July 29, 2018

new things for body and head

my father was here for a long weekend. he got to see Brixton and how we live and i guess he approved, lol. on saturday we went to Oxford street and Hyde Park, and on Sunday we checked out a local festival at the nearby park. i expected something smaller from an event called Lambeth Country Show but apparently it drew in 150 000 people. it did get a bit crowded in the late afternoon but mostly we didn't have to queue much for food or drinks, and it was quite comfortable to browse the local stalls. (Lambeth Country Show article on local news).at the end of both days my legs were killing me though, had to soothe them with ice packs. and im the daughter of someone who walked from here to Southbank and Westminster. wtf. i didn't get my legs from him thats for sure. nor my religion. and i know it pains him that im not following Jesus and wont be saved, but it also pains me that we are politically on opposite sides, it seems. so, we have our differences of opinion, but i try to steer away from those subjects cos its no use arguing.

Lambeth Country Show

Outline's article on Delvey & Holmes, the "female scam artists" is not very good. it focuses on critisizing the women's hair and looks in general. poorly applied make up and so on. it critisizes rich women and their fashion choices and hair rituals in general quite generously, but especially these two. now, if you're a scam artist, maybe you've deserved some s***? sure, but i see it pointless to attack someone's make up and cheap highlights. i dont really get a sense of good journalism from it. actually, i see a lot of this going around. making fun of someone's looks, when it's their actions that have attracted the negative attention. im sure im guilty of this too, especially in the past, but i try to be mindful about it now.

New Yorker's article on Assange was pretty good although it spent a lot of time just describing what happened and when, but maybe thats necessary, a lot of time has passed and the "arch" of his story is important. the photo on the article was interesting, the color scheme and obvious photoshop.

also, NY Times' article on S-Town and it's handling f the main character is a good read. while not unlawful perhaps, i myself was not a fan of all the intimate details exposed in S-Town. although i liked it a lot of in general.

me and doctor have been wondering about getting a cat. if i only knew whether i can deal with a hypoallergenic cat, such as a siberian. its just so individual. also, while im keen on us getting a cat or two, it's also scary. the weight of the responsiblity is ...a lot. they can get annoyed and pee on the bed, or ruin the landlord's sofa...  the more i think of it, the scarier it sounds.

the past weeks, besides entertaining my father, have been semi social. the weather has been amazing so always looking for a reason to go out. Jessica, Niina & me went to an asian food festival, for instance. it was nice, but the queues were horrible and most of the stalls offered full portions... so, what, u pay entrance fee, buy a meal, then your full and thats it? why not just go to a restaurant. i have noticed this to be an issue on other food fest's too so maybe im just ignorant of how its supposed to work. in my mind, they would have small bites or appetizer size things, small portions of some sort. so you could try a few different things. obviously this would make it worse with queues unless the number of people was better adjusted to the number of stalls... or something. anyway.

asian food festival

Richmond & Thames with Bella a couple weeks ago. i met her in Istanbul, but she is a brit, now visiting 'home'.  there was an athentic german restaurant/beer garden by the river which was lovely.

i bought a new handbag (right). old for reference. i needed something with a zipper on top and with some more space, so this was it.

also a new wallet, since the previous was lost/stolen when we went to the cinema. with both bag and wallet, the term new means just new to myself not literally new, i pretty much by only 2nd hand these days.

a very random lunch or dinner. whats up with the camera blur lately?

bought a new office chair. i spend so much time sitting on it i figured i should get one thats more comfy. surprisingly, IKEA's selection looked poor and pricy so i got this off amazon.

a pair of my shoes both broke last week (bottom), at the same time. the sole just cracked and started coming off. thankfully i made it to where i was going and back...  well, i quickly bought another very similar pair ro replace them, identical heel height and with a buckle.

a new vietnamese opened just behind the corner, on coldharbour lane. me & doctor celebrated this months anniversary there yesterday. the design is nice, kinda hipstery i guess. ALL the meat they use is free range so i got excited and skipped my usual vegeterian choice. 

 random pop brixton shot.

i decided to go to therapy. its something i always thought about here or there but then theres always something - time, money... but i think its time i get my stuff sorted. or try at least. my first session was this week and i think it was pretty good. i feel carefully optimistic.

