April 05, 2007

i was listening to a newbie at work again, his 1st full day on the phone. he was kind of opposite of me when it came to communicating.... while i go straight to the point, as fast and effectively as possible (even germans would be jealous of my style of working), stop the customer from blabbering and chatting nonsense and put them in their place, AND get the job done... this guy was, well the opposite. he did get the job done, we do have that in common. but with customers, he was doing most of the chatting...explaining all kinds of details and discussing...'less-important' matters. but he's new, too, i totally know it takes a while to learn stuff and what is important and what isn't. and this ain't a negative comment, while i praise my way of handling the calls, i could see customers were happy with him too, so its not that. i merely had my eyes the size of plates, listening to a 45minute call about the internet-connection, possibly getting it and such. he's a very jovial, thorough guy and its all good but i had hard time staying still and calm. in fact, i didn't.

everyone's (friends from work etc) going out this weekend, even today, and i've told em i'm not coming. i actually do have other things planned and besides i'd decided to take a tiny pause from drinking . just meaning i won't get drunk this week. for next week then... we agreed it was time for 'part timers' to go out again, aka tuntaribisset. we'll invite the new ones too and see how the tradition hopefully goes on. then i guess i'll skip one week again. see how that goes.

300 kitteeeeens!

i'm going to the movies on saturday to see 300. i have quite big expectations. visually at least.

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