March 16, 2007

new day. caffein please.

*gets caffein and waits*

hairnotes: i'm trying to grow the patience to blowdry my hair. i never blowdried my long hair, it would've taken forever plus the old hair didn't really need any extra stress like that. the new hair i think almost requires it to settle down really nicely.

handwriting has become almost impossible. the most i write with a pen is a letter or a word here or there, rarely. its been years since i really wrote anything, i think school was the last time, exams had to be handwritten and i got spasms in my hand trying to write through them. as i now tried to write short sentences on the paper with simple block capitals i barely made it through. every letter required concentration and yet the pen wandered off somewhere. handwriting is one of those basic skills but its confusing to notice it isn't a built-in skill, u have to keep it up! considering how much effort i put into this and how i got my hand sore, the child-like results are embarrassing.

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