September 29, 2007

Sensual Art and Photography featured me in their blog :) nice, thanks John

Michael from Canada wrote me an email, attaching this photo. he'd gotten the tattoo made at
quite.. flattering. thats the 2nd tattoo based on my photo, that i recall seeing anyway. i think the model looks better in the photo than the tattoo but oh well. i hope Michael wont regret inking Dead Series 7 on his skin :D

today is our last festival movie; Dasepo Naughty Girls. last night our friend R came over with a bottle of wine. we raised a toast to the kitties.

on thursday Tiitta took the kitties to a vet for vaccination. and the vet checked the Little Kittys sex; a girl. well, F apparently knew all along, he'd been calling the kitties 'girls' from the beginning.

tonight ill go to F's and Arttu will come later in the evening to feed the kitties, that way i get a little break from them. just so i can sleep one night decently and we can be alone. Arttu is a huge fan of kitties too so thats good. we'd always planned of getting some.

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