June 17, 2015

coming up...

for a few years now ive been meaning to continue the tattoo work on my left arm, which has the mermaids and underwater stuff. i spent some time looking for suitable (watercolor style) artists in Melbourne, but they were all busy of course. the next artist in line was a turkish one (Koray Karagözler), but he'd just moved to Antalya which makes things a tad more difficult. so then i contacted someone in Istanbul, Yeliz @ Galata Tattoo, who used to work under Koray and she is really blooming i think. AND she speaks english, always a plus. so i will try meet her this week to consult on the options. maybe if all goes well we could start in the beginning of july.

in july i think ill also go for botox, its been a couple years since the last time. and this time itll be for actual wrinkles and not some other cause. wrinkles is the only thing botox is associated with, and finally ill be able to answer that judgmental question "why would you want to smooth out your wrinkles??!". lol. just because. im experimenting with my face. actually its not only the one wrinkle thats developed between my brows, its like i can see it on the forehead, how those (frowning) muscles are being overused and the forehead is not even anymore :(  i can almost see bumps above my brows...i am not consciously frowning but what the fuck. anyway, i realize my face is changing with age, and im generally fine with that, but i want to avoid the "angry look", so i do want to try and see how this goes...  otherwise ill just have to accept it? and start smiling more, i rather have crows feet and dimple wrinkles :D

and tomorrow....doctors mom is coming over! for 1 or 2 nights. i think coming all the way from Mersin, staying 2 nights makes more sense. she chose not to fly so the night bus is just a bit tiring, i believe. its been 2 yrs since i last saw her i, should be interesting :) we should take her out to eat and stuff.

enjoying Married at First Sight US and AU, on the same day! awesome stuff.

kommentaattori äänessä

yksi kaveri linkitti facessa tähän blogikirjoitukseen; Vaikka olen nainen, en halua ajaa polkuautolla. okei juttu alkaa ihan mielenkiintoisesti, mutta sitten yhtäkkiä auto on osa identiteettiä ja sen pitää olla kallis ja hieno koska muuten...öö? ja tää kirjoittaja on psykologi? itse en lähde hänen asiakkaakseen koska en ole varma millaisia välineitä saisin elämänhallintaan... näen kyllä tuon "olen ansainnut xxx" pointin, ja senkin että naisen usein vähättälevät itseään tai tyytyvät vähempään jne mutta en silti ehkä näiden risteyskohtaa tuohon autoon. auton hankinnassa varmaan kannattaisi ajatella muutakin kuin statusta (koska vaikkei Ilona käyttänyt sitä sanaa, niin siltä se vähän kuulosti, että statusta pitäisi ostaa), kuten paljonko se kuluttaa bensaa, ja mihin sitä meinaa käyttää. mut mistäs mä tiedän kun en autoa omista...ja ehkä sitten jos olisin, niin kuuluisin just näihin surkeisiin "fööniauton" omistajiin. pieni moottoritilavuus -> huono itsetunto?? koska suosin julkisia, olen kai sitten aivan pohjamudissa. miehellänihän on tällainen "fööni", en tiedä mitä se sitten kertoo miehestä? Ilona kehoittaa vielä ostamaan muutaman koltun vähemmän jotta saisi panostettua autoon enempi. mites se kolttujen tuoma identiteetti sitten??  että siis, olipa paska läppä, en yhtään tajunnut.

ihan paras tää italian veto; Italia uhkaa antavansa siirtolaisille Schengen-viisumit, jos EU:ssa ei synny sopua (HS 17.6). repesin oikeasti. jos toi uhkaus on oikea ni voi alkaa yhtäkkiä keski-aurooppaakin kiinnostaa ne pakolaiset siellä meressä :D jotenkin surullisen hyvin sanottu Italialta, niillä on oikeasti kusinen tilanne siellä kun joka yö tulee paattia etelästä.

June 16, 2015

couldnt sleep last night, read Wired

this week is officially christened the "portugal planning week"! after 5 days in Lisbon, i think we should head to Porto for a couple days and then make a short 1 night visit to some small town near Lisbon, like Sintra - from where we can get to the aiport in the morning. all cities have access to beach, but of course the sea water temperature is around 19 degrees...thats just enough for doctor but not me. oh well...

i really wanna do a short "blue cruise" holiday while we are still in turkey... sometimes we planned it with friends but it seems impossible with everyones schedules and other plans.

an old acquintance (or what do u call these people u made a brief but perhaps meaningful contact with a long time ago, online??) contacted me by email, tracked me down via my deviantart account. he found himself studying AI and works with data now...aaanyway, he gave me think link to a Bloomberg article on code and its a wonderful (but long!) read. some of it just kind of beginners stuff on computers, cos the article is essentially about code, but its so well written its just fun to read :)

i had a skype chat with another old friend today about London. Avner and his wife have lived there for years and i just wanted to hear how he likes it, pros and cons, how much is the gas bill and so forth.

The Atlantic: Why Women Aren't Having Children. im always happy when there is a somewhat sensible article on the topic, but a part of me is usually a little bit disappointed with the content anyway. but maybe thats just me, i do ALWAYS find something not right. first annoyance: the article says
"Though no one exactly says it, women are voting with their ovaries, and the reason is simple. There are too few social supports, especially given the fact that the majority of women are no longer just mothers now, they’re mother-workers. Yet virtually no social policy accounts for this."
i think it would be fair to mention this text applies to especially US, also many other countries, but there certainly are countries who do a great deal to support motherhood and families financially...!

one of the interviewed women (who has the right to her opinion of course!) says of children:
"In the main, they are ungrateful. "
i know its just a sentence, but where do i start? are all children ungrateful, is it an inherent feature of our species really? are they ungrateful all their lives or just during some parts or all of their childhood? how is ungratefulness defined, btw? one is allowed to expect thing from other beings of course, whether it is reasonable or not, but indeed if what u need is someone to be grateful, i agree that not having children is the right choice. well, i sound like im attacking a fellow 'childfree' person, but i found that an awkward comment.

