February 17, 2019

my tv day

today was a tv day, i decided. i wanted a a brain free day. although when i started with Larry Charles' Dangerous Word of Comedy, it was pretty heavy pretty quick. its really good though, gave me a lot to think about.

Larry Charles' Dangerous Word of Comedy 3eps
The Breaker Upperers 1ep
Dating Around  2ep
Proven Innocent 0.5ep
Big Bang Theory 1ep
Dating Around 1ep
Ken Jeong: You Complete Me Ho

Dating Around was interesting, looked like a reality show but wasnt. somehow relatable. Ken Jeong was so-so, semi-funny. but the theme was his career and name dropping, it seemed, and the "fanny shaming" joke was in poor taste. its 2019, the audience needs a bit more than that. 

i was in finland for little over a week. work. but party too. there was one work related party, and Arttu and me celebrated our YYA Treaty 10 year renewal. we'd invited some of the people we did 10 years ago and it was nice to celebrate amongst old friends, very small get together though. i also saw a couple friends, but managed to have a lot of free evenings, just chilling. i bought rye bread and Lumene foundation to bring back with me, and lonkero and sausage for doctor. something weeeeird happened at work. not objectively out-of-this-world weird, but for me personally, im still flabbergasted. so i was at the clients office, where i visit every time i go to helsinki. although its been several times now, its still a bit odd and i still occasionally meet people ive only seen in email threads or heard on calls. anyway so im sitting there working away when the IT lead and some others come around and i realise they want to talk to me. in so many words they thanked me for the work i have done and do for them and ...i dont even remember exactly, i was just so shocked and frozen and wanted to cry. they gave me some branded stuff as a token of their gratitude, and then i was just sitting there like an idiot. could barely work for the next hour or so cos i was still fighting to keep tears at bay! i think i can maybe blame my therapy for me becoming softer? but it was emotional because i would just never expect anything like that. i also really like working for and with them and i really want to do a good job at it.

one evening i proceeded to pull the stitches from my calf, it was time! like, what else was i gonna do with them, i was not in London? they were bloody tight and the procedure was not bloodless. one of them was hiding and got stuck and i couldnt get it out. i felt failed. so the next day i went to the health station to see a nurse about it. she wasnt able to remove it either. so while it wasnt fun, she had to poke around quite a bit, at least i felt like it wasnt just "my failure", it was just a tough one. she said i can let it be, it will come out some day. doctor, over whatsapp, said he thinks the same, so i'm just ignoring it now. it looks ok, or like, its gonna be ok once the dryness subsides;

while im at it, my toe is progressing too. bruising is going away and its feeling less and less sore. and that tape needs changing.

at the airport, it s interesting to see which newspapers and magazines are pushing themselves by giving out free copies like this. Catholic Herald lol?

from a magazine (Stylist). i grinned... 

 Helsinki and people going to work (me included).

A Health Station in Helsinki (the new one in Kalasatama)

always happy to come back home. to doctor. to my own bed. the comfort of everything, ah...

February 03, 2019

i feel like i want to do something with my hands again, like jewellery or something

busy weekend, finnish pub might and movie club with Arttu and all sorts of stuff. the movie we watched, Roma, was pleasing just for the hyper real feeling and cinematography alone. the characters  left me cold and the story was sometimes confusing. lots of things that i thought were probably symbolic, but i dont get that stuff at all, so. but yeah, it was still pleasing and easy to watch.

