December 08, 2008

brain barely in read-only mode

its been a while since i was dead-tired like this. ive consumed almost a record amount of caffeine and yet my brain is turning off all by itself. it feels like maybe now, in the afternoon, its finally getting easier. i just took a cup of coffee as a final measure, i ran out of my concentrated purse-caffeine...

2 hours left of the course im attending. theres not much new things for me to learn so i need to keep myself motivated with the internet. is certainly my best friend, if it wasnt before.

the always online/available-thing with mobiles and webcommunities...jaiku's... its pretty sick. but im in it no doubt. i just *shrug* and go on. theres a lot of weird shit in the society anyway, just pick whatever suits you best. ive grown so integrated with the web, that if its strings were ripped off me, i dont know whatd be left. id need some reconstruction. most people would feel 'lonely' or naked with their facebooks and google. i think if...the web was real, i think im copulating with the black widow and if the act was finished, well, we know how that ends for the male.

i sure seem to like exaggaration.

we were supposed to meet with Maria today, but moved it to wednesday, she had something else come up. now i just want to sleep anyway... i should go buy new shoestrings for my boots though.

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