March 24, 2017

suomibileet suunnitelmissa

jahas, sit alko Bachelor Suomi. ei nyt ihan heti innosta mutta tapana on ollu kattoo. aika jäykkää, mut sillä tavalla aidompaa kuin esim. pohjois-amerikassa.

ajattelin mennä suomeen nyt kesäkuun alkupuolella koska sillon pitäs olla firman "pikkujuhannus" ja mähän en ole missään nyk. työnantajan pippaloissa ikinä ollut joten olisi korkea aika. voisi bondaa työkavereiden kanssa muutenki ku chatin välityksellä. silloin olis 9.6 myös joku festari olisko se Vantaalla, jossa olis Rammstein. aika erikoista, Rammstein jossain "korsossa"? sit ne muut bändit oli  sellaisia ettei niitä voi kaikkia ottaa vakavasti, Evanescence nyt tulee lähinnä mieleen. ehkä ne jotkut muut oli ihan ok noin yleisesti mut mun musamaku kun ei ole kovin raskas nykyään niin se ei vältsisti olis niin jee-tilaisuus... tosin kyse on anyway vain perjantaista, jos meen suomeen ni ei mulla oo kokonaista viikonloppua varaa festareihin upottaa. etenkään jos en ole kiinnostunut kys. artisteista. mut joo en nyt sit tiedä, pitää odottaa et bileiden pvm päätetään ja katsoa sit. Rammstein olis oikeasti sellainen joka olisi hienoa nähdä mutta suomen valoisassa kesäyössä(kö)?

kuinka turkki kohtelee homoja (HS). suurin osa joutuu tietty olemaan siellä kaapissa. jos asuu isossa kaupungissa niinku istanbulissa tai izmirissä niin löytää halutessaan ehkä liberaaleja kavereita mutta ikinä ei voi siitäkään olla varma - että miten liberaalin oloinen tuttu oikeasti reagoisi jos kertoisi, vai joutuisiko kenties pannaan kaveripiiristä kun sana kiertäisi. aika moneen homoseksuaaliin tutustuin turkissa, miehiin ja naisiin, ja kaapissahan ne on perheelleen suurin osa. sitten kun vanhemmat vielä painostaa naimisiin niin joskus ihmiset kokee et on pakko. siis ihan todella aikuiset, menestyvät, itsenäiset ihmiset, eikä vaan jotkut "kyläläiset". se perhe ja vanhempien miellyttäminen on vaan niin tärkeää, mitä on vaikea ymmärtää kun on kasvanut suomen individualistisessa kehdossa. ja jos suomessa on työtön tai tarvii muuten vaan tukea niin valtiohan on sitä varten. valtio tekee suomessa sitä mitä perhe suurimmassa osassa maailmaa. joten jos haluat jonkun tukiverkon säilyttää niin paras pysyä väleissä veljeen ja äitiin jne...   mutta toi homofobia turkissa on todella sääli.

March 22, 2017

proper rainy London day

i read Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole in  a few days. while i was supposed to be reading Orwell's Homage to Catalonia - for our book club which is due to get together next week. well, both are biographical, right? but i have started the latter and will finish it obviously. then, i have the next bio in queue; Branson. DtRH was quite ok, but got a little bit 'american' towards the end - i get that she had to fight her way to where she got, but so does everyone else. the tone just got a bit superficial and fake-ish.still, overall i liked it ok.

some things are moving forward. the postman introduced himself the other day, his name is Jason. an older man, who says he likes when its not too warm out. i never got to know the postman/woman in istanbul cos they didnt usually come to the door, but was on superficial terms with the postwoman who last worked our street. point is, getting friendly with people around here reminds me of istanbul, i like it.

omg i found the switch for our bathroom fan. its annoyed the fuck out of me, ive even had showers in candle light in order not to have to listen to it. but, there was a swicth, outside the bathroom, above the door. certainly not easy to reach, have to jump or stand on a chair. the challenge will be to remember to turn it on at times, still, though. the bathroom would surely get moldy very fast if not. 

