November 23, 2007

i had to a new rug (see earlier finnish posts for pics). about 75e incl shopping to my door... finnish rug-sellers are SO late. the photos suck...if they got any. they expect me to go to the store. right. i shop online and want my stuff delivered to my door and i paid for it too. about 45+30 for shipping. UPS. took about a week. i think thats decent, they didnt call or anything, and i sure didnt give my door code, but they just showed up today, with my rug, kudos. better than DSL. pretty rug aye? its soft too, which most rugs are not. berry color tones pretty much. 120x180cm.

the rug photo is in an earlier post but ill include something just for the fun of it.

thats Johan's tshirt, its a skull, u get it??! took me a while, it just looks like a bunch of flowers.

*me is listening to Dido*

i talked online with my half-sis Julia...after a long while. unfortunately i dont think shes doing too well. in fact, im quite worried about her life and future. but theres nothing no one can do, shes 15 or 16, her mom or dad can say absolutely nothing that affects, besides theyre very religious, and i have so little contact to her... im just hoping things turn out okay. shes kind of my favorite out of the 5 kids. she reminds me a lot. i wish i could see her. my german sucks though ans so does her english and we're not that close so its a bit weird.

Michael K wrote me the other day. said he has me on his RSS feed. Michael was a friend of mine from dA, years ago, we used to chat sometimes. its weird that someone like him would read my blog, especially as it has so much finnish shit these days, and the english is pretty much...well u see. very superficial. so is the finnish, but perhaps just 20% less so as i can express myself as freely as i want to. i can rape the language all i want to.

ill post another photo later, just cos i feel like it and this is my blog.

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