April 09, 2007

i need to make some changes around here... firstly, i need better lighting. new lamps, i dunno. i like the ones i have but they don't provide enough light or the kind of feel i would dig. secondly, i need somewhere to put the alcohol. like a minibar kinda thing, everyone else has one! right now the bottles i got are just randomly hanging out on the tables...

i found these Esprit jeans in my closet a couple weeks ago. they look strange, not like something i'd buy, they're kinda blah, basic blue. they fit me altho a little tight. i can't recall buying Esprit's jeans. so where are they from? since i haven't figured it out i started tuning them. i have sandpaper and bleach, we'll see what happens.

the computer sucked up all my energy today. problems with torrent programs, which i decided to switch finally, then problems with router and then problems with all kinds of fuckin settings. right now things are almost okay, but after all this i was too tired to meet my friend Jasu altho we'd agreed on watching a movie or something. well we postponed meeting but i feel like my day was wasted.

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