January 23, 2008

pink smoothies for everyone

i picked up my new pink blender from the post office. my first "smoothie" was made of
-green apple
-fruit yogurt
-peach (from a can)

tasty!! (40e)

i woke up super early for work and altho i slept like 9 hours i am tired again. it has been heavy with setting up SUPERPUPU. she is perfect but needs a lot of things installed. also, were both still new to each other. F has not yet had a real chance to get to know her either but i hope theyll get together soon, while shes still really young.

so jen, why do you give feelings to and relate so much humane attributes to "inanimate objects"? fuck off, im not talking to you.

Daily Mail asks if cookery lessons should be made a compulsory in Britain's schools. well, i dunno if they did me any good? when kids are at that age (11-15) they couldnt care less. but then again, i dunno what they are now teaching instead, maybe it is better after all. besides, considering the horrible crap they eat in schools there (chips, hamburgers...)...maybe they need the lessons more than i did.

work today (marketing meeting). i am willing to drink coffee at these occasions if nothing else is available.

i also got some more jewellery in the mail, bracelets and stuff... i am really lazy at using bracelets but i believe i can change this.

an italian horror mag is doing a series of artist interviews; "a column about dark art and dark artists. He wants me to interview the best international artists to spread a little bit of awareness, since in Italy dark art is considered as secondary and not important. We want to show our readers, in an easy but effective way, what they're missing. :) The first name that came to my head was yours. " i just received the questions today. despite being inactive for so long now, i am honored to be still remembered by people.

the other day i also did some tattoo sketching. just brainstorming sorta. i am thinking of a big and a small X by the old tattoo, as X is the unknown factor and XX is the female chromosome. then, i drew some flowery things and a butterfly and stuff...

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