January 20, 2009

small and sexy

i dropped by in the store today and picked up an all over black MSI Wind U100 (160Gb hard drive, Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 10.2" LCD, 1kg, webcam, WLAN, bluetooth).

it was 400e, but the credit card bill is due end of next month, which is after my 2nd salary, so, all good. i need to pay all my debts and stuff from this months salary and there wont be much left, especially as its not for a full month. and 2 months rent... aaand the wedding stuff. lol, and then theres barcelona next month. im not making things easy.

i discussed with my supervisor briefly today. shes been very happy with my work (yay). i also said i have been rather satisfied with my job and the environment.

some of Mark's photos from the Lapland trip;
jen inside ice

just winter
Mark in snow

im hoping to see Mark later this year in Berlin. and Miriam asked me to go to a festival in august, in Budapest i think it was. and were planning to go to Istanbul in september. if i plan to continue my job at the current place, i have to figure out some really special arrangements...or so it seems. need to save money too??

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