June 24, 2017


i was watching Generation Iron 2 and ended up googling stuff. this article on Vice...  good stuff :D i dunno why i keep watching bodybuilding related doc's - its just so kooky it is always interesting. today im enjoying Obit - about obituary writers and their work. its midsummer though so i will head to Hyde Park soon where im meeting some finnish friends and supposedly finns and swedes gather there in crowds every year. not in cooperation though, just, swedes have an organised event or gathering, and finns just know to gather there, and they end up next to each other. describes the relationship of the countries i guess, not besties but rather sit next to each other than alone or with someone else - peaceful co-existence. well, maybe im analysing too much based on what ive heard, i should just go and see.

im proud of this fly net i installed. the window handle made things challenging. so the net covers the window frame, but the bottom part is closed with magnet tape, so you can open it, put your hand through and open/close the window an it will snap back neatly. its really a spider net, not a fly net. i was not eager to open the window at all until we had this. i applaud doctor for being so patient and understanding, especially during the hot days... 

June 23, 2017

where do i fit in?

on sunday i went to this hotel (Britannia International) with Anna for a bit of spa time and chilling. originally, i bought this groupon deal for me and doctor, but he made a mistake with his schedule and was working on sunday and so on... i went with Anna. good times.

there, laying by the pool, i started reading Unwomanly Conduct: The Challenges of Intentional Childlessness. sounds so serious! but its a good book, its hard to find these voices speaking for women who didnt opt-in to have kids. like, how its usually spoken of as opting out. and ok, while the book makes it a completely choic-y thing such as eatings or not eating breakfast, i believe that reproducing is one of the main functions of any species, although we have the the ability to make conscious choices, there are some powerful 'forces' (hormones etc) that often override it - and that makes sense. not to mention women that have sex with men often get pregnant unless they actively prevent it... and naturally the pressure of society, families, what have you. so there is a element of opting out, too. but ive always been so focused on other stuff, i feel like it wouldve been an act of opting in to have children. and a lot of women in this book are saying the same thing. whether it was career or something else, kids just weren't part of the equasion. me, ive been focused on myself, my relationships with people and the world around, i think. they all take up so much time, and bring me joy, that giving it up didnt make sense. and maybe my biological clock is in a constant state of snooze, too, because i have certainly spoken with women who didnt think having kids "made sense" either, they just felt some small or big urge to do it anyway. or let it happen, via half-assed contraception methods or so. ill say that getting surgery - sterilisation - could be described as opting out though. you are literally removing an ability that you have, invading a healthy body, while taking the risk of anesthesia etc. i think because it is quite radical, it sparked me to thinking about all these things more, read more, although the clarity of not having kids was obvious before. i could say that i am examining this more now. surely my examination is also sparked by being in a new environment, trying to find my place and fit in, and going to a gyno and them taking history and me relaying the facts on form of contraception, how many kids, how many pregnancies... basic questions. and at the end there is an eyebrow raised, or i am just imagining it. while am at it though, i have to say ive had very pleasant experiences with NHS overall, the doctors and nurses in specific.

the other night we were out with docor and passed our local cinema, Ritzy. looking the films runing there, i saw something i figured must be finnish; Lake Bodom. i was right. despite the poor imdb rating and very low expectations of finnish horror ingeneral we decided to go see it. ill admit it provided a positive surprise, not amazing but definitely interesting and fun. i would recommend it, in fact.

hah, just learned there was a '24 hours in the A&E' type of documentaristic emergency department reality show in turkey - only it began and ended with the pilot. they started shooting it at doctors hospital, but we were in australia at the time. anyway i guess they failed at something and people didnt get interested and that was that. funny.

so in helsinki some of the city councilmen are planning on free contraception for young people. what a great idea, i wish it happened and was country wide. finland may not have great weather but it has a lot of other things to offer...    speaking of which; about midsummer.  as the writer points out, "In the UK, the only people who celebrate midsummer, or summer solstice as it’s more commonly known, are New-Age hippies, pagans and wannabe Druids". but swedes and finns apparently go to Hyde Park for midsummer. so tomorrow im heading there to meet a few friends.

