April 20, 2017

shoes for jenni

i bought cardamom tea on impulse. cos why not. who knows maybe i start drinking tea regularly. more importantly though i bought a few pairs of shoes. its sring after all, and i noticed i am in need of 'daily walking shoes'. ended up getting some more summery heels while i was at it, not surprising i guess. but have to get more show storage space cos they cant stay on the floor.

most of the new shoes. ive test driven a few of them already :)

date night last night. i wanted to feel like istanbul so ordered turkish.

one of doctors friends just passed PLAB 1 exam, so he will be coming here in the summer for PLAB 2. looking forward to him moving here and getting a job at an ER. lets bring all the turkish doctors here to save NHS as europeans are fleeing...

April 19, 2017

off to elections

at the ER in doctors hospital (and possibly all hospitals in UK, not sure) they assign every patient to one doctor. so then it is that doctors responsibility, and typically they work on just patient at a time. since everything is quite bureucratic and slow, simply changing an antibiotics prescription could take an hour easily. not to mention more difficult issues that require CT scans etc. but so, during one shift, an ER doctor may work on 3-7 patients. now, since one patient could take 2-3 hours, how do they handle leaving work on time? not well. officially a consultant is supposed to manage a handover to another doctor when your shift is finished but they don't really do that where doctor works, they are happy to leave you at it and work extra or whatever. and if you try to do it yourself, you meet resistance, nobody wants another patient on them, they have one as it is. so if you want to avoid working sometimes an hour overtime (not paid), what u need to do is avoid taking a new patient in your last hour. and consequently, possibly slow down the work you do with your last patient. sounds smart, huh? who suffers? the patients. no wonder NHS is overcrowded when besides everything else, doctors are pushed to slack and avoid patients for a portion of their working time. again, maybe this 1 doctor per patient scheme is not in use everywhere but i think it may well be. the idea of someone taking responsibility is good, but they could have a named doctor, and yet work as a team. a lot of things might not have worked in turkey, but their US style ER practises had something good to them. when you work as a team on various patients, you can contribute until the last minute. and it's in everyones best interest to empty the ER and get patients home or admitted somewhere. with this system in place, why hurry? while your one and only patient is getting a scan or an x-ray, go chill. while you wait for their blood results, go chill. oh and fill papers. in all honestly filling papers takes  huges amount of time too. but i dont see how this system is in the patients best interest.

how the fake lashes look like. once can see my natural lash at the very beginning, it's grown a bit (the fakes are attached to the root pretty much) and then come off.

when we were in oxford on Sat, our friends who live there were at the hospital delivering their first baby. i knew our visit was around the due date, but texted anyway to ask if they can meet up. cos u just dont know. but turns out they were busy with other stuff, so.

we r paying a fixed sum for water. so i should have baths more often. reminds me, in helsinki it was fixed too, still is, 10 eur typically (per flat or per resident). here, we pay 35£ (40 eur). thats london! :D

on the snap election:
Martin Kettle on Guardian: "Theresa May in Downing Street sounded like Turkey’s authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Give me the unfettered authority to secure the Brexit I want, she said."
knowing how things went down in Turkey 3 days ago i think he is a bit of a drama queen. comparing a not-so-great polition to some dictator or the other may seem fitting when you are emtional about some turn of events, but its also almost offensive to people living under the actual dictators.

Corbyn's initial response where he said "ok" to the challenge of elections did not mention brexit. i know its ot the only thing going on in this country but it makes me further disappointed with him.

and a quote by Paul Mason "Theresa May is about to find out that turkeys do not vote for Christmas. More precisely, when confronted with someone in a butcher’s apron and a sharpened knife, turkeys are not apt to give a mandate for that person to organise an 'unspecified meal-type experience'."
however, a lot of turkeys also dont have voting rights.

