March 09, 2018

täältä tullaan maailma

mulla on ollut voittaja olo kun liikkuminen on edistynyt harppauksin, otan muutamia etanavauhtisia askelia ilman kyynärkeppejäkin. mutta kun painoa voi laittaa jalalle niin liikkuminen kepeilläkin sujuu kuin lentäis vaan, heivasin itseni alkuviikosta book clubiin bussilla, sain siitä nillkani kipeäksi  mutta hyvin se silti meni ja tämä on edistystä. amsterdamissa ei tarvi sit uberöidä ihan joka käänteessä.

amsterdamin reissu on jännä koska tavataan siellä Carilyn ja Carina miehineen. kunnon Istanbul reunion... paitsi Hanna puuttuu, ei tällä kertaa pääse mukaan. hirveesti ei ole suunniteltu, eikä kai tarvikaan, hyvä seura riittänee noin alkajaisiks. no joku jokulaiva tais olla varattu kyl.

olen nyt seuraillu suomen Voicea aina aika ajoin aina kun muistan sen olemassaolon. olin vähän oudosti pettynyt että Tonin 'neuvonantaja' on sen oma puoliso... sama kuin jenkkiversiossa kun Blakella oli Miranda ja sit Gwen. tosin niillä on hullut krediitit iteelläänkin ja Gwen on ollut coachina joten meni silleen paremmin läpi, tää on Tonin eka season ni vähän epäilyttävä alku.

synttärit on maanantaina, jee.  pitäiskö mun asettaa jotain tavoitteita sauraavalle vuodelle? en yleensä harrasta sellaista, joten miksi nytkään?

hesarin tämänpäiväinen kirjoitus siitä, että vain kolmasosa sen jutuista koskee naisia ja aikovat tehdä korjausliikkeen, oli hyvä. ylipäätään tänä naistenpäivänä tuntuu että ollaan vähän vakavammin liikenteessä eikä vain ylistetä kaikki äitejä ja muita sankareita jotenkinsopivan hajuttomasti ja mauttomasti. olihan naistenpäivä se, kun sai tilata sushia kotiovelle kun on liian laiska menee keittiöö ja lämmittää jotain? jes. sovittiin kahden kaveripariskunnan kanssa myös sushi-ilta kuun lopulle, eli tehdään kaikki kimpassa. siitä taitaa olla vajaa pari vuotta kun viimeks olen tehnyt eli pitänee taas googlettaa ohjeet, niitä ei vaan pysty muistamaan, että mikä on riisin ja riisiviinietikan suhde jne... raivostuttavaa. ne on kans aina jossain sellaisissa mitoissa kuin "cup" tai jotain vastaavaa joten sitten see googlettaa montako desiä on kupit ja unssit ja muut. ja sen arviointi et paljonko raaka-aineita tarvii.

February 24, 2018

hobbling towards amsterdam

wow, i just write less and less. i think about writing, writing about a lot of things, but its like after thinking about it its 'done' and i just dont bother further.there are the fun things with friends, more existential musings, and interesting things in the world i plan on commenting on.

i had my 7 week check up for the fractured 5th metatarsal. there is slight cloudiness visible in the x-ray, which means NEW BONE forming!!
pretty awesome, cant take these things for granted as not everyone is as lucky. but this means i can start putting more weight on the foot and progress to full weight bearing. with the boot and crutches, but nevertheless. will make our amsterdam holiday in a couple weeks that much easier. i booked the airport wheelchair service from KLM a couple days ago.  i worry a bit about my mobility since we are meeting friends and i dont want to hold people back but i am gonna work on it. yesterday i met a friend in a restaurant some 400-500m away and hobbled there AND BACK. felt so smug. i can do it. but yeah, amsterdam will be a bit of a test.

Guardian made a 'neighbourhood review' of Kadiköy! sheesh! after i left it! i mean i know it is getting better in so many ways, despite the government - its hard to see from afar when you read the bad news etc, but kadiköy is blooming in many ways. it hurt a little bit to read it. anyway, now im here and you cannot be in several places at the same time. i know there are other awesome places in the world, too, not just kadiköy. i have noticed in a trend though, i tend to gravitate towards awesome places. in 1996, moving to helsinki, i soon started to feel that kallio was the place. it took me a few years to get there, but it was the right move. then kadiköy and now brixton. all these cities have other potential areas too, but usually there are a couple really 'up & coming' districts, and i find my way to them.

its clear there are more people in the house now, there is more stuff around, and working from home its kind of...  weird, as im never alone. although, i LOVE our guests and love helping them with flat search and whatnot. it seems that worked out too, their offer was accepted and they are moving next week.

the boxes in the bg are these peoples 'world'. when DHL delivered the boxes (they were not around), i almost got emotional because it reminded me of our move here. we sent boxes to ourselves. its such a big change, im so excited for them but trying to manage expectations as well. Can is starting work at doctors department next week and his gf Burcu should most likely have a job in the same hospital as well. yes, a turkish mafia is forming, little by little. haha.