the 30 degree weather has been good to me. summer summer...

im enjoying the 2nd season of Unforgotten,and Bachelorette

July 05, 2018

fans necessary

i find it interesting that UK based package holiday sites advertise and list prices as pp (per person), whereas Finnish ones usually show you the total. i much prefer the latter. i think it may be about couples here having more commonly separate budgets.. although i have a feeling finns are like that too. so maybe thats not it. with the british sites i saw, if u have kids though, its a bit awkward to have the price divided amongst everyone...  i mean if you have 2 adults and 2 kids, and it says "1648pp"... im sure most will need to dig up a calculator to figure out how much they as a family are paying...  whatever.

another thing i dont understand about the brits is "days". they are big on remembering days.  like, my mother died today 8 years ago or my dog was put down today 4 years ago... or i was in an accident 9 years ago today. and its so haarrrd and how to get through this?? i realise other people pay more attention and remember anniversaries and birthdays and days in general. but for the brits, its a national sport. especially when its about being really really sad and overwhelmed and struggling about the said day. i see much less of the positive kind, eg. i met my boyfriend 4 years ago today or my child was exactly born years ago. i see it as some kind of pathological behavior. 

our new fan for the bedroom

anniversary last week, in Rum Kitchen

yesterday i had physiotherapy to get some help strenghtening the injured foot/leg. ive had some muscle aches and weird stuff going on which is obviously due to the fact that i developed some muscle athropy while my leg was immobile. and im often overcompensating with the other foot, as the physio also noted. anyway i got what i was hoping for; some exercise and strenghtening tips to help me balance things out again. overall it was super educational, i think i should stick to some of the exercises even after i get back to "normal". what was funny is when i learned how exactly my right side muscles are weaker, she had me do dofferent thigs and became blatantly obvious. like, i can't separate my bloody toes in the right foot. it just feels like there are no muscles to do it at all. with the left its not an issue. crazy stuff. anyway, very pleased with the consultation.

in relation to this, i wore heels for the forst time last weekend. exactly 6 months after. i had already upgraded from flats to low wedges but this time it was proper heels. felt a bit shaky but its psychological, i just need to gain my balance and confidence again. however, wtf has hapened to my shoes?! they gave off a lot of black ..."stuff", the insides are crumbling, my feet looked hideous. so sad cos i love the shoes.

when men are nervous, at least on reality tv shows, they meddle with their suit buttons, opening or closing, back and forth. maybe in real life too, but i dont see men in suits too often, lol. but on tv its amusing. i think women on the other hand often touch their hair, moving it around. short hair women need to find other coping mechanisms, hehe.

whats with Anna Wintour and the sunglasses...? i mean wearing sunglasses inside? must be a self branding thing but makes me think she has an eye problem. perhaps she does, some people do :/ high fashion keeps puzzling me in general. the designers talk about how they want to "design for all women" or "a woman with a career and kids" "a young man who likes to mix style & leisure" and statements like that. whats never mentioned is that the customer should be in the top 1-2% richest in their country to be able to buy those 800£ dresses or 350usd shirts. and of course, underweight while at it, cos its not like they would design for unruly, big bodies :D of course, the world is full of communication where some obvious things are not said out loud. but with fashion, and ordinary people actually buying Vogue magazines, i think its something a bit extra.

 saw Niina on saturday at this outdoor+indoor market/bar/restaurant stall place in Elephant & Castle. it was empty when we arrived and filled up. huge place with every kind of food from italian to vietnamese to burtgers to champagne & cheese bar (its a chain, we have one in brixton as well ;) it was lovely, with the weather and all. im enjoying summer to the fullest now.

June 30, 2018

summer is ON

the turkish election was a travesty. as expected. still hurts to watch. internet was full of videos and photos proving foul play; i saw leftover ballots stamped by a group of guys, "wrong" votes in the trash bin, and so on. Kadiköy (municipality of half a million people) votes were just arriving to counting AFTER Erdo was giving his victory speech. and friends of friends who were observers also saw a lot of wrong doing, but no one can do anything. it makes me furious.

