April 28, 2007

i met this polish guy Jakub today... he wrote to me some time ago, i don't remember why. he was studying forestry in Joensuu for one semester. and i was like why the FUCK are you in joensuu?? apparently the school there is good, and as an exchange student the options are limited anyway, he was happy there but i told him he has to see Helsinki while in Finland. so now, on his way back to Poland he stopped here for 2 days. i didn't have as much time as i planned and so we just went for lunch and stuff, nothing big. turns out he didn't find any good finnish music during his stay, and while i'm not claiming that there's "something for everyone", if u don't hear any u can't really like any either.. i promised to make a list of varied recommendations that he could check out, and perhaps find something in his taste. i'll post my list, i can then link to it later.

last night i lost the internet connection for several hours. i remained calm and no serious trauma was caused. i noticed that the internet does not only keep me from doing non-computer stuff but also some computer things... so i cleaned up my desktop and copied some of my CD's and arranged files and such, the things i never get done because i hang out online. and then at 4am i went to bed and continued reading Drowning People. i read fiction super rarely so this is really special. and i had no special reason to pick this book, its about an old man who killed his wife and that was enough for me to create interest i suppose.

russians are making a huge show out of the red army statue being moved or removed in Tallinn and its pissing me off. let them do what they fuckin want with the god damn statue. soviet was soviet and that was then its not exactly like it did any good for estonia, or what does everyone think??!!1 the country (all of them) was left totally fucked after it finally got back its independence. so yea sure they want to keep such an monument as to remind about these wonderful events? i think the russians living in estonia and having problem with the monument removal should move to russia, its so wonderful there after all, lots of monuments to celebrate all the great things the soviet did in WW2. i just seemed to have repeated what i first wrote in finnish. i guess that wasn't venting enough. i have issues.

aah, dollar at a record low against the euro (BBC news 28.4). note to self: good time to buy from the american eBay and Amazon.

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