"The sense that having children is the most worthy of human activities is questioned by the writer Tim Kreider, who argues that it’s “a pretty low-rent ultimate purpose that’s shared with viruses and bacteria.”"
i wouldnt call having children "the most worthy of human activities", but it is the most important one for the species (because all species are programmed to survive and procreate, thats the only reason we exist). just because bacteria and viruses also reproduce doesnt automatically change the value of the fact. bacteria and viruses also need water in some form, just like humans, so how about that? i think its odd to be a human and suggest that humans shouldnt behave the way they are programmed to, and what led us here... just because we are conscious beings, and we know the planet is overcrowded, we cannot (usually) override the need to reproduce, if we have one. of course, the article was trying to shed some light on why some of us are NOT reproducing, and if Tim sees it the way he does, thats okay. childfree people have many reasons, from logical or emotional, from traumas to other, all-consuming goals etc...  and some may be just freaks of nature, maybe evolution wise its better if some of us dont spread our genes, honestly i think it could be *one* of the reasons some of us dont want any. could be me (although i feel like my genes are pretty awesome, lol).

June 15, 2015

reading and learning

ive spent the last week on a lot of things of course, but here is my top something:
-Little Women NY/LA. reality about m...little people, too much fake drama for my taste but occasionally they touch interesting discussion, about the M word or height preferences for partners or something.
-Quora. namely: indian caste system. Portugal travel tips. Kasparov, Deep Blue & other chess stuff. mistakes in popular movies. faults in human thinking.
-hanging out at home with doctor. he had more free time than usual and we were just bonding.
-reading articles on Long Reads. so many great reads...

i feel like i have some 'permanent' stress lately, my jaw aching almost daily although i dont catch myself biting my teeth. i need to go to a dentist and get a retainer..

and today i started a udemy course which i bought a few weeks ago when i think they were all 10$. its about testing of course. but i will try to find something else that interests me too, in the hopes of keeping my brain cells moving...

i bought a large fabric tote from a shop nearby. the inside has pink flowers, and they kind of shine through, making it the patterned outside look messy. lovely bag, great for picnics & beach. 10tl/3 eur.

sometimes im lazy and dont wash a carrot/apple/etc before eating it. because lets be honest, a lot of shit & dirt go into our mouths regardless...washing fruits and veggies is just something we can easily control and is visible right before us. one word: immune system.

its been salmon week! i dont know if im missing finland or just being lazy (probably the latter), but in the past week i think i cooked salmon 3 times. or 2, doctor prepared it once. put the filets in the oven and make a potato/veggie mash on the side... the latter is somewhat time consuming, so i try to come up with easier alternatives.... 
salmon is quick on a pan too, though. quicker than in the oven but the oven requires less supervision. another easy favorite of mine is steak. but that too comes with the side dish problem. jennis tip: buy a large enough steak and u can get away without a side. just meat. if it makes u full and is tasty, whos complaining? i should start "the lazy bitch cooking blog" . im sure someones already done it... i should google...    but when we move to a western country, we can also buy processed, pre-prepared stuff. oh lord i miss that stuff...

June 13, 2015

things moving uphil again

turkish elections are by far more stressful than the finnish ones. in fact the finnish elections are not stressful, they can make me a bit nervous and curious, but the anxiety and worry that turkeys uncertain (and lately quite gloomy)  future evokes in me is something else. however, the elections could not have gone better. what will actually happen is another story, a minority government or a coalition between AKP and the other conservative party...and the possibility of new elections...  we will see. but turkish citizens sent a clear message to the president saying "enough". because lets be honest, this election was about him and his referendum. me and doctor were glued to the live feed of the results from 5 till 10:30pm last sunday. long evening! but it gave me a glimmer of hope. i was so stressed though that my jaw was aching. the stress and anxiety over the election results was ridiculous - but i was also managing our holiday schedule and bookings for august and that can get pretty stressful too, comparing hotels and all that...

votes from turkish citizens in finland. the kurdish party, HDP, won by a landslide over there. the kurdish population in finland is not that big, this was a tactical election where many liberals, minorities and individuals just wanting to push AKP & Erdogan back, voted for HDP. overall HDP got around 13% of all votes, passing the 10% limit and getting into parliament. in finland and turkey, #2 in votes was CHP - the leftist (and kemalist) party founded by Ataturk himself. CHP governs our Kadiköy municipality, and while i dont particularly love any of the parties available, i am glad to live in a CHP neighborghood because it shows.

i am really allergic to someone patronizing me. i think those instances are usually people just trying to be helpful, but i would like the assumption to be that im not an idiot. "oh you're traveling to africa, you should get vaccinated!". no shit? and no, im not traveling to africa. most recently this is about the advice i get when i talk about moving to Canada or London. nuff about that, but i would appreciate fellow humans treating me like the 35 yr old that i am, i think ive proven to deserve it.

i had my yearly health check up today (covered by my insurance). it wasnt due until this fall, but i decided to go earlier because while its very nice that my pulse is slowing down further and further, me and doctor started to question the causes. my resting pulse is now around 50. and im under 60 or just around 60 most of the day in general. i also got all the other generic tests and ekg of course. and: i am still healthy as a horse :) nice to have some good news, its been a stressful week.

first page of my report. 

the classy older female doctor who did my check up gave me her business card to call about the results in the afternoon. i just noticed it has her email address too, and its like  "drjennita@yahoo.com" (title first name 2 letters from surname) and yahoo. well, its a little bit cute...

doctor had his IELTS speaking exam yesterday and today he's doing writing and other parts. he needs it if we plan to move abroad...  like, has to have it (with decent points).

the flat is slowly falling into pieces, literally. okay, not surprising of course, just saying. we painted the living room white (which the painter at the time heavily objected, its so unheard of in turkey), and slowly these cracks started to appear in the supporting pillar;
just noticed this the other day in the corner of a window sill. its an unused corner so nothing wouldve even touched it. all i can say is 'lol'. 

June 06, 2015

dreading the day after

tomorrow is an important election. the pessimist in me is not too hopeful, neither about the voters nor the fairness of the election. a lot depends on whether the kurdish party (HDP) gets 10% of the votes or not, and after that, there is still plenty of space for foul play. 
the guardian: Turkey at a crossroads as Erdoğan bulldozes his way to lasting legacy
the guardian: The world's most unfair election system – how would your parliament fare? 

sometimes i wondered why doctor has a fairly old-fashioned name, while his brothers have modern ones. the family is not conservative nor religious so...  apparently he was named after this leftist leader (pic below).

i was out and about after or between work the other day, looking for summer shoes and dresses. for a white dress in specific. but most "white" is natural white (semi beige), and i am strictly a snow white person. thats always the problem with white...ive missed out on a lot of nice white clothes because of that slight difference in tone.but im not able to 'get over it'.

got my monthly nail repair, sporting a glittery pink french manicure now (just the polish). 

i look forward to watching
Welcome to Me
The End of the Tour a "talking movie" as doctor would say - i guess ill watch this one alone
Nowitzki - The Perfect Shot im not interested in basketball, but this just may be an interesting documentary. they focus on the fact that he is german, and i focus on the fact that his name is...polish or something?
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence of course! Roy Anderson's latest!

also, this summer im looking to check or return to these series
The Brink i love Tim Robbins and this one just may be a bit funny
Dark Matter im not usually into sci-fi but im a nice person, ill give it a go...
Sense8 by Wachowski siblings
Humans the american version of pretty cool swedish original Äkta Människor

i should start looking at Lisbon restaurants. its funny how our recent holidays have been so food oriented considering how 'incompetent' we r as foodies. we just enjoy good food, without perhaps even knowing whats supposed to be good. but besides Lisbon, we should visit another city - and Porto seems to top the list. so perhaps 2 days in Porto then.

doctor got this huge box of chocolates as a thank you from a patient, a 70 yr old lady.  nom nom.