Haaretz is not on my usual reading list...  but this article on Erdo & economy is pretty good i think.

our facebook group for turkish doctors in the UK saw a sharp rise in new members on the election day and it has been going like that since... sad and funny at the same time. but a good motivator to try do stuff for the group. some people write guides or about their experience which is great, but i had an idea yesterday to do Q&A's with those already here. kind of generic questions, so the interviewee can give as much or as little as they want. and anonymous unless they want otherwise. covering all the stuff people mostly ask about, salary and career options and such. 

Airbnb has gone worse. now, as u browse for accommodation, they are doing the "hurry! 15 other people are looking at accommodation in xx now!" or "we only have 15 accomodation left in xx!". and im looking at May 2019, so...  F you. this is a bit early to be planning but we are going with friends and partners, so have to start early...

doctor also got his new rota for the next 6 months so we got to planning our holidays. he is going to germany (metal festival...) in august, but we decided on a weekend in paris in october. a bit rainy, maybe, but we are still considering turkey for september, so cant go then. ive wanted to take eurostar to paris forever, so exciting. also we are planning to do a proper winter holiday in january, when its the coldest and darkest here. either mexico or vietnam, i think. or somewhere in the caribbean. depends on the price and water temperature. because i want to swim, too. also, we want to go glamping, i think. so looking at those options.

the work project that kept me busy most of June is finally done. we delivered this week and everything went well. client seems happy. im happy too, i think our team did a good job.

the weather is finally super warm & sunny... proper summer. we went to picnic yesterday with doctor and Can. today i enjoyed the sun in an outdoor food market with Niina, in elephant & castle. in that sense, things are quite good.

Guardian: Melting glaciers in Peru
Tablet: about Sabina Spielrein
Rolling Stone: The Trouble with Johnny Depp
Wired: Why Lyft Is Trying to Become the Next Subscription Business
interviews with this now dead bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty are interesting, eg. https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/andreas-muenzer-the-untold-story-an-interview-with-sonbaty.htm  (i ran into these by chance... ive never understood bodybuilding but maybe thats why i sometimes read or watch stuff, im just curious)

listening to Leevi & The Leavings

June 16, 2018

coming and going

Toronto trip done. it was nice for me to see old friends and 'the hood', and to reconnect with our friends from Istanbul who live there now. and it was doctors first time in north america. we went to Niagara Falls and Hamilton of course, to meet Kev and his gf. memories! also, i had forgotten how car centric canada was. i mean i knew it, but it still took me by surprise. i think it would be hard for me to integrate there, even if we lived very centrally. u just cant get very far with public transport. and im not interested in driving. well, we dont live there, so all good. for visiting the subway and street car were good enough (plus not too crowded, easy access) and the weather was mostly nice. i think canada is great in many ways, and i certainly like canadians. i think London is the right place for me (to live) but nice to visit over the pond sometimes.

downtown Toronto.

view from the islands

Korean BBQ place

Niagara Falls

cider tasting with Hanna

 sushi picnic. nom nom.

i managed to empty my head during the trip which is good, didnt think of work one bit. now, i just need to ease myself into reality again. laundry, grocery shopping, scheduling...  i have friends i want to meet but i need to go to finland this coming week for a few days. ill be back on midsummer, not sure i will go to the annual Hyde Park celebrations though. i think by then i will need some alone time again.

FINALLY Home Office (or Theresa May, who blocked these plans earlier?) have come to their senses and are removing doctors & nurses from the capped Tier 2 visa process. it's simply mindblowingly stupid to DENY visas to people that are sorely needed. they have gone through a long & expensive process to be registered to practise in the UK, have found a job - meaning some hospital somewhere has signed a countract with them and paid for the visa process (certificate of sponsorship) - and then both parties get a "no sorry monthly cap is full", like wtf? 
"2,630 visa applications from doctors outside the European Economic Area (EEA) were refused in a five-month period, despite crippling staff shortages across the NHS." one of these people is our friend. the first hospital that offered him work got tired after 2 attempts (applying twice in consecutive months), so he had to find another job and now its been the same thing all over again. if the cap is removed next month, and the hospital applies again it should go through or if they've already given up he will have to find a 3rd job...   its agonising, when you've worked so hard to uproot your life, you have a job waiting for you and then the process is thwarted due to a senseless no-reason. anyway, so hopefully this is now changing. this worsened NHS staffing crisis is just one of the many lovely effects of brexit.

