March 20, 2007

i keep playing with the phone. after the initial shock i am getting along with it. the mp3 player works better than i presumed and i can turn it on from the main menu easily. the PC suite program to transfer the files into the phone sucks ass, clearly this is still in the development stage... but i can deal with it. the phone seems to be pretty handy once i learn to use it. so far i have been taking photos of myself and sending them as an sms to him. and last night i checked the weather for today through the internet in the phone. it was surprisingly quick. what the fuck do i need 3G for??

the yearly bonus from my employer makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. -> drinks on the beach :P i was just trying to imagine, last night, how warm is 22C really? not so warm is it? by finnish standards sure, but like...i was in Spain last year and it was perhaps 30C. that was maybe too hot but at the same time kind of exotic. i'd be fine with that. but i wonder if its even 22C, apparently it snowed in Tenerife yesterday or something.

mnoo i so smart, i told her about the flights i'm booking to London to go to her bachelor party and since i'd been saying i also wanted to go to asia in the summer she suggested i combine the trips...yea why not? i could save some euros right there. i hope it works for Ella as well. oh i need to save money, fuck.

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