article on Brixton's recent evolution (Guardian). im surprised to read that the average rent for a 1 bed house is 1744£ in this area?! maybe the keyword is house? cos our 2 bed flat is less than that. and this a pretty nice, modern place. i guess its the flat vs house thing then. but the article is also referring to statistics that paint Brixton mostly white. am i living in another Brixton? cos this is preeeetty black and 50 other shades. if we wanted predominantly white or less diverse i guess we would've moved to Clapham or somewhere else. but it definitely depends where in Brixton u are, too - 100 meters can make a difference. on the street by the shops you see jamaicans chilling, middle easterners holding shop... then u walk into the hipstery Pop Brixton and everyone is white... on the bus nearly everyone is black again. at the tube station its super mixed, which i like.

Pop Brixton last week

March 21, 2017

now back to me

UFC done. it was so nice though, seeing and experiencing it first hand, i was excited. my friend, 'family man from espoo', was here for the weekend and we went to see it together. the finns didnt fare so well this time. had to cheer for the one swede that did...

blurry and whatever, but the idea comes across; 

finally alone tho, i DO LOVE having friends over, but especially if it's for over a week, i quite appreciate being alone afterwards. just chilling in my bathrobe, ready to watch a tv show. i guess i quite like home life? and frozen foods! veggie fingers, some weird quinoa mix and spinach. heat them up in microwave and then add egg, 1 more minute and ots done. and tried on doctor's peri peri sauce.
lol, 1.5 months after sending Lloyds a letter (filled form) for an address change, they replied via txt saying the address has now been changed. i would not have obviously sent a bloody paper form if it wasn't the requirement. but it was supposed to take a week or two. oh well, whatever. UK curiosities.

Vera is back! one of my fav shows.

doctor gave me a sushi dinner and a Ryanair voucher for my birthday. i thought it was really thoughtful. i do love sushi, and he still wants me to travel even if his passport is stuck at the Home Office and he cant.

March 17, 2017

pampering time

our cupboards are still fairly empty and our style looks oddly plain. i do appreciate simplistic design but somehow we've always had random, colorful things too. i think the coffee mug there is a good way to start things off...even if its not literally colorful.
my corner of the bedroom. i filled this drawer in the blink of an eye.

now that we have our own place, and its warmenough to run around nakes too, i got inspired to take care of myself again. sooo i went on a shopping spree. nail files, lotions, fake lashes... in short: stuff. that felt amazing.
we dont use an iron often...  maybe once or twice a year. but when we do need it, we really need it. its good to have one for those moments. so i bought an iron to avoid a catasprophe.

a view from the corner of our street. brixton village is there on the right, about 150m ahead.

our housewarming was a success in my books. i think we had 15-20 guests so that was definitely good and what i aimed for. food and drinks lasted and the lasts guests left after 5am. good start!

oddly creepy dating show; game of clones.

since ive been wondering abut how they plan to manage the throne accession and queen's death, this article was quite interesting (Guardian).

tomorrow: UFC in London!!

March 14, 2017

koitan kestää mut en kestä

mun spotifyn laskutus on suomalaisella kortilla joten spotify päättää että tarviin suomalaista soittolistat ja suomalaista räppiä. yhhhhh. joskus meinaa hetkeksi unohtua ja laitan jonkun viattomalta kuulostavan listan soimaan, esim. Aamukahvi

okei ei noilla geneerisillä listoilla muutenkaan oo läheskään aina mun mielimusaa mutta mitel helv kaikilla noilla suomalaisilla listoilla on räppiä?? ja niillä ei vältsisti edes ole mitään muuta suomalaista, ne on vaan tehty suomalaisille. muilla ns. paikalliseen makuun tehdyillä listoilla ei ole tietääkseni tätä ongelmaa (olen kysellyt). suomalaiset on kai vaan niin räppikansaa? :D loll...  nauraisin jos ei olis älytöntä. olen kai vaan vanha kun en tajuu miten se iskee niin...

taas yks hyvä kirjoitus pakkoruotsista (HS). tai näitähän näkyy aina siellä täällä, vähän eri sanoin mut aina sama pointti - ei ole järkeä pakottaa kaikkia pistämään niin monta tuntia kielen oppimiseen jota tarvii niin vähän tai harvoin, jos sillonkaan. mutta eipä tuolle mitään tapahdu. tuo on kuin terveydenhuolto jenkeissä, ei sitä saada näköjään kuntoon. mut en ymmärrä mikä mafia sitä ylläpitää. kielten opiskelu hyvä mut jos edes osa porukasta oppis jo sielt 7. luokalta tms jotain venäjää tai kiinaa tai arabiaa...(jotta tulis siinä sujuvaksikin mahdollisesti).

