October 23, 2016

finally got some fresh air

i have been always a bit suspicious of Norwegian. i guess cos Ryanair has a shady image in my mind and i just clump all the cheap airlines in the same box. not sure. but now that i booked flights to finland from them, i have so far been impressed. the plusses:
+fairly easy and neat booking UI
+luggage was not too expensive - 12 eur i think, and i could book it seperately for outbound and inbound to bring down costs as im flying out with less...
+extra lugagge is very cheap - 15eur per 20kg
+if i want to make changes, its "only" 36 pounds
+customer service chat works well & no BS (like upselling or such)

(cheap price is not on the list cos that kind of comes with the 'cheap airline' territory)
all in all, considering that i will pay for food & drinks, it still comes cheaper than Finnair or British Airways, especially with the extra luggage i needed for the return flight. and on Finnair you pay for food too, lol!  travel time to each airport (Heathrow vs Gatwick) is about the same so that doesnt change the situation either. i am beginnign to understand why finns in UK love Norwegian.so in the end i booked flights to Helsinki for Jan 1st. me and doctor will spend a week+ there, meetings friends and whatnot. i will start making a schedule right about now...

view from the nearby train station

im enjoying all the ready and almost-ready meals. veggies in portion size bags, sausages, potato salad. certainly 2 or 3 sausages wouldve been enough but i was hungry. 

shopping in Balham.. they have lovely little stores.

meeting friends for drinks; 

waiting for the bus

i signed up at citysocializer. cos why not, ill sign up for things.it seems like a less business-version of InternNations. but immediately, the day i signed up i got some 10-15 messages from men. okay, its international, but it felt so uncomfortably unfamiliar...   anyway im not condemning the whole platform for that - prevention is virtually impossible - so i think i might later join some of the ents they arrange, just to give it a go.

earlier this week i met someone through Vina, so thats a step forward. then yesterday i dragged myself out to meet Elmor for breakfast in Balham. refreshing and i found a nice 2nd hand bookshop on Balham. went nuts and got 4 books...   then i headed to Waterloo to meet another 2 friends that i know from my Istanbul times. the other has a child and the other is expecting which is great for them. but later in the evening when i was out with a turkish gay couple who are visiting the city, i realized my future as a childless woman is probably with gays :P said gay couple is considering moving to London, so we would surely welcome them with open arms.

i got myself some light reading...   the tourist guide is actually handy because there is way too much info for any tourist to really digest, but for me to take it in, litte by littlem to learn something of the areas im not gonna bother even visiting.. makes sense.

i have a couple of birthmarks that look a bit suspicious, i think i need to get them checkef. im glad booking a GP appointment online was fairly easy;

 i ordered these jackets from eBay and they were delivered to the door by Royal Mail or whoever, i didnt even pay attention. one of the packages was coated with "myHermes" logo - neverheard but whatever. so then i get an email asking for feedback on the delivery. i ignore it. a few days later i get another email, PLEADING for feedback. jesus f christ. pkay maybe i could answer a few questions, yes the delivery was ok and so forth. but look at this BS;

 its a bloody delivery service, after all... 

Melisa was today at the Antalya film festival with her short film. i just saw a video clip from the red carpet - pretty cool :) ive seen the short film too, it is worth the exposure.

October 15, 2016

fall i mean autumn in Camberwell

living with house mates has been interesting. im of course not happy to have to be so considerate, like always clean after myself (right away). but a weird form of comraderie is forming, and it is nice to have people to share news or experiences with. today we have a housewarming party so thats something nice - ive invited the few people in London and the housemates invited a few more. so it will be a...mix.

wow my thumb looks wonky. but i wanted to show off the pink on pink polish i did this morning.

doctor got the results of his first exam (leading to UK doctor registration) on wednesday morning and he passed with flying colors. they made the exam harder starting this september, so we had been a little nervous over the results. what a relief, im so proud of him :) then we booked the 2nd exam. passing that, he could register as a doctor. its a process of several months...but this is a start.

