February 15, 2009


i watched the first season of True Blood. the opening credits art gets me every time. bloody sexy and visual. bad things with you, huh?

the song sriously gets me going. and after watching the full season 1 in like 24 hours im sucked into its world and vampires seem real. i know they ain't. i just really live and feel what i see and this one was especially effective in that.

last night was okay, went to a couple bars with the dutch, Dani'el and Niemke. they left to the hostel after 12 and i got home...to watch True Blood and Boston Legal. so, ive been useful?

i did do laundry today :)

what, Patrick Swayze was in this tv series the Beast? just checkin it out now. well, 2 minutes was enough, fuck that.
the Sanctuary. 2 minutes did it again.
Two and a half men. 3 minutes.

havent heard from Miriam since we booked the hotel in Budapest. her disappearences bother me some. and i look forward to booking a time for more tattooing (well, adding stuff to the mermaids). we were supposed to get some done together. so will it happen?

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