July 25, 2007

Kev pointed me to a nice photographer, well not just "nice" but great photos; Marco Guerra.

it was slightly disappointing to wake up at 6pm. usually i dont mind, but despite having last night to myself i feel like i didnt get much done, and in a few hours i should go to F's again. i make it sound like a responsibility, which it isnt, but im torn between my wants. him and Avner and some others were out partying last night. around 5am he came here to sleep, and left at noon again. i just wasnt ready to get up and 6 hours later, here we are...

tomorrow i have a meeting re: the customer care-job. that means going to Lahti. and on saturday i have the good old customer support stuff.

i was approached with 2 photo opportunities, a writer photo (u know those they have in book cover sleeves) and a fetish photo calendar (of which i'd get one month). finnish writer/publisher, american calendar/publishing house. both seem interesting for me.

hot water is running again too. since yesterday. the peeling skin is getting tiring.

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