March 05, 2007

the dishwasher repair guy came over. just to find the problem is in n the filters that i apparently haven't cleaned well enough. 108euros for that information. (well he didn't clean them for me, and advised on the detergents and we talked about multinational companies and the production of dishwashing machines).

first i was upset because my dishwasher is broken and i needed to have it fixed. now i found out it was my own fault and pay 108e for it. its like...for this stupidity i probably shouldn't be allowed any shopping this week. and to be accurate, i probably can't afford to, either. upsetting. how do i make up this money? maybe i should go work extra, i received yet another e-mail asking anyone volunteer to go work extra hours this week. i just feel so lazy, but i think i should pay for my own stupidity.

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