Owen Jones wrote an interesting piece as usual

April 17, 2017

thank you easter that was nice

we went to Oxford on saturday - was a lovely trip actually. my right knee is hurting (for no apparent reason) for the past week so that was the downside, but Oxford was just the right size to minimize walking and still being able to see things. we visited the science museum and Ashmoleian (?) museum, a library, a huge bookstore, peeked at Trinity College and the Uni of course and enjoyed amazing foods at the open market. and sat down for a coffee here and there. finished it off with an asian dinner. didnt hurt that the sun was shining on and off.

Oxford...  food, museums and all that;

 sea of bikes. student city!

i enjoyed Ali Wong's Baby Cobra which Netflix helpfully suggested to me. we were off Netflix for a while cos there wasnt anything more there. figured that with time we can return as they add things... and i decided that moment happened when RuPaul's Drag Race started. but there seems to be other new shows too. Come Fly With Me is actually old, but i am enjoying watching it just now.

 i wanna buy more books. but i havent obv read all the old ones. i have gotten busy with reading in general and enjoying it, but i cant keep up. on my bedside table now: Amy Poehler's Yes Please, Oliver Sacks' Awakenings, Alex Boese's Electrified Sheep. the last one is my light entertainment. well, so is the first, Poehler is entertaining obviously  - and i love bios.

i always find it awkward when i read extreme feminists dissing heterosexual women or sex between women and men overall - none of us would excist if it wasnt for that. its essential for the species. we can talk about 'all intercourse being rape' but IF so, then thats just the way this species is. the idea that women only have sex because patriarchy... i cant even. we're animals and one of the strongest urgest we have  is to procreate, and its not an urge created by patriarchy. we could decide that its a 'bad' urge and all stop doing it, and the earth would appreciate when the overpopulation would go down...  or we could put men in matrix type of glass shuttles and just articially inseminate...i guess? sounds ideal for some i suppose? but really. am i the only one who sees the utter impossible logic of being against heteros and intercourse?? not every needs to be hetero, that much is clear, but for the majority of people to be... it just makes sense? kind of? or we could just disappear like dinosaurs, if preferred. well, im taking myself out of the gene pool as it is so i dont care, but i believe i do know what human animal is like and its not going to stop copulating.

my typical lunch i suppose. all from the freezer. 

 but since i srated cooking again, this is one of the things i put together a few days ago.

on friday we had dinner over at our friends place, a turkish-polish couple. it was in Bow - first time for me in that area.  and we walked through this old cemetary turned park... creepy but funny cos its justthere, like a normal park, but much gloomier.

April 13, 2017

brixton is unhealthy but sunny

oh wow, well this movie im excited about; Atomic Blonde

i saw it, then went to have a shower and thought about it all the way through and im still thinking about it. great theme music helps.

i think im finally settling 'into the kitchen'. ive started to buy spices and stuff, looking at recipies. and cooking, obviously. doctor does a lot of late day shifts, coming home at 9 or 11pm, and i dont cook when im alone, so its still not too often but nevertheless, ive started. i have located some sources of free range meat and try to keep some in the freezer at all times. but also cooking more veggie foods now. this nutty wild rice dish interests me.

so apparently its snowing in helsinki atm. jesus. at the same time it does not surpise me...but still it does. London is truly in between Istanbul and Helsinki weather wise. SO GLAD.
my view right now:

i got a letter from our insurance company today. it included the policy number and requested to get in touch asap. okay so i call them. turns out i had forgotten to notify them about my change of address (habit, since in finland its automatic once u inform the population office). yet, they seem to have a system in place that "tracks" one's possible new address...and it seems to work? BUT, they cannot change it into the system until i call them and they verify my identity and so on. yeah, sounds sort of logical... but if they were so concerned about privacy, why include my policy number in the letter - if this was the wrong address and someone else would open the letter, they'd be really close to being able to mess with the policy. what i am curious about is how this new address tracking works though. might ask on Quora or google it...      also, our insurance premium is now 3£ more expensive than it was before, as post code is one of the factors in the price. lol what - we moved a mile, but apparently to a very unhealthy area?? :D i found it too funny to be pissed - it doesnt matter at this point, its having to pay for one to begin with thats annoying - will cancel it anyway once doctor has a residency card in his hands.

