July 28, 2007

coming back to work reminded me off how far away i was just a few days ago. feels distant to look at the the photos from out trip.

yesterday, with the meeting in Lahti, was fine. today then, has started shitty. i am dead tired for not sleeping enough for like the 2nd night in a row, none of the clothes seem to fit or to be clean enough to wear, i forget to take F's prepared lunchbox with me, in the tram i dont manage to hit the stop button and have to walk backfrom the next stop... i am surprised i wasnt late for work. however, when i got to work, i'd forgotten my password for the computer... and so forth. its only 9:30am, i seriously hope the day will turn out better from here on. the diazepams i got presciption-free from India are starting to seem tempting (i love poor countries pharmacy wise).

i met Sebastian yesterday, we had a few drinks and he vented regarding the breaking of his engagement. people are getting married and breaking up around me. busy times.

tonight we're supposed to go out... and i dont currently feel like it. i hope my mood gets better. *50mg caffeine*

Avner showed me what palestinian childrens programs are like, may i present to you; Farfur.

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