so turkey's 'e-gov' portal recently added all the family history of all the citizens in the system. (Hurriyet Daily). hardcore! so now people can see their family tree up to the beginning of 19th century. crazy. i was wondering who was keeping the records back then and based on the the people ive talked to, it was probably the ottoman tax officials. surnames in the beginning are a bit hazy on those records as only Ataturk introduced them properly and as compulsory, before that a lot of families would not have them. im glad al-monitor wrote a good, slightly deeper, thing on thing on the turkish genealogy "project". one friend of ours has some bulgarian ancestors so he is considering applying for citizenship there, i dont know if its all countries but i think especially bulgaria is very generous with the descentents of bulgarian citizens. so, i think, go for it. having a EU passport would be great for him and his partner. doctor then... every single one of his ancestors were from the same village all the way from 1832, which was the last recorded date. just like his parents had told him. and that was a kurdish alevi village, double minority. i really wonder when do these tags come off, cos his parents are neither religious nor very kurdish (i dont know how thats measured but they dont speak kurdish or anything... i personally dont think they are kurdish). anyway, doctors parents were the generation that left the village, moved to a big city and so so forth. and its interesting, cos as far as i know, my ancestors are all from one little village too; Sysmä.

below is a photo of a printout from turkish e-devlet (government portal). would have printed out mine but lol i dont have turkish roots. i do have e-edevlet since i was a resident! anyway, the death dates are not visible and i covered first names and such. this oldest only goes down to 1860s. there are locations which are clearly not in turkey, maybe macedonia or other countries. interesting stuff! (this is the record of someone i know who allowed me to print it)
in the left column in says like "mothers mothers mother" or "fathers mothers mother" etc.

enjoying Married at first sight UK now :D
aaaand Bachelor Winter Games. and the usual Shark Tank and whatnot.

February 11, 2018

i want to see Ricky Gervais live

i always feel a bit odd watching Aussie tv. makes me remember our time there. and because we contemplated whether to move there or here, i guess a part of me thinks of that. not  like questioning the decisoon, but its one of those what if's, nevertheless. and cos its still a plan B for us, if things here dont work out. 

a pixelated tattoo would be cool next.

friday i ubered to 'my' hair salon. i learned they have a nail person as well and so i tried to book my hairdresser and the nails one after another, going there 2 separate times did not sound good. but their schedules did not mesh and so i had to choose my priority which was nails - before they would drop off. anyway, i get there and the nail person is from portugal, i go all, 'oh my hairdresser Silvia' is from Portugal as well! not much later i realise she and the other hairdresser speak portuguese with each other and half of the customers are portuguese. so ive been going to this 'portuguese' salon without realising it - feels dumb. its a good place, good location, good prices and most importantly im happy with Silvia's haircuts and now my nails too. i will definitely return there for nails too. after the nails i got a dry cut from another hairdresser. nice, but i will return to Silvia next time. i hope by then ill be going by bus or walking again...

i hate it when people walk into our house with shoes on. culture and blah blah. friends visiting usually take shoes off (and i ask them if not) but like maintenance people and such... i realise its inconvenient to take em off but its just so disgusting to spread around whatever is on the ground outdoors. a couple times i did ask them to take shoes off and i could see they were a bit miffed. and today a Tesco driver was kind enough to carry eveything upstairs (kitchen) for me, as doctor wasnt home to help me out, but of course the stairs are now covered in sand... gross. but that was the price for him helping me out so fair enough. im not the cleanest person by far, but psychologically, dirt that is created indoors such as dust, is not as bad in my mind as the stuff from outside.

Can is moving to London a week from now. and his girlfriend is following just a bit later. he is starting work at doctors department in march so they will be colleagues again :D :D im very excited about bringing turkey to UK.

'new erotica for feminist' made me giggle. and was a bit of a turn on, too.

Guardian: When feminists insult each other chauvinists cheer. very good, altho a bit 'poetrically' written, piece on an important subject. good to keep in mind. this reminded me i should finish reading the classic Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer. just so i can form my own opinion on it.

brunch with friends in Clapham today.

February 10, 2018

ollaan päästy jo helmikuuhun

Ylen ulkolinjalla on hyvä Ton Kankkosen tekemä dokkari; Pako Turkista. käsittelee ihmisiä jotka lähtee sieltä nyt/vimeaikoina, etenkin gülenistit mutta myös sellaisiksi syytetyt, journalistit ja muut joiden mielipide eroaa hallituksen linjasta ja joutuvat siksi pelkäämään. tämä sivuaa hyvin sitä miksi me ja monet tutut lähtee myös, ei välttämättä ole akuuttia pelkoa vankilasta mutta kokee joutuneensa mielipiteineen ja muutosten myötä niin ahtaalle että alkaa kiinnostaa elämä jossain missä saa olla oma itsensä. koskee tietysti eritoten vähemmistöjä. vähän pitkän oloinen dokkari ja kestää että pääsee asiaan ja sitten keskittyy ehkä liikaa juuri gülenisteihin. eikä tuossa ehkä ole ollut mahdollisuutta selvittää tai yrittää avata sitä onko gülenistit nyt sitten muka jotain hyviksiä, koaka aina on helpompi vaan jaotella hyvä vs paha, vaikkei elämä ole niin yksinkertaista. muuuutta summa summarum katsomisen arvoinen ja itseäni kosketti turkin kohtalo tuota katsoessa sen verran että silmäkulma kostui.