March 06, 2017

post-move crisis?

despite everything, i think im not super happy right now. well, without wanting to sound bipolar, occasionally i am really cheery, but perhaps going through post moving stress or something.

im still feeling a bit embarassed about having such a nice, big home. i know i shouldnt waste energy on such a feeling, its useless and unhelpful.

Susanna visited us today, since she cant make it to the housewarming.  brought us a nice gift, too - we love bubbly. we had late lunch in a thai place in Brixton village and looked around the shops there. im starting to enjoy the neighborhood more and more.
book! yeah, a light read but thats what i want. light stuff. lightmusic, light tv and light books. not ashamed.

found a perfectly sized cutlery tray on amazon! wow.

 me and doctor ate at a greek restaurant (sappho meze) the other night. it was nice to have some familiar tastes. we are definiely eating out more now that doctor is working and things have sort of stabilized.

got this black & white bookshelf cos its so modifiable. not sure this corner look works...i thought it would nicely separate my 'office area'  from the rest but it creates a sort of dark corner.

Brixton after rain. 

 this was my solution to the lack of storage in our bathroom. not ideal but will do, accessible from both bath tub and sink. we also got a mirrordoor cabinet buuuuut it would require attaching it to the wall and we cant do that, so now its just awkwardly leaning...

not sure this is the best way to store spices and everything else, but its so spacy underneath it kind of made sense.  and i wouldnt want to get yet another shelf or rack. i dunno. time will show.

February 28, 2017

finally here.

i would like to go straight to the issues, as is most comfortable for myself:
  • poor phone signal inside the flat
  • livingroom slow to heat, heating not particularly effective there, not surprising at all
  • bathroom has zero hooks to hang anything, and no smooth tiles to attach suction cupped hooks on - thanks interior designer or whoever didnt think this through
  • doors are 5cm thick, so no door hanger fits
  • despite thick doors, sound insulation is very poor, we can hear neighbors as well as anything happening in the other rooms quite well. well, this is the 2nd least surprising minus out of all.
  • kitchen is huge but the actual worktop area small, so i had to buy a separate kitchen island - and im not even an avid cook. still plenty of useless floor space to waste. 
  • bathroom fan goes on with the light. i understand its purprose but i hate it. 
  • the windows have blinds and nothing to hang real curtains on. i am a curtain person so blinds are very...meh. 
the positives are too obvious no? its a huge flat, i feel almost embarrassed by it. in london specifically, where so many of my friends are forced to live in small rooms. and modern and neat. ok a few positive points that are not self evident but that i can appreciate: it is well insulated from external sound and cold air. the train track is in front (love watchint trains!) but we can barely hear them, it was something we really paid attention to before making an offer. and the bathroom is warm; very important! also we have a security alarm system, a good extra on a ground floor flat even is protected by a gate, too. and something that many would consider a minus; very poor recycling opportunities. there is theoretically recycling, but it's in another building, behind a coded gate, 150m walk from our place. it may be that we will not do that much recycling. and there is no bio waste or anything. ah, back to turkish times.

 moving day, last friday!

loving the dishes! Iittala 24h that my mom got me like 10 yrs ago.

view of kitchen coming from bedroom.

Vax vacuum cleaner. doctor was skeptical if i could pick a nice one, he was voting for a Dyson originally but we agreed that the price category those are in is just ridiculous. esp since we're not such eager cleaners. i did a lot of reading on vacuum cleaners and ended up with this one.
 first things almost all the winter shows seemed to fit on this we just need another shelf for summer shoes.

first meal in new home: 

i AM loving my new work/computer station. and the amount of light coming in!!! :D and importantly, its not super cold, im quite comfortable. occasionally people and trains pass happy. 

so i had planned this Aalto vase for tealights but it is perhaps better with one larger candle in the middle. 

wine rack. 

the microwave looks a bit plastic-y, but its good. 

new rugs came today;
a colorful one for doctor. 

