February 09, 2016

in good spirits again :)

The New Yorker: The Head Scarf and Me long but actually kind of insightful read...
the overlooked history of black mixology
Bloomberg Business: corporate espionage and stealing the color white

i just found myself LOL'ing, literally. well it was more like a long chuckle. but out loud. why? i was reading an essay about art fraud and stuff, and this guy says he has written a book about painting. fuck, i chuckled again after writing that. he was referring to a painting by Van Eyck called Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, not that i am familiar with it. or intend to be. but writing a book about a painting, well, thats something. nothing wrong with it, of course.

"truths" about sleeping in make up. i would've lol'led if i wasnt so pissed. while sleeping in make up is not recommended, it's certainly not dangerous like this "journalist" would like people to believe. i realize they want clicks and need to write interesting stories but sheesh...this one had very little truth in it.

 Turkish Airlines does a Batman vs Superman ad/promo collaboration

Buy Me Once. a website selling stuff thats supposed to last a lifetime.

new street art in Kadiköy.

just realized i have not bought a single jacket or coat while living in turkey... then realized i did, 2 of them, but they were short lived. so all my current coats are at least 6 years old. 8 to 9 years if i remember correctly. one of them is my mom's old down coat :D doing clothing inventory today in between work...    
one of them is really worn out and more grey than black, but i cant find coats here that are to my liking so i just have to manage.

lately ive enjoyed watching Channel 4 programs, since its all freely available. this past weekend i watched Bodyshockers, its not as "shocking" as it sounds...they have some self described freaks with hundreds of piercings and so, but mostly its just people removing or getting tattoos, or scarifications or implants...  fixing stretched ear lobes...  :) then i watched 24 hours in A&E with doctor. its slow paced, featuring "cases" in the ER...simple as that. we have a plan to keep watching, an episode here or there.

tomorrow is doctor's appointment to hand in his UK visa (family permit) application. i will go too though, it's cheaper than providing a certified copy of my passport. and we will take our marriage certificate with us. and hopefully that's that.

2nd set of "jewellery". half of which i could just throw away straight away :D  but its all about trying things and seeing what works. thats why i usually just make 1 earring at a time, no use making a pair if i dont like it...

went to a farewell party last saturday. an american guy i worked with a couple years ago, at the translation agency. we didnt actively keep in touch but since he invited...well, it was good to hears whats up. i came home near 5am so i think it was a fun night?!

not sure if this poor kitty enjoyed the bar atmosphere, poor thing :(

February 02, 2016

sharing XVII

i decided to have a wine & cheese night for girls this month (next month is sushi nights turn). after asking around about everyones availability i settled for friday 12th. there was no perfect day but on that friday i could get most of the people i really wanted. i look forward to the wines, even if i cant really tell much difference, the cheese, and the intelligent company.
in turkish news:
-3 men die in an elevator accident at a construction site in istanbul
-more than 3000 syrians have fled to turkey in 3 days
-governors office instructs civil servants to report "insults" to Erdogan
-turkish man was jailed for rape attempt (prevented by a ‘heroic’ cat)
-police shot a man suspected of carrying a bomb in istanbul
-more than 360 migrants drowned in january
-Turkish academic faces up to 7 years of jail for ‘terror propaganda’ over exam question on PKK leader (asking students to compare two writings by A. Öcalan)
-Russia’s Gazprom says exports to Turkey up 3.4 pct in January
-crime boss says death penalty should be revived for jailed journalist Dündar (who releaved that turkish intelligence is transferring weapons to Syria)
-5 soldiers killed in 2 PKK attacks in southeast turkey
-chilean activists protest Erdogan upon his arrival to Santiago
-Uk warns citizens against travel in southeast turkey
and the icing on the cake: Italy drops objections to EU's 3 billion migration fund to Turkey

does EU really think turkey can contain the refugees? really? who is stupid, me or them? its hard to believe either, but generally im willing to accept that a collection of 'people in charge' are smarter than me and know what they are doing with all the (extra) information they have. but its kinda hard to understand right now! i guess time will show. but overall that deal is kind of like a nail in turkey's coffin, as i see it. im not suggesting the people in charge here ever cared much for what EU has to say, but after making a deal like this they know they dont even need to listen to any whining. its a free reign to... yeah ok ill stop here.

