December 06, 2008

independence day 6.12

what was that about last night? or this morning... Total eclipse of the heart?? err.

it was an 80s party... in the morning when others had falled asleep, me and miss R tucked ourselves in her bedroom with the laptop and continued the party there. she went somewhere for a bit and i guess thats when i found use for my phone again... shooting the empty room with this song playing. not my favorite song but i guess at the moment it felt appropriate... lol.

someone from university of Washington, psychology dept wrote me asking me to participate in a study about blogging/personality and something... would be happy to, of course. will need to do a longish test online of some sort.

Miriam and i are considering tattoos in my handwriting. it was her idea, and i started planning one for myself too. she wants "know your rights", and im thinking "elämä on." (life is.) which was orgnally a slogan for a telecom company DNA. but it soon became a common pjrase, fits the finnish mentality i suppose. and any given situation, good or bad. especially bad. heh.

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