June 23, 2007

looking at the recent entries, it seems like i have a strong need to blog when drunk. its not so bad but i could've skipped last night, that was retarded. as stated in finnish, we ran out of booze (how embarrassing, 2 adults cannot plan as for how much they need for 2 nights??!!) and decided to leave the cottage a day early. besides, i'm uncomfortable with the bugs and the unpracticalities bother me... but we met my grandmom and aunt, and that went well.

so we drove towards home and are staying at F's parents place because they are spending the midsummer at their cottage. here we have a grill and, yes, something to drink. i don't mind the modern shower and toilet facilities either, and extra super duper soft big bed. i will sleep like a baby. tomorrow i have work at 4pm and i have my doubts as to how busy the evening will be but so what, i've just been on a vacation for over a week. i don't get to have much free time at home though, which bothers me, after a few days of work i have to fly to London. i haven't even managed to set up anything there yet, altho i definitely want to meet some people. i wrote to Jamie quickly the other day and he said yea so thats nice. i've been wanting to meet Jamie for years, he's 20 something now, 21 perhaps, very talented in photography and other arts, fun guy.

and next week i'm also starting at my new job, exciting but gets me nervous too.

anyway i have to fuckin go again.

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