crafty crafty crafty

soooo. i saw 45 Years yesterday. Arttu and me have this thing now where we agree to watch a film and then schedule a (skype) "talk" about the movie. just a 15 min thing or however long it takes. its a good motivator to also watch something. the movie was quite good, i should add.

last thursday was a friends surprise birthday party at a restaurant. the chef was my friends friend, so we got to enjoy a huge tasting menu...  most of the food was shared but we got main dishes too (free frange "duck tarhanotto"!).

a lot of the names and ingredients on the menu were honestly like from Top Chef, unfamiliar words...and the prices in accordance with that. but props for the restaurant for making truly high quality food from fresh, seasonal ingredients.
 birthday cake! i dunno how they are normally made, but the chef was happy to share that there was no four in this one. and the main ingredients were chocolate and beetroot. i found the cake actually quite good :)

saturday we went to a dinner party to our barbers new home, he has a dutch gf and we got together for the first time.  the home was nicelu minimalistic and artsy, with a table he himself designed. i would like to do something like that one day....  him and his gf had also invited 2 other couples, turkish-ukrainian and turkish-portuguese.. so it was turkish-foreigner night :D  we had a good evening.

despite my efforts, im finding it hard to live in the moment. too much planning stressing, worrying... and to know that its the number one regret for most old people! ufff. but i cant help myself, i should be put on some serious zombie-medication to stop thinking (too much).  
after a long break i wandered into the nearby craft shop again and got myself a few random things.... so as a result, by the evening i had 5 new earrings and 1 necklace. im sure some will not get much use, but i paid 3TL(1eur) for the stuff so whatever. its about trying things and seeing what i like. and what i like is those hollow hearts! i attached one on two types of earring backs, a stud and the loop clasp. so i can figure out which one i like more, if either. wrapping the wire around the heart shape was the most work.
watching The Voice UK (Boy George!) while taking a break from my  "jewellery making".

 construction in the neighborhood.

doctor is working in pediatrics ICU this month. they seem like nice guys, didn't release the monthly shift plan until this morning, the first of February! how nice to go to work not knowing if you are coming home in the evening? for the record, doctor isnt coming home tonight. 34h shift to start the month. very nice. jenni is not happy. last week was pretty rough too, its straining me. and he is the one working! so i really shouldnt be bitching? :(

choice of nail polish this month.

this photo exhibition by Mary Ellen Mark should be interesting, too bad its too far.

i wish i could cheer for Hillary Clinton but in my honest opinion Bernie just IS better. but im not too hopeful. either way its important for a democrat to win. but after following Trump's success im not so sure about that either. and none of this matters, its not like im voting.

January 28, 2016

keskittyminen nolla

mietin tänään kun työn puolesta katselin jotain kanariansaarten matkailusivuja, ja niillä olevia säätietoja, että ymmärrän vihdoin miksi se alue on niin suosittu suomalaisten keskuudessa. merivesi on aivan jäätävää ympäri vuoden. siis suomilämpötiloja. talvilomien aikaan 19-21, kesälläkin parhaimmillaan jotain 23. tiedän että 23 on jo monille ok, mutta 19... no ehkei kukaan oikeesti talvilomalla ui, siellä käydään vaan nauttii auringosta? mulle Puerto Ricon 26 oli hienoinen pettymys, kyllä mä siinä jo uin mutta en joka päivä enkä ihan fiiliksissä. tietty kunhan sinne veteen pääsee ni se tuntuu ihan lämpimältä mut sinne meno...  joo, first world probs. selvitinkin reissun jälkeen itselleni optimaalisia lomakohteita jatkoa varten. toki vuodenajallakin on siinä merkitystä. ei mitään isoja ylläreitä, koska johan näitä paikkoja on tullut testattua ihan käytännössä. Australian pohjoisosa, etelä-aasia ja arabiemiraattien vedet on ok lähes ympärivuoden ja silleen turvallisia. Puerto Ricossakin olis loppukesästä 29 pintaan merivesi, silloin olisi otollisempi aika. mutta vannoin jo itselleni, että seuraavan kerran kun lennän atlantin yli niin se on oltava Brasiliaan! etelä-amerikka on mule suuri tuntematon, joka kuitenkin kiinnostaa.