TripAdvisor stops selling tickets to attractions that allow contact with wild animals. good.

Black Mirror is an amazing series, here's Guardians interview with the creator. this caught my eye;
"You take a computer for granted. Then, when you get the spinning beach ball or the Wi-Fi goes down it’s like “For fuck’s sake!” You scream and shout at them. I’ve read about a device that remembers all the times you’ve shouted at it and gives you fucking payback. It’s a very Black Mirror idea."
i never shout at my computer. if my computer is having issues, getting frozen or jamming up, i feel bad for her. i feel worried. i want to help. not shout. but computers are much like humans, if you take good care of them (and they are made of solid components to begin with), they can go live long and healthy lives. they need care and attention and they will do their best if you just LET them blossom. okay, that last part might not apply to humans, i dont believe in inner 'goodness' in people, necessarily.
i am also looking at flights to filand in early january. and it looks like doctor would be able to join me. he hasnt been to finland for like 5 years, so it would be nice to see my city together again.

 my initial set up. i got a new screen from work  (yeah colors still need calibrating). so i use it with my mac book during the day, and with Bunilla in the night!
 mornings are muesli & monster.

more jackets from eBay....    a short one with attitude... (Superdry)

and a longer more sophisticated one... (Love Label)

October 09, 2016


what i dont like is people asking why dont i get a laptop, when i mentioned that i am buying/bought/planning a PC. thats like suggesting a gerbil when ive just said im getting a dog. "but gerbils are easier to take care of! they are quieter! why would u want to walk a dog?!". dude...  im 36 i know what i want. thats all.

Arttu, doctor and me tried a cheese & champagne 'bar' in Brixton village. they offer selections of cheese and champagnes and champagne coctails.

also had dinner in Soho. Kings Court was full of restaurant bars and really crowded on a friday night. 
with my new PC, candles and a brand new paw warmer im quite content. the only thing missing is another monitor due to arrive on Monday. it will be shared with my work laptop and Bunillla the PC. need toget a switch for that. i am happy that i sent myself one monitor from istanbul, although the VGA to DVI converter didnt fit and i had to get another one, wasting another day. but today i finally moving all my backed up files to Bunilla the PC. my first impression is that Bunilla is that she is perky and energetic but means business. which is exactly how i like it. below is her first official 'baby pic'.

in fact, sitting by my computer, installing software and  keeping my back paws warm, im a bit too happy. it makes me a little concerned as then there is a the fear of "how long can this last??" and "i must be dreaming?". im not an unhappy person generally, but its peaks like this that are rare and confusing.

what i really appreciate is BBC's and Channel 4's free online selection. together, they are more valuable than Netflix. not fair to compare, and they can compliment each other, but considering that the 2 are free, and Netflix is not...  maybe not fair to compare also since although Netflix has good stuff, ive just seen 90% of it cos its old.

what i dont like in UK so far: cheddar is way too popular compared to other cheese. the electricity in this house (and probably a lot of other houses) is not grounded, it seems.

doctor admiring the beer selection in a new shop in our neighborhood.

today: signed up as an organ donor at NHS website. watched The Apprentice UK at BBC's website. how nice to be near where the show is shot! yeah can be easy to please.

i got a simple trench coat off eBay (H&M) cos my old fall/spring coat is about 10 yrs old and about to fall apart, the cuffs are in fact half off...  

whenever i look over, doctor is watching or reading something. ive registered the following:
modern european history (book)
the propaganda game (documentary)
Chomsky: the responsibility of intellectuals (book)
John Oliver stand-up shows
the century of the self (documentary)

(crazy detective wife??)

