to Cuba and Puerto Rico but hard to rmember exactly what other major holiday destinations share those waters... i soon come to the conclusion that a package trip may be a better deal for this one. luckily those websites allow you to just search "destination: caribbean", i guess im not the only idiot. St Lucia, Barbados & Dominical Republican looked potential candidates. also expensive. and we need to again decide our priorities, infinity pool or something lowkey & focus on culture?

interesting article; The Problem With Intersectional Feminism (AreoMagazine). i may not agree with everything but there are certainly parts that i nodded along deep and hard. but intersectional feminism is still a muddy abstract area in my mind so i am not making too many comments.

glad Terry Richardson got his share of the abuse outing. although i'd heard about it bfore, finally there was a reaction. im not convinced much will change but the direction is right.

the next book we are reading in book club is A Street Cat Named Bob! i think it will be great christmas time reading. kitty!

November 12, 2017

its like finland outside

so far so good; its november and 8-12c outside, yet we don't need heating every day all day. and when i turn the heating on, its just the living room. even with this, we pay 125£ monthly for electricity, although of course it also includes everything else from washing machine to water heater (there is a massive water tank in a closet). but i dont really want us to pay any more than that...yet i want to live in warm household which is very unbritish. but its looking promising. when going outside though, i feel like dying, it really is so cold, maybe the humidity... i have gloves and a hat but holy crap its not enough...

my calendar for 2018

we finally got an electric toothbrush. i guess if it works out well, we could get another to avoid the hassle with the brush heads. anyway i think so far we are both happy.

last summer day, October 15th, it was warm enough to enjoy the park in a t-shirt. now, its 8c and

Brixton rooftop held a 4 day Oktoberfest which we attended (me, doctor & Allan) on a thursday. the staff were dressed accordingly and it was affordable and good fun. for the winter they are doing a North Pole themed parties. its just behind the corner so very inviting.

i did some TKMaxx shopping recently. coffee for doctor, underwear for me and a christmas scented candle for home. 
lovely japanese dinner, i took Can to Clapham when he was visiting London and job hunting. i think once they move here Clapham is a potential area to live in, so i wanted to introduce the area.

Can brought me these from turkey. Nescafe 3in1's are seriously not easily available in London. of course u can find everything, but then it wont be cheap. its my favorite kind of coffee.

for halloween (goth themed), i bought a black table cloth from some sale bin at a nearby shop. one day to halloween and i realized i dont really have any gothy clothes anymore, despite being sure i did.

halloween. doctor shaved an upside down cross on his chest, worked well with the purple velvet jacket (mine).

Soho, Chinatown

Oxford Circus tube station iwht a Halloween theme. 

brunch at a brazilian place with Ville & Mikko. the long weekend they were here was great, had so much fun.  it helped that they seemed to really enjoy London, which i was not sure was gonna happen.

Brixton Village

yesterday we got a black christmas tree & lights. so its pretty simple and i dont plan on decorating further - simple is best. i think i just wanted some fairy lights during the dark season, and a tree is certainly the most logical spot to hang them. i already filled an empty wine buttle with some lights too, but it didnt seem to be enough.

random literature article that i found interesting, on Maria Machado's The Husband Stitch, on who we belive and why, was good.

this film, Sons of Granite, certainly seems interesting. i also wanna see The Disaster Artist and Suburbicon and documentary Good Fortune.

October 26, 2017

everyones slipping away

im starting to wonder what we should do for christmas. and new years. although doctor is working on NYE so its really a question of what can i come up with for myself. perhaps i could just ignore it, i mean, whatever?

just realized our friend moving here is gonna have a lot of "fun" with his name; Can. its basically the english word "can", from an english speakers perspective, lol. Can Can do this? oh boy.  not sure whats the best approach. when meeting someone, you can introduce yourself "Can, pronounced like Jon but with an a", but all the people who just see it written will call him 'can'... :D he is in between job offers and the other is at doctors hospital - so if he chooses that, they would be colleagues again. im really hoping for that, building a proper turkish mafia..  from there on we would drag all turkish friends to the same hospital, fixing the brexit euro leak lol. its a good hospital with a good location so i think we've set a good example.

attended Anna's unofficial farewell party tonight. it was just her last day of work, but in practice its the end of everythng - her visa is running out and she has to leave. she'll be around for a couple more months on a tourist visa, but traveling europe half of the time, then she is back to NZ. im gonna miss her badly. i feel like lately im just losing people. lets blame it on the oncoming winter. although i dont feel like the autumn has been bad at all, its sill like 17c and... well, lets just blame the autumn.

thank god i found Bachelor Canada's new season.