i spent wednesday at the hospital cos i was scheduled to have the remainers of that pesky cyst on my calf removed. i was naive enough to think i'd be called in and it would be done. clearlt, i havent learned anything yet, brits looove their bureurcracy and processes. i was called in by a nurse just after 11, which was my appt time. she asked everything from allergies to height to when i'd last eaten. also told me i need to remove all jewellery. the questions seemed designed for a full anesthesia. and i'd opted for just local. anyway, the more unnecessary work, the better they like it. so then i wait 2 hours and get seen by 2 plastic surgeons just to basically conclude, yes, we will do this surgery today. then i wait another 2 hours and get called in for surgery, or so i think. i get to wear  hospital gown and wait in a cubicle for another 2 bloody hours, alone, since doctor was left in the waiting area. then i finally get to the operating theatre. big room. 7 people staff there. what a show. one nurse is lathering my leg with yellow cleaning stuff. the lead surgeon is drawing on my calf. the other one is chatting with me, cos to be honest i was freaking out a bit, it was  along and emotionally draining day. anyway, after local anesthesia it was smooth sailing. then i assumed i'd get out. but no! i was taken to recovery. there they wanted me to eat and drink, as i had been fasting all day for full anesthesia. which i hadnt. and they checked vitals and stuff. and then... i thought i'd get to go change and leave. but no, i was taken to a ward. where they checked the same vitals and shuffled some more papers. at least at this point they went to get doctor from the waiting room and we were reunited. then, finally, i was able to change and go. what a day. they all worked for my benefit, taking care of me, so i appreciate the good care, it was just excessive and so inefficient i wanted to cry. doctor was not as surprised, he deals with this every (work)day...

 I removed the bandage today.

as if i hadnt suffered enough on wednesday, yesterday i hit my toe on the leg of a chair. and that happens every now and then. but this time it left my toe wonky, like heading to the wrong direction. not cute. i felt disheveled and disappointed. i keep breaking?!  anyway, life has to go on. doctor put the toe in the right place and its buddied up to the next toe now for support and will be for the next month it seems. bruised, swollen and sore to walk on. and i think no high heels for a while...  sucks. despite the toe drama we had a nice sushi night with Avner & Elmor.

oh and i went to a podiatrist on friday. first time ever. very good experience. i wanted advise on recurring dry feet (ive had even cracks appear). i got that and then some. might go again some day. 

good stuff:
-sleeping in peace now that the construction yard is gone, heavenly
-my team mate (doctor) is pretty amazing
-vietnamese food

a dinner with Samantha.

i was watching Russian Doll (which was interesting but a bit too artsy at times) and found it odd when Nadia started avoiding the stairs. like, i would go down by sitting down, on each step one by one... at least she couldve tried?

January 26, 2019

better late than never

our luggage showed up, nearly 2 weeks late. i was ready to file a claim, which u can do 21 days later as its officially declated 'lost' and not late. when i looked into this, the nasty surprise was that for either airline or insurance company to compensate anything (ie. 50% of the value..) they want receipts. who has a receipt for a tshirt they bought 3 years ago? we wouldve have barely any receipts...! without proof of purchase it's like the bag and its contents dont exist. i was mentally prepared to start replacing items, so it was almost weird when the bag arrived. the last call that i made to British Airways was me obviously asking "wtf?!" in a nicer way, and them putting me on hold while they called airports and putting it out there to look for this bag. they already knew it was a black backbag, but asked about any brand names or other things on it, and i said no its just plain black, its a british army issue deployent bag, so. at the end of the call he said "thank you for your service", lol. i know it must be a coincidence, but next morning when i checked the online tracking, it said its been found and on its way. it arrived ina couple hours. honestly i had forgotten it was a british army bag, i reclaled it being israeli army - i probably looked at theirs too. this was eBay 10 years ago.
yay, bag is home!

i wonder how it works in english language; when do 2 words become one? like pushup bra?

Netflix had Kevyn Aucoin documentary, that was like a flash from the past because i had a book or 2 of his. I certainly appreciated his work. 