October 04, 2016

string of cold morning and sunny afternoons

my new ba...computer is supposed to arrive tomorrow. when i got the news today i started getting nervous. am i ready? i started questioning myself...  its gonna be a BIG DAY. ive been thinking of names but maybe its too early. i should see her first.

soooo last friday i confirmed that im half blind. went for my first ever eye exam. so weird. actually the verdict was that im just slighty shortsighted but i can say it feels worse! things far away are way blurry. this has happened over the past 6 moths or so, so i was basically worried that i have eye cancer or something. the optician looked at the back of the eye too and said that there shouldnt be anything wrong. im just getting old and things are breaking apart, lol. and that's what i preferred to hear. although shortsightedness is apparently not related to age. so they recommended me to get glasses. i tried on a few pairs out of interest. but as long as im just getting "naturally shortsighted", im not in a hurry to get glasses, seeing the bus number or whatever...meh. it can wait. but i will eventually get glasses when it seems like it starts to bother me too much. and then i could get laser surgery while at it. lets see.

the public transport travel app is quite neat, a life saver. pretty good UI in my opinion.

to order food, there are several competing apps (annoying), but i guess thats better than none? the variety of the food is amazing. top 5 (or was it top 8?) reason to move here.
but if on a budget and cant order...  or just wanting to have a hefty sunday brunch...  free range bacon, eggs and fake meat sausages are pretty awesome. only beans missing?
this past weekend Hanna with her partner etc moved to Canada. good for her. our group of girls is just spreading around. Carina will soon leave istanbul too. then i dont have any very close friends left in Turkey. but some friends, anyway.
getting up so early for work (because of the time difference) sucks especially because the mornings are so bloody cold here. but finishing work early is nice too. wow, thats deep. like saying "sucks to work instead of partying, but work does provide income so thats nice!"...  :D i guess im not much o a philosopher.

bus stops are kind to have informatiion of the lines running through it.
Waterloo station last saturday. i did a day trip to Basingtoke to meet Marianne who was there. Susanna and her and me spend the day hanging out at the huge mall.
 nachos for lunch, of course....

a moment of weakness hit me in Primark's home section, where they had loads of very affordable candles. oh dear. but i love scented candles. in istanbul the selection was limited.

my first issue of Wired! ive always wanted to order it, but it was pricey ordering from abroad and usually only for the paper version...  i wanted the cheap paper & electronic together deal.

got these tiny earrings from Etsy, like a flat drop. simple for everyday wear.

turkey and UK both have good, functional courier services. in one aspect UK is one step ahead, giving the receiver a time slot and often allowing very specific tracking online. in turkey u know ur stuff is supposed to come tomorrow, but u have no idea when, cos someone (read:housewife) is surely home for it.  another difference is, here they surprisingly dont seem to care who receives or signs for a parcel. i guess its not part of the deal. its all about the address, they're happy if someone signs. well, i will gather more experience but so far this is how it is.

September 30, 2016


 my games page (i call them pages). old favs at the top and trying some newcomers.
Color Lines, Block!Hexa and Cluedo Bingo turned out to be boring. My new favorite is Lolo.

below; Blendoku 2

The app formerly known as H__r. i had this on my phone for several months before making the effort to attach the headphones and see what it was about. and what a perfect timing, there are some construction guys across the street and they use drills and whatnot. when you get used to silence, the occasional drilling sound is annoying. anyway, H__r fixes that, by autotuning surrounding sounds.

September 27, 2016

grocery shopping going slightly over budget; its the newbie excitement

the part of our resettlement thats gone well is enjoying the groceries, the shared house & flat mates & meeting some people in general. doctor also found himself a foldable bike and chrome cast 2. he also found pink grapefruit juice and weird british comedies. at times i am wondering who the F did i marry?? :D

the landlady has an interesting bookshelf. found Matt Ridley's Nature via Nurture there. nice to read a paper book for a change. i dream of a big bookshelf in my future home...

wtf, when i changed my iphone region to UK, i suddenly got a new app? "News". well, at least i was finally able to order Wired cheap and enjoy it on my phone too.