June 21, 2017

omg summer summer summer - fan arrived yesterday

i decided to dive in! i got the leopard pattern lugagge free from someone who didnt need it anymore. much appreciated but it does get a lot of attention. at least its easy to spot on the conveyor belt...

found a lot of make up in the storage but had to weed out everything thats gone bad (most of the stuff) and that i dont really want (again, most of the stuff). whats left was eye shadows mostly;
i dont buy animal testing brands anymore but dont see an issue finishing the stuff i have acquired previously.

apparently its not enough that i have saved like 'everything', i also need to take photos and share them online...??  i just feel like photos are almost stronger memories than the items themselves, it solidifies that they exist...

no idea why i had my moms and dads old documents...   doctor says i have features from both but more from my dad.

some bedding, school report cards, school, melodramatic novels from when i thought i would become a writer (?), and Apulanta memories. and so much more. omg the piles of papers i cannot throw away?!
photos, calendars, school photos of friends, old photos from my step-grandparents...

i got a delivery of free finnish bread! i think Fazer's rye bread is now sold in UK, at least Scandikitchen, Ocado, Nordic Foods and Finndeli. i got 2 packs so im gonna keep one and give the other to someone...

June 17, 2017

nyt olis piknik sää, sinne!

Jani Kaaron kirjoitus hometutkimuksesta. hyvä. hyvin löyhästi asiaa sivuten, mun nenä ja iho reagoi tosi huonosti suomessa käydessä. ekat päivät nenä oli ihan kuiva, siihen pisteeseen että iho meni rikki tai sinne tuli jotain haavoja koska oli hemmetin kipeä. epätoivossani laitoin jopa huulirasvaa nenän sisäpinnoille... silti välillä nenä toisaalta valui, siis kaiken kuivuuden keskellä. muistan elävästi että suomessa asuessa nämä ongelmat oli ihan peruskauraa. reissun loppua kohti vähän helpotti, ainakin nenän sisus parani. iho kuivui myös ja voidetta piti mättää päivittäin, suihkun jälkeen kiristi ihan tosissaan eli ei voinut vahingossakaan unohtaa. UK on hyvin monessa asiassa välimuoto turkin ja suomen välillä - niin tässäkin. kaivoin kosteusvoiteet täällä esiin, paitsi ei niitä juuri ollut olemassa turkin jäljiltä joten piti ostaa uusia. kosteusvoidetta tarvitsi talvella etenkin laittaa jos ei joka päivä niin muutaman kerran viikossa. ja nenä oikuttelee satunnaisesti. mutta sanoisin että ympäristö on mulle elinkelpoinen.

lääkäri on tänään jossain "overseas doctors induction" kurssilla. toivotavasti se loppuu aikasin koska lämpötila lähentelee nyt kolmeakymmentä. ihan siis kesäkelit. mäkin heitin 'hellemekkoni' päälle. ostin tän turkoosin huivista kyhätyn merkon melbournesta. vaikka on australiasta niin muistuttaa mua turkista koska väri ja matsku ja kuviot.

book hoarder

back home from finland. these trips, especially now that i need to go through storages and drag heavy suitcases, can be a bit stressful,but overall it was pretty standard, okay. always nice to see people. and i was glad to be able to go to the company summer party, met more of my colleagues and so on. but im glad to be back home, just turned on netflix and will get myself a soda (why are they so expensive in finland??) and go through some of my stuff.

booooks. theres kotler's marketing management as a reminder of school times. and all those suicide themed books...ive always loved dark subjects. richard adams' watership down is so dear to me i couldnt let go of that either...

found a mug with my name and teaspoons i got as a child, with my initials engraved in the back. not really my style but oh well. 

i also had stuff waiting for me when i got home! i think we have enough cutlery now.

the toilets in a Helsinki bar, Loosister. Sabrina cracked me up :)

June 05, 2017

thai and comedy

so im going to finland next week. ive been oddly busy lately and finland will be no different. i have a pretty tight schedule drawn up already. but thats the way the cookie crumbles! i should be grateful i have friends to meet and the ability and finances to do things and go to places. what i dont like is the "are you safe" messages after terror attacks. and facebook aggressively pushing me to mark myself safe. and it seems friends can even request you to do that; "Jane Doe wants to know if you are OK during the attack in London, UK". u know what, NO. if u really need to know that badly if im okay youre gonna have to wait and see. sorry, just hang in there. jesus. firstly, the very basic "what are the fucking odds" and second, "can u just hold on a few hours to see if im online on whatsapp or FB messenger...??". if im not on either of those 'with' you then maybe my OK'ness is none of your immediate business, anyway.  im not even a very tactical thinker, but this is what terrorists want, 7 people dead, and 70 million people all over the fuckin place, messaging each other feverishly to see whether they are ok, and clicking away to confirm they were not one of the 7 (or one of 70 injured, or so). general chaos and panic. if im not safe, i have much bigger problems than messaging friends, or possibly all my problems have been erased once and for all, but then its just gonna take a while until everyone knows and thats should be ok, ok? 