miten tää brexit

politiikassa mukana ollut kaverini kirjoitteli facessa kävelykeskustan laajentamisesta ja muistelin kuinka hän muiden muassa myös on ollut ajamassa sitä että hämeentie rauhoitettaisiin. en muista oliko se kokonaan autoilta vai vain yksityisautoilulta vai miten...  ylipäätään en ole kiinnostunut kävelykeskustoista ym... luulisi että lähes kortittomana (turkkilainen ajokortti on ehkä puolikas?) ja muutenkin autovastaisena allekirjoittaisin nämä jutut mutta ei. se voi olla sellainen "no tää on aina ollu näin ni olkoon", mähän olen hieman muutosvastainen tunnetusti. mutta etenkin hämeentietä koskien, sillä kadulla asuneena en kannata sen sulkemista autoliikenteeltä. tekisihän se siitä hiljaisemman, mutta jos joku muuttaa hämeentielle hiljaisuuden perässä niin sitten on ihan oma moka. totta puhuen en usko että niin kukaan tekee. hämeentieltä pääsee kätevästi kallion 'sisälmyksiin' tai ulkoa tullessa myös keskustaan. en väitä etteikö sörkän rantatie olisi siihen vaihtoehto, mutta tarviiko rajata vaihtoehtoja? mulle kurvin liikennehärdelli (tosin aika pientä se on, mutta helsingin mittakaavassa) on myös jotenkin rakas ja siksi antaisin sen olla ennallaan. varmaan hämeentien rauhoittajilla on useitakin syitä idealleen mutta yhtä lailla mulla on oikeus mielipiteeseeni. paikallisvaaleissa en taida enää saada äänestää, mutta perinteisestihän olen äänestänyt vihreitä ja siten tuossa on hieman epäloogisuutta mutta on niitä arvoja ja asioita muitakin. ei voi olla aina samaa mieltä edes suosikkipuolueensa kanssa. ekologisuus ei muutenkaan ole korkealla mun listalla, mutta ehkä vihreiden äänestys onkin sellaista anekauppaa sitten mulle? odotan että päättäjät tekevät päätöksiä ja tekoja mun puolesta, sellaisia jotka ovat ympäristölle hyväksi. pakottavat vaikka maksamaan muovikasseista, niinkuin on tehty, tai järjestävät pullopanttia tai jotain muuta. nyt kun vielä kierrätys olisi sillä mallilla että kaikki kierrätettävät jutut voisi laittaa yhteen laariin ja joku toinen erottelisi ne. kotona roskien lajittelu on ihan viho viimeistä, en ole ikinä tykännyt. joku jälkilajittelusysteemi on kai UK:ssa monissa paikoissa ja nyt meidänkin taloyhtiössä, siis päätellen siitä että pahvi+lasi+kova muovi laitetaan kaikki yhteen kierrätyslootaan. tai ehkä ne vaan hinataan kiinaan, ken tietää. mutta tää on vielä reasonable, se kuuden eri roskiksen ylläpito kalliolaisyksiössä ei ollut. eikä se multa ihan kauheen hyvin luonnistunutkaan.

suomalaisten kanssa, työkaverit ym, tulee nyt jatkuvasti kysymystä brexitistä. et miten brexit-britannia... vaikka olen toisaalta lukenut paljon aiheesta ja seurannut sitä ja mulla on erittäin vahvoja  mielipiteitä asiasta, muutimme kuitenkin tänne tietoisesti brexit äänestyksen jälkeen ja turkin sopissa keitettynä otan tämän ehkä aika coolisti kuitenkin. voi tulla ongelmia, lamaa, ken ties... mutta en usko että mitään mikä oikeasti pysäyttäis ihmisiä rajoilla tai pilais elämää tyystin. edelleen tämä on suht vakaa demokratia vaikka täällä on omat ongelmansa ja politiikassa on paljon idioottikonservatismia ja muuta...  uskon että pitkällä tähtäimellä maa ei joudu täysin hunningolle. no, sehän jää nähtäväksi. ja tietysti mä jaksan toivoa myös että kelkka kääntyisi vielä. koska todella; aina tosiaan saa toivoa.

olen niin kiitollinen että vastapäinen rakennus viimein valmistui ja se loputon rakennustyömaameteli loppui. se koetteli hermoja ja varmaan vaikutti yleisesti hyvinvointiin... onhan se tutkittu että jatkuva meteli aiheuttaa stressiä.

The Voice Finland etenkin on niin hyvän mielen ohjelma. Toniahan kuuntelee mieluusti muutenkin kun se on semmoinen sanaseppo ja Anna Puu on aidon herttainen, mutta nyt on kans hauska kun siinä on niin paljo mamuja, ja itse mamuna yllättäen tuo tultuu läheiseltä aiheelta... ihanaa kun ne menestyy.

