July 06, 2007

Jamie said that subterfugemalaises lives in Malaysia, possibly in Kuala Lumpur too, and she is "reaaaally cool" so i should definitely try to hook up with her. so i wrote her a note and luckily she is around on the 14th when we're arriving there, so we'll meet and she said she could show us around. we are considering staying in Malaysia instead of continuing to Bali from there... the tickets would be dirt cheap so its not that (AirAsia.com), but it'd just be some more time lost in traveling, and Malaysia seems pretty nice. i was kind of obsessed about going to an island but *shrugs*

anyway Mark did an interview with Ville Valo on Astan magazine and sent me this afterwards. looks like a group photo of some kind!
me (in Astan mag), Ville and Mark!

yesterday we went clothes shopping. i like men who are keen on shopping and have a good taste. F had found nice grey cotton/linen trousers earlier that he wanted to show me, and then i picked a couple Esprit shirts to go with it. teamwork! here they are

and this is my new purse which i got from London. i didn't buy anything yesterday, after London i think i should keep a low profile for a while.

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