hesarissa oli joku päästetty mielipidepalstalla ääneen kuiteista. haluaisin nähdä tän tyypin kuittivarannot. ne on varmaan viikkotasolla organisoitu nippuihin ja laatikoihin kirjahyllyyn. sieltä sit voi tarkistaa paljonko maksoi sitruunasta v. 2015 vs nyt. tosin henkilö myönsikin että tämä on ainut tapa hänelle hallita talouttaan, joten hyvä että keinot ovat löytyneet mutta sen uskonnollinen saarnaaminen muille tuskin on tarpeellista. minäkin pidän jonkinlaista löyhää kirjaa menoista ja kuluista, mutta talous pysyy hallinnassa ilman jokaisen kuitin talletustakin. enkä tiedä sitruunan hintaa eikä kiinnosta - ostan jos on tarpeen ja sillä hyvä. 16-18 vuotiaana kun olin muuttanut helsinkiin ni pidin tarkkaa kirjaa sillä tasolla että kirjasin ylös paljonko viikossa meni ruokakauppaan, elokuvalippuihin, letiin ja vaatteisiin tms... eli pakolliset ja hupi jne. sillä oppi perusasiat kai, sen jälkeen en ole kirjannut tarkkaan paitsi muuttojen yhteydessä kun on pitänyt luoda budjettiarvio ja sitten seurata hetki että toteutuuko se jotta voi adjustaa jos tarvii. mutta siihenkään ei tarvii kuitteja säilyttää, kunhan tietää paljonko mihinkin likikeeseen/tarpeeseen kului about.

edelliseen liittyen, aloin nyt tammikuussa tekemään enempi töitä työnantajalleni (teknisesti asiakkaani koska olen self-employed, mutta ei nyt takerruta siihen, fiilis ratkaisee) joten meidän perheen tulotaso nousee ja minä olen vähän kiireisempi. kiireinen kuulostaa kyllä negatiiviselta, olisko parempaa termiä? mutta sanoisin että hyvä näin, jotenkin hyvä next step, vois saada säästöönkin jotain mikä on ollu lontoon kulutasolla vähän haastavaa tähän asti. 

välikommentti: briteissä saa usein maksaa pelkästää siitä ilosta että uusii vuokrasopimuksen. 100 puntaa jotta saamme asua tässä vielä (ainakin) toisen vuoden, jee?

January 28, 2018


nyt jäi äänestämättä. alunperin olin menossa mutta sitten jalka. mietin vielä että olisin taksilla hurauttanut, olin helsingissä ennakkoäänestysten aikaan joten otin sen äänestyslippulapun mukaan, mutta lopulta se tuntui mahdottomalta. postissa olisi varmasti tullut sata tai pari sataa metriä könkättyä kyynärsauvoilla, ja kädet oli niin finaalissa etten sit. vaikka jos olis ollu tiukka tilanne, esim toinen kierros tyyliin 2012, niin sit olis ollu pakko. mut tää oli nyt aika selvä peli. katse seuraaviin, toivottavasti Haavisto valmistautuu jo niihin...:D

Re: "seksisuostumusappi". en tiedä miksi hesarin kirjoittaja puuttui lauseeseen 'älä pilaa herkkää hetkeä', se tuskin on ongelmallisinta tuossa appissa. tai että voi, nyt tämä myötä katoaisi "ihanat" awkwardit hetket...eiköhän niitä tuokin synnyttäisi. näen tuon appin kanssa vaan ihan liikaa väärinkäyttömahdollisuuksia, ja suurin osa ongelmallisista, ks Ansari, tyyppisistä kanssakäymisistä tapahtuu just niin että alunperin suosutumus olisi varmasti annettu, mutta sitten tulee kohta jossa sen haluaisi vetää takaisin. eíhan yhtä lailla kun on vaikea joskus äästä niistä tilanteista eroon ni oliis ruveta kaivaa puhelinta ja peruuttaa suostumus. ongelmien lista on loputon.

January 27, 2018

hard adulting

we switched from E.ON to Bulb cos the latter promised cheaper electricity and the first promised to raise it, without any choice. also it helps that Bulb seems to have fairly happy customers on average, when i googled reviews, and they dont force you to a 1 year contract. so, lets see how this goes. so far amazing customer service.

what surprised me today was when i was (finally) doing my tax returns online and needed advice and called HMRC and the robot first asked me all the usual details...  then wanted my voice recording so in the future i could be recognized from my voice. now thats fancy. time will show if it actually works. but it seems like technology has arrived to UK.

