July 29, 2007

in the afternoon, before he left, i photographed Avner for my foreign men series. not sure if the photos turned out how i want them for the series, but nevertheless it felt relieving and good to take some photos. as if i wasnt such a hopeless case after all.

as far as the series goes, i feel stupid for not using the opportunity and shooting Jamie when i was in London. he would've fit so well.

this is somewhat of a draft, not sure if i would go with this one or not. but may i present; Israel.

i decided that before i loose it, i should maybe make a digital copy of my Apulanta demo tape. its not often that i listen to it but still, it has emotional value. the other side is recorded where they practised, and the other side is a live recording from october, 1992. the demo came out (lol, in total of 6 copies as it reads inside) in december i think but i didnt get mine until in january. i remember listening to it, and granted the quality is crap and i cant tell if they could play well, but it had something, an attitude, which i totally fell for.

i put up 2 short clips of 2 songs; suuvesi pop and tahdon rakastella sinua. the latter is a cover, way better than original in my opinion. with more feel to it.

from left to right: Toni, Sipe, Mandy & Antti.

i wish i had the equipment to turn VHS videos digital too, i videographed a gig on 20.11.2003, and not only is it fun in general (me aged 13, friends...), but Apulanta played there as well. its actually my first video ever, and i havent seen (or remembered) it in almost 15 years :S i can just keep the tape safe, but one day it will be impossible to even view it anywhere...:(

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