December 19, 2008

getting ready for a major trip to the outskirts

again i did not sleep nearly enough and felt like i was 'gonna die' when the alarm went off. thats the feeling i really get from the worst mornings; im dying. some sort of psychological pain...

we went to check the theatre space for the wedding day-party, very cute and cozy. i like how all the walls of the actual space are black... much nicer and gives a lot of options than the average fuckin wedding set.

Tiitta just promised to make me a hairpiece of some sort for the wedding-party if i wish. i was complaining (sort of) about my stress regarding the outfit. i am proably going to have her make some parts of it. a 'wedding dress' should be made to fit anyway, eh??

Tomorrow we're off to Jyväskylä with miss R. she had a hotel voucher and we're using that... im not too optimistic about Jyväskylä's athmosphere but you never know... its about 3 hours by train, so not actually that far...its the mental distance n my head. i feel like going abroad :P

ive been listening to Vesa-Matti Loiri in youtube, cant find it elsewhere. very finnish, old fashioned maybe, traditional... but i kind of like how its easy and his voice is beautiful and peaceful.

one of my latest musical finds is Powderfinger :)

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