April 10, 2017

time and summer

a week or two ago i noticed my first wrinkles on the forehead! well, maybe they've been there for a while, its not like they turn up overnight - but i felt like it was a milestone worth noting anyway :)
harsh daylight really doesnt do any favours, i see, my forehead looks like a rainbow :D there is no way i am botoxing these away. i did like botox for brow lift, and to keep me from frowning, might consider going back to that someday, not sure.

its been interesting with the eyelash extensions. i dont feel them much, but i can occasionally see them in my field of vision just slightly. it has not been a big issue to avoid rubbing my eyes in general but in a shower i'd love to...cos thatfeeling when water runs down your face and you are washing your face and the water is "stuck" in the lashes...normal i'd sweep or rub my eyes properly....  now im fluttering my lashes that are dripping water. its annoying as f*. every morning and after showers i need to brush them with a sort of mascara brush which is an essential tool for lash extensions, they tend to get tangles or go their own way sometimes. feels a bit funny, as if brushing hair, but just a couple strokes will do and they are in order. the finnish woman who did them did a good job  think. after a week they are still ok and well. although every now and then one drops or gets into my eye and its annoying too.

the weekend was really warm, like summer. invigorating. ths week is back to spring of course, but thats ok. was lovely to hang out in tshirt.

picnic in Brockwell Park. i made some pasta salad, we got hummus  and bread and had a wonderful sunday. it was around 24C, but felt even warmer in the sun.
 walk home

watching Shark Tank with doctor and eating nachos. tasssssty. 
i read Oliver Sacks Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat late last year and now ordered 2 more; On The Road and Awakenings.

i also gave podcasts a try last and decided to get back to them too. starting with s-town which is apparently a big hit. Vox wrote about it with an angle.

April 02, 2017

normi hesari-sunnuntai

ostin liput suomeen kesäkuulle, silleen et pääsen yhteen asiakastapamiseen myös henk.kohtaisesti ja sit firman kesäbileisiin. jee. päädyin taas norwegianiin, venkslasin päiviä aika paljon ees taas mutta loppupelissä tulos oli oikeestaan aina sama, norski on halvin kun olen tuomassa 2 laukkua takaisin. ja yleensä muutenkin.

hesarin juttu matkatavarakustannuksista innoitti mut kans vertailemaan tai lähinnä raportoimaan vertailuni.
noina päivinä, 7.-16.6, esim. finnair olisi ollut ilman laukkuja halvimmillaan 151£ (177e), ja laukut siihen päälle 52£ eli jotain 65e. jos olisi ottanut kalliimmat lipputyypit jolloin olisin joutunut ostamaan vaan yhden laukun lisää paluumatkalla, total price olisi ollut 198£ eli reilu 230e. lisään tuohon vielä että lennot oli jotain 7:20 aamulla... yhhhhh. vähän myöhemmin oli kalliimpia. british airwaysin vastaava oli aika samanlainen, menemättä nyt eri lippuvaihtoehtojen yksityiskohtiin kokonaishinta olis kuitenkin ollut yli 200 eur. tähän vaikuttaa vähän se että olen tosiaan tuomassa kahta laukkua takaisinpäin, jolloin on pakko ostaa lisälaukku, mutta norwegian tosiaan näyttäisi voittajan lähes kaikilla kombinaatioilla nin muutenkin. ilmainen netti ei haittaa!! hemmetti, sehän olisi ominaisuus josta olisin valmis maksamaan vähän.
vertailuksi siis, maksoin lennoista nyt  (1 laukku suomeenpäin, 2 takaisin) 145£ eli 170e.

suomessa olis kans sillon vantaalla 9.6 Rockfest jossa Rammstein. kylhän se kiehtoo - siinä on bändi jonka haluaisin oikeasti nähdä. mut kesäkuussa kun aurinko on taivaalla yölläkin, ja vantaalla? toki festereista pidän yleisesti paljon mut sit ne muut bändit on ihan niinku mun mukavuusalueen ulkopuolella. ja 89 euroa ja siihen menee sit yks päivä /yö suomen reissusta? emmä oikeesti tiedä nyt. pitää viel pohtii.  