tilitin juuri kaverille chätissä elämän positiiviset ja negatiiviset asiat tältä päivältä, ja totesin itsekseni että oli hyvin summattu, joten kertaan tähän:
1. mun toimistotuolilla on kausia jolloin se ei pysy korkeudessaan vaan valuu alas. eli istun ja sitten tunnen kuinka se yhtäkkiä, hitaasti, laskeutuu ja minä sen mukana. sitten nostan sen takaisin ja kohta uusiksi... mutta sitten se aina välillä parantaa tapansa. vituttaa mut en haluis enää tässä kohtaa ostaa uutta tuolia...
2. lääkärillä on tällä viikolla v-mäisesti vuoroja ja en oikeesti nää sitä kunnolla ennenku viikonloppuna.
3. musta on tullu niin allerginen kaikenlaisella kuumotukselle ja jänntykselle ettei sellaisia tv-sarjoja joita voisin katsoa, oo ihan hirveesti. se on melkee se reality joka jää jäljelle :(

1. yhden kaverin poikkis otti yhteyttä ja kutsui ylläri-illallisille tänään illalla. eli joku houkuttelee mun kaverin ravintolaan muka ihan et "mennää syömää" tms. sit kaikki sen kaverit onkin siellä jo valmiina. tää poikkis asuu viel nyt ulkomailla, ja tulee nyt siis yllärinä päivää aiemmin turkkiin. musta aika kiva idea. 
 2. sää lämpeni vihdoin ja pystyin laskee lämmitystä vähän. olen tietty edelleen jäässä jossain määrin mutta ainakaan kaasulasku ei räjäytä pankkia.

tuohon voisi lisätä että aurinko paistaa ja työtkin sujuu ihan kivasti, mutta ei nyt vedetä ihan överiks...

January 26, 2016

i should seriously switch from z's to s's :/

today, when it was windy and sleet was ruining the rest of it, i absolutely had to travel to the european side and go pick up my kitty cat calendar!!!  not being able to find a cat themed wall calendar around kadiköy id asked my friends if they could keep their eyes open and voilá. but then i went on a holiday and so forth. i rarely go to the european side. but im desperate without a calendar. i have been in serious trouble, scribbling dates and times on the corner of notebooks... nothing could keep me from going today! and here is my calendar:  

Melisa's documentary is showing at a finnish documentary festival this week and im cheering for it. next month itll be in istanbul. last year it was in Germany. its making rounds...  yay to that.

movies and docs i must see:
The Lure (youtube introduction to film by director)
Call Me Marianna
Swiss Army Man (a review of the film by Slashfilm)
Certain Women

i ended up reading about golf caddies today. lollolllloll. thats all.

ive really enjoyed the show The Undateables. its really warmhearted and easy to watch. its about people with some sort of disabilities, physical or mental, trying to find love (or, at least a date). there have been many charming characters, and i would date someone with tourettes any day. also i find many of the autistic people almost normal and with my sense of humur exactly. ive always suspected that im like 5% autistic :) what i find hilarious is that the series is like family friendly and generally rated PG, but the episodes with a tourettes guy (swearing, of course) are tagged with warnings about strong language :D

the new season of The Bachelor's "bold &  beautiful" are also amusing me. especially Jubilee. for real though, she actually seems half genuine and with a real personality.

doctor is busy putting together his thesis and collecting the zillion papers for his doctor's license equivalency application. or whatever the british medical board calls it. and thats on top of 200 hours of work. so, pediatrics is 20-30 hours less work a month, ive estimated. but then in addition he has some senior responsibilities from the ER, liking putting together the shift list for each month, oh and attending a movie screening that a pharmaceutical company is kindly offering the doctors (...)....?!

im kept busy only by my mind. work is good, the usual. but my head is so far in the future, its a challenge to try focus on the present. i am helping doctor with some things though, like, i am demanding tasks from him. there are some excel things with the thesis (collecting, counting and crunching numbers) and generally just trying to keep organised and to have a focus. its not fair that he has so many things to do right now, and i have so much extra time. yet, he finds the time to cook at least once a week. just 2 days ao, he made some pretty nice fish risotto. and enough of it for me to still have it for dinner tonight! so i guess im lucky and pretty happy with life, but my big downfall is that from all my stress and worry and excitement i find it hard to focus on the present.