October 17, 2017

end is near

yesterday around 3pm it seemed like someone turned the lights off outside. and there was a yellowish brown 'filter' feel. armageddon coming...? it seemed odd. later i read inthe news, this was explained by a weather phenomenom or something.
hmm, just learned Anthony Bourdain & Asia Argento are together. interesting.

this long read, Dirty John, was really good, reality/crime story. there is a podcast too. 

the Weinstein situation has been both baffling and not surprising at all. as a woman of course i know this happens, its happened to me, but i can easily imagine that in 'show biz' its even more commonplace...  yet to see actressess come out one by one, detailing their ordeal...  wow. im so glad its happening. im not too optimistic about things changing much nor fast but lets at least put it out there, make it known, for the hope of an improvement. this behavior suffers from daylight and transparency.

October 14, 2017

the ad guys are killing it

i found a tv show (non-reality!!) on Channel4 that im liking; Professor T. its kind of humorous detective show, with weird music.  also, i like many british tv ads. they are inventive, competion does that i guess - its the same with US ads. or am i jst imagining, perhaps they appeal for another reason? maybe cultural differences, i just havent recognized patterns?  there are geuinely surprising moments and sometimes i go "wow, good job". even car ads can be pleasing at times.

im considering an electric toothbrush. must speak with doctor, but he is usually interested in all new gadgets. in the end it may be me who is not certain and him pushing for it.

went to see The National with a friends bf the other week, he had bought tickets a long time ago when they came on sale, and was looking for people to go with. my lucky day, an amazing band.

Antti K was visiting london early week, i took him  to drag bingo with doctor.

red - not sure it is my thing

wtf Brixton Village is for sale??!! makes me upset.

lol @ Lloyds. i called them a week or so ago in order to get quarterly bank statemens on paper. (im not so fond of paper but UK as a country is, and LONG STORY). so i ask them to sent me the statements. cool. its a joint current account with doctor. a few days later he receives a letter from Lloyds informing him that i have requested to move to online statements. ummm. the exact opposite. okay, i guess someone clicked the wrong button or something. typical .

looks like im just writing less and less these days. i wonder if its gonna be the end of an era. but it would be sad if i didnt have these "notes", even if superficial, to remember things by. time will show.

i was listening to NPR radio yesterday. there was a talk about studies of how having a smart phone even in your vicity (pocket, on silent face down on the table...) affects cognitive skills and attention. their presence has become so addictive or overpowering that if we know they are around, we cant focus and our brain gets lazy. i certainly have attention span issues, thats no news. i find it veeery hard to just sit still and watch a movie these days. i think thats why i find tv easier. reality tv especially, its so predictable u dont even need to intently watch the screen, u know whats going on by just listening too. which is great cos i like to play mobile games (tetris type of stuff) while "watching" tv. i think its relaxing. but i have a feeling its not good for my head... 

got this lovely pair of heeled trainers recently. i used to own an almost identical pair a few years ago but wore them out, they were so practical. these are quite comfy too.

 id long suffered with our toilet paper holder. most of the time the paper roll was just sitting on top of it, cos we were too lazy to put a new roll in, especially me. its just too difficult with long fingers!
 solution! a roll holder that's (conveniently not visible in photo) open ended so u just slide the roll in. PLUS a phone stand on top! genius. so pleased with myself.

omg how cute is this ikea coffee table!  i would love that.

while Soydan was staying with us, we decided to buy bleach and dye, he wanted a turquoise look and i had long dreamed of trying red streaks. last minute i changed my mind tho and decided to to the short side. firstly, the color is not exatly how i envisioned - its too orange-y. second, being the bleach n00b that i am, i managed to burn my skin in places with it. the peroxide was 12% so that might have something to do with it. anyway, once the burned spots heal, i can try another darker shade of red - its generally a bit uneven too so theres that as well. i decided im okay if its goes to hell tho, i can always go back to black...