Victoria park a couple weeks ago. the All Points East festival nice, weather amazing and Nick Cave even more so :) 

last night i hung out with Can & Burcu in a local cocktail bar that was wonderfully colourful and lively. maybe i felt a bit too old for the music but it was a good couple hours anyway.

 at the corner of our block;

June 03, 2018

london stuff

going to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds tonight in Victoria Park with Jess & Ollie (doctor is working :/ ) . there is also Patti Smith and Physchedelic Furs... im not complaining. but Nick Cave, holy crap. ive been listening to him for 25 or so years.

finnish londoners monthly pub night. record number of 35 attendees this past friday. 
the very center of london has these pretty ancient paths. in the night on my way to bus stop a bit creepy.

the above is just a stone throw away from this

 i lost my wallet a week ago. im pretty sure "lost" and not "stolen" as none of the cards were used (even the contacless), and i have a feeling its dropped on the movie theatre floor. i know i paid for the popcorn and then we went straight into the screen room (Deadpool 2!!). and from there, we walked directly home. but the movie theatre sayd they have not found it. eventually i had to cancel the cards and finally i bought a chain to attach a wallet to the handbag. its not pretty but until i find a better solution...

i got some new testing equipment. and at this point it seemed best to get a charging station, not just for all the cables but also just to kind of manage them...  

 work is quite busy which makes me stressed and so im looking forward to our holiday soon (Toronto).

May 27, 2018

new baby cam

Santorini was warm. we stayed on both sides of the island to get a town and beach experience both. the visually stunning caldera was worth seeing but the quiet and cozy beach was a nice and much needed balance. with London/Finland prices, i'm not sure i would go again, as greece has so many nice cozy beach villages that are more affordable, but i am happy i've gone once.

our 2nd hotel (Smaragdi). the pool was for doctor, i knew i would not go in there... too chilly. hence, i got a room that included a heated jacuzzi, haha. we both enjoyed that one.

dinner by the beach. tourist season was not on yet in the village of Perissa, and it made for a perfectly calm & quiet location.

new baby camera. so after disappointing myself with Lumix DMC-TZ70, i got Sony RX-100 mark 3 and i think we're bonding and im satisfied. it's a bit thicker and heavier than i'd like, but with my requirements it was in the end the only one that fit the bill. technically Lumix seemed to do that too but then there are the factors like how it feels in your hand etc. plus the LCD screen on the Lumix was so awkward, looked like over-sharpened photoshop work. what i wanted:
1. 640x480 picture size
2. great lens
3. large aperture
4. wifi (i know they are so-so in the best case, but better that than nothing)
5. reasonable UI
6. "pocket" size
7. wide-ish angle
i bought this from eBay - reputable 99% pos feedback shop - for 409£.

so my complaints then, cos that's where i really excel at?
  • a bit too thick & heavy
  • wifi/NFC is as good as it gets in these cameras but its still s*** poor and hidden somewhere deep in the menu
  • the on/off button is a tad too easily to press by mistake, i have turned the camera on a few times just as i was fishing for it in my bag
  • i dont really personally care for neither a viewfinder nor the flip screen...  but at this price range they start adding hundreds of features and it's unavoidable... 
  • when you change the shooting 'mode', from automatic to program for example, the camera displays an info screen about that mode and it's features. that got tired after the first 2 times
  • the visible area of the LCD is very small compared to the physical size of the screen...  way smaller than in my old camera
something annoying happened with the camera shopping. after i had returned the Lumix very swiftly, and before i ordered the Sony, i was at the aiport Dixons Travel and eager to FEEL the Sony before making another possibly poor decision. there were other cameras too i hadnt ran into while researching so i was checking them out. the staff was not too busy as the shop was nearly empty at 5am but i was not approached, which can be nice when you just wanna look around but i was trying to look at them for some attention...    anyway, i was looking at a smaller (and more basic, around 250£) camera but couldn't confirm the image sizes so i eventually got a member of staff to help, altho he was not too eager. he condescendingly explained to me that such high quality camera does not have 640x480 size. i tried to point out that the (almost double price) Sony RX100m3 sitting right next to it does have that, and was hoping he would take the hint and help me find options that suite my needs but he was not interested and then wandered off. of course i dont know if it was because i am a woman, or not a wealthy enough looking woman, or because he was having a bad morning or generally hates customers who arent looking for the most megapixels... but as someone who herself has sold cameras and knows a thing or 2 about them, it hit a nerve. and maybe that is because in my photolab/camera selling days customers would often look for the MAN behind the counter when they wanted to hear about them. i did have gracious enough co-workers who directed the customers to me if their knowledge was less than mine, though.