January 17, 2019

new year and all that

so we had a nice trip to Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne. relaxing and fun - one of the best holidays possibly. i enjoyed films and documentaries on the long flights so that was pretty good too. on the way back Swiss/BA lost our bag though, a biiiit of a bummer. they are still searching for it. obviously it doesnt hold the most valuable things ever, but now that ive looked into what airlines and insurance companies compensate for lost luggage... im annoyed. even though its likely they will still find it. on the flight to HCMC i watched The Quiet Place on the flight. i couldn’t get over how idiotic it is to have a baby if you live in a world where any sound could get u killed. it made for a good story line but it was also the quietest baby ever which just... wasnt very realistic. had the baby resembled a real one in terms of noise, it would have been veeeery short lived.

beach time

a lot of good food was eaten. for the record, i did not empty that bottle of vodka on the table. 

Saigon sunset

brexit then, thats a shit show. but in a way thats good... because in a shit show, there is a chance of reversal. maybe a new referendum. at least extending article 50. anything could happen! lots of opportunities to fix this. im further dismayed by Corbyn though. not sure i could ever vote for Labour after this because i find his obsessive Brexit stance so off-putting.

people who react to me living in london by saying “london is so expensive! you can live so much better with that money somewhere else”. its like...really? youd think i know that cos i live in london, right? but thanks for sharing. its obvious no one forced me to london and if someone wants to think id move to Hertfordshire if only i knew how cheap it is...  be my guest. but i rather not hear these stories over and over again. i can make my own choices about where i live, and if i want to splurge my money on london rents, how about you just let me? and to be clear i dont mind the one liner “oh, London, its really expensive”. that’s like “oh, Helsinki, its really cold.” like, ok.  i just dont need the speech about cost of life elsewhere, suggesting that im either very uneducated or very stupid.

i used to like Any.do. but then it went on steroids like Evernote, adding a feature after feature and now its just too much. it still looks okay but i feel like the usability went down. and one downside it always had is that it's not good for writing longer noters or even sentences. so ive started looking at Google Keep. it seems easy enough, and smooth.

the past year was not great, i had too many health issues. one thing after another. and i STILL have a bronchitis. but i admit, although i was pulled down by these things, there were lots of positives too. my work developed into a better direction, with a bit more hours and new client and such. both our salaries increased a bit which made us more comfortable. we did a couple of nice trips. and especially at the end of the year our relationship got better somehow, i feel more connected now than perhaps a year ago. 2019 is off to a decent start. gotta kill the cough somehow though, seeing a GP tomorrow, we think some investigation is needed...

the automatic metro in east london (Docklands Light Railway) is cool cos if you sit in the front you have a view ahead. 

and i saw Ricky Gervais yesterday!! im such a fangirl. it was a work in progress thing so the tickets were 15£. i went with Avner cos doctor was not able to swap his night shift. there were some jokes about trans people and #metoo that i hope dont make it to the final set, at least in their current form, cos u know, i guess im one of those precious snowflakes, but overall it was super fun and i look forward to the finished snow (SuperNature).

December 29, 2018

post christmas

on monday i focused on my finnish christmas, doctor had managed to get the day off work so we went to a latin restaurant for a christmas lunch. then scoured Southbank christmas market and in the evening headed to Clapham North for a pub dinner with some turkish friends. they don't really care about christmas obviously but i was happy and felt like i was celebrating with family. well, i think everyone enjoyed it more less. on the 25th i enjoyed a british Christmas at Allan's and with a few other friends - doctor was working.

fish & chips may not be christmassy but thats what i felt like eating. the company is what mattered the most.

at our christmas party thingy a couple weeks back a friend mentioned how im her "idol" on social media. she referred to my activity in the 2 facebook groups we are both members of, as i barely have any other social media activity. her comment took me by surprise. she said that i always come off as understanding and conciliatory, rising above trolls and taking the high road. i mean yeah i would like to see myself as doing those things, but i wouldnt expect it to be noticeable or meaningful enough for someone to notice. not to mention respecting me for that. i think it mustve been one of the nicest things ive ever been told. having been in "social media" (if described as any social internet era activity) since 00's i think i got a head start and then by the time FB got popular i had already gone through the stages of getting provoked and reacting and all that stuff. basically, i had learned my lessons. i was never the most argumentative person around but surely had a shorter fuse some 10-15 years ago. and, i was younger too. age comes with some benefits, ive noticed. as judgemental as i have been, its interesting how ive been changing over the years, the edges just getting softer and softer...

