February 15, 2017

british paperwork

brits love their bureucray. living up to the reputation and then some. like, it keeps surprising me, sometimes i just want to laugh listening and going through the procedures with the companies, agents, landlords and whatnot. yet, its not like things work perfectly, people seem to be a bit sluggish. not always, but overall. this is also what doctor has witnessed at work. a simple task like changing an antibiotics prescription can take 2 hours, for said bureucracy and people's slow pace. and these things feed off each other. they talk about NHS crisis...but its certainly not only that they dont have enough staff, its just that staff is 'busy' doing things in very old fashioned and complicated manner AND taking their time doing it. there are effective people too, but sluggishness can be infectious...why hurry when no one else around u does? i am sure there are really busy ER's in London too, but from what i hear so far, the resources are just oddly allocated and so it looks worse than it has to be.

but where was i? bureucracy. ah. "we will mail you a form, please fill it and send it back. we will then mail you a reference number and in 3 weeks time, send you x." lolollol. Royal Mail has a good business going, if this country updated itself a bit, they'd be out of business....  also faxes are much loved here! and, if u dont set up your bills (internet, water etc) on direct debit, the companies get very very upset. when u are making a cotract, the sound is sometmes almost threatening, either u set up DD, or...  getting a broadband was not even possible withour direct debit (BT). which was tought as at the time i didnt even have a bank account...  and most companies give you a discount if u agree to pay by DD.

the other day i got an electricity contract for the new flat. i didnt know much about it so i sort of went along. the flat had Economy7 deal. i then researched whether the heaters in the flat are storage heaters or not (ironically, the landlording company has no idea what the heaters are). they are not. therefor, a cheaper night rate is hardly useful for us. especially as i am home all day and will need heating. so i call the electricity company back and say i would rather get the fixed tarif instead - same price for day and night energy. the lady has me wait for 5 minutes on the line and then comes back and says that their specialists don't recommend it, as it may hike my price up. but they also cannot give me a quote without taking me off the current contract. what?? lol. i repeated that i am pretty sure i dont want Economy7 as we will be using more energy daytime rather than night time, and can they not even give me the kW prices for thr fixed rate? she was a bit stiff but went back to ask someone. then, finally i got someone on the phone who agreed that yes, indeed Economy7 may not be the best deal for us, and gave me prices for "E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7". and in every sentence, she would repeat the full E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v7...  and that was a long call. lol again.

our flat check-in inventory was 19 pages... 

2nd floor of Pop Brixton. we went there with doctor's friends the other night. reasonable prices too. 

Brixton streets... the markets remind me of Istanbul, a big reason i like Brixton. 

ive found magic eraser. it actually is like magic..  cleans pretty much anything :o  im shocked i'd never heard of it before.

 our new bedroom is finding its form...
 livingroom is becoming habitable too.

ive always wanted to shop at Muji. finally i gave myself the permission to. some breakfast cereal bowls, a plate and extra spoons... 

a cool white wine from co-op. the taste was average i guess. 

i wish Theresa May wasnt bowing before Trump - not just for the sake of UK's future, but i feel like Merkel is the only one stocking to her guns. it mist be lonely!

i was suprised but delighted to find Vallila items in local Amazon :)

nice article on Agent Provocateur and feminism. ive somehow managed to afford a few of their items, and they are certainly the 'jewels' of my lingerie collection. will be interesting to see how things are gonna change there.

cannot wait to move

so we got keys to the new place last friday. officially our contract started then. so there is a "bit" of overlap with our current place, but at least moving is smooth, time to plan, take measurements etc. i went straight from the check-in inventory to H&M Home, getting a couple of towels and sheets. i didnt really have anything in mind, just had to obsessively go buy *something* and take it to the new home. kind of like dogs pee on tres to mark them?

then on saturday i went to IKEA with doctor. one of the bigger IKEAs out there, it soon became clear. and oh boy did my feet hurt after that day. in the end i couldnt even think of going through the food section, i was in so much pain i just wanted to get home. next day i was ready at the flat in the morning when home delivery brough all the bigger items. then, the assembly started! i am pretty good at assembling IKEA furniture and usualy happy to do so, but i admit this amount of furniture is a bit daunting. when doctor joined me, i switched to the lighter, smaller shelves and took a more administrative, instruction reading role with the large items, like the bed.