lääkärillä on nyt putkeen yövuoroja. ne alkaa myöhään illalla ja loppuu aamulla, eli tuntimäärältään inhimillisempiä kui istanbulissa, mutta jotenkin...outoja, tai ei olla viel totuttu. se nukkuu päivän ja sit illalla meil on pari tuntii ennenku se taas lähtee. siinä voi leikkiä arki-iltaa kattomalla telkkua tms. se sanoo et tää työvuororytmi ylipäätään tääl tuntuu raskaammalta, ihan ku tekis hulluna töitä. ehkä se et ne vuorot on niin erilaisia eli joka päivä melkeen erilainen vaikuttaa. ja tietty se että edelleen se on sellasta sopeutumista ja uuden opettelua. vie paljon enempi energiaa kuin se kun osaa systeemin kuin omat taskunsa. ei ole relocation helppoa. tietenkään. mutta lähdettiin nyt kuiteski yrittää.

tää (HS) juttu Kasparovista on hyvä. olen sauraillut sitä twitterissä jo pidemmän aikaa. ei varmaan täydellinen missään määrin mutta arvostan kovasti. "saattaa" liittyä shakkinerouteen.

suomalaisperheen purjevene on jossain kiinanmerellä vähän huonona (HS). ihan ok tietty seurata unelmia ja lähteä seikkailemaan mutta en tiedä miksi lapset pitää siihen sekoittaa. mutta niin tietty ihmiset aina tekee, tuo on vaan helppo hyvin erikoinen esimerkki. siis tarkoitan että joka päivä jossain mäntsälässä joku perhe ottaa liian ison asuntolainan tai tekee jotain muita tyhmiä päätöksiä jotka vaikuttaa lapsiin huonosti. jättää ne vaikka rokottamatta, ja vaarantaa näin epäsuorasti muitakin. ajaa humalassa lapset kyydissää...loistoesimerkki. ylipäätään suvun jatkaminen on aika riskialtsta, joskus siinä voi hyvästä yrityksestä huolimatta mennä pyllylleen - mutta sukua on jatkettava tai laji kuolee sukupuuttoon, riskit kuuluu elämään. humalassa lapset takapenkillä ajetaan paljon useammin kuin seilataan jossain kiinanmerellä, mutta jälkimmäinen on helppo nostaa esimerkiksi jota kaikki kauhistelemme. tuskin kukaan drink&driveakaan hyväksyy mutta se on sen verran arkista ettei se jaksa silleen yllättää. ja se on lähempänä, ehkä helpompi ymmärtää.

taas yks blogipostaus täynnä hesarin linkkejä. olen täysin hesarin bitch, niin se vaan on. kohautan olkiani.

April 01, 2017

fluttering lashes

ive been calculating (updating) our budget. i think it brings me sanity and peace, if nothing else. the feeling that things are under control. everything seems to be more less as estimated so far which leaves a bit of pocket change for traveling and savings too. i cant wai until doctor gets his passport back from the home office and we can go somewhere for long weekends!! relocation is a long process but i feel like we are way past halfway.

i decided to try shopping service Convibo cos they had a free trial. i doubt i'll make a habit of it since its i think 4.99£ per pop. but im desperate for tortilla chips and salsa right now so happy to try...  their website needs some work tho, pop up's come up in all the wrong places etc. on a side note, i learned that Waitrose has a lot of organic & free range meat products!

im gonna get back  into cooking now. im starting to feel comfy in the flat, we have enough cookware and basics (spices etc). today i made chicken pasta with spinach and pesto. and i am patting myself on the back for it.

on tuesday we went out for drinks and dinner to nearby tapas place, celebrating our anniversary. the place was called Seven, very cute, kind of hisptery i guess.