June 02, 2015

Fury road

after trips to Australia and Helsinki, i am now back on uTest, testing apps and software, kind of as a hobby.

something i cooked on tuesday i believe. a salad recipe i got from miss R, although heavily modified as i didnt bother checking the recipe while grocery shopping. in addition fried sausage from finland.

doctors passport with a new schengen visa arrived from the portuguese consulate via UPS and we were nervous to see if he got it for a year or just for the trip - the lady at the consulate had been less than friendly (to put it mildly). he has received a year several times in a row now so thats the expectation but anyway. we were quite shocked to see he got 3 years. i didnt know they give 3 year schengen visas...i bet turkish people dont see them too often. but what a nice surprise.

watched the new Mad Max last night. a few too many car chases for me, but ok. visually pleasing of course. full of logical loopholes in my opinion but i guess thats the style of the cartoony world they live in and not a real issue i should pay attention to. pre-watching i was already unimpressed with the main characters name though, Furiosa. i mean, really? this is like 50 shades of Grey; Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele...  but thats a detail. overall a nice film.

that reminds me, the honest trailer for 50 shades of grey. im sure it sums it all up pretty well.

Hollywood & older men (by Vulture)

May 31, 2015


just kun pääsin arjen syrjään taas, niin suomi tuli vuorostaan tänne. Arttu siis tuli tänne täksi viikoksi. Carilyn kans palasi alkuviikosta parin kuukauden ulkomaanreissulta, ja näin sitä perjantaina. muuten viikko meni melkeen koti-iltojen merkeissä, mitä nyt torstaina mentiin  Nisantasiin (hienostoalue) illalliselle, Arttu ei oo ollu siellä ennen, ja siitä Besiktasiin katselemaan sen alueen yöelämää. kutsuimme lääkärin kaverin Oytunin mukaan, sekin IT-alalla, juteltavaa oli sitten sen tiimoilta.

Besiktasin yöelämää.

vietiin Canonin viralliseen huoltoon tuo mun ja Artun yhteinen 5D, joka oli nyt pölyttynyt täällä turkissa sen 5 vuotta. mä tossa pari kuukautta sitten tein kaverille palveluksen ja otin siitä kuvia, kuvauksen päätteeksi sisällä oleva peili tippui...  pieni juttuhan se on korjaa mutta kuitenkin. nyt sitten Artulla voisi olla tuollaiselle kameralla tarvetta joten ehkä sen vuoro ottaa se haltuun. mutta fiksattiin se peili täällä ensin, ja puhdistettiin samalla vähän pölyyntynet linssi jne.  positiivinen kokemus oli siksi että vaikka toimisto oli just ...aika kohtuu epäilyttävän näkönen (80-lukulainen huonekaluliikkeen takahuone tuli mieleen), niin siellä palvelu oli asiallista, sitä sai ENGLANNIKSI (olin jo mielessäni valmistautunut käymään keskustelut turkiksi tietty) ja muutenkin homma meni sujuvasti. peilin takaisinliimaus ei maksanut mitään, se on kai sellainen hardware-vika, ja linssin putsaus (irrottivat ekan linssin ja siivosivat edestä ja takaa) oli kohtuullinen 70TL/25e.kahdessa päivässä onnistui ja menin kaiken kaikkiaan hyvin.

lauantaina olis haluttu mennä Belgradin metsän euroopan puolelle, mutta liikenteen pullonkaula sillalla näytti aika hurjalta, jolloin yhdensuuntainen matka olisi ollut ainakin 1.5h, joten lähdimmekin prinssisaarille piknikille. 15m kävely Kinaliadan satamasta ja olimme keskellä metsää, edessä meri ja hiljaista kuin suomessa konsanaan. kyllä kelpasi vähän lepuuttaa.

kuvaan ei nyt mahtunut kuin lääkäri ja mun jalat, mutta oli se Arttukin paikan päällä. 
 katse Kinaliadalta Istanbuliin päin (joka taivaanrannassa). 

May 25, 2015

back home with a new mobile

my trip to Finland was quite nice this year. of course its enjoyable every time... but Helsinki felt better this time around, fresher, with more events, perhaps the weather was better than usual. friends were the same as always, just the way i like them...:)  i dont have a lot of relatives, and none that i am in frequent contact with, so my friends are more like my family. it becomes obvious when people always ask "so, you going to Helsinki, to see your family??". thats the assumption. and naturally for most people that is the focus, the moms and dads and siblings...  and then i go like "umm, well, just to see my friends and hang out". as if seeing friends was anything less. for me it definitely isnt. i also talked to a few people recently who have lived through the "expat problem", which is that whenever u go to your home country, you're extremely busy seeing people. but for a lot of them, that does mean relatives and spending time with them, and perhaps a couple of friends. for me friends are everything. not trying to take anything away from my grand mom and aunt, whom i also love seeing.