UK and swedish flags up...  we had a good lunch overlooking them.
4 trolleys full of stuff...

the next day it arrived - one overwhelming pile in our livingroom;

doctor's room/guest room (with the pre-furnished Uk size double bed and a cheat of drawers);
 our bedroom, again partly pre-furnished with Malm pieces;

have i ever written it down how much i hate BROWN WOOD? ok, wood is brown by nature. but if i just said wood, well it could be painted white or black or something...  i am not a fan of those either but medium and dark brown i really cant live with. and now i have to, anyway. there is also a brown Lack coffee table in the living room and 2 sofas. their only minus is that they are not sofa beds, but the color and style are fine - classic IKEA. so at least there is that.
 we bought some small stuff too.. tool set, light bulbs, candles.... 

 some kitchen items and a rug;

Mulig shelf for shoes and a clothes rack. now we're just missing the doormat.

im not fond of bed headboards, but gave in. relationships are all about compromising, right? doctor likes to sit up in bed to read, and so far its meant leaning to the wall, which causes the matress, bed and everything else move...  i think headboard was really just the only solution, so we got it. on a white Malm frame.

i think the vocabulary used for matresses is surprisingly inadequate...  they're just medium firm or firm. maybe soft. but they all feel different, depending on various features! i think terms that could be used are "top soft, firm base" "sinking" "bouncy firm" etc. we got a medium firm matress, but its sort of sinking in a bit, on the top.

 on friday, when we got our keys, we decided to celebrate by eating at the corner restaurant. its an italian, just about 70m from our door.

learn something new every day...today it was "bean curd". decided to treat myself with chinese food and ordered something i didnt recognize on the menu. not sure if it has anything to do with beans... but tasty!

i got a new wallet...  2nd hand tho. i think it will take a while to find a reaaaally nice one so i just got "something" decent off eBay.

finally found  a decent nail salon. still not perfect, but i feel like it's worth trying to improve upon.

finally; the australian Married At First Sight has become more and more like a dramatized dating show, such as the Bachelor. my theory is, that since the marriages are not legal (aussie law...), the people are not taking it really as seriously as they normally would, if the were getting married. and i dont know if the matches made in the earlier seasons were especially poor for the very same reason - like why bother since its not legal? i remember questioning some of them...  but this season its just a joke. theyve gone with the entertainment factor, mostly. picking some slightly odd characters, a set of model-like twins...and so forth. so many of the couples are clearly not happy with the partner they were given...its not even funny. so there we have a show thats pretending to be about getting married, but its just an odd dating show, where they have added things to make it more dramatic, like a stay-or leave 'event'. maybe cos they know some couples wont make it till the end anyway... and moving them all into the same building...   i have nothing against entertaining dating shows (or wannabe reality tv stars pretending to be in a dating show...), but if u disguise it as one, and then make it the other, i think its just cheeky...not in a good way.

Tefal has an interesting idea, detachable handles. ive been mulling over this for a while, and we decided to give it a go, so i ordered a small set. project New Home is steaming ahead...

February 09, 2017

empty pockets

so my wallet and glasses were robbed last friday. everyone goes "glasses?". yeah. they were in their case, i dunno why, what happened... the thief mistook the case for another wallet? luckily my glasses were not expensive, since it was my "trial" run with Zenni, but i will go back to them, actually. the glasses were good.  i was in a bar/club in Shoreditch with Avner, and had had enough drinks to let go of my handbag for a sec...and thats when thieves naturally strike. too bad. now waiting to get all my cards replaced and buying a new wallet and all. i actually had a habit of leaving my 2nd credit card home, for the very purpose of distributing risk, but as i got home on Friday and called the bank, i just cancelled ALL the cards without a second thought :D lol. so much for that smart planning...   i am a bit down about it, but i am also glad i didnt lose anything more. the drivers license is perhaps the worst.not sure if/how i could get another one.

doctor started work at the hospital. had night shifts and all. for a couple living in 1 room, its a bit of a nightmare... coming home in the morning, he had to sleep on the livingroom couch. its relatively quiet there cos no one uses the livingroom, and all our rooms are upstairs. but its a bit odd. cant wait to have our own place and separate bedroom so he can have a decent sleep any time of the day. its also a bit odd for me, for him to leave home late in the evening, in Istanbul his hospital only had 2 kinds of shifts, day or night, and the night shft started at 5pm. at this hospital, the shifts start and begin at various hours. there is 8-17, 10-18, 14-22, 12-20, 22-8 and so on. but i think the variety can be good, doctor has at least claimed that prefers variation rather than routine. we will see :D

i made pork belly the other day. first time ever. im gutted i didnt take a photo, cos im not going to remember let alone believe myself later... it was a 3.5h task. sure, it just sat in the oven but thats still a major process. it turned out really well tho. and doctor said he has rainbows in his mouth. so, job well done.

i went to a really nice event with Anna and Sophie whom she was showing around town. Smut Slam! its gonna be held monthly in Brixton -  too close not to attend :D people sharing odd and fun personal stories  in a fun relaxed setting. 