i started watching Big Little Lies because of Alex...i mean  cos Hanna recommended it to me. 2 episodes in, im still unsure. its quality, great actors, great music and very aesthetically pleasing. but the whole small town drama, rich housewives in catfights....  it is not nice. yet i guess thats the soul of the series, a fundamental it relies on. so im still undecided.

decided to try eyelash extensions when a finnish woman posted on a London based group that she is doing them for a while at a discount price. i was skeptical but it turned out really nice i think, im really pleased! on my way home i was also thinking how ive managed to change quite a bit about myself - from hair color all the way to the lashes. thats the way i roll i guess :)

booking.com was blocked in turkey (Hurriyet). idiots.

March 28, 2017

7 years :o

it took like 2+ weeks to get a hold of doctor's payslip. yes, welcome to UK. we started to wonder after a month had passed and his salary had been paid where it may be.  especially since we should send it to Home Office for additional proof of MY income (indeed claiming that im partly dependent on my husband, but whatever, i am tho arent i, i wouldnt be able to cover the rent and bills by myself?). but so he asked around and apparently payslips are sent to this separate online account, which, naturally, he had not been given login or password to. and that takes a while of course. just getting a paper copy was a struggle. it kind of sounds like turkey??  but its a bit more 'clear', in some way,  bureucratic but sort of trustworthy system.

i started listening to my older spotify playlists yesterday. how ODD. and great :D type o negative, placebo etc.  one of the playlists.

Tim Harford's writing on Konmari. not sure i agreed with everything. or, anything? but nevertheless, worth reading. i am not against Konmari - to each their own right. and less consumption is overall good for the planet and so. but i personally...like stuff.

at doctors hospital they dont even have a modern pulse oxitometer. seriously. of course, its the end results that matters and its not bad, but according to doctor they are technologically way behind turkey. when he changes hospitals in the fall to a large referral hospital (more comparable to the hospital in istanbul), i will be curious to hear if its as bad. cos then its really one gov funded uni hospital with trauma center compared to another. but its prolly not going to fare well when it comes to some of the modern equipment, things are just a little behind here.

what was wrong with this guy?? (G.Kopp) jesus...i feel bad for his wives.

Zehra Dogan got 2+ yr prison sentence for a painting. go turkey go...? f....

we are celebrating our 7 yr relationship today. now it's officially my longest relationship too. 7 years ago i moved my butt to istanbul, doctor picked me from the airport, and later that day suggested we make it official and be boyfriend & girlfriend. i was suspicious of the outcome, but interested obviously. so here we are. cant believe how far we've come... :D to celebrate we will go eat tapas and other delicacies at a local spanish restaurant.

i also booked a flight to Madrid on May 12th, going with my swedish friend Karin.

March 24, 2017

suomibileet suunnitelmissa

jahas, sit alko Bachelor Suomi. ei nyt ihan heti innosta mutta tapana on ollu kattoo. aika jäykkää, mut sillä tavalla aidompaa kuin esim. pohjois-amerikassa.

ajattelin mennä suomeen nyt kesäkuun alkupuolella koska sillon pitäs olla firman "pikkujuhannus" ja mähän en ole missään nyk. työnantajan pippaloissa ikinä ollut joten olisi korkea aika. voisi bondaa työkavereiden kanssa muutenki ku chatin välityksellä. silloin olis 9.6 myös joku festari olisko se Vantaalla, jossa olis Rammstein. aika erikoista, Rammstein jossain "korsossa"? sit ne muut bändit oli  sellaisia ettei niitä voi kaikkia ottaa vakavasti, Evanescence nyt tulee lähinnä mieleen. ehkä ne jotkut muut oli ihan ok noin yleisesti mut mun musamaku kun ei ole kovin raskas nykyään niin se ei vältsisti olis niin jee-tilaisuus... tosin kyse on anyway vain perjantaista, jos meen suomeen ni ei mulla oo kokonaista viikonloppua varaa festareihin upottaa. etenkään jos en ole kiinnostunut kys. artisteista. mut joo en nyt sit tiedä, pitää odottaa et bileiden pvm päätetään ja katsoa sit. Rammstein olis oikeasti sellainen joka olisi hienoa nähdä mutta suomen valoisassa kesäyössä(kö)?