Economist's take on childlessness, some new points and angles i did not know about. such as
 Many countries that have lots of childless women today had even higher rates in the early 20th century. Indeed, the baby-filled late 20th century looks like a blip (see chart 2). That reflects deep-rooted social norms. In pre-industrial western Europe, men and women did not marry while they were maids or apprentices, but only when they could set up households of their own. To stay unmarried and childless was a sign of economic failure. But it was not shameful in itself. “It is poverty only which makes celibacy contemptible,” explained the heroine of Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma”.

found a great new detective series, La Mante. french stuff. watched the whole first season in one sitting. now trying Hard Sun, a BBC pre-apocalyptic detective show or something. its very rainy, thats is for sure.

day 27.  funny compared to the right foot. wrinkly, from being swollen so long i guess. and there is still swelling... i regret not taking comparison photos all the way along. the bruising has disappeared mostly, but there is some left in the toes, lol. its funny how blood travels within 'compartments'.

doctor is supposed to come home late tomorrow evening. its been 2 weeks since i last saw him so i admit im counting the hours. im independent and all, dont mind my time alone, but the past 2 weeks have been physically hard and thats mentally taxing... and of course ive been worried about him and his father in turkey, and staying indoors has started to get on my nerve. etc. yeah im glad he is returning. maybe we can try get the year to a better start.

the facebook group i started for 'turkish doctors in UK' is nearly 800 members now - enough to start being active on its own and people contributing. im quite pleased and hope a lot of doctors will immigrate here... UK doesnt want more immigrants? well im so sorry! lol.  

today i treated myself with sushi...   nom nom

January 20, 2018

its all revolving around the body now

im back from Helsinki. i feel like my body is absolutely shattered, traveling with crutches was a bad idea. i basically had painkillers for lunch when i got home. so it was a controversial week, super rough physically which is tiring (to the point where ive cried and was close a few times), but also rewarding. besides work, my motivation to go was to attend Arttu's 40th birthday party. both were great. so, in a way it was definitely worth it, but i wouldnt repeat it - i am definitely staying home for the next week AT LEAST. i was just feeling brave last week, after taking it easy a few days i was feeling strong and all, but hobbling around metro stations, busses, from one elevator to another...  FUUUUU. killed my hands and wrists. and arms and shoulders but i can live with all the others, its the hands that are the weak link. and i dont think anyone who hasnt been on cructhes knows that, i certainly didnt. and when your hands are on fire but u put up a smile for others and they ask if you could go somewhere "really close" (=only a few hundred meters"), its hard to know what to say. "no way!" (which is my honest thought)  is not polite, but "meh, im it's a bit far for me in this situation" is not always convincing enough. i guess it is difficult to grasp how such a short distance could be so definitively too much. anyway, so i guess its clear i struggled. but socially at least it was then a chill trip, cos i just moved between Arttu's flat and the office. and saw miss R twice just downstairs. but so, no shopping, no visit to the bank to deal with stuff, none of stuff that i was originally hoping to do.

this is i think day 17. the bruise just grew on the 2nd week. oddly slowly. i think just now its fading away a bit. swelling getting better too. i mean this thing in this pic...  looks like an elephant leg :D

the airport service for 'disabled' (whats the umbrella term?) was interesting though. besides the funny little cars ive never noticed the special security lanes and other things they do for people with mobility issues. i booked the wheelchair service a few days in advance. its officially from check-in forward, but at the airport, outside, there are phones to request the service. its SO awkward to sit in a chair, have people take you places, and be so passive. its a bit embarrassing and makes me feel apologetic. and the wheelchair 'pusher' will manage your passports and check-ins,your stuff in the security check for the x-ray and you just sit there like an idiot... :D

the cool "elevator car" that picked me up from the plane (the door on the right side of the plane, i never noticed there is one!). 
waiting at the gate this morning.

okay enough of that, i just need to recover now. and on monday, i think its really nice to continue with the work flow i started in Helsinki, even though im back home now, i had a lot of good meetings, planned some testing projects with people from different teams. did also some more HR stuff.

doctors father fell seriously ill and so he had to fly to Turkey yesterday, and so we just missed each other. unfortunate all in all. and im sad i wasnt here to support him before he left.

on Netflix ive been watching Line of Duty, Manhunt: Unabomber and  Mindhunter. other than Netflix, i found new episodes of Beck which is absolutely one of my favorite series, so maybe next week i will have time to watch it. and this is on top of the usual reality stuff, Ink Master, Bachelor, Married at First Sight, Top Chef... :P girl likes her tv, what can u do.

January 12, 2018

we got a kindle

this temporary disability is a great reminder of how precious health is. i would think of that occasionally anyway, but this is making it real. need to plan ahead, cant always do and get what i want, need to reel in at times...  like, in the morning i better decide what i wanna wear for the day cos its not like im gonna run up and change during the day. technically, i could climb up, as i can at the end of the day anyway, but its so taxing, i just dont even consider it. i am getting stronger though so a week from now maybe i can go up and down between the floors a couple more times.

despite struggling on crutches, i decided i will go on my preplanned trip to finland. its mainly for work so i will focus on that, need to just get to office and back. also Arttu’s birthday party is there, conveniently while im visiting.

i just now got to setting up my online banking with Nationwide. so i click register. it asks for my account details, name, email address etc. ok. then i have to come up with memorable information, like a memorable place, memorable name, memorable date. then i have to invest a 6-digit pin code. then, it gives me a customer number (10 digits or so). now, last step is to ut my card into the card reader and key in the card's pin code. then, the card reader gives me a 6 digit security code, that i key in on the website. SERIOUSLY. i would say this is so 1990's, but its worse than that. but i got Nationwide for the highest rated customer satisfaction, not for the ease of online registration. then, i decided to apply for a credit card, cos its necessary to build a credit rating. its a ridiculous system, if you never 'borrow' money or owe cannot be trusted and eventually your credit rating gets poor. you are essentially punished for having (enough) money to manage. i still have finnish credit cards but yeah, now i have to budge and get a UK one. and, i obviously have to use it, to prove i can pay back.

The Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin

January 08, 2018

late christmas pressies

so my friend 'family man from espoo' was in london for business and stayed with us the weekend. all good. but the interesting part? i got a late christmas gift. he'd digitalized an old VHS video i had asked him to store years ago (when i moved abroad). now, i got back the VHS...and the content on a USB stick. what a surprise. and so awkward to see something i could vaguely remember but hadnt seen in a decade or two. the video was from a concert at my junior high school (1993), i'd rented a handheld camera and just had fun with it. quite certain it was the first video i've ever shot. it certainly looks like it. but so sweet to see those people! i edited some clips from the Apulanta concert which was supposedly my main focus that night and put it out there. can barely see or hear anything but i can recognise a song here and there.

NYE day at Jamie's Italian in London Bridge with Niina and Noora.

watching NYE fireworks with the projector at home with a few friends.

inspired by 80s hits me and Ally were dancing at our place - it was NYE night to be fair - and i once again roll in my foot. only this time i broke a bone :( last time was around 3 years ago in portugal, and i wore heels on the cobblestone streets. risky for anyone, and i knew better but...   aaaaanyway i just couldnt walk much a few days and the foot was swollen. now im off my foot for a good while, fracture clinic said im wearing the boot with crutches up to 3 months. internet is full of horror stories where someone is still on the boot after 6 months, but i try to remain positive, maybe i heal well. although that break in the x-ray does not look nice.

on the positive, i got to see doctor on NYE night after all, as he was on shift. i was in denial for a while, thinking i'd just sprained it but eventually had to give in and hobble into an uber and into the A&E. there, got x-ray done, then queued, then got seen by doctors colleague whom ive met before - nice guy. doctor was by then off work and just there to support me. actually advised the colleague with some stuff though, so i was in super good hands.

i have to say life with crutches is not as easy as i hoped. its not just about our home being in 3 floors, its all the ache in my hands and arms... which im sure is in part about the 3 floors, but not only. left hip feels nasty too since i end up putting a lot of weight on it. when friends ask "hows your foot doing?" im not sure what to say, because the foot is bloody fine, safe in its boot. but ME, i sometimes crawl up the stairs cos my body is just exhausted. so i have pains, but not in my foot, lol. i am glad i can take the boot off for the nights and generally give my foot fresh air and wash. its feeling more mobile every day, like, i can mvre the ankle and toes. just have to keep weight off it and not poke cos it IS sore to touch.

lol, as i googled about the 5th metatarsal fracture, i found this:

Jones Fracture

Jones fracture was first described by Sir Robert Jones when he fractured his fifth metatarsal in 1902 while dancing around a Maypole at a military garden party.
 well, Jones fracture is closer to the base than mine, but nevertheless, clearly im not the only one!

the x-ray room at doctors hospital. i think the swelling is already obvious on the right foot...

 doctor made an AMAZING smoothie today (kale, spinach, kiwi, banana, nuts...). and its in my mug that ive had since i was a kid. and im still just as messy?

December 30, 2017

prosecco time of the year

-netflix has good new stuff (Bright was...interesting, but Mindhunter is great, and new season of Black Mirror is always welcome)
-our home is warm, unlike many other british homes, so i dont take it for granted

-might need to change my nail salon, the guy i go to is just getting rougher every time, maybe he hates me :/
-husband is doing 3 nights shifts now so he is gonna be pretty much MIA

i hate cooking especially & additionally for all the language probs it involves when recipies are involved. and they always are. i dont know what the finnish words for various vegetables and spices mean, let alone in english. some i know in one or the other language, even turkish, but when i read lists of ingredients i get really confused. i check words on a dictionary, then go shopping and get confused again, then once i get to cooking stage im confused AGAIN. like jesus F, what is thyme, what is turnip and is fennel different from fennel seeds? and is turnip same as beetroot? it doesnt matter how many times ive googled the same things, i CAN'T remember. anyway. somehow managed christmas dinner - i'd taken the responsibility as Alan is traveling and we wanted a get together with a few people. doctor was working so i was on my own, except Brent came to help with the pork belly.

ive put a ring on it! lol, well, at least i can now, for special occasions. finally got around to getting a wedding ring. still not sure what these 'special occasions' are but never know, might be nice to have a wedding ring? the plan is to get one for doctor too, for the same ambiguous purpose, but need to get his ring size checked first etc. i wouldve preferred titanium or some other harder material than silver but they dont really make these kind of 'organic' shapes from those materials, so silver it is. found this ring on etsy.

our energy supplier kindly reminded the year is up soon, and if we dont do anything, they will update our tariff to a more expensove one. well how nice of them. they really dont care about customer satusfaction do they? but! the email was quick to offer other tariffs that would probably save us money compared to our current one. hmm...  all of the tariffs they proudly offered were more expensive than our current one. 

