August 09, 2007

the yearly insurance bill came. and my mom has pushed me for years to get extra health and medical insurance and stuff... because she didnt have those and its cost her a lot. so i called the insurance company and ill have to fill some papers and pay shitloads more. but then i have it.

i am, again, thinking of switching banks. i have major aggressions towards Nordea which is my current bank. i am pissed over the 90euro charge for cashing my check, its seems every other bank charges less, 60 or so euros. but its not just that, its a lot of things.

anyway. the other day, which i'd named carpet (rug)-day, i only ended up buying pillows and lamps. and i got a rug from, i just have to go pick it up later in the week.

today i got a t-shirt from dA. a week ago they asked me if id be willing to 'promote' the stuff by wearing the shirt and posting a photo of it in dA. which ill happily do. but last time the shirt was too big so now i specifically asked for a girl-size. which i got, and the shirt is actually really nice and fits perfect. i wont mind wearing it on my free time. i'll take a face-included photo later for dA, once i get some make up on...

last night i put these little bunnies up on my wall. yes, i could cut off the newspaper name and actual advertisement text. but i dont mind, its part of it. unless i'd make framed photos of them.

hmm, i just noticed my fridge looks very empty. F is coming later though, and i think we'll go shop food, fill the fridge. i asked for a pasta-based salad for tonight :) hes getting his hair cut and dyed, i had some ideas of what to do, i am excited to see what is the result. i dyed my hair today as well, finally. color is probably not a surprise.

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