July 07, 2007

10 politically incorrect truths about human nature. i found nothing disturbing here. all of it makes sense to me, like humans being naturally polygamous and suicide bombers being islamic (even if i didn't know why, i couldn't help but notice).

the workday hasnt been quite as lazy as i wished for but easy enough for me to paint my toenails and watch weird artsy films on tv. hopefully tonight i have the energy to watch some more of those at home, i now have a small pile... but what happened is i didn't sleep last night. i started working on the customer care project around 4 and i remember telling Arttu at some point, maybe 3ish, that i'm getting out of work at 6:30 today, which would mean that my shift would start at 10:30...but by 6am i was confused enoug to think i have to be at work at 8:45. and i lived in that fantasy all the way until walking in from the doors of this building. thankfully my supervisor said i could start early. being over 1.5 hours early did piss me off so i was glad.

my toes are freezing. what, it started raining outside??!

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