Helsinki by night

restaurant day offering. several op up restaurants around helsinki. just the weather was not awesome but i guess u cant have everything...
someone opened a restaurant right under their window.

i was also hoping the trip would provide me some perspective to my current fluctuating emotions. and it did. i think i feel more stable and trusting about my future now. basically its not so serious, whatever me and doctor do or wherever we decide to go, itll be fine, somehow. thats what i think now.

in helsinki i ate sushi buffet lunches almost daily. omg it was soooo good. i also enjoyed nachos and garlic snails and finnish rye bread with edam cheese...and Arttu's wife's cookings when staying with them. and obviously quite a few ciders and sparkling wines. i was gonna write "a few too many", but fuck it, it was all good. but i think now i dont need a drink for a while.

my good friend Antti's graduation party on saturday. it was pretty a massive and festive event :) 
doctor picked me up from the airport last night. which was sweet, its far on the other side of the city. a few hours later, he himself flew to Ankara. to go to the Portuguese embassy to get another schengen visa - he had a year but its expiring now and we are going to Lisbon, so. he will be back tonight though so we can finally properly catch up on things.

new shoes, kinda 60's influenced.

a view from my friends flat in merihaka. the area is not very inviting looking (big sovient style concrete buildings), but the flat, balcony and view make up for it.
 bar/resurant Loosister.

new phone!! iphone 6 (next to my old iphone 5). i just need to go register it within a next couple weeks before turkey blocks it...  all foreign phones must be registered! and thats not free either. but at least its still possible to import a phone... who knows when theyll ban that.

not much to add to the phone issue, iphone 6 was a natural step up, its lighter and has a bigger screen...  but other than that its just the same. im satisfied.

my skin got so dry...  as always. i remember a few days in my nose was dry too and i woke up with dried blood on the side of my nose... eww. i think itll take a few days days for things to normalize. not just skin wise, but overall, i need some rest and alone time. although Arttu is arriving tomorrow and will stay for the week. but he is such a regular here, and will work as well, he doesnt take too much energy. we will just go our and eat and stuff, it should be relaxing. 
yeah i should write more about finland later. but as days go by, i move on to other things, and usually it doesnt happen.

May 14, 2015

kuuntelen pitkästä aikaa CMXää

mistä huomaa asuneensa ulkomailla liian pitkään? kun soittaa (muka) matkapuhelinoperaattorilleen joka kertoo ettei ne ole sun matkapuhelinoperaattori. toki tollasia aivopieruja saattuu kaikille mutta senkin jälkeen kun setä kertoi ettei mulla ole dna:ta niin olin aika hämilläni. setä sitten tarkisti ja kertoi että mulla on saunalahti. jahas, selvä. tiesin että mulla on Elisan "tytäryhtiön" tai minkä lie liittymä, mutta mun mielessä se oli muuttunut dna:ksi jossain kohtaa...  kuka näistä enää ottaa selvää...

helsingissä näyttäs olevan sää 1-18c alimmillaan ja yllimmillään, minkä takin siihen nyt sitten varaa...  ja totesin ettei mun työläppäri mahdukaan käsilaukkuun, ja olisi se ahdasta ollutkin jos mahtuisi, eli joudun kehittää jonku muun laukun jotta saisin sen mukaani :( meidän kadulla on kyllä pari laukku- ja reppukauppaa, pitää käydä tsekkaa.. en kyl haluu investoida hirveesti laukkuun jota käytän 1-2 krt vuodessa.

luin just huhuja uudesta iphone 6S:stä...hirveetä hehkutusta RAMmista, prosessorista ja sapphire-näytöstä ym ihan täysin turhaa mun nähdäkseni. varmaan noista jotain iloa on jollekin mut se on vähän ku pikseleiden lisääminen puhelinten kameroihin, ei niistä kuvista kuitenkaan sit kovin kummosia tule, aivan sama onko siinä 2 vai 200 megapikseliä...  oikeesti iphone toimii jo näpsäkkään, se ei jumita mulla tai kellään mun tuntemalla huonojen speksien vuoksi. en todellakaan ostaisi uutta puhelinta pelkästään tuon perusteella...   jos se näytön lasi on luodinkestävä niin sit voin ennen pitkää harkita, koska se kun sen kerran hajotin niin kyllä vitutti.

mulla on nyt suomen reissulle peräti 4 eri majoitusta. saan olla kiitollinen että on paikkoja missä majoittua, mutta onhan tossa paljon roudaamista, ei paljon viitti kamojaan levitellä kun pitää olla kokoajan siirtymässä.

töissä mulla on nyt meneillään yksi "verkkovalmennuskurssi" vai miksi niitä sanotaan...  pari kertaa viikossa katson videon ja luen matskuja ja sit on joku tehtävä. tää on vähän elämänhallinnallinen mutta kutoutuu jotenkin töihinkin, mutta siis silleen ei mitenkään alakohtainen tai noin. aika jännä kokemus. kohtuullisen mielenkiintoinen ja symppisjuttu. 

tänään suomi-tsekki. huomenna helsinki.

May 11, 2015

wow i totally wasted this sunday

reading Darwin's The Descent of Man today. it was mentioned in a wikipedia article somewhere, when i was reading about something else...   its a bit tedious, english language has changed...

finland is doing a-okay in the hockey wc's...  but honestly the fact that its always about which players they get from the NHL , is getting to me. i mean come on, why cant the games be pushed further another month, to see who really has the best of the best?? anyway, the power rankings (at iihfworlds2015.com) were just updated;

Melisa visited us last night and we watched her recently finished documentary. pretty cool to see the finished product. and it was surprisingly entertaining. i hope it will hit the finnish tv screens in the near future. 

May 08, 2015

oldies goldies

so this food delivery company (Delivery Hero) bought the turkish 'giant', Yemeksepeti. yemeksepeti is where i order my lunches from on most days, and ive always appreciated it as the one turkish company with good english customer service (note: good and english are 2 separate things, they have BOTH, at the same time). and when i say 'one' i mean it. beats even turkish airlines. but so, good for them. 2 days after the announcement they made some small changes on the site, background mostly i think. now i look forward to seeing if anything else will change.

my resting pulse seems to have gotten even slower. i did have a few month break from even checking. it is down from 61-63 to 56-59. i guess there can be some fluctuations over time. maybe ill just get 'slower' with age? i think my body functions are slow in all aspects already. as long as that applies to the skin cells on my face, its quite nice...hah. but i dont need to stay looking young, i actually just look forward to aging gracefully.  

hmm, Magic Mike has a sequel...wait what, Joe Manganiello is in it? well lets see the trailer!

i had forgotten how amazing guns n roses was in their day. i mean, listening to UYI I & II here now, im like wooah. its that good. 

a friend is putting together a start up involved in video streaming and asking if i have interest in doing some work for them. its a pretty interesting case so i do feel tempted. im mostly worried about the hours as the testing work is my priority, but also potential stress that would come with responsibility. but i want to talk about it, think about it... maybe its possible.