EU nationals, and finnish people especially, are so spoiled i have to say. ive really enjoyed having  finnish passport, never had to worry about being denied a visa or anything. usually i dont even need a visa! and in the case of UK, we just waltz in and apply for national insurances and whatever, if we feel like it. i was just reminded of this when talking to other finns here. for doctor to prove his address, to get a bank account, whether he can apply for NI number...  everything is hard.

brunch last saturday with some finnish women;
i was quite eager to sign up with Netflix, but its a bit of a disappointment, just like in Turkey. i was looking forward to Big Ban Theory for instance, buuuut they only have the first 8 seasons, and the 10th started this week. so far the only positive is The Mighty Boosh. and documentaries. maybe i will find more british series to watch, cos the american ones ive seen through and through (the ones i like).

doctor is watching a documentary about armenian genocide and then RuPaul's drag race. mmm. i admit thats the kind of man i like.

in this weather and conditions i have started to suffer from a runny nose. i dont exactly know what's causing it, but it was obvious that this issue almost disappeared while i lived in Turkey. so i expected it to make a return when the conditions are more Finland-ish. well i bought a packs of tissues from the pound shop.

we planned with our flatmates to have a housewarming party next month. im excited.

tomorrow is our 6.5yr anniversary. the book shop had a good selection of cards that i admired. i dont remember seeing anniversary cards in turkey.
 Brixton market. they sell churros left of the photo.....i might or might not have fallen for them a couple times...

Arttu is coming for a visit next week, so i am preparing a list of items i would like from finland...  rye bread i given, but i also probably want Lumene's toner since i finished it before leaving turkey. its my all time favorite.

my first world probs now include: should i buy a white bathrobe (can be bleached, i like the color) OR a darker color like aubergine (would not show hair dye transfer so easily)?? 

im having bacon & eggs for lunch today!! (6 eggs and a pack of bacon, both free range, were about 4£ (5eur). its enough for 2 with a couple eggs leftover.

September 24, 2016

home & tv evenings

working on:
trying to memorize my own phone number
trying to make my bank account a join one (not easy! bloody proof of address BS...)
finding a good nail salon
finding a book/paper shop

we registered at the local GP
doctor ordered his new computer (Dell laptop)
i ordered my PC, deposited money on my brand new bank account
private health insurance (well, missing a few papers but kind of done!)
desks and chairs for both
found a decent hairdresser
feeling comfy in our shared house & with house mates
doctor bought a bike

boxes full of stuff! shipping stuff was so cheap it was a worthwhile investment.

 near our home. a farm and a cafe where they cook with what the farm produces.

Camberwell center, nearby. its laid back, there is a chinese restaurant...  pharmacies, locksmiths, barbers, banks, small corner shops etc.

my first shoe shopping! from ebay. not too high, quite comfy.
 candle from pound store.
furnishing! and we felt like the room was small when we took over it. but somehow we've fit in 2 desks and chairs...  on tuesday we visited Elmor to pick up a box we'd sent ahead of us. turned out they had a desk & chair they wanted to get rid of and we gladly took them. shoved them into an Uber (my first personally paid Uber!!) and tadaa!
 the new set, from IKEA.
i think we are getting very comfy so that's good. but i do have trouble fitting my clothes in the drawers etc...    i think once we get our computers we will be properly set.

set direct debit with insurance company. i hate that im always made to choose miss/mrs/ms. archaic.

another membership card! Superdrug has a nice selection of cosmetics and their own brand is cruelty free so thats lovely.

meanwhile in Turkey;
Hurriyet: woman assaulted on public bus for wearing shorts. importanly, onlookers did not interfere...  this says something. things are going Erdogan's way.

the brother of a friend, Petri Järvinen, makes cool silver jewellery so i asked if he could make me a slightly asymmetrical square. i had a symmetrical one before but it was just something cheap and wore out. i liked the idea a lot though so i thought it was time to invest into a more durable one.