olen taas lukenut Sanomalehteä

tää Ossi N:n tapaus oli jännä. on tosiaan niin että suomessa ei ole ok sanoa olevansa työttömänä tyytyväinen (luterilainen työmoraali jne?). mutta sitten mietin että missä olisi? eri kulttuurit ja maat on niin erilaisia etten tiedä onko ne vertailukelpoisia mutta aluksikaan suomen tasoista tukiverkkoa eli työttömyys ja muita tukia ei ole kuin ihan muutamassa maassa maassa. onkohan ruotsissa hyväksyttävää sanoa että on mieluummin työtön? turkissa maksetaan muistaakseni joku 6kk työttömyystukea ja sekin on pateettinen summa. jos sanot siellä että olisit mielummin työtön ja istuisit kotona niin ei se perhe kovin hyvällä katsoa. koska kukas muu sut elättäis kuin suku. suomessa yhteiskunta on sitä mitä perhe & ystävät suurimmassa osassa maailmaa. niin silleen tottakai hämää että joku kelaa että hänellä on oikeus elää yhteiskunnan rahoilla. mutta mielenkiintoista oli kans että Ossi on ilmeisesti ihan lahjakas kirjailija - kenties vielä tuottaa jotain sillä saralla, siis kulttuurillista perintöä. ja jos kirjat myy niin siitä pitänee maksaa veroa. mut mietin et mitä vaikka venäjällä tykättäis kun joku Ossi olis et 'mun mielestä teidn pitää elättää mut' :D

tää ruotsalainen kuolinsiivous on ihan jännä konsepti. aika peruskamaa oikeastaan, eli vähennetään tavaran määrää, mutta sopii mulle paremmin ajatukseltaan, kuin konmaritus. ja on muutenkin käynyt mielessä, kun mulla tuota tavaraa on aika paljon. toki mulla pitäis olla vielä elinvuosia- joka vuosikymmeniä - useita mutta eipä sitä ikinä tiedä.

Sofi Oksasen kirje Melanialle oli outo. Melaniaa tai ketään siellä päin maailmaa kiinnostaa se kirje nolla, mutta ehkei se nyt ole se pointti, ei kai noita kirjoitella siksi että kys henkilö sitä edes näkisi, vaan kyse on jostain mielipidekirjoituksentapaisesta...  mutta se oli niin pitkä vuodatus että sopisi paremmin johonkin romaaniin. kaikki esimerkit viron torien prostituution detaileista joskus 80-luvulla tms...  jos haluaa yhtään isomman yleisön kuin suomi niin pitäs ottaa ehkä vähän helpommin lähestyttävää kulmaa ja jättää omat kokemukset minimiin. mutta ehkä tuo nyt oli enemmän just suomalaisille suunnattu julistus. en ollut ihan eri mieltä sisällöstä mutta en kaikkea allekirjoittaisikaan. ironsesti slovenia on kuulemma maailman 8. tasa-arvoisin maa ja siell Melaniaa arvostetaan menestyneenä monellakin tavalla - toki se mitä slovenialaiset ajattelee oman maan tytöstä ja mitä amerikkalaiset ajatteleen "venäjän suunnalta tulevista naisista" on eri asia. en voi sanoa ymmärtäväni Trumpin vaimoa millään tasolla, mutta ehkei itäblokin naisten mainetta voi ihan vaan hänenkään harteille heittää, hänellä on varmaan omat motiivinsa ja huolensa niinkuin kaikilla - en minäkään käyttäytyisi tietyllä tavalla ihan vaan jotta suomalaisten maine muuttuisi johonkin suuntaan, jos sellaista valtaa olisi.

harmittaa että meidän firman pikkujoulut on sillon kun mä ja lääkäri ollaan lomalla teneriffalla.

