November 23, 2008

almost ready to open a gallery

so i used the black oil paint to paint a thin black layer on the canvas last night. not sure how long it takes to dry... need to google it.

M83's Kim & Jessie has a nice 80s style ambient sound, very smooth (youtube video)

cool photography; Nadav Kander. too compliacted and fancy website tho.

mac keyboard, only a couple mm's thin....sweetness. it fits my needs well and Arttu was kind enough to borrow

Arttu's Sony Vaio, in my tender care. we shall see if ill actually need/use it. i think i might wanna try see if it gets me up from bed earlier...since i sometimes wake up but am too lazy to movie and just fall asleep again. i need a motive. if i have the internet within hands reach, it might work, who knows. i just dont have much table space near bed so in this case 'hands reachä was my underwear drawer... but so what, im sure the little Sony is happy there :) now i just need a pink tiny mouse from eBay...

ive been watching CSI again but im up to the latest episodes so its one of those annoying wait-a-week situations to see the next one.

since friday im officially unemployed. and the coming week i dont have either any classes for the possibly upcoming job, nor anything else. it just makes u really passive laying at home doing nothing. kinda feeds itself, being a vicious circle. i sent an email asking if i could attend some courses next week which interest me. well see. but i should definitely find something to do, other than just meeting friends.

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