May 07, 2015

hullu ukkonen levähti päälle illaks

nyt on oikeesti alkanut kesä. viime viikko oli kevättä (15-20c). nyt, aurinko ja 25c muistuttaa mua siitä mikä on turkissa hyvää. mieliala muutenki kohenee valoisassa. ei sillä että olisin ollut allapäin mutta saan kyllä energiaa auringosta. silti vähän vaikea työntää mielestä pois nyt ensi vuoden muuttosuunnitelmia. vaikka niin olen vannottanut itselleni että pitäs olla "carpe dem" meiningillä kaikesta huolimatta, mutta se ihmisen psykologia on jännä juttu. yritän siis taiteilla jotenkin näiden tunteiden välissä; turkista nauttimisen ja tulevaisuudesta haikaulun. aamulla kun heräsin ja keittiössä oli taas vesilammikko totesin kyllä itselleni vaan että "vielä vuosi...". siellä nyt ui räsymatot kaiken putkistopaskan kanssa. olkoot. mulla on töitä.

en ihan osaa määritellä miksi, mutta viimeset pari viikkoa on ollu parisuhteellisestikin ekstra hyviä. voisi osittain johtua siitä että lääkärillä on nyt tosiaan snadisti enempi vapaata kuin ennen? ja eikai siihen syytä tarvii, joskus on ylä- ja joskus alamäkiä...  no ehkä toi parisuhderealityjen kattominen voisi kans vaikuttaa, kun niitä (joitain) kauhistelee niin osaa arvostaa mitä itseltä löytyy...

kissatki on alkanu nauttii hyvistä ilmoista oikeen kunnolla. tässä sarjakuvakaupan kisu.
mistä puheen ollen aloin ekaa kertaa ever katsomaan Maajussille morsian -sarjaa. sehän onkin...  katoin saman tien muutaman jakson putkeen, sen verran koukkuun jäin häkellyksestä. se etten ole ollut suomessa pitkään aikaan ja ujot, punastelevat ihmiset tv-ruudussa on jotain vierasta, niin en siellä asuessakaan hengannut ohjelmassa esiintyvien tyyppisten ihmisten kanssa. mikä se tyyppi sitten onkaan, eihän ne kaikki asu maalla, ja maallakin on ainakin teoriassa erilaisia ihmisiä. mutta voin käsi sydämellä sanoa että puhetyyli, murteet ja jopa se mistä puhutaan vaikuttaa jotenkin tosi vierailta. pari jotenkin samaistuttavan oloista (tai mitä mä koen "normaaliksi") tyyppiä siinä on mutta useimmat puolisoehdokkaat, etenkin miehet, on silleen että... huh huh. joo on se hyvä että makuja on monia. mutta hyvän olosia tyyppejä noin yleisesti, suomalainen rehellisyys on myös miellyttävää vaihtelua jenkki-hälähälään verrattuna.

viime sunnuntain wine & cheese istujaiset (ulkomaalaisten naisten ryhmän adminien kesken).
tänää kävin töiden jälkee kahvilla kaverin kaa joka on käyny terapiassa ja lamppu on siellä syttynyt - ja meillä on sen verran yhteistä että tajusin kokemuksen hyvin, että millaiset asiat voi johtaa millaiseen käytökseen, ja nyt on mullakin vähän miettimistä tässä omassa menossa. niin kai se on et kaikilla on omat "traumansa" tai juttunsa mitä pitää työstää. mutta tällaiset ahaa-elämykset on isoja askelia. 

uudet kesäsandaalit.

lämmin päivä ja sit alkokin tulee taivaan täydeltä. kuva ei hullua tuulta tai jatkuvaa jyrinää toki tallenna mutta olkoon.

jääkiekon MM:t on lähteny vähän vaihtelevasti käyntiin. en tiedä uskaltaako sitä nyt oikeen seuraa.

May 02, 2015

same old

flat rents in istanbul have spiked. i had noticed, but this Hurriyet Daily article gives some actual figures. sidenote: poorly written overall imho. for kadiköy the increase was around 10% last year, but i can say with confidence that the central kadiköy area where we live has seen a higher increase, from what i see and hear - about 20%.  so the rent renewal negotiation this january was extra hard - but so we are still here for at least another year. surely the law is technically on the tenants side, maximum increase is x % per year (tied wholesale price index) and so on. but who really wants to fight with a landlord and possibly go to court if and when they are powerful...  the law may be what it is, practical life is another thing.

speaking of prices, i just received my finnish phone bill. i pay 2,90 euros per month for the priviledge of having a functional phone connection, but it automatically includes unlimited internet (although slow; 256 kbps / 256 kbps). in turkey i have a prepaid deal, but for cheaper monthly plans its the same: 1GB for 8,20 euros/month. and its still not super fast - i wont quote official speeds because theyre worth less than the html they are written on. in prepaid i don't pay a monthly fee, but there is a monthly tax, around 0,50 euros. soooo, its pretty fucked up, in a land of much lower income i pay way more for my internets. also for the home internet, same thing. at least there is 2 of us sharing it.

last week i went to a hamam with Maiju who was visiting from finland. its been a while since i did that. i got a full body scrub and that was refreshing too. hamams are really beautiful inside, too bad one cant photograph there...

and last saturday was a birthday party day. first a picnic near Besiktas for Carina with all her friends, even the sun showed up and it was quite nice with snacks and wine. then a dinner with Maiju and her friends to celebrate her birthday.

 Nevizade's restaurant nightlife

this week was quieter - home, work...  the usual :) we did go to a our friends place on the european side for dinner on thursday, stayed until 2am...  and when returning home via taksim square it was filled with tv station vans, that were preparing for the May Day "war". as usual, the center of the city was in lock-down, not even ferries between the continents running.

ive found a new "relationship reality" from FYI channel; Arranged. its similar to Married At First Sight, but the marriages are arranged by the parents. not surprisingly, it follows a gypsy, indian and a southern baptist couple. okay the last one i didnt expect. anyway, watching this makes me feel quite lucky, not that arranged couples are automatically a bad fit - not at all, but some of these individuals are just...wow. its a cultural difference thing too, Marriage At First Sight features sort of "generic" mainstream people, whereas the people in Arranged represent some minority religions and groups which are far from my comfort zone. of course personality is another thing, but they are intertwined...  the southern baptist women all agree that women belong home, and "should be pregnant, not president". and these are all well-off white american people...of course they exist, but to really see it is another thing.

tried a new nailpolish combo.