October 02, 2017

going keeping and keeping going

i keep being amazed at Amazon's great service, you just dont expect that from big companies anymore (Spotify, Paypal, BT, HP...very disappointing...). even when things go badly due to a seller or courier service, Amazon fixes it. they know it will make me eager to use them again. hell, last week we bought doctor a new phone and paid 5£ extra to buy from Amazon "directly" rather than a seller on Amazon, so, quite a strong preference. and as it happened, they used The Shittiest Courier in UK aka Hermes, and the phone never came. Hermes lied about it blatantly "it's arriving today, yes it is", but once I contacted Amazon, things started rolling, Hermes admitted having lost the phone. Amazon took ownership of the situation and worked towards fixing it, keeping me updated. the replacement arrived 2 days later and the rep who had managed the case even called after to check everything is ok. who the hell does that? :D doctor seems happy with his Galaxy Note 8 too, so all is well now.

yesterday we visited a city farm in Vauxhall.

Hugh Hefner died, not surprisingly, at 91. its been interesting to read the articles around it. i think the subject, or his 'legacy',  is causing debate cause it isnt black and white. its a mix of nearly extremes. surely his magazine promoted sexualizing women as objects and all that, and having recently read Holly Madison's book, i wasnt surprised to learn he could be quite a manipulative, selfish ass. but, the other side about him is true too, how the magazine and Hefner himself supported womens liberation movement, as well as some other minorities. a hard core feminist like Gloria Steinem (well she had her own experience the Playboy Club too) is not forgiving but i think the story just has too sides, both true. my personal thoughts are a mix of these. but when i first saw the magazine as a teenager, i mostly appreciated the photography, some of it really was very good! especially Sante D'Orazio's pictorial of Stephanie Seymour inspired me and although now i look at it like "wow thats so 90s", i have to smile, i think it had a net positive effect on me.

NYTimes obituary 
NYTime's less flattering opinion piece  
Guardian's Suzanne Moore: I called Hugh Hefner a pimp, he threatened to sue. But that’s what he was 
Guardian: Effusive Hugh Hefner tributes ignore founders dark side
very interesting how both big medias wrote a 
Huffpost:  Trans Supermodel Shares How Hugh Hefner Fought For Her When No One Else Would

another social week coming up, it seems.

September 25, 2017

trip down memory lane

Istanbul trip done. certainly a first world prob but it made me so tired... its the conundrum of wanting to see all my friends but that requires scheduling and makes things busy and exhausting. anyway, met friends, old neighbors, ate some nice foods and enjoyed the sceneries and weather. kadiköy was pretty much the way we left it, it was lovely to be back. Arttu also joined us for 5 days, its not just us who missed istanbul :D

our our home has become a  studio for dance, music etc. i bet the landlady gets much better rent from a business, too.

late high cholesterol lunch with Cansu

 Kadiköy cats = love

the night life of kadiköy... sitting on the terrace at 10pm when its still 25C at least. loooovely. for Arttu's visit, we had an airbnb booked on this street.

turkish breakfast an Zeytin

bought a few nail polishes from istanbul...  

i was surprised the mail depot was open on sunday, i had a note from Royal Mail to pick up a package so i went to get it. my usual mail man was there behind the desk, so he said he knows me, i dont need to show ID. reminded me of turkey, the friendliness. in istanbul, one of my favorite things was the neighboring shops and going and saying hello, and it warmed my heart how excited they were to see me/us. asking how life in 'ingiltere' is and so forth. i missed those people a lot.

istanbul (sultanahmet in the bg) from our friends place. 

a while ago me and doctor were celebrating our month-versary at a nearby turkish-middle eastern restaurant.

at our local Ethiopian restaurant with Can when he visited.

 when not eating out, i sometimes enjoy the delicacies prepared by our in-house chef, doctor. he just whipped this up the other day when i was crying for a snack. he is easy to love :)
i figured i should have proper rain boots ie wellingtons if i live in London. these fit the description well. 

 yesterday i had an interesting luncheon with some british ladies. ive been a member of this fb group for maybe 2 years now, it's for (loosely described) alternative women, most of who live in the UK. occasionally some arrange local meetings so i actually stepped up and put together a London meetup. i would say it was a success. but also, being surrpunded by brits only, it was a culture shock, when the discussion goes into school memories and other local things, and keeping alone with accents alone is hard... not to mention local things you just dont know about...  well, it was interesting. overall very positive. 