Dec 24th we enjoyed views from the Shard...
 a lunch in a pub, british style.

and a lovely party at doctors colleagues home, which is a river boat. she is renting it like a flat. pretty damn cool, although not for me. the views and novelty of it was just impressive.

this short story on the New Yorker, Cat Person, was really interesting. also the following interview of the writer Kristen Roupenian. i had some small issues with the main characters obsession about "this could be anyone, he could kill me", and the writer backing it up as its a pretty valid fear. i mean sure, i do suggest using common sense when meeting strangers, but also, its still much likelier that some other horrible thing happens, like getting hit by a car. this was just....  but besides that, very well written and most of all realistic story. the problem with a lot of fiction imho is that it feels fake, and this didnt.

we bought tickets to Toronto for June! it'll be crazy to return after more than 10 years but im so excited. obviously we specifically want to hang out with Hanna and Oytun, we havent seen the since they moved there last year. our group of girls was scattered across the globe, but there is another reunion coming, im going to Amsterdam to see Carilyn and Carina (+partners) in march :D bought that flight today as well. if doctor can get the weekend off, he will join, but otherwise it's just me. i was pretty pleased with myself buying those Amsterdam flights; Ryanair is by far the cheapest at around 38£..  until you add the airport transfer cost from Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam. the next option was  Easy Jet and Vueling, both at around 55£. all 3 of these fly from London airports that have literally no cheap access, min. 20£ return. #4 was KLM at 61£, flying from Heathrow...    it all made sense. and now, since i wrote this, i bet KLM will be massively delayed due to snow or something. british airports cant handle snow at all. with the Toronto flights i also passed the cheapest options, but difference was small and i picked British Airways over Primera Air (?!) and Palestinian Airlines. i have really good experiences with BA, so.

December 18, 2017

so hard to find Bachelor Canada episodes

preparing for christmas i did order salmon, rye bread (the finnish kind!), swedish kanelbullar and a few other things. im not big on a lot of finnish christmas foods but its nice to have a few that i like. on wednesday we are having Jessica & Ollie over for dinner, so i decided to make it quite christmassy, and then on 25th we are doing a british/finnish christmas with a few friends.

i look forward to reading Bruce Dickinson's autobiography since he is such a multitalent and seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. i can openly i dont realy listent o iron maiden, but if i do, it's probably Seventh Son of a Seventh Son as i dont really dconnect with the other albums. usually amazon is pretty good but this search result was disappointing;

i had enough of the shoddy kitchen scissors that were breaking apart. ordered Fiskars scissors online.

i made it to december 16th without hearing Wham's Last Christmas. but so glad i finally heard it ven if it means i lost on whamageddon or whatever it was called. lol, i see Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani have made a christmas song too. 

December 16, 2017

somehow another year is coming to an end

something for the wall...  from Futuremaps. not sure whats future about it though...seems like same old to me. altho Palestine is missing, yet Jerusalem is there, with a capital city tag... aaaand Tel Aviv is not there at all. maybe there are onto something after all, this was printed just days before Trump's fuck up?

light turquoise with dark pink glitter... but of course a week later when the tips are already worn out. i should go ahead and try something else.

Anna & me had a thai food/bubbly night. she is moving back to NZ soon and im gonna miss her dearly. 

*we have a Body Shop near home.
*friends getting married in May in Santorini so we r going there :) 
*i have an amazing husband who is super caring.
*Apple's quick & free delivery; a new phone in my hand in less than 24h.

*our kitchen ceiling was leaking on-off, took a while to find the problem, now the ceiling is open and kitchen is a mess
*iphone 8 "silver" is not silver. its white.
*so many early morning flighst next year. i hate early morning flights passionately, but sometimes there just arent real options. 

i ordered free range pork belly for christmas. im gonna be brave and try cook it. the internet is full of recipies and Allan has offered his recipe. so i should be alright..?

my new favorite song is Sivert Hoyem's Sleepwalking Man. (youtube).

December 06, 2017

finland 100

its just hit me that tomorrow is really a day off, finnish independence day. i have bank appointments tomorrow and i plan to start doing my UK tax returns! sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do on a "finland day". lol. tax returns shouldnt be too hard actually, but im wondering about the currency exchange stuff and so forth. im starting now so i can find answers to any questions and be done well before Jan 31st which is the deadline. but finnish independence, 100 years! i just saw a photo of the 3rd bosphorus bridge being lit blue..  somehow made me miss istanbul and also emotional. very proud to be a finn today.

when i call my bank (Lloyds) to book an appointment, the automated message first says "if you're calling about overdraft charges, please..." lol. thats everywhere though, it's always about the overdraft, people use it eagerly. not for fun i'm sure, but i'm thinking it's also very integrated in the consumer culture, much like credit cards in turkey. but so im calling an "appointment number", not to discuss overdraft, thank you...    so then i get someone on the phone, and say i want to come discuss savings accounts as well as mortgage options. [the mortage stuff cos i want to understand how it works here and start planning for future. well, even though we cant be sure if we are here after brexit, but ive set my mind on learning about the process and the internet can only take you so far...]    so, i explain these are the 2 subjects i want to discuss, and they are related to each other. he tells me oh no, we cant do both in 1 appointment, has to be 2 separate ones. lol. okay then. then he checks my Brixton branch and informs me there are no mortagage advisors there. i say okay, i can get my mortage from elsewhere, and he doesnt object or try to direct me to another nearby branch, which i think is interesting to say the least. and i dont care since this is obviously not an urgent matter and i can go to any bank really for the basic information i want to get. but he doesnt know that! the savings account appointment was doable this week, but at this point i'm getting seriously turned off by Lloyds so im going there with zero motivation. ive been thinking we should switch to Nationwide cos it has some decent options and they come very high in customer ratings.