April 23, 2015

oh so settled

i would say we are perfectly settled back home now. everything is unpacked from the storage and life goes on. i work, do laundry, go out for coffee with friends and watch tv.

learned something new last week: designing responsive websites. i have made some wireframes before, but i never had to consider responsivness, and while i know how to test for that and the very basic logic, i had to do some studying not to make the programmer slit his wrists. but it was fun. wouldnt mind having another go, there is still some space to learn. but my super power is learning fast :D

stuff that is currently on my mind:
  • how some automated emails are pushed to my email faster than others. ie. all automated emails from company X show up in my inbox within 2 seconds, where automated emails from company Y take 4 or more seconds. it's mind boggling, but im onto it...
  • what inspired character Jason Voorhees' last name 
  • uninstalling & reinstalling Dropbox - been struggling with this for almost a week now, this shit goes way deep...
  • core differences between Python & Java
  • why some women like "bad guys" and other (me!) "good guys"

i bought this (ikea) picture 2nd hand. just something colorful to hang on the wall...:)

then, i bought a new mouse. i have been feeling like the small mouse ive used with my work laptop is not ergonomic and adds to my wrist pain issues. but then i looked at the miouse selection available these days, and its 95% small mice! the remaining 5% is crazy looking and expensive gaming mice. and on the online shops its actually even a bit hard to tell the size, and dimensions are not mentioned. anyway, its been a few months and i went to the small tech shop nearby (again) and suddenly they had this one HP mouse, which was cheap as well! it doesnt have any special gimmicks and thats just fine. here, new and old side by side. 
just realized that ive really mixed my brands here. for years now, ive used a mac keyboard on my desktop pc - i just find it more comfy with the flat keys etc. and now with my work mac i prefer a PC mouse.

downloaded Be My Eyes app a while ago. i figured that spending a few seconds or minutes here or there to help someone, via phone, is something i can definitely do. 

last night was a date night, doctor wanted to take me out. after dinner we had a drink in this new bar which is on our street. it opened a few days ago. in fact, in the last year or two, several bars have opened on our street...  hmm. its becoming a bar street perhaps? its fine, but maybe i wouldnt want more bars downstairs, we already have a few. 50m in either direction - great. this new place is called Dora King. the owner also came to  chat with us. networking and having regulars is important in turkey so this would be almost expected behavior. it was a nice bar, music was cool and not too loud.

i am looking forward to watching While We're Young. also i have a slew of older films waiting... Nymphomaniac(s), Palo Alto, Third Person,  Disconnect....

April 21, 2015

siis mitä, joku äänesti persuja? ei voi olla!

se mikä ärsyttää niin turkkilaiset (joille olen syöttänyt) tykkää lihariisipiirakasta, mutta ei ilman komentteja siitä kuinka se on selvästi jonkun tyyppinen börek tms. vertailu paikallisiin sapuskoihin on siis jotenkin välttämätöntä ja tuntuu samaistuvan arvostukseen. jos sille ei ole turkkilaista vastinetta niin mitä helvettiä se silloin on?? (esimerkkitapaus: makaroonilaatikko). sanottakoon että lääkäri knows better than that. syö suomikokkailut tyytyväisenä eikä turkkilaisista silloin puhuta.

tää oli hauska;

joku julkisuuden henkilö ei tunne ketään perussuomalaisia äänestänyttä? mitä tässä nyt yritetään sanoa?? stadilaisissa kulttuuripiireissä ei ehkä ole hirveästi persuja, ylläri? niitä persuja änestäneitä nyt kuitenkin on, sellainen maa se suomi. ja maa ei tunnu omalta, byyhyy, muuttakaa joukolla ruotsiin ja ihmetelkää sitten sen maan ongelmia. jotain suhteellisuudentajua - ymmärrän jos yhtäkkiä olisi valittu suomeen kalifaatti tai olisi ollut jotain hullua vaalivilppiä tai ...jotain, mutta ei, tollanen semi-konservatiivinen vaalitulos joita nyt rehellisesti sanoen on nähty muutama ennenkin. ja niillä "ihan hirveillä" hallituksilla ja parlamenteilla suomi nyt on kuitenkin siinä pisteessä kuin on, eikä sitä pistettä millään maalailulla huonoksi saa, sorry. en tarkoita että itse olisin ihastunut tuohon vaalien tulokseen, kyllä se vähän pisti happamaks, mutta pitää tosiaan ottaa askel taaksepäin (helpompaa täältä kauempaa) ja katsoa kokonaisuutta. moni nuorempi ehdokas pääsi läpi ja käsitääkseni kansanedustajapooli on suht liberaali kuitenkin. ja henk koht olen ilahtunut Ozan Yanarin läpipääsystä - en vaaliohjelmaan kovin syvästi tutustunut mutta jotenkin ihan lupaavan oloinen. tietty vihreiden vaalivoitto muutenkin positiivista. mutta tuo lehtijuttu edelleen hämää, tunnettu näyttelijä ei koe vaalitulosta omaksi pitäisi kosketaa meitä miten??

ostin liput suomeen toukokuun kolmannelle viikolle. eli sain vihdoinkin irti itsestäni päättää.  mutta fiilikset on vähän ristiriitaiset kuten aina; jee kiva nähdä kavereita, mutta voi perse mikä stressi taas...  kaikkia ei voi nähdä ja sitten tulee jo väsy kun joka päivä juoksee jossain. ja niin paljon kun tykkäänkin käydä toimistolla bondaamassa työkavereiden kanssa, lisää duuni tietysti oman elementtinsä tähän mun aikatauluun. mutta elämä on. yritän taas joillain keinoilla minimoida ahdistusta ja nauttia plussista... 

April 19, 2015

life improvements in istanbul

being back from Australia starts doctors last year+ in specialization studies. for the remaining time he works "only" about 210h/month, plus with a few classes here or there, it can definitely be rounded up to 215 or more. but hey, thats less than before. and definitely down from the 350h from when he started...  but even after graduating and possibly changing hospitals, his working hours would most likely not go down much from 200. depending on the hospital and department as a senior you do have the right to skip work altogether or just sit in the coffee room...thats very turkish. but is that what all the hard work and years of studying is for? yes, in turkey it is; first shit is poured on you, and then its your turn to pour shit on others. for doctor to have what i call normal working conditions and get to excel in emergency medicine, we need to leave this country. he really enjoyed the hospital in Melbourne, it was organized, professional and overall nice place to work at - just as expected. something the turkish hospital environment has taught him better than the western counterparts would is how to manage unexpected situations - when there are way too many critical patients per staff, when a required medicine is not available etc. managing tricky situations is a skill too.

