June 25, 2007

this arrived in the mail. from eBay. pretty gothic...err

i've started working on my new job project seriously now. its basically setting up customer care for s starting company, and then working on that after launch and after that who knows what i'll do we'll have to see how the business is and how much resources customer care takes and all that... theres a lot of plans that are very challenging. because of my London trip i have to keep myself busy with both before and after, as i want to have something to show at the end of next week or the beginning of the next. before i leave to Asia anyway, and thats the 10th.i will get a laptop when i come back from London! well, i'm not a laptop fan as it is, i don't see any purpose at all for myself to buy one, but to get one for job that i can use on the train rides and stuff makes things certainly easier regarding the work itself so i'm happy :) i told some colleagues about my new job and they seemed happy for me. i already told my immediate supervisor at Provinssirock, he was there too. at some point, maybe next week, i should consider discussing with my boss about making a new contract regarding how much i work, i need to lessen the weight on my shoulders obviously.

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