...and these colorful ones for kitchen.
ive had really early morning this week due to work. it wasnt so hard to get up actually but ive been really tired by the afternoon and early evening. i think the move and emotional 'work' associated with it is also being relased and it will take a few more days to get back to normal. 

i finally got my iphone battery replaced (at Lovefone). the situation was so painful with the phone i was almost ready to buy a new one...  but instead i got the battery replaced, my employer will cover that, and it seems to have worked aaaand i am very happy!! now its just the normal...old phone weak battery, but thats fine.

reading deportation stories is depressing

Benjamin Clementine: London (<- -="" link="" p="" spotify="">spotify link)

February 15, 2017

british paperwork

brits love their bureucray. living up to the reputation and then some. like, it keeps surprising me, sometimes i just want to laugh listening and going through the procedures with the companies, agents, landlords and whatnot. yet, its not like things work perfectly, people seem to be a bit sluggish. not always, but overall. this is also what doctor has witnessed at work. a simple task like changing an antibiotics prescription can take 2 hours, for said bureucracy and people's slow pace. and these things feed off each other. they talk about NHS crisis...but its certainly not only that they dont have enough staff, its just that staff is 'busy' doing things in very old fashioned and complicated manner AND taking their time doing it. there are effective people too, but sluggishness can be infectious...why hurry when no one else around u does? i am sure there are really busy ER's in London too, but from what i hear so far, the resources are just oddly allocated and so it looks worse than it has to be.

but where was i? bureucracy. ah. "we will mail you a form, please fill it and send it back. we will then mail you a reference number and in 3 weeks time, send you x." lolollol. Royal Mail has a good business going, if this country updated itself a bit, they'd be out of business....  also faxes are much loved here! and, if u dont set up your bills (internet, water etc) on direct debit, the companies get very very upset. when u are making a cotract, the sound is sometmes almost threatening, either u set up DD, or...  getting a broadband was not even possible withour direct debit (BT). which was tought as at the time i didnt even have a bank account...  and most companies give you a discount if u agree to pay by DD.

the other day i got an electricity contract for the new flat. i didnt know much about it so i sort of went along. the flat had Economy7 deal. i then researched whether the heaters in the flat are storage heaters or not (ironically, the landlording company has no idea what the heaters are). they are not. therefor, a cheaper night rate is hardly useful for us. especially as i am home all day and will need heating. so i call the electricity company back and say i would rather get the fixed tarif instead - same price for day and night energy. the lady has me wait for 5 minutes on the line and then comes back and says that their specialists don't recommend it, as it may hike my price up. but they also cannot give me a quote without taking me off the current contract. what?? lol. i repeated that i am pretty sure i dont want Economy7 as we will be using more energy daytime rather than night time, and can they not even give me the kW prices for thr fixed rate? she was a bit stiff but went back to ask someone. then, finally i got someone on the phone who agreed that yes, indeed Economy7 may not be the best deal for us, and gave me prices for "E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7". and in every sentence, she would repeat the full E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7...  and that was a long call. lol again.

our flat check-in inventory was 19 pages... 

2nd floor of Pop Brixton. we went there with doctor's friends the other night. reasonable prices too. 

Brixton streets... the markets remind me of Istanbul, a big reason i like Brixton. 

ive found magic eraser. it actually is like magic..  cleans pretty much anything :o  im shocked i'd never heard of it before.

 our new bedroom is finding its form...
 livingroom is becoming habitable too.

ive always wanted to shop at Muji. finally i gave myself the permission to. some breakfast cereal bowls, a plate and extra spoons... 

a cool white wine from co-op. the taste was average i guess. 

i wish Theresa May wasnt bowing before Trump - not just for the sake of UK's future, but i feel like Merkel is the only one stocking to her guns. it mist be lonely!