kuinka turkki kohtelee homoja (HS). suurin osa joutuu tietty olemaan siellä kaapissa. jos asuu isossa kaupungissa niinku istanbulissa tai izmirissä niin löytää halutessaan ehkä liberaaleja kavereita mutta ikinä ei voi siitäkään olla varma - että miten liberaalin oloinen tuttu oikeasti reagoisi jos kertoisi, vai joutuisiko kenties pannaan kaveripiiristä kun sana kiertäisi. aika moneen homoseksuaaliin tutustuin turkissa, miehiin ja naisiin, ja kaapissahan ne on perheelleen suurin osa. sitten kun vanhemmat vielä painostaa naimisiin niin joskus ihmiset kokee et on pakko. siis ihan todella aikuiset, menestyvät, itsenäiset ihmiset, eikä vaan jotkut "kyläläiset". se perhe ja vanhempien miellyttäminen on vaan niin tärkeää, mitä on vaikea ymmärtää kun on kasvanut suomen individualistisessa kehdossa. ja jos suomessa on työtön tai tarvii muuten vaan tukea niin valtiohan on sitä varten. valtio tekee suomessa sitä mitä perhe suurimmassa osassa maailmaa. joten jos haluat jonkun tukiverkon säilyttää niin paras pysyä väleissä veljeen ja äitiin jne...   mutta toi homofobia turkissa on todella sääli.

March 22, 2017

proper rainy London day

i read Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole in  a few days. while i was supposed to be reading Orwell's Homage to Catalonia - for our book club which is due to get together next week. well, both are biographical, right? but i have started the latter and will finish it obviously. then, i have the next bio in queue; Branson. DtRH was quite ok, but got a little bit 'american' towards the end - i get that she had to fight her way to where she got, but so does everyone else. the tone just got a bit superficial and fake-ish.still, overall i liked it ok.

some things are moving forward. the postman introduced himself the other day, his name is Jason. an older man, who says he likes when its not too warm out. i never got to know the postman/woman in istanbul cos they didnt usually come to the door, but was on superficial terms with the postwoman who last worked our street. point is, getting friendly with people around here reminds me of istanbul, i like it.

omg i found the switch for our bathroom fan. its annoyed the fuck out of me, ive even had showers in candle light in order not to have to listen to it. but, there was a swicth, outside the bathroom, above the door. certainly not easy to reach, have to jump or stand on a chair. the challenge will be to remember to turn it on at times, still, though. the bathroom would surely get moldy very fast if not. 

article on Brixton's recent evolution (Guardian). im surprised to read that the average rent for a 1 bed house is 1744£ in this area?! maybe the keyword is house? cos our 2 bed flat is less than that. and this a pretty nice, modern place. i guess its the flat vs house thing then. but the article is also referring to statistics that paint Brixton mostly white. am i living in another Brixton? cos this is preeeetty black and 50 other shades. if we wanted predominantly white or less diverse i guess we would've moved to Clapham or somewhere else. but it definitely depends where in Brixton u are, too - 100 meters can make a difference. on the street by the shops you see jamaicans chilling, middle easterners holding shop... then u walk into the hipstery Pop Brixton and everyone is white... on the bus nearly everyone is black again. at the tube station its super mixed, which i like.

Pop Brixton last week

March 21, 2017

now back to me

UFC done. it was so nice though, seeing and experiencing it first hand, i was excited. my friend, 'family man from espoo', was here for the weekend and we went to see it together. the finns didnt fare so well this time. had to cheer for the one swede that did...

blurry and whatever, but the idea comes across; 

finally alone tho, i DO LOVE having friends over, but especially if it's for over a week, i quite appreciate being alone afterwards. just chilling in my bathrobe, ready to watch a tv show. i guess i quite like home life? and frozen foods! veggie fingers, some weird quinoa mix and spinach. heat them up in microwave and then add egg, 1 more minute and ots done. and tried on doctor's peri peri sauce.
lol, 1.5 months after sending Lloyds a letter (filled form) for an address change, they replied via txt saying the address has now been changed. i would not have obviously sent a bloody paper form if it wasn't the requirement. but it was supposed to take a week or two. oh well, whatever. UK curiosities.