lights! more lights! but why do they look so yellow...? i mean yeah the other lighting is blu-er but not really that blue.  anyway, they look better in real.

our kitchen ceiling is leaking water...  doesnt look good either. calling landlord...

tenerife was nice - 26C, very calm...   we just chilled, basically, did go jet skiing one day and that was a lot of fun, its like flying on water.

meat! muscle food has a good variety of free range & organic meats, this was our 2nd order. quite happy with the quality of everything.

on friday i went to finnish londoners christmas party. wasnt huge but fun enough, met a couple new people, talked to acquintances. there's all kinds of stories, from lawyers to nannies to marketing specialists. im happy to meet other finns, as long as its less than 50% of all my socializing. you cant really integrate if you just hang out with your 'own kind'. but i dont think thats an issue for me.

i met Karin for dinner at Jamie's Italian in Covent Garden. ie always been a curious fangirl of Jamie Oliver's, dont know him well except that he is into healthy school food & writing recipe books. but thats all good. well, the food was GOOD, and i did like the place too. i rarely have salad but i had a superfood salad which was like in my TOP 3 salads ever, very filling and very tasty. 

i was not happy with the christmas tree lights so i ret-- got them refunded and got new ones. how it seems to work here is that if you dont like something, and its not super pricery, you let them know and they just refund it. they dont care for you to return. well, for under 5£ items the shipping costs too so makes sense i suppose. but i find it weird. 

November 18, 2017

well, winter is here thats for sure

landlord emailed us regarding contract renewal, as expected. they want to up it by 82£/month! and, charge 100£ for renewal itself. so depressed now, cant deal with this. we'll try negotiate obviously but might actually just need to move, the current rent is kind of our upper limit. none of this is a huge surprise, but i guess im allowed to feel down nevertheless.

 LA Times: Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?   good piece. ive thought about this a lot lately too. if its the case of ONE fuck up in your life  (usually its more though, of course), do you deserve to lose your job and have your life and reputation permanently ruined? not talking about Weinstein here obviously, but the fringe cases, where someone out a hand someones thingh in a car 20 years ago. also started reading Jon Ronson's So you've been publicly shamed. kind of related topics...

that brings me to Morrissey. he too had an opinion on this "Harassment Gate"..  i like Morrissey's music but his opinion as of late (on pretty much anything) are just nauseating.

another good article from LA; LA Weekly's One Band From Finland Inspired the Entire Sunset Strip Hair Metal Scene. yeah Hanoi Rocks obviously. they are soooo good :)

November 15, 2017

planning, high on caffeine

i should be excited over our soon upcoming Tenerife trip but instead i found myself planning for Santorini next May and even daydreaming of winter 2018! well, i am excited about tenerife but its there and waiting, not much to do. its a simple fun & sun trip, just need to chill a bit. i am not sure i would go to Santorini in May normally, but our friends are getting married there and we are invited. so, lets make it a holiday then? im just so confused over whether we should stay in Santorini the whole time or also go to nearby islands for a few nights. oddly enough, direct one way flights to separate islands is cheaper that return flight to Santorini, but the ferry cost evens it out. Mykonos seems to be a party island and have a higher cost of living, whereas Naxos is affordable but im not sure if its worth going to. well, all greek islands are pretty - i tink im just feeling lazy and hence would prefer to stay in Santorini all the way. when doctor returns from work tonight i'll get his opinion on our preferences. i feel slightly ridiculous for planning things this early, we might well be dead by May, but then again i dont see a reason to stop planning - the assumption is that we are alive and well and want to have a wide selection & early booking discounts...     comparing the hotels is just an endless task. there is the matter of location (nearby shops and restaurants), then reviews by other travelers, quality of wifi, pool, pool bar, and possible other perks. greeks are not into heating pools either so im between a rock & a hard place, do i just give up on swimming altogether or do we splurge on a private jacuzzi or something?? and as far as winter 2018 goes, i suggested to doctor we go somewhere properly bloody warm, like asia. he suggested Caribbean. ok, fine, i google what countries are around there. ive been to Cuba and Puerto Rico but hard to rmember exactly what other major holiday destinations share those waters... i soon come to the conclusion that a package trip may be a better deal for this one. luckily those websites allow you to just search "destination: caribbean", i guess im not the only idiot. St Lucia, Barbados & Dominical Republican looked potential candidates. also expensive. and we need to again decide our priorities, infinity pool or something lowkey & focus on culture?

interesting article; The Problem With Intersectional Feminism (AreoMagazine). i may not agree with everything but there are certainly parts that i nodded along deep and hard. but intersectional feminism is still a muddy abstract area in my mind so i am not making too many comments.

glad Terry Richardson got his share of the abuse outing. although i'd heard about it bfore, finally there was a reaction. im not convinced much will change but the direction is right.

the next book we are reading in book club is A Street Cat Named Bob! i think it will be great christmas time reading. kitty!