we made a trip to ikea yesterday. took around 4.5 hours, of which only 1+ in ikea. the rest was istanbul traffic. we got a Sultan Tveit mattress pad - but the short of it is that our bed is still not super comfy. in fact i think it increased the comfort level by only 10%...  thats an expensive 10%. but okay, we had to try. the other option was to buy a new mattress but since we plan to leave next year, it just seemed like to big of an investment (i gather a good mattress would've cost 800-1000TL if not more).

another item on the shopping list was a corner desk for me. i had already picked out Linnmon from the website. upon seeing it in the show room i realized that there will be a lot of dead space in the corner, so i will not be getting everything out of the added desk space, but it was still going to be an upgrade so okay. i needed more space to accustom the work laptop, basically.

australians have plenty of words of their own. the ones that got my attention were:

bottle shop = liqueur store
city = city center
doona = duvet
capsicum = pepper  (well, capsicum is technically correct, and i always hated pepper for its many meanings)
cab sav = short for cabernet sauvignon of course, but never heard it used anywhere else

a quick reminder of aussie prices (these notebooks were smaller than A5). around 28-30 eur/60 TL a pop. the pink one is sold on american online stores for around 19usd/17eur.

i found one affordable thing though: this small shower wall basket for 2 or 3 aud. i liked it and looked at it, and realized it would make for a great phone holder. i am tired of the phone hassle while sleeping on the wall side of our Istanbul bed. doctor is not home every night of course, but when he is, i have to climb over him to connect my phone to the charger by the bedside table. and in the mornings if i have an earlier wake up...  :/  so i removed the suction cups off this little thing and nailed it on the wall, then added an extension cord under the bed and pulled the charger cable up through the hole. add hair band around the cable so it wont fall back down and there it is!

i didnt like how the phone was sliding a little too easy on the hard plastic, but i had thought of the solution beforehand; silicone. it gives rubber like friction. and something i had not anticipated: i can see messages on the home screen as i lay on the bed.

more of jenni's life hack;  a multi hanger and kitchen utencil holder make for great earring storage.

today is election day in finland. the parliamentary election is important to me, but i failed to vote this time. the early voting venue was really far from Melbourne CBD and open until 4pm on 2 days, both which are almost full working days for me. i couldve pushed through if i had enough will, but i guess i didnt :( but according to my own beliefs, now i dont have the right to bitch until the next election.

April 18, 2015

tv & people - 2 great things

im really enjoying the second season of Married at First Sight*. its reality, yes, but really one of those that gets me thinking about my life and other peoples lives and how we behave and what we expect and so on. i dont care what anyone thinks, i think its great tv with actual content.
     *i was gonna link to wikipedia page but there was just a stub and it had been marked for deletion, wtf?! every bloody tv show has its own page, and someone thought that since this one is not very long yet, maybe it should be discarded? uff. for the 3rd time in my life, i actually contributed and added info to a wikipedia page.

new tv shows ive checked out:
Weird Loners - easy breezy american "Friends" sitcom, a group of 4 singles that are supposedly funny, meet and struggle with their dating issues. nothing new and probably not worth it unless your on a plane and ran out of things to watch.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - really just full of fluff. as expected. no, its not even remotely funny.
CSI: Cyber - ive enjoyed CSI shows so i looked forward to this one. its not bad exactly, but not great...  a bit weak. i like Patricia Arquette but she just looks bloated (i would like that to not sound rude, but i know it does). the "im sorry for your loss...but we're going to find the person responsible for this!" is just getting so old...! americans pls save the world...
Man Seeking Woman - didnt seem too promising but what the fuuuuuu....  this is some weord, and kinda cool, shit. i didnt expect to continue after the first episode but... i have to keep going. its just a bit absurd and has these funny notions about the reality of dating life and social situations, i enjoy it.    

traveling (by flying) always reminds of how i like reading magazines. i tend to buy a few from the airport to read on the flight. my favorites are Wired, GQ, The Economist and National Geographic. GQ has the least meaningful content, its a light read, whereas Wired gets me really excited, its really well written (me thinks). and National Geographic just has me glued on the stories and the information. Economist...not sure why i like it, but im sure i do. id like to keep buying the paper magazines but the subscriptions are pricery by turkish standards, take weeks to arrive, and its uncertain - Turkish mail is not known for its reliability. AND its 2015 - its supposed to be so practical to read stuff on a tablet. but i admit i like paper, whether its books or magazines, i keep struggling between paper and screen. i LOOOVE the web, but some things are nice when tangible, i admit it. 

ive luckily been able to meet up with my fav friends this week and catch up. a couple nice dinners on the side didnt hurt. i didnt miss turkish food apart from a few dishes and mezes, but im alright eating it again. i really savored those foreign delicacies in australia, itll keep me  satisfied for a while.

my superpupu computer is getting old. 7+ yrs is starting to show although i take good care of her. there are little issues here or there...takes time to fix all the things, authorization issues, syncing issues, random stuff...   eventually i will just have to start over... but somehow im hoping she would last another year, like, until we leave turkey.

April 17, 2015

nää on niin näitä ongelmia

taistelen tässä itseni kanssa siitä että milloin kävisin taas suomessa. meillä mentiin kesälomat edellä niin, että Lissaboniin kesäkuun lopussa, ja Sziget-festareille Budapestiin elokuun puolessavälissä. nämä on siis lääkärin tämän vuoden lomat kaikkinaisuudessaan. mä en vaan tykkää "kokoajan" matkustaa, niin paljon kuin muuten siitä tykkäänkin...  sekavaa. mutta ei ole kiva parin viikon välein pakata ja sillee. tuntuu siis ahtaalta nuo välit, tästä Lissaboniin on enää n. 2kk, ja sitten sen ja Budapestin välissä on vajaa 2kk. syksyllä en haluaisi suomeen mennä, helvetin ankeaa. olen siis toukokuun ja heinäkuun vaiheilla. mietin eka heinäkuuta, sillon olisi myös yhden ystävän häät, mutta sitten tajusin että puolet kesästä menee sitten ulkomailla, melkeen. ja kesä nyt on kuitenkin Istanbulin paras puoli jota tässä kovasti odotetaan. joten matkustelu kesällä tuntuu epäloogiselta. onhan suomessakin teknisesti kesä heinäkuussa, mutta siinä on se klausuuli että saattaa silti sataa ja olla pirun kylmä viikon putkeen. otan mielellään lähtöoletukseksi sen, että sää on huono (ei tule pettymyksiä). sitten on oikeastaan aika sama millon menee. niin paitsi että syksy on jo vähän liikaa. ei ole helppoa!

mun facebook ei oo vielkään tajunnu et olen palannut istanbuliin, se tyrkyttää aussimainoksia. ihan okei, mieluummin mä niitä kattelen ku turkkilaisia. mut erikoista, luulis et niiden laskukaavoilla ymmärtäis et kävin ikäänku lomalla. joka on nyt ohi.

