April 04, 2007

my back is hurting. its been ages since it last did. wtf did i do wrong now?

when i asked around about the bilingual blog thing in dA, someone (jimineuropa, a friend if i may call him that) pointed out that altho he reads my blog, he finds it a bit arrogant that commenting is disabled. when i think about it, i kind of see what they mean, you just put yourself on display and then keep anyone from interacting with you, as he said. however this was my response;

"argh, too bad the disabled commenting comes off like that :( i think anyones thoughts are publishing worthy, since its for free and reading ir voluntary, also its for friends to let them know whats up. but the reason i disabled it because in dA i've seen the downsides of it. people who don't read carefully and then say stupid shit, offer advice on things they think they understand based on what i wrote, and so forth. if i wrote a jew-joke on my dA journal i'd probably have some tell me what an ignorant nazi i am. of coyrse, u can always disregard these types of comments, but u cannot pretend they didn't exist... u spend time reading them, and while others u might just skip, i at least often feel the need to explain myself better and point out to the commentor why i disagree or why i think they are 'wrong'...for example:

my journal: i want to learn spanish effectively. however i don't want to pay for expensive private lessons.
reader comments: hey my friend teaches spanish really cheap, you could ask him for a quote!
me: and where is your friend...?
reader: in tokyo!
me: well i'm in helsinki. that's finland.
reader: oh, sorry, i didn't notice, anyway have a nice day!!!111

that just took me, and the idiot, like altogether 1-2 minutes...in parts. and it was totally useless. i just got tired of it.

then theres the GOOD side of comemnting, the interaction i like. such as people like you. i still like interaction, hence i still write journals in dA. altho way too fuckin rarely.

its very hard to balance between the too, maybe just enable commenting for friends? i don't think thats an option in blogspot, but i really like blogspot so i'm not going anywhere from there."

well thats a quickly sketched response but despote my lack of manners and politeness i'd hate to come off as arrogant. i don't think thats accurate, because albeit i am a lot of things, i don't think arrogant is one of them.

maybe, in the midst of all these fuckin changes i'll eventually even enable commenting for...blogspotters? anonymous fuckin idiots is an absolute no-no. the fact that we had this 'discussion' with Jimineuropa was because he commented on my dA journal... the famous interaction. i'll have to think about this. i never though tof myself as completely unreachable because surely my email addy is available on the internet, if one just bothers looking around. why don't i offer my email on this page? maybe one day i will, but so far i've figured that u have to earn it with your brain, if you're not smart enough to find the addy, you're not smart enough to write me! i already get enough stupid-ass mail.

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