June 04, 2007

i only have my landline phone open for another month. less. 24 days actually. my cell number is not listed, so the few people, old acquintances and such, who only got my landline number and not even my e-mail, will be cut off pretty much. thats sad. but then again, my email is available online if anyone really wanted to contact me. one could not say i wasn't reachable. but, i will dearly miss my phone.

using a cellphone, i will slowly forget the phone numbers of my friends and relatives. the thought of loosing your phone and not being able to call anyone because don't know their number, is kind of ridiculous. F was the first person i only used cell phone with and the only one whose number i didn't know by heart but we have fixed this now, both of us. very important.

on the upcoming movies that i will add on my 'to watch' list...
Evening seems veery slow paced but maybe the Dido song did it for me, i think i could watch this drama. great actresses there...
Rise: Blood Hunter. Lucy Liu in a vampirish horror action flick. i wouldn't expect too much from this but i would watch it nevertheless.
Fido - a light zombie entertainment piece. humorous and meaningless i presume. so, why not?
Joshua has something old fashioned in it, i guess its trying to follow the footsteps of Omen or something. well, it seems like decent horror and i could not say no to that. i hate the little kid already.

Kev and i were discussing the other day about googling people. its kind of a normal procedure to google anyone you're dating. yet, if on your 2nd date you said "oh i found your graduation photo online, i didn't know you were a hippie" they'd prolly think you're a stalker. depends, i would lift my brow for the secind that it would take me to figure how they found the photo but then i'd label it as norma. if its online, you may be prepared that everyone has seen it. what sucks is if the person is not online, i.e. no results from google. or if their name is so common you get 100 000 results and you cant tell if anyone is the one youre looking for. you almost feel cheated at that point! "i demand information!". when i run into people who are 'not online' i am very disappointed, it makes them drastically different from me. like another species. could be they surf and use nicknames but if you're active on the web, your real name is usually left somewhere too... thats a generalization i know.

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