british class structure still baffless me. i sarted reading Owen Jones' Chavs and it's giving me a good insight on working class and how it's looked down upon now. but it also lead me to google a bit. i found a BBC "class calculator". oddly enough, its not just about money - maybe im naive but i thought class was mainly about that - it asks about whether you know any postal workers or lorry drivers and whether you listen to jazz or go to theatre. okay, i can see how certain things go together, still, i was surprised at how its calculated. we seem to be some sort of middle class (there are several types). i get different result depending on whether i know an artist or not, and whether i go to gigs. both are sort of debatable so im not sure what to say.

i met Jim tonight. i know Jim from deviantart originally, i dont remember his username though. he is visiting his family for the holidays and i find it weird that i ended up in his home country while he himself does not live here anymore. also reminded me i dont have any new male friends since i moved to UK. its hard to meet people since i work from home but nevertheless its a bit sad i think.

December 26, 2018

christmas time

is Sex Pistols christmas msusic? for me, this morning, it is. a few songs is sufficient though, im such a wuss i need to then move on to something more chill.

our christmas lights. the red lights are not really that amazing but if you turn the lights off they help light the room a bit.

me and doctor have found our thing, its stand up comedy. we used to watch something on tv here and there, but after moving to london we found it "in full". weve seen great stuff. i was enjoying Netflix offering the other night. Vir Das is funny, i learned. but as a consequence, netflix is now pushing me indian everything. indian drama. indian action. more indian stand up comedy. it's like a virus. to be fair, theres also more of other minorities, and thats positive at least. but its awkward how the suggestions changed magically after watching one show. Daniel Sloss is great as well. hilariously dark, non-PC humour. im pondering if we should get tickets to his show in february. following the Ricky Gervais tickets i booked us to see Frankie Boyle too. we've seen him before. doesnt get tiring.

NYT: Elif Safak on toxic imperial nostalgia. which is familiar to me from both Turkey and UK.  so true.

we got this new bookshelf thanks to me. i got it in my head that we need a slightly industrial style bookshelf, wire is great in that it lets light through and doesnt look as heavy as a traditional bookshelf. i googled some options and ended up with Lockers R Us. you can pick from different sizes and depths and styles, and from a few colours. i emailed them to ask if they could remove some of the "walls" and if we could get doors in some. everything was absolutely doable. below its just arrived, i put a few items in. we since moved the lamp elsewhere and cleaned up that mess with the cables...

we had a christmassy get together for friends. i went above and beyond my skills and did these prawn and salmon toasts, along with some salads and other things. doctor made turkish kisir.

its no party without salmari. it turned out great.

i got a flower delivery. one of the biggest shocks in my life, and i dont even need to exaggarate. i was so utterly confused i was suspicious. but there was a card explaining everything. Jess & Ollie whom i showed around Helsinki for a weekend thanked me for being 'the best tour guide'. thats ridiculously sweet of them. i almost cried, lol.

a month or two ago i found a mirror on the street leaning on to our building's gate. it seemed quite sturfy and good wuality, but with wooden gold frames, poor thing. my first instict was paint but then i started feeling lazy and stingy and came up with a much better solution; black duct tape. we already had that so it took just a few minutes to give the mirror an artsy frame.


a fun game from Can & Burcu. we are of that age where we sit down with friends and have wine and snacks and pretend all adult.

Southbank has a christmas market and lots going on on Saturday

i love this secondhand bookstore (Bookmongers). and this cat made me feel like i was in Istanbul again. 