January 24, 2016

did it really snow or was i imagining?

sundayyyyyyyy. doctor is also home, not only straight after a night shift or ready for one, but the whole day. how nice is that?! yesterday morning he was home too, and made us breakfast, so today was my turn. i just went ahead and ordered one from yemeksepeti. my excuse is that we had kind of ran out of things to eat, like eggs and veggies.

it was actually a bit much, we couldnt finish it all.

we are looking at a few more cold days and then February should save us with 10 degree days. last night it was briefly -1C and it snowed -> consequently the snow did not melt instantly. this morning everything looks "normal" again of course so its hard to believe;

new series Her Story looks interesting. i will check and i hope it wont disappoint.

Feministing: What i would have said to you last night had you not cum and then fallen asleep
the writer has a point here, nothing brand new, but nevertheless. also the text is too long, too rant-y, too condescending and aggressive towards the much hated "cis hetero male"...  and she clearly should pick her guys better. i can understand that its hard with one night stands, but it would be a lie to claim that she can ensure an orgasm by picking a woman. its just more likely. so yeah, all the aggression aside, she has a point, and should stick to women only.

me and doctor applied for his visa to UK for our May trip. i say we because in order to avoid the tourist visa fee we applied for the EEA family permit, him as my spouse, but it required a lot more info, everything from if i have children to my job status and salary... i would say the application form is pretty invasive, considering that by law i don't need to give all that info. anyway, we have flights booked and will stay in London for 8 days :) it should be good for scouting the city and getting a feel of things. we need to submit "supporting documents" to a visa center next week, those being at least marriage certificate and a copy of my passport, and i am still looking into whether i should provide other papers (which, again, are not legally required but they request anyway, payslips and bank balances...)

Man Seeking Woman's 2nd season started. it really is so hilarious in the same vein as Master of None, but more 'out there' with surreal things. i usually prefer realism, but they pull it off.

on the reading track:
Independent: British people are proud of colonialism (actually, this is not news is it, i kinda guessed...)
Aeon: Does life need a purpose?
Kalkan: Turkish national health insurance just went up by 37% (should i even comment? this is Turkey after all...private insurances are cheaper anyway)

January 18, 2016

Netflix...not impressed...

my souvenirs from Puerto Rico included gifts to doctor and a ton of itchy mosquito bites for myself. i am not sure what happened, the mosquitoes there were not bothering me too much during the trip, the bites didnt leave visible bumps or anything.... then on our way back, on the plane, this crazy itch starts. and suddenly i was full of red bumps and welts in my extremities. it was horrendous and i took some pretty strong antihistamine to calm things down. when i got home friday night and tried to sleep, it returned. since then its been on and off, bugging me. just this morning i applied antihistamine cream. a pretty strong reaction :(  my immune system is like homeland security, attacking everyone and everything overzealously...

"souvenirs" from the grocery store... hot sauce, coffee, stevia sweetener, ramen pork noodles, bean soup mix and some kind of spice mix.

i ran into Smirnoff vodka Fluffed Marshmallow, and couldnt resist. i also got a gin and of course rum (7,70usd/24tl). 
i also got other small stuff like Crest toothpaste and scented candles... i am especially loving the apple pie candle which im now burning every day :)

Carina, Carilyn and Hanna getting ready to hit the beach.

beach time...   while the swedish girls faced their chairs towards the sun, me and Carilyn turned the other way under a shade, desperately trying to avoid a tan. although of course we got tanned. but its always worth trying to minimize the "damage"?

so while i was away Netflix expanded to Turkey. i know the selection is limited compared to US, and even there it would probably cover only 20-30% of the stuff i want to see, but it was on my wishlist this year to pay for some subscription services, so i will give it a go, doctor agreed its a good idea. i just signed up for the free trial month and will keep track of what we watch.
i started by searching for the titles on my "catch up" list, shows i missed while on holiday;
Top Chef
The Voice UK
Shades of Blue
Man Seeking Woman
Married at First Sight
Face Off
The Undateables
The Bachelor
Shark Tank
The Big Bang Theory
Code Black
Law & Order: SVU

the result was a zero.
i have a few more things on my list but safe to say they are not on Netflix either. sooooooo what was i supposed to do with this streaming service again? i believe i will find a few movies or documentaries, but tv series wise its pretty bleak. Narcos and the other series they have are not bad, but ive already checked them out and most of them are not for me or i grew tired of them (eg. Elementary).

when i came home from my holiday i had mail waiting for me. my aunt and gradmom had sent me a christmas card and a gift; classic finnish butter knife. it arrived just a few weeks late :D  i should be just grateful it arrived at all.


