June 19, 2007

Midnight and the sun is setting. In a few nights, it just wont set. We had a few drinks in the local hotel bar and listened to the relationship and other stories of the 2 middle-aged women working there. Now were having red wine and grilling sausages and corn in the grill. A good day its been... The thing about 2 kinds of sausage bothers me. A- and B-class sausage. The other has more meat, we can guess which. What i wonder is that if there is a "good" sausage, why does anyone buy the bad one? The price difference isnt that great i think. I am going to try and see if i can tell the difference. Btw i hate how nokia, as it predicts what youre writing and all, capitalizes the first letters of a sentence. I know its supposedly nice but i rather not do that.

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