Aeon: Marriage is both anachronistic and discriminatory
Vox: What Serena Williams’s scary childbirth story says about medical treatment of black women (i barely know she is a tennis star, but thats not the point - i have many articles around this, women of colour tend to get poorer treatment)
NY Times on Helsinki's new library
BBC: how the finnish survive without small talk

plus a christmas gift:
Guardian: British pet shops banned from selling puppies & kittens

December 14, 2018

friends from Edinburgh coming tomorrow

i got tickets to see Ricky Gervais in january. it's a 'work in progress' thing so cheap tickets, too. quite exciting, ive been following him for a while now.

being ecological and recycling and all that stuff is everywhere now. even our building got a recycling bin, so now we dutifully try put cardboard, glass & plastic in there. if i ever feel bad for forgetting my canvas shopping bag home though and having to buy a plastic one, or buying veggies in plastic packaging, i can just remind myself that i am doing the biggest environmentally act of all: not having kids. buying 2nd hand clothes is a plus too, but it pales in comparison to not procreating. so, ive done my share, cheers.

i saw some kind of ranking for countries based on their environmental or ecological policies or something. Uk was higher was finland. hard to believe, but i guess there are so many factors. because all i really know is that finns recycle religiously. but i guess it's not quite enough. at the same time im not sure what are the "amazing" things that give UK its relatively high (i think top 10) position on the chart. and to be honest while china and US are doing what they are doing, im not sue if it matters. im really cynical today.

its so sad no ones even surprised anymore when the president of the united states says crazy stuff that makes zero sense or has zero truth value. speaking of US presidents, while i am not a huge fan of the new season of House of Cards, seeing a childfree female president is of course heartwarming. any type of female president would be great, but we dont have enough childfree examples around. i want more tv with childfree people (who are not in their 20s).

Popular Science: women are less likely to receive CPR - why?
NY Times: Stormy Daniels- Feminist Hero

this podcast is nice: Darknet Diaries. also available on spotify. interesting internet related stories, like gaming the new york times bestseller list. yet it's very understandable if you understand the basics of tech. extra interesting if you understand more, i think.

NY Times: EU doctors leaving due to brexit. well we know this of course but here are the latest numbers.

December 12, 2018


luin IS:stä jonkun kampaajan juttua, hienoja hiusmuutoksia on tehnyt. nauratti myös tämä
"Suomalaisten pahimmaksi hiusvärivirheeksi Toiviainen nimeää mustan kauppavärin iskemisen päähän – tai päinvastoin rajun kotivaalennuksen."
täällä kun on kauppaväriä isketty päähän se n. 22 vuotta... paha paha! asiasta mitään tietämättömänä väitän et yhtä lailla se on mustaa kampaajan laittamana. jonkun kerran kun kävin kampaajalla laittaa punaisia raitoja niin muistan että musta levisi ohimoille yhtä tyylikkäästi kuin kotona välillä jos ei oo tarkkana, eli kai mulle on kampaaja sit kerran tai 2 sitä mustaa laittanut...  oliko se sitten kiiltävämpää mustaa tai tykkäskö mun hiukset siitä enempi? pikkukampaamoissakaan ei välttämättä ole kymmentä sorttia mustaa että en tiedä monestako vaihtoehdosta ja ammoniakkisekoituksesta mun hiuslaadulle valittiin just se oikea... no tää jää nyt ehkä mysteeriks.

marraskuussa oli vika mun järkkäämä suomalaisten pubi-ilta. tän kuun eka perjantai oli jonkun toisen järjestämät pikkujoulut ja siinä se sit olikin, mä päätin että vuosi saa riittää. toivottavasti joku muu vaivautuu koska onhan se ollut suosittu ja mukava tapahtuma. itekin tavannut jokusen uuden hauskan tyypin. yritän pitää niiden kanssa yhteyttä siltä varalta ettei tapahtuma enää jatku. 

joulunaika menee kyl nyt vähän hiljaiseks, kaikki menee johonkin ja mieskin on ne välipäivät töissä iltavuorossa. 24.12 se otti vapaaksi et voidaan viettää joulua mut sit se loppuviikko... mut sit me lähdetäänki reissuun tammikuussa mikä kiva.  aurinkoa. yritin tänne syksyllä muuttaneille turkkikavereille sanoa et varais lomia talven keskelle mut ne oli et me mitään tarvita. jep, katotaan sit tammi-helmikuussa mikä on fiilis :D

November 18, 2018

a hole

this may the 3rd or 4th time im writing it, but bloody hell how i enjoy the quick home deliveries in London. Turkish online shops also usually offered fairly fast and free delivery - but its easy in a country with cheap labour. the online market was otherwise not as developed as here though, and so we did much less shopping like that. and to be fair, the delivery speed and quality of tracking and other options are way better here.