Vera is back! one of my fav shows.

doctor gave me a sushi dinner and a Ryanair voucher for my birthday. i thought it was really thoughtful. i do love sushi, and he still wants me to travel even if his passport is stuck at the Home Office and he cant.

March 17, 2017

pampering time

our cupboards are still fairly empty and our style looks oddly plain. i do appreciate simplistic design but somehow we've always had random, colorful things too. i think the coffee mug there is a good way to start things off...even if its not literally colorful.
my corner of the bedroom. i filled this drawer in the blink of an eye.

now that we have our own place, and its warmenough to run around nakes too, i got inspired to take care of myself again. sooo i went on a shopping spree. nail files, lotions, fake lashes... in short: stuff. that felt amazing.
we dont use an iron often...  maybe once or twice a year. but when we do need it, we really need it. its good to have one for those moments. so i bought an iron to avoid a catasprophe.

a view from the corner of our street. brixton village is there on the right, about 150m ahead.

our housewarming was a success in my books. i think we had 15-20 guests so that was definitely good and what i aimed for. food and drinks lasted and the lasts guests left after 5am. good start!

oddly creepy dating show; game of clones.

since ive been wondering abut how they plan to manage the throne accession and queen's death, this article was quite interesting (Guardian).

tomorrow: UFC in London!!

March 14, 2017

koitan kestää mut en kestä

mun spotifyn laskutus on suomalaisella kortilla joten spotify päättää että tarviin suomalaista soittolistat ja suomalaista räppiä. yhhhhh. joskus meinaa hetkeksi unohtua ja laitan jonkun viattomalta kuulostavan listan soimaan, esim. Aamukahvi

okei ei noilla geneerisillä listoilla muutenkaan oo läheskään aina mun mielimusaa mutta mitel helv kaikilla noilla suomalaisilla listoilla on räppiä?? ja niillä ei vältsisti edes ole mitään muuta suomalaista, ne on vaan tehty suomalaisille. muilla ns. paikalliseen makuun tehdyillä listoilla ei ole tietääkseni tätä ongelmaa (olen kysellyt). suomalaiset on kai vaan niin räppikansaa? :D loll...  nauraisin jos ei olis älytöntä. olen kai vaan vanha kun en tajuu miten se iskee niin...

taas yks hyvä kirjoitus pakkoruotsista (HS). tai näitähän näkyy aina siellä täällä, vähän eri sanoin mut aina sama pointti - ei ole järkeä pakottaa kaikkia pistämään niin monta tuntia kielen oppimiseen jota tarvii niin vähän tai harvoin, jos sillonkaan. mutta eipä tuolle mitään tapahdu. tuo on kuin terveydenhuolto jenkeissä, ei sitä saada näköjään kuntoon. mut en ymmärrä mikä mafia sitä ylläpitää. kielten opiskelu hyvä mut jos edes osa porukasta oppis jo sielt 7. luokalta tms jotain venäjää tai kiinaa tai arabiaa...(jotta tulis siinä sujuvaksikin mahdollisesti).

March 06, 2017

post-move crisis?

despite everything, i think im not super happy right now. well, without wanting to sound bipolar, occasionally i am really cheery, but perhaps going through post moving stress or something.

im still feeling a bit embarassed about having such a nice, big home. i know i shouldnt waste energy on such a feeling, its useless and unhelpful.