i was suprised but delighted to find Vallila items in local Amazon :)

nice article on Agent Provocateur and feminism. ive somehow managed to afford a few of their items, and they are certainly the 'jewels' of my lingerie collection. will be interesting to see how things are gonna change there.

cannot wait to move

so we got keys to the new place last friday. officially our contract started then. so there is a "bit" of overlap with our current place, but at least moving is smooth, time to plan, take measurements etc. i went straight from the check-in inventory to H&M Home, getting a couple of towels and sheets. i didnt really have anything in mind, just had to obsessively go buy *something* and take it to the new home. kind of like dogs pee on tres to mark them?

then on saturday i went to IKEA with doctor. one of the bigger IKEAs out there, it soon became clear. and oh boy did my feet hurt after that day. in the end i couldnt even think of going through the food section, i was in so much pain i just wanted to get home. next day i was ready at the flat in the morning when home delivery brough all the bigger items. then, the assembly started! i am pretty good at assembling IKEA furniture and usualy happy to do so, but i admit this amount of furniture is a bit daunting. when doctor joined me, i switched to the lighter, smaller shelves and took a more administrative, instruction reading role with the large items, like the bed.

UK and swedish flags up...  we had a good lunch overlooking them.
4 trolleys full of stuff...

the next day it arrived - one overwhelming pile in our livingroom;

doctor's room/guest room (with the pre-furnished Uk size double bed and a cheat of drawers);
 our bedroom, again partly pre-furnished with Malm pieces;

have i ever written it down how much i hate BROWN WOOD? ok, wood is brown by nature. but if i just said wood, well it could be painted white or black or something...  i am not a fan of those either but medium and dark brown i really cant live with. and now i have to, anyway. there is also a brown Lack coffee table in the living room and 2 sofas. their only minus is that they are not sofa beds, but the color and style are fine - classic IKEA. so at least there is that.
 we bought some small stuff too.. tool set, light bulbs, candles.... 

 some kitchen items and a rug;

Mulig shelf for shoes and a clothes rack. now we're just missing the doormat.

im not fond of bed headboards, but gave in. relationships are all about compromising, right? doctor likes to sit up in bed to read, and so far its meant leaning to the wall, which causes the matress, bed and everything else move...  i think headboard was really just the only solution, so we got it. on a white Malm frame.

i think the vocabulary used for matresses is surprisingly inadequate...  they're just medium firm or firm. maybe soft. but they all feel different, depending on various features! i think terms that could be used are "top soft, firm base" "sinking" "bouncy firm" etc. we got a medium firm matress, but its sort of sinking in a bit, on the top.

 on friday, when we got our keys, we decided to celebrate by eating at the corner restaurant. its an italian, just about 70m from our door.

learn something new every it was "bean curd". decided to treat myself with chinese food and ordered something i didnt recognize on the menu. not sure if it has anything to do with beans... but tasty!

i got a new wallet...  2nd hand tho. i think it will take a while to find a reaaaally nice one so i just got "something" decent off eBay.

finally found  a decent nail salon. still not perfect, but i feel like it's worth trying to improve upon.

finally; the australian Married At First Sight has become more and more like a dramatized dating show, such as the Bachelor. my theory is, that since the marriages are not legal (aussie law...), the people are not taking it really as seriously as they normally would, if the were getting married. and i dont know if the matches made in the earlier seasons were especially poor for the very same reason - like why bother since its not legal? i remember questioning some of them...  but this season its just a joke. theyve gone with the entertainment factor, mostly. picking some slightly odd characters, a set of model-like twins...and so forth. so many of the couples are clearly not happy with the partner they were given...its not even funny. so there we have a show thats pretending to be about getting married, but its just an odd dating show, where they have added things to make it more dramatic, like a stay-or leave 'event'. maybe cos they know some couples wont make it till the end anyway... and moving them all into the same building...   i have nothing against entertaining dating shows (or wannabe reality tv stars pretending to be in a dating show...), but if u disguise it as one, and then make it the other, i think its just cheeky...not in a good way.

Tefal has an interesting idea, detachable handles. ive been mulling over this for a while, and we decided to give it a go, so i ordered a small set. project New Home is steaming ahead...