January 17, 2016

bye bye Puerto Rico

the holiday passed so quickly i did not think of blogging. i wanted to say i was busy but thats hardly true, considering how much time i spent laying on a sun bed, alone and with friends. it was defo a relaxing holiday. sun, sea, sand... some rain forest and a day trip to San Juan's old town. oh and we did visit the nearby casino, wanting to see how it works with the free drinks (it worked well). I have never traveled with a group of friends, so that was new. it was fun as I just took the backseat, you cannot really have all control over events when it's 4 individuals, one of them your "local guide", plus it was nice change for me to just follow along, not caring too much.
 Carilyn being our local guide things we easy and we learned a lot. it's really good to know a local, I can testify to that time after time. we met some Carilyns family too as we went for a boat ride and swimming to nearby islands. now that day was niiiiice. white sands and clear, turquoise water...  the way these island people spend their weekends is pretty cool. docking their boats by the island shores, floating in the water with their beers and grilling food. the people are relaxed and friendly. and very careful about not trashing their water or the nature, which i could appreciate. turks are not quite there yet.
 we did island hopping and this tiny pile of sand was just about 15x60 meters in size. apparently its slowly disappearing, getting smaller and smaller each year. there were also dolphins by one island, happily swimming with people and doing fancy jumps...  Carina and Carilyn also swam with them, i just laid back on the boat admiring the show. might have forgotten to take pics. 

the casino we hit was at a posh resort, a 10 taxi drive from our holiday home compound. it was a relaxed mini version of the ones you see in tv (as in Las Vegas). 2 of us interested in the gaming side of things took to the roulette table, while me and another friend went off to sit by the slot machines, trying to learn spend minimally, being risk averse. I spent 1 dollar on 1 machine not really understanding it, then I put another dollar on another, and finally figured which buttons to press in order to spend just 1 cent at a time. then the machine gave me a 10$ win, and I was all set for the evening. so I sat there in front of the blinking machine, pressing the spin button once every 30 to 60 seconds, spending a cent, while sipping my drink and keeping an eye on the waitress to make sure I would get the next one soon. the Finn in me was obviously concerned about getting the best return for my money. I have to say this was a very awkward way to spend the evening but definitely worth the experience. after an hour and half I cashed in my money, 10 dollars 10 cents. I had spent 2 initially so I was basically paid 8 dollars to get drunk. so far so good. I moved my butt to the black jack table to follow my friends way more exciting game play. which was not not quite as profitable, but they enjoyed the experience too. we spent the rest of the evening there, and at some point I had a good chat at the roulette table with the dealer, as his table was empty and he was quite sociable. I learned about their working hours, casino laws, odds, maths and all kinds of interesting stuff. so it was a fun night for no cost at all, but I know my friends don't feel bad either although they spent money. it must have been much more exciting. black jack requires some math and risk taking and is certainly sexier than the slot machines, it was fun to watch over the shoulder! I'm boring like that. 

old San Juan was cute, it had a small town feel with a Spanish flair, for obvious reasons.
 old walls and castle-y stuff.
 nice, bright colors in houses.

there were lots of cute shops selling handicrafts and touristy stuff, but this messy 2nd hand shop with its Hitler statue caught my attention.

pretty squares...

 normal life.

with the cheap & local ingredients I learned how to make pina coladas REALLY WELL (that included research work as well as trials at the house). now with the imported rum and coconut cream I can make them at home too with confidence. victory? 