had forgotten, bought this cute dress in madrid. perfect for summer although long sleeved.

we had brunch in brixton village the other week. oyster appetizers!

i went to see improv theatre with Anna and her friend Daniel the other week. both fun kiwis. disppointingly only the main act was actual improv, the rest was sort of semi-improvised stand up comedy. i was shooting a short video of one of the acts, when he grabbed my camera and shoved it in his pants. or tights to be specific. yeah he was wearing tights and i saw my camera in there. after the show he deleted the video. probably for the better... :D

from one of our recent picnics. the weather has been very favourable.  

went to Saatchi gallery with Jessica. it was free so why not. they had a selfie exhibition which included a lot of modern stuff, but also Cindy Sherman and self portraits by painters such as Van Gogh etc.
 in one big room there was a sort of surveillance theme, the cameras were picking up the people in the room and plastering the wall with the faces.
that day i pampered myself with some shopping...  candles and coasters and a mug and a magnet....
thai food at wagamama with Niina, a new finnish acquintance. i have been social lately! to the pint that im a bit tired and just need some time off. but instead of time off im going to finland...

 i have also been shoe shopping. here are 2 of the pairs, pink Topshop heels and a black Kurt Geigers - i love wooden heels AND buckles.

i didnt know about the brixton pound until last night. its apparently a thing, a real local currency. the tenner has David Bowie in it. we were out with a finnish friend who is visiting, Miika, and his 2 amazing brazialian friends. enjoyed the terraces, small beer breweries and thai food (seems like im eating a lot of that lately - yay).

me and doctor wetmt to see Frankie Boyle. he is working on new material for a BBC series or something, so it was not super smooth and ready material but a lot of fun nevertheless, he has some really raunchy and controversial jokes. its nice we live somewhere where we can go enjoy entertainment and do different things. 

im sometimes a bit horrified listening to myself. since my accent has a tendency adapt to that of the person im talking to, and im already speaking with a british accent most of the time, i sometimes find myself speaking in this really 'posh' sounding accent that i would probably not prefer to listen to prior to coming here. or i would find it annoying or exaggarated. and then im speaking to someone and i hear myself draw out some words (such as wooooo'd for word) and adapt that fuckin tea time tone....  the price of living in UK is high in many ways?

Instagram has started to send "hey check out your friends latest posts" reminders too. well its quick to unsubscribe but wtf? also i think everytime i buy from groupon they re-add me to their BS mailing list - daily deals and whatnot. the aggressivness is obnoxious.

May 24, 2017

i missed takeout food a lot

so Madrid was very nice. i was really happy to be able to get out of london for a bit and enjoy the colors of spain.

i started reading No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood. its very light and entertaining... like, maybe too much so. still, interesting to hear various womens stories on how they ended up being childless, as not everyone story is the same. im not sure if at some point in my teenage years i assumed i would have kids. i might have, but if i did it was not a strong feeling, i think i was always more interested in partnership and friendship.but i think at least since i turned 18 or 19 or so ive been pretty sternly against having kids of my own.

i have too many books going on right now to be honest, should finish one or two and then return to the rest one by one.

also im watching Easy on Netflix. its light and nothing earth shattering as is typical for me, just some good 30 something entertainment that i suppose didnt cost too much to make.

Bigger Faster Stronger  was an odd and interesting documentary about anabolic steroids. i think the main gist was to convince the viewer that steroids are not really bad for you. well, i dont know, maybe they are not as bad as they say - but i dont really know, it would require studying the subject a bit more.

tomorrow im going to see improv comedy with Anna. yay. friday im meeting some finns, saturday is dedicated to my relatioship, and sunday is art museum and thai food with Jessica. with the nice weather this week (24-27c) i think everything is going exceptionally well? tonight watching Kedi documentary with doctor while eating vietnamese take out. i think i actually might be in heaven.

May 16, 2017

spring is properly here i hope?

oh dear the temp here is 24c today, much like Madrid on sunday. i returned yesterday but still feel a bit tired and confused. we were really efficient though, Karin & me, and i feel like we got a good general idea of Madrid in our 2.5 days there.  

doing shopping today, dress from Madrid :)

was delighted to find Icelandic show Case on channel4.

i started reading Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, after Arttu's recommendation. i might not agree with everything or i am too eager to look for loops or agenda, but it is interesting and through provoking which is the most important thing.

