April 02, 2007

as said earlier, i got back home. as to my cheap april fools thing, there's no fuckin way i'd get myself pregnant. and if i did i'd surely keep my mouth shut and deal with it as those things are dealth with...

google's april fools is the best i've seen so far;

ok and here is the recipe for my new favorite drink, as called 'the house drink' by the bartender in Tenerife. the quantities are my vague guesses.
1/4 vodka
1/6 licor 43
1/6 banana liqueur
1/4 grenadine (non-alcoholic red syrup)
1/3 some tropical fresh juice like peach


also, u can add coffee liqueur, just a bit, to give it a chocolate-like side taste. man, this shit is good. most of the vacation i drank liqueurs straight though, malibu etc. somehow, the tolerance seemed to grow and it took more and more effort to get drunk and stay that way. i never had this much cheap booze at hand, so easy, and yet i was having trouble getting and staying drunk. i soon gave up on the breezers, a lot of effort for a minimal effect. red wine and sparkling wine are not on top of my list but they get me started really fast. vodka-drinks seemed boring somehow. i'm still puzzled as to what that '43' thing is, some sort of liqueur but what? the websites don't really open it up for me... what can it be substituted with? oh now i found a link with some drink recipes.

sun setting on finland. nice to be back where everything is better than elsewhere :P i'm horrible to say that but its mostly true. the food part might be the only exception. weather doesn't count!

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