I am making the trip sound pretty "boozey" but to be honest we drank less than I expected, which was great. in other words, not every day and not in great amounts.

the rain forest aka national park was pretty serious stuff, its really like a jungle, spread over mountains stuff, very dense and exotic. i did NOT jump into the cold waterfall.

in a battle between British Airways and American Airlines, both of which operated 3 of our flights, BA won hands down. not a surprise I guess but for me it actually was, the difference was really obvious, for my friends as well. the main differences were quality of planes incl on flight entertainment systems, food and drinks, and staff. AA's staff and food were not bad, BA just exceeded the expectations. even the outbound transatlantic flight with BA, all 9 hours of it, was a breeze for me. I am one of the lucky few who find themselves comfy and happy on almost any aircraft, satisfied with any food that is offered and not minding the small space and sitting. and my bladder needs emptying very rarely. but while flying is a breeze, airports... not so much. all the queuing causes me foot ache and stress too, when the connections are tight. for the record, Miami airport with its passport checks and security checks (altogether 5?) was shit, took over 2 hours and I hope to avoid it in the future. I should point out that I don't mind checks, but it was not well organised imho and the queues were too long and slow. something is not done right, I'm just saying.

we asked British Airways steward for A wine, and he started emptying a whole wine cellar on our tray tables, one from Spain, one from Africa, and so on...?!  the plane telly system UI was the best ive used, and great selection of movies and stuff. i watched Amy Winehouse documentary and Amy Schumer standup among other things.

pancakes at a diner!
 hard to pick from all these options;

more local food. they make anything from plantains in this country. 

beach time. the water was around 26 degrees but i found that chilly. it was fine once i went in but going in was hard. i am a sucker for warm water though thats a fact. and on the day we arrived the waves were over 2m high, now that was actually scary, no one dared to go very deep that day... 

things i noticed:
-i found white Monster energy drink
-Puerto Rico is quite american, which makes all the sense now, from the products in the supermarkets to the car culture
-the rain forest is more about lush vegetation than animals (i only saw 2)
-the lizards and iguanas are cool

whats this, baby sharks??

January 05, 2016

packing the bikini

so tomorrow i head to Puerto Rico with friends. it will be a 'girls just wanna have fun' beach holiday. okay not as wild as it sounds. we will just take it easy. i will make myself pina coladas perhaps. 

i feel bad about doctor staying behind and working his ass off. of course that goes for all of our partners, but doctor works especially long hours so it just seems unfair that he is not allowed a holiday. i guess everything is relative, if i wasnt going anywhere it would be even. but he did request to have a part of his summer holiday earlier, in may. we are going to visit London then...to get to know it better, see different parts of the city etc.  :)

list of things that i want in 2016 (and which i think are fairly realistic to get as well)
  • have a strong, fast wifi all 365 days of the year
  • enjoy all the positives of turkish people and culture
  • ...then move the f*ck out
  • a Netflix or HBO or similar TV subscription
  • order a physical book from amazon.co.uk
  • work together with doctor towards our future together
  • learn to stress a little bit less (this might win the Most Unlikely award of the list)
  • stay healthy
  • eat more nachos
  • drink non-turkish wines
  • drink pina coladas
  • drink ginger tea
  • floss more often
  • exercise somehow, regularly
  • free range, organic meat
  • new friends

a case about veganism/meat farming in The Guardian.

January 01, 2016

a year of nachos, i hope?

i made a decorative lighting element...

2016 has started off fucking freezing, lets just be clear about that. its so bloody cold i can hardly focus on anything else. our livingroom is barely 20 degrees, while the outside temperature has dropped to -3c. i know this is probably the coldest it ever gets this winter, so for one night, i should be able to push through but jesus h christ...  we even turned up the heating as a temporary measure (too expensive to keep high for long periods, learned the hard way).

pretty surreal view in istanbul. but it does happen usually once every winter. now its gone of course, the streets are slushy/icy. 

shopkeepers trying to keep the front clear from snow.

i set a space heater on a chair right in front of me, to melt my "icicle" fingers.

doctor found the cause of the burning smell too. it was this "quality" divider we had behind the couch. i had looked at it too, but since everything seemed normal, i didnt think this was the issue. but looking at it from above, you could see a light inside (some kind of spark?), and when we pulled the plug off, the prongs were so hot i almost burned myself when accidently brushing them with hand. the plastic by the prongs had started slightly melting. maybe it would have eventually just blown a fuse, but of course my nightmare is a full blown fire. im glad the culprit was identified.

anyway we slept the day, after our 'film festival'. doctor did much better than i anticipated, so i guess i have to eat my words...  he fell asleep during the 10th movie. after the film i woke him up and we both decided to go to bed, i didnt have that much interest in finish the remaining movies on my own. some really nice films though, most of them. we had a good time.