Guardian put my thoughts to words (well maybe a tad harsher than me, but still) re: Brad Pitt's GQ interview.

stuff like this asylum limbo is crazy (Guardian). i understand the world is far from perfect but when the gross imperfetions are so close its hard to accept it.

London is much more scattered than Istanbul, i feel. although istanbul is bigger, i think people are distributed less evenly... or i suppose its just certain kinds of people? most of the foreigners i met lived in a few areas. and my turkish friends were similarly in those (liberal...) districts. of course london districts have their differences, but i am meeting people from all over, my friends are all over the bloody place. its a bit frustrating. although its given me a reason to explore the city a bit, it makes things harder in everyday life.

April 30, 2017

another long weekend for me! thank you May Day

so now wikipedia is blocked in turkey. what a surprise...? 
aaaand smooth transition to the photos from the amazing bbq party i was at a week ago in south london;
there was great food and drinks, very south american oriented. and great people! :D

also from a while ago, met someone new through Vina and we had wine and tacos and nachos in pop brixton...
 ...and then ended up in Three Eight Four, a rustic hisptery bar. 

brixton night life...  there is always a jamaican/african street party goin on in the weekend, just down from our street, loud boomboxes entertaining people.

typical lunch. frozen rice & veggie mix, frozen nacho bean burger...  5 min in the microwave, and a bit of sweet chilli sauce on top. its no top chef material but could be worse, im happy with it.

yesterday i actually cooked all by myself. well i bought pre-sliced and diced things, but none of it was frozen. i overcooked it a bit tho, the colors were more delicious like...15min earlier...  too much meat too  but i had a lump of mince beef that was expiring and the freezer is getting full too, so, i had to cook. with butternut squash, onion, broccoli and spinach. and loads of garlic paste - doctors patients were not be thanking me, he just left off to another nightshift after dinner.

its almost like this is becoming a food blog...  ehm. it would be called something like  "A nearly middle aged woman's half-assed attempt at cooking: a disinterested take on how to eat semi-healthy with minimal effort, and then resorting to nachos once a week.". i think im just still excited over my options here, all the frozen stuff, products ive never seen and being able to buy free range meat. although hunting for new and more suitable products (meat) creates work too.but thats the kind of little problems that i can appreciate, much better than worrying about war or cancer or other stuff that a lot of people unfortunately have to struggle with.

i bought some black wallpaper (from a guy just behind the corner, on Shpock) and gift wrap with a cassette tape theme... i want to use the latter for
 we got a grey rug and a grey map-themed platic table cover. plastic is a bit meh but i want to to be easy. maybe i should tape the sides down though. 

 i bought this bike wheel to hang on the nail that was already on the wall. but im not quite happy how it doesnt hang nicely. will try to figure out a solution.

i was trying to get rid of a pair of shoes on gumtree today when someone contacted me to buy the pair and asked if they are "well worn". thats code for a shoe fetishist. i dont really care who buys my shoes, i just rather get 5£ or 10£ for my troubles than throw them in the bin - but of course they want to engage in a conversation about submissive they are and if i wore the shoes without socks or so. its a dilemma when you are trying to get something done, like sell shoes, but its a matter of how much time do i want to spend chatting in general - time is worth something too. 2 hours later i met the buyer and got 30£ for 3 pairs of shoes. so i think in the end i did well. now the shoes have a good home - sic - and i dont have to feel bad about throwing stuff in the bin.

what is we are living in a computer simulation? (Guardian). well, interesting but doesnt really faze me, seems to work fine for the most part. unless famine is a bug. but it may also well be working as designed...

i was not too interested in the new Wikileaks/Assange documentary but this Gizmodo article has me reconsidering.

