May 09, 2007

i ended up doing some cleaning and then asked him over so we could make sushi again. i somehow survived through yesterday without any but today the yearning was overbearing.

and that's rhubarb-strawberry cider at the end of the plate :) the japanese would faint if they saw my meal drink and the sushis of course, they're certainly not the prettiest out there. but i figure, no reason spend the evening polishing them to perfection, i'm just about to eat them and its food for goods sakes, i don't care how it looks.

i got another, actually 2, 'school project interview thingys' today, and the other one has a funny question;
"4) do you always use 'white people' in your photography?"
i dunno, have you checked my photos lately? but well... i'm in finland, i suppose that says enough? surely if i hunted down black people, i could find a few here, like a somali refugee, but would they be willing to model for me? we, anyway.

i will spend tonight shopping shoes on eBay! i just got these shoes in pink.

mm, this kiwi cider is great too. 4,7% and light, so it won't hurt my curves either. hehe.

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