there was a cool graffiti area near Waterloo station.

i looked at getting tickets to chess world championship games (carlsen vs caruana) but they started from 55£ and i think my threshold is around 40-50£ for any ticket...   anyway, so i am watching the video streams instead, here and there (they are on https://www.chess.com/). 6 draws in a row... seriously?

last weekend we visited a city farm on Isle of Dogs. free entry, lots of animals. from horses to exotic birds to sheep to pigs to goats to guinea pigs... wide variety. so many different types of chicken and pigs, too!

im trying to watch House of Cards. somehow i guess it's a bit predictable (first episode in). also, started watching Wallander. i'm intrigued but at the same time i find it a bit soppy and emotional, so not sure if i will stick with it. the unrealistic scenarios don't really help. but its hard to find good crime/detective shows to be honest. reminds me of Rizzoli & Isles.  how far ahead of its time was that show?!  much more lighthearted than i'd prefer and whats popular nowdays, but 2 strong female leads, neither of which was typically girly or weak or desperate for men or broken... that's great in its own right. about Wallender though, its weird to have swedish characters in a swedish town speaking british english...  makes you think. i dont mind mixing up things, but it is sad how americans or brits cant stomach good quality tv unless its in english. Channel4 has a special "section" for great foreign drama though, and BBC probably has stuff too - but i believe it is a small minority of people that enjoy them.

my saturday. happy to have this empty hole instead of the ball of hell what was before. 2cm deep. gross, sure, but such is life. at least it wasnt cancerous.

i had this cyst on my calf that was driving me crazy. started as a tiny bump in january, like a permanent raised mosquito bite, then slowly became a monster. occasionally it got inflamed and sore, but other times it was fine. i got an ultrasound referral but the hospital fucked up and i never got an appointment. then it grew so big and got inflamed so bad i went back to the GP and he was noooot happy. he sent me to emergency ultrasound. which the same hospital and department was trying to fuck up again but i chased them and got it done. ok, ultrasound showed it was a round cyst as expected. great, NOW can we take it off? i got a plastic surgery referral for Dec 13th. but at this point the cyst got badly infected and achy and so i got antibiotics but it was too late, it didn't go down and the cyst burst and blah blah. so i went to the emergency dept and doctor's colleague Adam drained and emptied it. hopefully really well cos it hurt like a motherf*cker and i rather not have it repeated. thing is, if cyst walls are left, the cyst is likely to return. but he seemed to get most of it out.
below is a piece of the cyst wall, white, flexible hardened stuff.

this year has been horrible health wise. i had my first flu in 15years a month ago and of course the year started with my foot broken and there has been one thing after another. i hope with this cyst removal this phase symbolically finishes.

"brands that built britain" puzzle done and getting packed! i stated a new one minutes after. 

i got Clarks trainers.  finally decent trainers that dont look horrible.

November 06, 2018

the city that always has something to offer

facebook has been offering me this ad for a while. more accurately Bluebella's social media person has clicked around to target "female x-y in London who are interested in z". ok, i dont mind, but who the hell is actually gonna wear this little piece? i envision it getting tangled like headphones...
i went to Blackheath with friends last night to see the "5th  of November" fireworks. we had a nice dinner in a brewery style restaurant and afterwards a drink at a cute underground jazz bar. superb.

i had to call Apple support about an account related issue. i did queue for nearly 10 minutes i think, but the automated part was less painful than usual and i was able to choose the type of music or in my case, lack of it. importantly though the service was really good and they had a nice very smooth screen sharing system, i was very pleased. the 15 minute call cost me about 50 pence. while i think customer service should be free, IF you're charging, at least that's an acceptable price.

Brixton is famous for its street art and murals. this is something just nearby our home.

this article (The Root) on black maternal mortality in the US was really concerning. i didnt imagine it was all fair & nice, their healthcare is not nice to begin with but this sounds far worse. on the positive, The Atlantic reports that americans can now get the abortion pill by mail. sounds like a lifesaver as clinic are being closed left and right.

i tried watching Maniac on Netflix. a bit intense for my taste. i might still try continue but not sure.

i read both Dove and CoverGirl are becoming cruelty free certified. im especially happy about Dove cos i remember i used to use their products and they have at least tried with the inclusive advertising. CoverGirl is great just cos it's a huge brand and so this means a lot less tes...tortured bunnies.