Amazon is amazing. u want to call them? just click a button and they will call you immediately. bloody hell. everytime i deal with them through any channel im just like 'woah'. why have i been dealing with Amazon customer service lately - considering they're so good it's rarely necessary? it seems that buying and selling mobile phones online is risky, they tend to get lost on the way. last year when doctor ordered a new phone it was lost by the courier, Hermes. it never arrived. now, i have been trying to order Honor 9 for work (testing purporses), TWO times. the first arrived box opened and no phone inside...   the second was sent via Hermes which usually means there is trouble ahead, and that was indeed the case. it never showed up, got stuck in the depot the morning they acquired it (see screenshot). besides Hermes being complete s***, the problem with them is that you can often easily see from the tracking that there is an issue, the parcel is stuck at the depot when it shoud be on it's way, or it's "on its way" for several days straight... and then, nothing, and you have to wait for 3 or so days before you can officially raise an issue. so i've now spent a week and a day trying to buy an Honor 9. third time's the charm? i should say that i did one succesful phone purchase too, it arrived with the empty box. now im just one phone short of being able to fully test this app in a project i got onto.

like, what the actual...     how do you have the cojones to claim its "with a neighbor" (which bloody neighbor??) when your own tracking says otherwise? tracking could have a delay or an error  of course, but in their case... uff. obviously, i HAVE checked with our neighbors as well, just in case.

i dunno if im just imaging or if Netflix has gotten much better in the past year, content wise? for a service that is growing, i guess its not surprising - just add more of everything and then there is more for everyone? so maybe its just that they've tripled their content. but i feel like they have more the 3 times interesting stuff than they did year ago. so one of the options is that my taste has changed - ive been brainwashed and am more open to "netflixy" content now? or, my taste in tv has just genuinely changed as it sometimes does. or, their algorhitms have gotten better, and the content that was already there a year ago, i just couldnt find, and its now better at offering me what i want to see. or some combination of the above.

May 10, 2018

camera troubles

what a disappointment. my new camera arrived like 2 hours ago and immediately i was like "eh...". i then tried it out but was turned off even more. the size, the feel, the grip, the quality of the LCD screen...   it was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70.  my old one broke a couple weeks ago, seemed like a mechanical issue jamming the lens, but we were unable to fix it. and its not for lack of trying.

so in about 30 seconds i knew i would not be able to live with the Panasonic, thought about my options, packed it up and returned it to Amazon's drop off point. at least i know what im getting instead, so thats positive? Sony RX-100III.

weather has been amazing.
Clapham park last saturday, had a sushi lunch with Can (doctor was unfortunately working, but we picnicced with him on monday)

Guardian:  Theresa May 'blocking requests' to allow in more overseas doctors for NHS
this immigration BS makes me FURIOUS. especially when the idiocy is crippling the NHS. all the things i hear and read... i PERSONALLY know people who found a job and all but then the work visa application was hit by the quota. "sorry, no." the hospital that hired him tried 2 consecutive months and then got tired. he has had to find a new job and just try again with better luck. its MADDENING.

dinner last night with Allan & other friends @ Kintan. they have a cool concept where you grill your own meat. not super original but not common either, nice activity.

May 03, 2018

dusty dust dust dust duuuust

the council election is on tomorrow and i barely see it mentioned anywhere. in fact, i dont. im confused as to what to vote. im disappointed with labour for their brexiting, but i also know that councillors have nothing to do with brexit and everything to do with local decisions. so lets go with the latter; but i dont even know the options. and surprisingly, google has not provided helpful. i feel im going to polling station blindfolded.

we watched Motherland documentary. ive been waiting forever to find it, and now Netflix had it. documentaries are hard to find...
and wait a minute, whats this on Netflix, "Bordertown"...looks finnish, it IS finnish! how nice, i think netflix has caught on the nordic noir by buying local shows not just US remakes.