February 03, 2017

now we just sit and wait and live life

(another) big day, yesterday. doctor started work officially. and i mailed his residence card application aaaand my registration certificate application to Home Office. now we wait 6 months. ive heard it's stretching towards 7 now tho, but hoping for the best.

it was a proper pile, 1,15 kg. and 65£ postal orders. the postal orders have her majesty's picture - just made me think if they have prepared the draft for printing them with Charles's photo...  and what if he passes the throne to William - maybe the need to have 2 drafts?!
the queens picture and title are everywhere, changing all those will be a major task. i wonder how much it costs? i mean ...Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs? ok they can make it His Majesty's... fine. but really. i wonder if they have the phot of Charles ready, picked? orr if they pick a new photo every few years, just waiting. and is the king going to be on the bills, too? 

in the work front things are going ok, im feeling pretty motivated and there is a lot going on, learning new stuff. im also getting contacted by headhunters, but as i am not planning to switch, it just oddly lifts my spirits and motivates me to try become better. its nice to feel wanted, i guess?

still, when i hear people talking, as they (rarely) walk past our window, i am a little startled at first when i realize its english. at the back of my mind i expect turkish i guess.

i am having dreams lately where perhaps i am not here in London, cos when i wake up, i am first confused where i am. i have asked doctor a few times "where are we?" :D but its a bit odd... i think, although having lived in this flat for almost 5 months, it being so temporary and our life still not settled, my mind is in a sort of limbo. im hoping this will change once we move and set into our routines.

i got these silver triangles for 'daily' wear. daily means basically always, no need to worry about the weight ot anything else, they work with everything. 

a aprt of me would like to have a tv in the bedroom in our future home, cos it's been kind of fun having it now. but, its not good for sleep quality, shouldnt mess with the bedroom...  so i think i will just keep that in mind and leave the bedroom alone.

brits really like bulky, ugly vacuum cleaners...  im trying to learn about them in order to pick the right one for us, but there is so much to compare!! uh huh. well, thursday night well spent...

January 30, 2017

moving preparations

Trump's immigrant ban is stupifyingly horroneous even for me - i usually shrug and think to myself "what can u expect from him..." etc...  i mean seriously. that country is screwed...

speaking of the country that is screwed, they have a wonderful company called Amazon. we dont even live in the new flat yet and im already browsing Amazon, compulsively looking for books to fill shelves with...(also browsed IKEA to get some shelves).  to think that i left loads of books in finland on my 'storage evacuation trip' is a bit sad in this respect. but one by one i will bring them...and one day i will have a grand library again! i am desperately addicted to real books although ive tried hard to switch. i have managed to read digital books, too, of course, but i seem to always yearn for the paper version.

a few options to start shopping:
Norman: The Design of Everyday Things 
Lester: Bunny Buddhism
de Bono: Lateral Thinking
Gill: 'Honour' Killing and Violence; Theory, Policy & Practise

me and 'family man from espoo' bought tickets to the upcoming UFC event in London. were lucky to get any tickets at all, they were sold out very quickly...  he will come and stay in London that weekend, so we can probably grab a few drinks too and have a chat. but im so excited over going to a UFC event!! had i ever had the change to go to PRIDE, i would've, but UFC will do for now. and there is Makwan Amirkhani too :)

 no wonder it gets bit cold inside when there are open slots like this between windows...   christ.

Clapham Common Iceland has a nifty coffee machine. overall, Iceland looked tidier there than in Brixton. i get it, need to localize...CC people are poshier, whiter and have more money than the average Brixtoner. Brixton is a little bit grungy, not as polished. but thats part of it's charm. i wouldnt mind a spacy, clean Iceland tho...

to celebrate our montly anniversary we went to a maroccan & lebanese restaurant (Argan) where doctor especially was veeery happy with the offerings. reminded him of home. i liked it too. now i know where to take him if he gets homesick :)

my tasks today: worked on the residence card application (EEA FM)  papers, as well as filling a registration certificate application (QP) myself. it costs an extra 65£ but there is a legend that submitting that alongside the EEA FM application would help, so...:D  im pessimistic and feel like home office is rejecting applications left and right if they in any way can. but lets hope for the best. also if it goes through, i then have a card to prove my residence...in a couple years it may come in handy, who knows. just realized our bank statements from Lloyd's dont have a stamp on every page, just the first one. okay, my bad for not noticing when i got them. i will send doctor there to get new ones...  he has 2 days off before starting work at the hospital.

some examples from my application form....

from doctor's application. 

the other day i saw the mailman wearing shorts...  i mean what the fuckin fuck, it was zero degrees that very second. ZERO. it was supposed to be 5, i remember that, but im not sure that wouldve made a huge difference. shorts.

