October 19, 2007

if you only have 2 hours and time for one of these, which of the following do you do?
a) fix your nail extensions which are in need of fixing...
b) clean up (dishes, vacuuming...)
c) dye your hair

and which did i do? i may ponder that when im reading this a year from now.

my computer almost died last night...or so it seemed. the virus/trojan/whatever was real bad and no anti-virus program seemed to do anything about it. finally i downloaded Kaspersky anti-virus (30 day trial). after installing it (had to remove Avast! in that process) my computer rebooted and windows explorer wouldnt start up, i couldnt even get task manager open! this went on for about half an hour, i kept rebooting and trying to do something. finally i got to task manager and it unwillingly started up explorer and then i just quickly clicked Kaspersky open and wooom! i got a zillion warnings of the dangerous shit that had made my computer its home. after about 30 secs my computer suddenly rebooted again but when it started up, Kaspersky had won the battle and taken over. thank god. i also figured out where i got the "infection"... did i learn anything? yes.

i am going out, "team party" at work. were going to a casino. blah. i think i need a drink before i even leave the house.

speaking of house, House MD didnt air this week, im fuckin dying for my fix, but i have to wait til next week.

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