November 12, 2017

its like finland outside

so far so good; its november and 8-12c outside, yet we don't need heating every day all day. and when i turn the heating on, its just the living room. even with this, we pay 125£ monthly for electricity, although of course it also includes everything else from washing machine to water heater (there is a massive water tank in a closet). but i dont really want us to pay any more than that...yet i want to live in warm household which is very unbritish. but its looking promising. when going outside though, i feel like dying, it really is so cold, maybe the humidity... i have gloves and a hat but holy crap its not enough...

my calendar for 2018

we finally got an electric toothbrush. i guess if it works out well, we could get another to avoid the hassle with the brush heads. anyway i think so far we are both happy.

last summer day, October 15th, it was warm enough to enjoy the park in a t-shirt. now, its 8c and

Brixton rooftop held a 4 day Oktoberfest which we attended (me, doctor & Allan) on a thursday. the staff were dressed accordingly and it was affordable and good fun. for the winter they are doing a North Pole themed parties. its just behind the corner so very inviting.

i did some TKMaxx shopping recently. coffee for doctor, underwear for me and a christmas scented candle for home. 
lovely japanese dinner, i took Can to Clapham when he was visiting London and job hunting. i think once they move here Clapham is a potential area to live in, so i wanted to introduce the area.

Can brought me these from turkey. Nescafe 3in1's are seriously not easily available in London. of course u can find everything, but then it wont be cheap. its my favorite kind of coffee.

for halloween (goth themed), i bought a black table cloth from some sale bin at a nearby shop. one day to halloween and i realized i dont really have any gothy clothes anymore, despite being sure i did.

halloween. doctor shaved an upside down cross on his chest, worked well with the purple velvet jacket (mine).

Soho, Chinatown

Oxford Circus tube station iwht a Halloween theme. 

brunch at a brazilian place with Ville & Mikko. the long weekend they were here was great, had so much fun.  it helped that they seemed to really enjoy London, which i was not sure was gonna happen.

Brixton Village

yesterday we got a black christmas tree & lights. so its pretty simple and i dont plan on decorating further - simple is best. i think i just wanted some fairy lights during the dark season, and a tree is certainly the most logical spot to hang them. i already filled an empty wine buttle with some lights too, but it didnt seem to be enough.

random literature article that i found interesting, on Maria Machado's The Husband Stitch, on who we belive and why, was good.

this film, Sons of Granite, certainly seems interesting. i also wanna see The Disaster Artist and Suburbicon and documentary Good Fortune.

October 26, 2017

everyones slipping away

im starting to wonder what we should do for christmas. and new years. although doctor is working on NYE so its really a question of what can i come up with for myself. perhaps i could just ignore it, i mean, whatever?

just realized our friend moving here is gonna have a lot of "fun" with his name; Can. its basically the english word "can", from an english speakers perspective, lol. Can Can do this? oh boy.  not sure whats the best approach. when meeting someone, you can introduce yourself "Can, pronounced like Jon but with an a", but all the people who just see it written will call him 'can'... :D he is in between job offers and the other is at doctors hospital - so if he chooses that, they would be colleagues again. im really hoping for that, building a proper turkish mafia..  from there on we would drag all turkish friends to the same hospital, fixing the brexit euro leak lol. its a good hospital with a good location so i think we've set a good example.

attended Anna's unofficial farewell party tonight. it was just her last day of work, but in practice its the end of everythng - her visa is running out and she has to leave. she'll be around for a couple more months on a tourist visa, but traveling europe half of the time, then she is back to NZ. im gonna miss her badly. i feel like lately im just losing people. lets blame it on the oncoming winter. although i dont feel like the autumn has been bad at all, its sill like 17c and... well, lets just blame the autumn.

thank god i found Bachelor Canada's new season.

October 17, 2017

end is near

yesterday around 3pm it seemed like someone turned the lights off outside. and there was a yellowish brown 'filter' feel. armageddon coming...? it seemed odd. later i read inthe news, this was explained by a weather phenomenom or something.
hmm, just learned Anthony Bourdain & Asia Argento are together. interesting.

this long read, Dirty John, was really good, reality/crime story. there is a podcast too. 

the Weinstein situation has been both baffling and not surprising at all. as a woman of course i know this happens, its happened to me, but i can easily imagine that in 'show biz' its even more commonplace...  yet to see actressess come out one by one, detailing their ordeal...  wow. im so glad its happening. im not too optimistic about things changing much nor fast but lets at least put it out there, make it known, for the hope of an improvement. this behavior suffers from daylight and transparency.

October 14, 2017

the ad guys are killing it

i found a tv show (non-reality!!) on Channel4 that im liking; Professor T. its kind of humorous detective show, with weird music.  also, i like many british tv ads. they are inventive, competion does that i guess - its the same with US ads. or am i jst imagining, perhaps they appeal for another reason? maybe cultural differences, i just havent recognized patterns?  there are geuinely surprising moments and sometimes i go "wow, good job". even car ads can be pleasing at times.

im considering an electric toothbrush. must speak with doctor, but he is usually interested in all new gadgets. in the end it may be me who is not certain and him pushing for it.

went to see The National with a friends bf the other week, he had bought tickets a long time ago when they came on sale, and was looking for people to go with. my lucky day, an amazing band.

Antti K was visiting london early week, i took him  to drag bingo with doctor.