September 18, 2007

today is a big day. Jen's National Kitty Day. a few more hours. i am nervous and excited. such a responsibility, the life and wellbeing of kitties. i had to cancel my therapy for today because of the kitties, but thats okay.

last night i ended up watching 3 Beck movies. its starting to stress me. soon ive seen them all :( so why dont i watch just one at a time, savour them like the precious things they are??! saving up...abstaining...i dont speak that language, the concepts are incompatible with my Operating System.

(and so am i actively blogging again? no im still holding back a bit, but i have to get some things out of my system)

railway station last saturday.

part of the menu in restaurant Zetor. id never been there before, so this was all new to me. it was in newspaper form and fuckin hard to read, weird finnish dialect. supposedly cool?! the people in the restaurent then. they were hillbillies, no offense. i still wonder where the fuck did they come from, i cant believe them living even in the eastern parts of helsinki. im guessing Kerava or something... the decoration and style of the restaurant is hillbilly, but you know when they do things over the top its supposedly cool, and attracts the opposite type of people. but this was all hillbillies, mostly drunk men trying to hit on us girls... i was shocked.

but the food was good! potatoes with chicken and bacon... 16,80e. a little much in my opinion, but the meal was great and i couldnt fit it all in.

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