Imperial War Museum was surprisingly good. i am not really into the subject, not very interested in history or fighter jets...but the museum had come up highly recommended and i wanted to go somewhere with Niina. the exhibitions we saw (WW1 and Holocaust) were both very 'artsy' and imaginative. WW1 had well done video visuals, and both exhibitions were full of stories of invidual people, civilians mostly. if u dont become a pacifist by visiting this museum, i dunno whats wrong. so while good, it was also quite depressing, no surprises there.

interesting article on Cuba's really good hurricane preparedness in Jacobin.

going to see The National tonight with Jessica's bf Ollie. 

September 09, 2017

beach holiday badly needed

i think we are getting old, we are thinking of going to Tenerife this november. originally we had more exotic ideas, Marrakech flights are the same price after all! but temperatures are better in Tenerife, especially in the evenings. and yes it matters. maybe Marrackech is better when its properly warm? i have been to canary islands before but not very seriously. now im really like ok, we want a pool, we want this, we want that...  just comparing options.

so i watched Hitman's Bodyguard. not amazing but amusing enough.

our friend Can from istanbul was here for 2 days, registering with GMC. whole process took like 9 months. it was really uplifting, to see him finish the process and just hang out and chill, talk about the moving plans. of course all that is yet another process, but an positive, exciting one. it really motivated me about my per project, the 'turkish doctors to uk' group that ive been working on. its going quite well and im trying to blow more steam into it.

what annoyes me is when i say that im allergic to cats and someone replies "oh well you can get one of those hairless ones!". okay, common misconception, but im not gonna bother correcting anymore, hairless or not, hypoallergenic breeds do exist, with variable success rates. maybe one day i will look into it, if we feel ready for a pet. as far as bunnies go, ive been looking after the neighbours bunnies for 2 weeks now and i am allergic to something. maybe the hay, though. cos when i clean their toilet and lay down new hay...uhh. but bunnies need hay.

September 01, 2017

Interpol tonight

damn ive been here for a year soon!! odd feeling...  it all came true, our plans. hmm, wow. im both surprised and not surprised. i am surprised once again how much life can change, not just organically but by planning. but i am not surprised that a an idea comes to fruition, as planned, cos i do have that ability to make shit happen. maybe i need to give credit to doctor too? :) this was a team effort but i certainly pat myself on the back. anyhow, there are things you cannot control and risk involved, but nothing catastrophic happened and here we are.

next week a turkish friend is coming to register at the GMC, he's gone through the same process as doctor and should be moving in december with his gf. im veeeery excited, i have taken it very seriously to help turkish doctors migrate here, and it will be nice to have an old friend from istanbul in our new environment.

its been a while since i wrote anything... what have i been up to, besides bunny sitting..  last saturday i went to london fields where anna celebrated her birthday. i met several of her friends, it was cheery and relaxed, chill picnic stuff.

then on sunday i went to greenwich where again we headed to a park with a group of friends. i played frisbee and football bravely - very unlike me but fun :) the summer was back that weekend, and on monday, 28 degrees! i finished work early and we went for a short park stroll with doctor. see here i go again listing things ive done. well, to each their own, this is what i do to document my life and im not too apologetic about it.

this guy and his dog on the bus were a sweet team.

Atlantic: How friends become closer . this article reflected a lot of what ive been thinking in the past few years. its nice someone has put it in words, meshed with science and even given a bit of further insight i can mull over. moving, which involves losing some friends, trying not to lose some friendships, and working on making new ones, kind of gets you to the core of this. and ive had some specific 'cases' that have had me question what friendships are made of, what are the expectations in general, whats fair to expect, what do humans need and what do i in specific need from my friendships for them to work, and so on.

love to listen lately:
Låpsley: Love is Blind
Kevin Morby: Harlem River
Benjamin Clementine: London (simply amazing)
Aine Cahill: Black Dahlia
Simon & Garfunkel El Condor Pasa (If I could)  (an old favourite)

...and tonight im going to see Interpol with Ro! havent been to a concert in years. there are simply very few acts im interested in seeing, even if i listen to a lot of stuff. Interpol passes the bar though. as does The National, which im supposed to go see end of the month. both concerts are "through" friends, theyve bought tickets and just waited to find someone who wants to join - pretty ingenious i guess, concersta re so quickly sold out, when you have a chance to buy there is no time to waste...  plus i dont think i knew either of these people back when they've bought the tickets.