January 24, 2017

not the ordinary tuesday

today was a major victory for us. yesterday GMC finally invited doctor over for ID check. and i managed to get him a cancellation appointment for today! yay. soooo today he was officially registered as a DOCTOR IN THE UK. omg, we only worked on this for a year??! haha. and by 'we' i mean me, he just studied medicine for 10 yes and did a 'few' exams, i did all of the rest!! :) but this is a major milestone, without him being registered nothing else would really be possible. i feel victorious and hopeful about the future. he is due to start work next week!

we have a bottle of bubbly and i will take him to a turkish restaurant tonight to celebrate! i booked us a table in turkish of course. i was worried when i opened my mouth and realised i was speaking in turkish, as a reaction to the guy answering the phone with a turkish accent. but turkish is still in me, i havent forgotten.

also, at work there is a inhouse QA development project going on which inspires me. amongst other things i am investigating and comparing JIRA Atlassian test suite add ons. i didnt know about them! but now i do!

we watched the documentary about Magnus Carlsen with doctor. it did seem a bit hastily done, and not horribly deep, basically just his road from a gifted child to the world chess champion. but it was ok nevertheless.

its hard to try decide which shelf unit or shoe rack will best fit our new place... im struggling between a few options. Ikeas MULIG looks like the most likely candidate for next to entrance. my Ikea shopping list is growing as im collecting all the potential options for a book shelf, entrance rug and laundry basket...   altho im trying to keep my mind open, in this country, Ikea is NOT my only option. there are other brands and shops that sell simplistic, affordable designs. and a part of me might want a make up desk! but furnishing the place will take a while. and we need to consider that its just for 1 year for now...and we need to avoid making holes in the wall...and all the other stuff im sooo used to by now :(

something that maybe sounds old fashioned (or just british - same thing?) but that i like is being pleased. as in 'im so pleased for you', for example. i have taken a liking to it, perhaps cos i was never very comfortable with "im happy for you". happy is such a strong word...  it sounds a bit fake for me personally, when i use it myself i mean. but i can definitely say i feel pleased about things or for someone. finnish emotion scale is limited.

i have tried not to spend too much energy feeling shitty about the whole Trump thing. i mean it is what it is. but reading about the abortion stuff, yeah... it gets me fuming. and UK politics... i might have promised to myself, and out loud, that i wont complain about it at least for the first 6 months. so im trying to stick to that. buuut its not that hard to be honest even with the brexit stuff - just one look at the turkish headlines puts things in perspective.

January 23, 2017

suomen terveisiä

mysli on ollut mun go-to aamiainen lontoossa. en muista millon olisi viimeks oikeesti syöny mysliä, jos ei jotain ihan satunnaisia kertoja istanbulissa lasketa. se on vaan helppo ja ei ehkä ainakaan kaikista epäterveellisin, kun vähän kattoo mitä ostaa.

suomessa käydessä törmäsin uuteen matkakortinlukijaan lentokenttäbussissa. joka muuten ei lähtenyt todellakaan ajoissa, mm. tuon lukijan takia. turisteillehan se on ihan hepreaa. mutta sittenkin kun opin miten hässäkkä toimi niin nopea se ei ollut. joku Markus on käyttänyt aikaa ja tehnyt pienen redesignin, joka on mielestäni reippaasti parempi. mutta tuohan oli kai valmis ratkaisu ostettu jostain irkkufirmasta, jos oikein muistan, kai se on sitten ollut edullisempi....  hmmm.

mun hiiri alkaa kuolee, sen rullan klikkaus ei enää aina toimi. mutta hyvinhän tuo on palvellut, muistaakseni se on jo helsingin ajoilta kotoisin, ei noita mikkiksen isompia smooth-scroll hiiriä oo varmaan enää myyty vuosiin :D mutta sepä se, mistä seuraava hiiri? olen silleen vanhanaikainen että jos se toimii niin älä koske siihen. mun mielestä tuo hiirityyppi on just hyvä joten mieluusti jatkaisin samalla linjalla. mutta nykyään myydään oikeestaan vaan sellaisia minihiiriä koska kaikki kantaa niitä mukanaan pitkin kahviloita, ja sitten jotain gaming-hiiriä...  meh. 