Susanna visited us today, since she cant make it to the housewarming.  brought us a nice gift, too - we love bubbly. we had late lunch in a thai place in Brixton village and looked around the shops there. im starting to enjoy the neighborhood more and more.
book! yeah, a light read but thats what i want. light stuff. lightmusic, light tv and light books. not ashamed.

found a perfectly sized cutlery tray on amazon! wow.

 me and doctor ate at a greek restaurant (sappho meze) the other night. it was nice to have some familiar tastes. we are definiely eating out more now that doctor is working and things have sort of stabilized.

got this black & white bookshelf cos its so modifiable. not sure this corner look works...i thought it would nicely separate my 'office area'  from the rest but it creates a sort of dark corner.

Brixton after rain. 

 this was my solution to the lack of storage in our bathroom. not ideal but will do, accessible from both bath tub and sink. we also got a mirrordoor cabinet buuuuut it would require attaching it to the wall and we cant do that, so now its just awkwardly leaning...

not sure this is the best way to store spices and everything else, but its so spacy underneath it kind of made sense.  and i wouldnt want to get yet another shelf or rack. i dunno. time will show.

February 28, 2017

finally here.

i would like to go straight to the issues, as is most comfortable for myself:
  • poor phone signal inside the flat
  • livingroom slow to heat, heating not particularly effective there, not surprising at all
  • bathroom has zero hooks to hang anything, and no smooth tiles to attach suction cupped hooks on - thanks interior designer or whoever didnt think this through
  • doors are 5cm thick, so no door hanger fits
  • despite thick doors, sound insulation is very poor, we can hear neighbors as well as anything happening in the other rooms quite well. well, this is the 2nd least surprising minus out of all.
  • kitchen is huge but the actual worktop area small, so i had to buy a separate kitchen island - and im not even an avid cook. still plenty of useless floor space to waste. 
  • bathroom fan goes on with the light. i understand its purprose but i hate it. 
  • the windows have blinds and nothing to hang real curtains on. i am a curtain person so blinds are very...meh. 
the positives are too obvious no? its a huge flat, i feel almost embarrassed by it. in london specifically, where so many of my friends are forced to live in small rooms. and modern and neat. ok a few positive points that are not self evident but that i can appreciate: it is well insulated from external sound and cold air. the train track is in front (love watchint trains!) but we can barely hear them, it was something we really paid attention to before making an offer. and the bathroom is warm; very important! also we have a security alarm system, a good extra on a ground floor flat even is protected by a gate, too. and something that many would consider a minus; very poor recycling opportunities. there is theoretically recycling, but it's in another building, behind a coded gate, 150m walk from our place. it may be that we will not do that much recycling. and there is no bio waste or anything. ah, back to turkish times.

 moving day, last friday!

loving the dishes! Iittala 24h that my mom got me like 10 yrs ago.

view of kitchen coming from bedroom.

Vax vacuum cleaner. doctor was skeptical if i could pick a nice one, he was voting for a Dyson originally but we agreed that the price category those are in is just ridiculous. esp since we're not such eager cleaners. i did a lot of reading on vacuum cleaners and ended up with this one.
 first things first...shoes. almost all the winter shows seemed to fit on this shelf...now we just need another shelf for summer shoes.

first meal in new home: 

i AM loving my new work/computer station. and the amount of light coming in!!! :D and importantly, its not super cold, im quite comfortable. occasionally people and trains pass by....me happy. 

so i had planned this Aalto vase for tealights but it is perhaps better with one larger candle in the middle. 

wine rack. 

the microwave looks a bit plastic-y, but its good. 

new rugs came today;
a colorful one for doctor. 

...and these colorful ones for kitchen.
ive had really early morning this week due to work. it wasnt so hard to get up actually but ive been really tired by the afternoon and early evening. i think the move and emotional 'work' associated with it is also being relased and it will take a few more days to get back to normal. 

i finally got my iphone battery replaced (at Lovefone). the situation was so painful with the phone i was almost ready to buy a new one...  but instead i got the battery replaced, my employer will cover that, and it seems to have worked aaaand i am very happy!! now its just the normal...old phone weak battery, but thats fine.

reading deportation stories is depressing

Benjamin Clementine: London (<- -="" link="" p="" spotify="">spotify link)