jenni's quick reviews:
the grand budapest hotel a standard wes anderson movie.he seems to be specialized in these light, adventurous stories with a million characters. definitely good stuff, but not my favorite style of movie.
a pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence i was expecting a thoughtful, scandinavian style drama, not too straightforward but still. this WTF film bored the hell out of me. never again.
nightcrawler really good, although i got a bit anxious at times. i would give it a 7 or 8/10. jake gyllenhaal is a great actor no doubt.
Me & Earl and the Dying Girl i think the target audience for this one is a bit younger than me. the movie was okay, but fell for some typical teenagery soppy stuff.
Disconnect  good one, just...standard good drama. i am not sure if it really commented on our lives connected by the internet or if that was just something tying the stories together. either way, ok stuff.
office space  one of the good american comedies imho. although there is a slut shaming episode which was a bit hard to forgive.
 The Revenant i was concerned that the 155min film would bore me to death, but actually it kept me interested all the way. doctor said there wasnt much of a plot, but that makes it all the more impressive. it showed so much with so little. not the best movie ever, and it has some illogicalities and cheesy details, but perhaps the best out of these 10!
Forever this one has horrible ratings online, and i can kind of see why, it comes with faults. however it was very watchable, light drama sort of. in other words, not horrible. the main characters are okay to watch.
22 jump street  one of those definitely meaningless but well done "standard" comedies, gay jokes, fat jokes and the like. but i really liked it! maybe i was too tired but i found myself laughing , a LOT.
the lobster odd drama situated in near, dystopian future. i think it was trying to make comparisons to today's world and relationships or love, but even if i didnt get that, i enjoyed the film. could have been shorter. but yeah, odd in a good way with that philosophical edge :)

the night before new years. home made nachos. still expensive as hell (70tl = 22 eur, that's 11 euros per person), but it was a huge portion. and there were a bit of leftover tortilla chips and the can of jalopenos is almost full...  i think by using only half a bag of the chips and replacing the expensive cheddar with some other cheese we could bring down the price significantly. cheddar could prove hard to replace though, so maybe instead we should make a vegetarian version to save on meat? i dunno. but i want more nachos and i dont want t break the bank for it.    

in turkey. minimum salary for workers is being raised by 30%, says government. some taxes also went up on jan 1st. Mobile phone sales tax went up by 30% and the fixed tax rate for two liters of raki has been increased by 23tl to 130.68tl. also, electricity price is being upped by 6.8%. 

December 31, 2015

wrapping up the good year with movies

another great Aeon article: Can secular people benefit from a prayer? i was suspicious but the essay was fun and interesting and led me to think of many other things. i could creata myself a bunny god that i could pray to every day... my bunny god would be jolly, understanding and holding its paws up like the hindu goddess....  it would be genderless and remind me of the importance of being true to myself. but to be honest i dont want any kind of a god, im quite content with us roaming on the planet, without a soul, like the animals we are. but this idea of a prayer that works like a per talk, sounds interesting nevertheless. also, as the writer Heather Havrilesky points out, if you create a god to pray to, you are the creator of that god and therefor, essentially praying to yourself. so why not skip the outer god figure thing and just pray to my inner bunny? im fine with being my own god, since there cannot be outside gods. i think the wisdom and direction and i need is in me already. well, right now this makes sense to me. im not sure ill start praying anytime soon but this is an idea worth keeping around.

i wore this look on christmas days, although the photo is ...what it is. but it kinda shows my red knee length knit socks. i also wore red earrings and a red ring, duh.

we started our New Years movie festival and will be watching Office Space  around midnight i believe. perfect. pizza, popcorn...and we have a bottle of sparkling if the fridge. 

there has been a weird burning smell in s part of our livingroom for a week now. but like... plastic burn, very different from candles. but I can't find the source. feels like we just have to wait, but it doesn't feel safe.

last night it started snowing properly. it's supposed to last a few days too. it melts a bit in between then it snows more. needless to say Istanbul is screwed in snow :D

2015 was pretty good I think. I too rarely appreciate the good things although I know I'm lucky and I have a good life. that's the first world irony? but I look forward to more good things next year.