hyvä kirjoitus eutanasiasta. itse olen vahvemmin sen kannalla kuin kirjoittaja, mutta tekstissä on kuitenkin ajateltu tilannetta puolin ja toisin fiksusti.

suomesta (no, laivalta) ostin suunnitellusti uuden kosteusvoiteen. sitä kun englannissa asuessa taas on alkanut menemään. paljon. toisaalta, en vieläkään käytä sitä aamuin illoin, eli 'paljon' on suhteellista. mutta turkissa vuositolkulla vain hiukan huvennut purkki on nyt lähes tyhjä joten tuli kiire hankkia uusi. otin sit samoin tein 2, kevyempää ja paksumpaa.

muista suomen löydöistä vielä. löysin korttipinkan joka muistutti hyvin nuoruudesta, 94-99 about. en ikinä nähnyt Pelon Maantiedettä mutta silloin oli jaossa ilmaiskortteja joista yksi oli kai elokuvan mainos. mutta lause toimii; "mua suudellaan siks että halutaan eikä siks että tultiin luvanneeks" :D 
hameita hintalappuineen...  no nyt olen ottanut ne käyttöön. Nancy oli pakko saada mukaan, se oli iso teinivuosien vaikuttaja. ja Vaarallinen Juhannus, jonka sain Artulta -99 tai -00.

 ei tarvi ihmetellä miten sain laukut täytettyä kun kaivelee...  toin esim. löytämäni cd:t, n. 7kpl, joissa oli mun ottama kuva kannessa. ja 4 kudottua lasinalusta, vaikken pysty muistamaan mistä olen saanut. koska lahja ne on selkeesti. ehkä muisti viel palautuu. untuvaiset tossut on nyt palvelleet hyvin englannin talvessa. vaikka ei mulla lämpimän täkin alla ihan hirveesti jalat palele, se on mukavuusjuttukin...    mukaan tarttui mys yksi Chomsky (muut meni kirppikselle). ja muovinen säilytyslaatikko. joita varmasti löytää täältä viidellä punnalla. mutta jos nyt tuodaan tavaraa niin tuodaan sitä sitten? miksi heittää menee ja ostaa uutta...

roskiin jouti ikävä kyllä kokoelma Jan Saudekin valokuva-postikortteja ja muistivihkoja filmikuvausajoilta kun olen testaillut eri tekniikkoja, suljinaikoja jne.

January 22, 2017

all modern

suuuunday. we had brunch. as we should, one of the last proper weekends before doctor starts working random hours and days again. i dont mind that schedule, but i do enjoy a standard weekend.

the flat we are moving to next month never went online cos we grabbed it so swiftly, but i found a property history page with an ad from 2015. gives an idea of the feel - modern, spacious. also, without any personality, sure, but u cant have eveyththing can you...  maybe later we will have our dream home. meanwhile, i think this will do just FINE :)
 this is the view from the street. boring, but at the end there is coldharbour lane, and promise of *life*.

yesterday we headed to Tate modern. my brainfart, i admit. ive never cared for art museums so why go now? i think its just the reputation the building has, and  something different to do. it IS an amazing building, i really got inspired by the place itself actually. but walking into the first room that had installations and an almost blank canvas, i allllmost regretted. the picasso's and dali's dont really impress me more than the hammer hanging from the ceiling. but, overall i think it was still worth going and doing something on a saturday. i also did a bit of shopping and met a translator to receive the translations we need for the residence card application (my wage slips etc).

scenery seat in the bus;

 very nice entrance.

this one artists work just reminded me of IKEA stuff in the recent years. all the colors i dislike in geometric patterns...  i should point out that i am a fan of ikea and they often have very nice patterns and design that i enjoy. but this trend with green, orange, yellow etc...   it makes me wanna vomit.

 these paintings were actually visually pleasing, i can say i like them.

Rothko. where do u buy canvases that size? also, his 'room' was opposite to this huge Monet painting of water lilies, cos apparently Rothko was inspired by Monet's style. im not sure i saw the connection but oki doki. Rothko paintings are also easy on the eye, but dont give me anything either.

Sainsbury's receipt. now i think this was 'modern art'. 

 more something.

this one had text and various materials, i could almost relate. 
 back to not relating at all. 
 hair and stuff. not relating.
 photos. but not anything of interest to me.

this looked like a huge, cool rubber mat. its Beirut! i can appreciate this, not sure if as art, of if just an object but maybe the difference is not big.
 i really enjoyed the space in Tate M.
 video installation
on our way home i spotted a deer or something on the wall of a council building, made from wire or something... looked nice in the sunlight.