äh, ehken ole ihan taas kärryillä suomen politiikasta mutta siis Sipilä vastustaa aborttia?! hyi, ja totako sit äänestetään sankoin joukoin?? joo, maailmassa (ja suomessa) on isompiakin aiheita käsiteltäväksi kuin jankata tosta ees taas - mutta en haluaisi vaarantaa aborttioikeutta ja jos olisin keskustan äänestäjä, vaihtaisin puoluetta nyt ihan periaatteesta. ihan siksikin että tyyppi puhuu abortista eikä valtionvelasta tai vanhusten hoidosta.

hesarissa kiva summary turkin tilanteesta. nothing new, mutta kuiteskin.

hesarin juttu seksityöläisten auttajasta Kyproksella oli aika floppi. tärkeää työtä mutta tyyppi on jeesustelija joka jotakuinkin haluaisi kai kieltää seksin, paitsi ehkä avioliitossa. yhtä lailla kuin kannatan naisten oikeuttaa aborttiin, kannatan naisten oikeuttaa myydä itseään jos siltä tuntuu. kaiken prostituution kieltäminen siksi että joku siihen pakotetaan ei ratkaise pakottamisongelmaa, ja sortaa kuitenkin toisten oikeuksia ja tekee työstä vaarallisempaa. en kannata ruotsin mallia.

April 14, 2015

home. cozy.

returning home caused some mixed feelings. was nice to return to the familiar environment, but then, at the airport i queued 1h 4 mins at the passport control.... not fun. and the queue was full of turkish looking guys (but not turks cos they have their own queue) ogling at me, reminding whats wrong with this country. then the passport control guy interrogates me for a minute or so, about stuff thats basically in my residence permit. did i not look like the person in the photo or what? okay well its his job so whatever. then we struggle with our luggage into the rush hour metro and tram. the tram was so full that it wouldnt let people in at some stops, it was rough. and as if it wasnt uncomfortable enough with the backpacks etc, people started mobbing us for having the luggage (and taking space and whatnot)! it was a real "we live in a fuckin zoo" moment.

but it was nice to come home, our subtenant had cleaned after herself and even changed the sheets. ah. but instead of sleeping we unpacked our bags and the storage room to make home feel like home. the subtenants had moved things around (not really sure why someone would move furniture around for a 1 month stay, but ok...) so we were putting things back and so on. today i really enjoyed working by my own desk, with the sun shining from the window. a very cozy feeling.

unpacking our stuff i tallied what we brought with us:
-a pile of H&M clothes
-a water dispenser
-2 bars of soap (Lush and some aussie brand)
-a pink plastic glass
-a shower wall 'basket' (for creating a phone holder!)
-a new leather handbag
-The God Delusion pocket book

doctors luggage:
-tablet pen
-Fitbit activity tracker
-Toni&guy sea salt spray
-Toni&guy hair texturizer

i dont like the word 'ladies', which is often used by women in womens groups (or among friends, whatever). i think the frequent use has been established by americans/british, but not sure. to me it sounds old fashioned, but i realized its also a cultural thing - i dont feel a need to address a group by using anything (ladies, guys...), but i think just because its not so common in finnish.

generalizations about australia:
  • they really like gambling. talk about an addiction...  "pokies" signs are all over, there are bars dedicated to poker and other slot machines, and in Sydney all the bars have a "VIP room", which means a room dedicated to these machines.
  •  they are really hung up on the gallipoli fight during WWI ...like, really. they have statues for it and its a big deal every year to celebrate and remember the fallen soldiers...  and if i dont remember wrong, a movie just made with Russell Crowe tells the story of a father of one of those fallen soldiers...   im just thinking, i hope next time they think twice before sending their men to a far away country to fight someone elses war...?

movie reviews:
Force Majeure -  a smart drama about (i think) men's position in the modern society. i dont usually look or see this type of deeper meanings, but it felt obvious here. anyway it was a good swedish flick. watched this with doctor a few months ago...
Synecdoche, New York -  i did not like it at all. probably there were some deep analogies and something... and i guess the acting was great but even Philip Seymour Hoffman cant save a film if i dont understand what its about. we watched this in Sydney.
Birdman -  mostly as above; WTF. there were some interesting scenes that i enjoyed, and the film was visually nice, but still, i didnt get it, like, what just happened? uff. watched this in Melbourne.
Oblivion -  better than expected. ok, some horrible cliches about eternal love and too many fancy war scenes with the machines, but story wise quite ok. with some though provoking (for me) stuff about identity and parallel possibilities of reality. watched on flight to Istanbul.
Before I Go to Sleep -  actually this was good, offered some surprises and kept me interested. jenni recommends. watched on a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

April 11, 2015

thank you Melbs :)

sharing a house has its sides. mostly bad. actually i cannot think of any really good ones. occasionally u might run into a nice party or someone invites u to something...but its not much different from your friends nearby inviting you out or so, and at least u can choose ur friends. there is a reason i like living in the center; to be close but far at the same time! while i truly cherish this experience of living "aussie style" with some 7 other people, i have zero interest in ever repeating it again. i am an only child, what would u expect.

our melbourne experience has been quite good, 2 sunny months. instead of dwelling on all the good & obvious stuff, i think its better i list the things i will NOT miss;
  • wearing shoes and clothes when going out of our room
  • old townhouses (not in much better condition than most turkish flats)
  • traffic lights - i recorded waiting times of 50-110 seconds...usually round 90sec
  • unresponsive aussies (they are lazy at replying to messages - where is basic human decency?)
  • calling restaurants to see if they are open today, if a booking is possible, or worst case; queuing
  • agitator style top-loading washing machines
  • the prices

grilling at the Albert Park last weekend with doctor, Melis and 2 other turkish doctors (who have relocated here). parks and beaches often have public gas grills seen below, everyone is free to use them. very nice.

 possum! they are all over the city parks and not afraid of humans (but would not let me cuddle...)
 the happy hours...oh boy.
 aussie burger at The Flame (chapel st)

flight back to istanbul tomorrow afternoon! and arrival on monday - if Malaysian Airlines is willing, of course. kind of happy to go back to our cozy home although it has its problems...   but now i should go eat the last pieces of tasty sushi...