April 25, 2017

jos osaisin espanjaa enkä ruotsia... joo ei oo toisensa poissulkevia mutta

tämä nillitys siitä, mten telkkaria pitäisi katsoa on sarjassamme "miks ihmiset tykkää popista kun mä kuuntelen 60 kansantansseja, ja aiemmin kaikki muutkin kuunteli?". tai "miksei ihmiset enää lähetä paperikirjeitä - se on paha asia!". ehkä mä tiedän mistä haluan sarjani katsoa...  joskus seinältä projektorilla, joskus tietokoneen näytöltä isommassa tai pienemmässä formaatissa, ja joskus puhelimesta. ainiin ja sorry not sorry ettei oo pro-kaiuttimia...

jos sentään mun eliaikana pakkoruotsi poistuisi niin sit olis aika hyvin asiat. kielikokeilu oli siis todella miellyttävä uutinen, brassaili sillä sitten persut tai kuka tahansa. kieliä kouluun, mutta jotain valinnanvaraa edes...

tää artikkeli (YLE) siitä, miten kieli liittyy tai vaikuttaa ajatteluun oli ihan jännä ja pisti miettimään. tosin siinä jotenkin todettiin tai annettiin ymmärtää ettei pkysolingvistiikkaa ole juurikaan kukaan missään tutkinut. mutta ilmeisesti sillä viitattiin sitten pohjoismaisiin kieliin tai tähän nimenomaiseen aspektiin. koska vaikka ei varmaan mikään supersuosittu aihe olekaan kyseessä niin onhan jotain näkökulmaa tuosta käsitellyt Noam Chomskykin - kirja on yksiselitteisesti psycholinguistics. en ole saanut luettua sitä edes puoleenväliin eli se siitä :D

kävin eilen terveysasemalla koska polvi on ollut nihkeenä pari viikkoa. lepo auttoi mutta ei sitä viikkotolkulla voi kotona maata, ärtyi heti kun lähti tyylii kaupassa käymään. GP oli sitä mieltä että jotu etuside tms mennyt vähän, että nyt tulehduskipulääkkeitä kunnolla (olin lepoviikollani popsinut suht uskollisesti 200mg ibuprofeiinia mutta se ei ilmeisesti ole riittävää) ja ei mitään lepoa vaan normimeininki. pelkästään terveysasemakäynnin jälkeen poltteleva tunne oli jo nihkeä, saati sit illalla kun olin päivän tosiaan ottanu ihan normisti. mutta ajatus kai on että tulehduskipulääke korjaa tilanteen ja pikkuhiljaa tää normalisoituu. jää nähtäväksi. pieni paranoia mulla on että tää oliskin jotain osteoporoosin tapaista kun suvussa on taipumusta sellaisiin ja korkkarit etenkin voi rasittaa sitä 'välilevyä' mikä polvessa on... ja korkkareilla on tullut hiukan käveltyä tässä n. 20 vuotta....  mutta joo, ainakin nyt on toimintasuunnitelma - katsotaan mitä tästä tulee.

April 20, 2017

shoes for jenni

i bought cardamom tea on impulse. cos why not. who knows maybe i start drinking tea regularly. more importantly though i bought a few pairs of shoes. its sring after all, and i noticed i am in need of 'daily walking shoes'. ended up getting some more summery heels while i was at it, not surprising i guess. but have to get more show storage space cos they cant stay on the floor.

most of the new shoes. ive test driven a few of them already :)

date night last night. i wanted to feel like istanbul so ordered turkish.

one of doctors friends just passed PLAB 1 exam, so he will be coming here in the summer for PLAB 2. looking forward to him moving here and getting a job at an ER. lets bring all the turkish doctors here to save NHS as europeans are fleeing...

April 19, 2017

off to elections

at the ER in doctors hospital (and possibly all hospitals in UK, not sure) they assign every patient to one doctor. so then it is that doctors responsibility, and typically they work on just patient at a time. since everything is quite bureucratic and slow, simply changing an antibiotics prescription could take an hour easily. not to mention more difficult issues that require CT scans etc. but so, during one shift, an ER doctor may work on 3-7 patients. now, since one patient could take 2-3 hours, how do they handle leaving work on time? not well. officially a consultant is supposed to manage a handover to another doctor when your shift is finished but they don't really do that where doctor works, they are happy to leave you at it and work extra or whatever. and if you try to do it yourself, you meet resistance, nobody wants another patient on them, they have one as it is. so if you want to avoid working sometimes an hour overtime (not paid), what u need to do is avoid taking a new patient in your last hour. and consequently, possibly slow down the work you do with your last patient. sounds smart, huh? who suffers? the patients. no wonder NHS is overcrowded when besides everything else, doctors are pushed to slack and avoid patients for a portion of their working time. again, maybe this 1 doctor per patient scheme is not in use everywhere but i think it may well be. the idea of someone taking responsibility is good, but they could have a named doctor, and yet work as a team. a lot of things might not have worked in turkey, but their US style ER practises had something good to them. when you work as a team on various patients, you can contribute until the last minute. and it's in everyones best interest to empty the ER and get patients home or admitted somewhere. with this system in place, why hurry? while your one and only patient is getting a scan or an x-ray, go chill. while you wait for their blood results, go chill. oh and fill papers. in all honestly filling papers takes  huges amount of time too. but i dont see how this system is in the patients best interest.

