April 23, 2007

work was easy, still quiet and relaxed like good old times. we left work together and discussed his interest in shooting video. the content, motives and so forth. i'm quite interested in supporting someones search for expressing themselves visually, i think thats an area of life where i actually have something to give and i know how to support it.

there's a big junk-bed on the yard. they bring one a few times a year and it is quickly filled with old couches and tv's and whatnot. all the stuff u can't really fit in the ordinary trash containers. and very quickly there are all kinds of artists and weirdos digging up stuff thats usable or worth money. yesterday i spoke to a guy who was working on a construction site nearby, he came here after work to find something to make him extra cash. sure enough, it was worthwhile, he'd dug up some special pennies from the 19th century and a gold ring and such.

and i had some mail from eBay too. including a long black wig. i figured that now that i cut my hair short i could get a long wig...it actually fits me pretty well! and is better quality than the average halloween wigs they sell in the costume shop. but i didn't get it to wear myself, duh, its for photos. i hope i actually shoot it one day. this photo reminds me of my old self altho the hair is much shorter.

i'm wondering how to fix tags and other stuff without the posts showing up in RSS feeds again. hmm.

oh, someone read about my experiences with the camera store Digital Wonderworld and decided to then publish their story. glad to be an inspiration ;) Jimmy's Digital Wonderworld experience. a quick look tells u something is really weird about this camera store... this is an e-mail excerpt from the website;

"Hallo Jimmy,

and thanks for your e-mail.

I guess that has nothing to do with customer care.

I make my job because I have fun with it.

We earned our money anyway.

We have more than 400 employees in work here.

We get more than 500 orders a day.

And very impirtant the sound makes the music.

And with all respect your sound is not nice.

A customer is alway a king if he is comunicating like that.

My school was in USA and we learned different maners I guess.

So if you write we have the fealing that you are not a king, we have the feeling that you are god.

You never except excuses you never except mistakes.

You are god.

We are not slaves we are humans like you, even if we sell stuff.

So how it sounds to us, it came back like a mirror to you.

You never will be able to make preasure to me.

Just read your mails.

You can reach more if you are friendly.

Two weeks ago an lder lady ordered a camera kit for ,more than 5.000 Euro.

But she was unable to hold the camera.

She ask me nice and friendly, and I toll the camera back.

No problem.

So you see ,just ask us nice and friendly and we will answer also nice and friendly.

Because I told you we have no problem we have a challenge.

Did you open the box?!

Did you used the camera.

If we took the camera back, we have tools to profe that.

So if the camera is like a virgin we will take it back, because we are nice and friendly.

I don’t want to tell you what you have to do,but try it in the future nice and friendly.

We all have the same roots at least it doesn’t matter if we are reach or poor.

And one thing is for sure, how can the whole world come to freedom if two people are unable to come to freedom:-))

Have a very nice week.

Ciao Garry"

Garry, as we know him. sounds very familiar. here was my experience, real letters incl.

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