May 24, 2007

i should consider what to do with my life, again. i guess. but i can do that after the summer?

on the meanwhile i can look for flights to portugal, F's friend is getting married there in september. i could go or skip it. really depends on if i have any money left after all the other travelling. and what it costs. 244e. ooookay i think i can forget it. so what then to keep me occupied?

i should go buy tickets to ProvinssiRock ( 15th-17th june). i am just now looking at the bands performing, even if i don't care whos playing cos i'm going. i haven't been to festivals in AGES. i am willing to go almost anywhere. wow, 85 euros. hurts. the artists list is okay, my faves are Tori Amos, Von Hertzen Brothers, Risto, Zen Cafe and Apulanta... we borrowed an RV for this trip, i suppose thats the adult way to do this instead of the usual tent? some friends have another RV so theres a bunch of us, including co-workers as usual. i'm thinking its pretty weird a workplace bounds people together like this. F and i are thinking of driving up north with the RV, after the festival. to Lapland perhaps. then again it might be too much trouble... but i'd like to do something, i'm taking the week off. there's midsummer on the 23rd too. i never did anything on these traditional drinking holidays and now i will live through each and every one.

and i'm a good finn now and addicted to my cell phone. pathetic.

a local pub, called Hemingways, the other night. we were lazy to go any further to a nicer bar.

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