  • i can smile and be chatty with the mailman, unlike in turkey, cos he wont imagine its an invitation to harass me. 
  • finnish names: jenni, jenna, janna, jussi, jutta, jatta, jonna, janne, janni, jonne, jukka, jonni, jesse...    ah, 5 letter names starting with J and with double consonants in the middle. 
  • Sainsbury's fizzy sugar free drinks 
  • we had a nice dinner last night with Niina & Hannu at a ramen restaurant

  • brits are really 'complainy' and privileged twats sometimes. they love writing complaints and demanding reimbursement and especially major apologies. whether the 'expensive organic bread' had too many air bubbles inside or the queue was too long at H&M cashier wednesday noon... brits DEMAND their hurt to be compensated. i like writing feedback too, but its nor for compensation, its literally feedback. and i dont think im THAT fussy.
  • we had a ceiling issue fixed by the landlord, or contractors they sent, and i wish they had given us a fair warning over the dust that would spread EVERYWHERE. even just a simple "you might want to close the bedroom and bathroom doors" wouldve been nice. had i known what will happen i wouldve left the ceiling as it is. our flat is covered in dust, thinking of getting a cleaner for a day to help. because when anything that was out in the open, from toothbrushes to shoes to vitamin jars, s covered in dust... having help even with just the floor would be nice. 
formerly black sofa...

dry food covered in dust

sendmybag (DHL in practise, it seems) delivered my suitcase to me today. photo albums, books, diaries...

April 29, 2018

hoarder diaries

back home from finland, trying to recover...  i started some new projects at work so i will be busy the next couple months it seems. new challenges are invigorating though.

found new music today; Vesta (spotify link). finnish, chill and easy and  melodic.

i understand the whole business of cookies and showing me ads on facebook of items i may have just glanced at (eg. a dress at H&M, shoes in eBay..). however, why cant they develop and stalk me just a little bit further and conclude tat i already bought the good damn item?! no need to spend ad dollars on me anymore. i went to sendmybag website a couple weeks ago and bought the service for shipping a bag from helsinki to here. all in this same browser, of course. and i keep seeing ads for sendmybag every day, still. idiots.

whats the british obsession with cheese? cheese memes, special cheese portions in restaurants, "loving cheese" is like a religion. and yet, they dont make very good cheese, do they? i mean, sure, enjoy the cheese, i dont mind.

i brought with me or shipped 23+23+10kg of stuff on this visit. i really look forward to trips to finland when this "storage project" is over. i think next time will be the last. then i can just focus on work and see friends here and there. and maybe also just CHILL. my body is aching from carrying around heavy backpacks and dragging luggage around (one was 28kg - way too much), and its tiring to go through old stuff and having to choose what to keep. knowing that i can keep everything. once a hoarder always a hoarder? it is cool to find memories though.

 ... like myself some 20 years ago.
my flight back was yesterday and i picked up this from the airport marimekko shop;  classic finnish mug design.

i actually also got 2 mugs from my aunts childhood home which was recently sold but was still full of old items. not really our style but it was nice to have something that has been in the family.

 all this needed going through and packing/disposing. lots of PHOTOS.

this box was heavy. all the notes written by classmates in elementary school, pen pal letters, birthday cards from relatives from since i was 6 or whatever...   i saved a few and the rest had to go (i ripped them, didnt have a bonfire available).     

packed a framed photo too (grand piano) and struggled a lot in finding a method of transport, british airways said it was a no-go because of the width. at 122x82x9cm its challenging, and courier companies charge 'gold'. im working on it. arttu had it on his wall for years but now its time to redecorate and we thought we could hang it in our kitchen.

DPD fucked up with a delivery recently, not super bad but bad, and i had already forgotten about it but then i received this with a handwritten apology note. funny enough the cookie was broken. royal mail does not treat the parcels gently :D i only wish that as a customer i actually had any choice of the courier company used when i buy stuff. but the reality is you rarely know who will be delivering your shopping, until perhaps you get a tracking email or something. if i could, i would be ok with DPD - there is no unicorn. and i would avoid Hermes like the plague. i realise its just probably our local Hermes driver PLUS the very poor tracking/customer service combo that makes it horrible for me , but regardless of the reasons, it never ends well with them.

British Airways' inflight magazine;