Ocado is pretty nice, ive ordered groceries from various companies but their customer service and communication is really good so far. as an example this informative email i just received:

August 26, 2017


im delighted that Project Runway is using models of various sizes this season. it other TV news im still hooked on Border Security (Canada & Australia), Bachelor in Paradise, Ink Master and Face Off. but i should checkout Broadchurch, apparently its quality stuff.

Anna has birthday party tomorrow at a park, the weather is still quite summer-ish so not a bad idea. and there is another park gathering on sunday, with another set of friends. i think my weekend is booked? doctor is working so its good i have something to do. i do have 2 bunnies to look after, in any case!! our neighbours are on a short holiday and i get to be a pretend bunny mom! its like a dream come true! they are a sweet, mischievous girl named Chia, and a shy boy named Popeye. a lionhead and a dwarf. so cute. so soft. 

Chia tackling a banana
bunnies are not the only animals in the neighborhood...

Guardian: What if McGregor beats Mayweather? i personally cheer for Conor but nevertheless i think his odds are slim. i think everyone is in on this just for the money, anyway, so it doesnt even matter?
Harpers bazaar. My ancestors owned slaves
NYTimes: Why is is hard to make friends as an adult
Guardian: What we can expect from Vogue under Enninful (i dont read Vogue and dont know the guy but hey, reading is good)
Business Insider UK: The real unemployment rates of UK...  (when someone told me it was 4.5% i rememer thinking that cant be, and my gut feelings seems to have been right)

August 15, 2017

work got busy for a change

last week FB was showing me "memories" from x yrs ago, im like wtf, its my wedding pic with doctor. turns out it was our 2yr wedding anniversary. we minimally celebrate, even if just eating a dinner together at home, the 28th of every month, which is the day we started dating. its far more important than the practical choice we made in august 2015. although the latter is a heavy legal contract, i find more joy in thinking about our whole journey together.

NYTimes opinion section: Is naming and Shaming Rapist the Only Way to Bring Them to Justice? NO. because thats not justice, even if it sounds like it. the world has gone fucking nuts. social media vigilantism shows the weaknessess of our species. the fact that rape cases are not dealth with properly or go to court often enough is a problem, as is the shame that is still attached to it which prevents women (or men) from even reporting)...  lots of problems, but i think at least in the west -which is what i am confortable talking about cos i dont know about the rest- we are goint to the  right directions. and stooping to middle ages style vigilantism is like going 50 steps back. it could bring the feeling of getting justice to some victims, but the type and size of the punishment is then anything and everything, depending on how convincing and heartfelt your story is, how good is your online presence and what kind of "online warriors" decide to act on the fury thats sparked. perhaps someone whose very passionate about it decided it's okay to beat up the named perpetrator. are we still cheering? lets say beating someone up is a fair punishment - especially if you are a village elder in the 15th century, okay, but rape is horrible, maybe the perpetrator should be tortured too, or killed? once the online viral machine gets going, you cant stop it and the opinion piece barely touches the problems of it. saying "But when a man is falsely accused, there are a number of avenues he can pursue to seek justice." yeah. so now we force another victim to struggle with the justice system, we just change genders. the writer continues "As well as rebutting the allegations in the forum where they are raised, he can complain to the police or sue for defamation.". hah...  imagine a man who has named a rapist going online and saying "i didnt do it, she is lying". the lynch mob would just get angrier...   okay im going to stop wasting time on this, but whatever the crime i hardly think this type of behavior is the solution, we need to fix the original problem and not create new problems and problematic behaviors. im as vengeful as any, but we've created a better justice system than the village council, because emotional people can act irrationally and cause more harm. call me an idealist, then.

ostrich steak and potatoes. pretty plain...    the steak was marinated, but still. it did the job. 
 art on the wall of a pub in Elephant & Castle.

we got a spice rack! proud of adding a plastic between the rack and wall so the spicers dont sratch the wall.

just over a week ago we went to Brighton and enjoyed the Pride parade there. Brighton is known for its LGBT culture so perfect time to visit...  it was very much worth it. plus a lovely little town in its own right, i could go again sometime :) the whole town was in festival mode and the parade was amazing. Brighton is just 1h by train and the return ticket was 11£ so not bad.