how the fake lashes look like. once can see my natural lash at the very beginning, it's grown a bit (the fakes are attached to the root pretty much) and then come off.

when we were in oxford on Sat, our friends who live there were at the hospital delivering their first baby. i knew our visit was around the due date, but texted anyway to ask if they can meet up. cos u just dont know. but turns out they were busy with other stuff, so.

we r paying a fixed sum for water. so i should have baths more often. reminds me, in helsinki it was fixed too, still is, 10 eur typically (per flat or per resident). here, we pay 35£ (40 eur). thats london! :D

on the snap election:
Martin Kettle on Guardian: "Theresa May in Downing Street sounded like Turkey’s authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Give me the unfettered authority to secure the Brexit I want, she said."
knowing how things went down in Turkey 3 days ago i think he is a bit of a drama queen. comparing a not-so-great polition to some dictator or the other may seem fitting when you are emtional about some turn of events, but its also almost offensive to people living under the actual dictators.

Corbyn's initial response where he said "ok" to the challenge of elections did not mention brexit. i know its ot the only thing going on in this country but it makes me further disappointed with him.

and a quote by Paul Mason "Theresa May is about to find out that turkeys do not vote for Christmas. More precisely, when confronted with someone in a butcher’s apron and a sharpened knife, turkeys are not apt to give a mandate for that person to organise an 'unspecified meal-type experience'."
however, a lot of turkeys also dont have voting rights.

Owen Jones wrote an interesting piece as usual

April 17, 2017

thank you easter that was nice

we went to Oxford on saturday - was a lovely trip actually. my right knee is hurting (for no apparent reason) for the past week so that was the downside, but Oxford was just the right size to minimize walking and still being able to see things. we visited the science museum and Ashmoleian (?) museum, a library, a huge bookstore, peeked at Trinity College and the Uni of course and enjoyed amazing foods at the open market. and sat down for a coffee here and there. finished it off with an asian dinner. didnt hurt that the sun was shining on and off.

Oxford...  food, museums and all that;

 sea of bikes. student city!

i enjoyed Ali Wong's Baby Cobra which Netflix helpfully suggested to me. we were off Netflix for a while cos there wasnt anything more there. figured that with time we can return as they add things... and i decided that moment happened when RuPaul's Drag Race started. but there seems to be other new shows too. Come Fly With Me is actually old, but i am enjoying watching it just now.

 i wanna buy more books. but i havent obv read all the old ones. i have gotten busy with reading in general and enjoying it, but i cant keep up. on my bedside table now: Amy Poehler's Yes Please, Oliver Sacks' Awakenings, Alex Boese's Electrified Sheep. the last one is my light entertainment. well, so is the first, Poehler is entertaining obviously  - and i love bios.

i always find it awkward when i read extreme feminists dissing heterosexual women or sex between women and men overall - none of us would excist if it wasnt for that. its essential for the species. we can talk about 'all intercourse being rape' but IF so, then thats just the way this species is. the idea that women only have sex because patriarchy... i cant even. we're animals and one of the strongest urgest we have  is to procreate, and its not an urge created by patriarchy. we could decide that its a 'bad' urge and all stop doing it, and the earth would appreciate when the overpopulation would go down...  or we could put men in matrix type of glass shuttles and just articially inseminate...i guess? sounds ideal for some i suppose? but really. am i the only one who sees the utter impossible logic of being against heteros and intercourse?? not every needs to be hetero, that much is clear, but for the majority of people to be... it just makes sense? kind of? or we could just disappear like dinosaurs, if preferred. well, im taking myself out of the gene pool as it is so i dont care, but i believe i do know what human animal is like and its not going to stop copulating.

my typical lunch i suppose. all from the freezer. 

 but since i srated cooking again, this is one of the things i put together a few days ago.

on friday we had dinner over at our friends place, a turkish-polish couple. it was in Bow - first time for me in that area.  and we walked through this old cemetary turned park... creepy but funny cos its justthere, like a normal park, but much gloomier.