Spotify's playlist Your Time Capsule is awesome. good old favourites.

October 22, 2018

parisian dream

well, i didnt know Noam Chomsky was banned from entering Israel. makes sense now that I read more about what he's said. not that it's so radical, but Israel is so sensitive.

i stopped over at the nearby 2nd hand bookshop but it's always dangerous. i spent an hour there and went a bit overboard perhaps. got 2 smaller books for doctor; Chomsky's On Anarchism and a Graphic Guide to Sartre. and for myself i seem to have decided to take up latin again (cos unsurprisingly you forget a language if you dont use it?) and educate myself on a few things...i think i might be a little too ambitious. book stores have that effect on me. i have been hearing positive things about Yanis Varoufakis' books so i got myself one of those but suspect it may be a heavy read. i dont always get through books like that. the rest is my typical feminism and biograhy mix. i love Owen Jones' Guardian articles so i'd been eyeing his book for a while.

 we were in Paris for a long weekend. the weather was very favourable, 25c throughout, surprising in October! the atmosphere was really nice, we chilled in a cute Airbnb flat, enjoyed the lively streets and good food. even found a wine festival to enjoy!

 Paris nightlife

parisian dinner with people we met at the Airbnb experience (walking tour of "philosophers & thinkers in Paris")

friends invited us over for a dinner and we made out own pizza!

me and Samantha enjoyed a lunch at a board room cafe yesterday. we tried a few different games but ended up spending most of the time on Trivial Pursuit. which i lost! my black hamburger was cool nevertheless.

Soydan came over in the evening, they got keys to their first rental flat finally but no mattress yet so he stayed with us for one night. he helped me finish our puzzle, yay! i ordered a new one right away and it arrived today.

October 08, 2018

mortal engines

another friend (a couple) moved from turkeyto here a couple weeks back. they were held back for months due to retarded Tier 2 work visa caps, which were then abolished for NHS workers. so now they are in london and the 'turkish mafia' is growing. and the facebook group for turkish doctors in UK (or attempting to come, more like) is almost 2000 people, just a few days short of it. in Mersin we met some doctors actually who are in the group and trying to make their way. it's really motivating to see that all the information can help people and now the group is big enough so that people help each other and one by one they are coming, too. anyway, im so happy our friends finally moved, it's good to have familiar faces around.

we spent a week+ in south of turkey. first Antalya and then Mersin. sun and sea...and the in-laws. we did a little weekend getaway with doctors mom & nieces to a seaside town near Mersin. i ate lots of tantuni's and tried to remember how to speak turkish. i get on with everything, actually, it was just several days of doing that.

we finished the London map puzzle and started on a new one. yay.

my specialty is taking photos after eating... not necessarily visually pleasing nor logical. it WAS a turkish breakfast with the family.

interesting...wall with an entrance

a grill/restaurant by a river an hour from Mersin. you can bring your own meat or fish and grill it, it's  a public access place. but there is a place selling meat, and they can grill it for you too.the tables in the river are inviting but we stayed on dry ground.

turks love threir bread...

 our 8.5 yr anniversary, just take out from the nearby mexican streetfood place. a burrito for doctor and an avo+feta salad for me.

shirts to doctor from Threadless. 

a wooden tray from doctor's mom's shop. it had a flower arrangement glued on it as i think it was meant for weddings or something but the shop assistant kindly removed it so we can use it for anything. i think thats one of the few finnish tings in me; i like some wooden items.

random view in london a few weeks back, whenwe had a finnish womens meeting near london bridge.

so Conor McGregor lost his latest. i was disappointed to read about his pre-fight behavior. he's always been loud and brash but for a while now i think it's been getting too much and now i think it's not cool anymore. he is just building a brand i think in preparation for retiring. maybe smart but im growing tired of it. still, i was in his corner, too bad.

not sure what was the point of this photo.

 Mortal Engines seems cool, i think i want to see it when it comes out.