March 31, 2009

the shoe goddess has blessed me

shoooooes. oh.

i picked up these babies from the post office today. i am lucky in a way that most shoes my size (5/7/38) fit me just fine, so i can buy online without stress. that and my feet just arent so picky i suppose.

since my old withcy shoes died of old age i was entitled to a new, updated pair. not exactly as traditional but what the hell. higher heels, but platform makes them comfy.

Bronx stretchy sorta 90s style boots. neat and easy.

reeeed wedge heels. purdy.

and easy cute walking shoes, really nice buckle ans stitching details! i felt like i earn a celebration toast for all these smart buys and bought myself a cider. still not an educated wine-sipper like the french :(

i also got a weirdass ring from etsy. made by artoncloudnine. i think this is reserved for special occasions only, might not handle very rough use.

 neat design site. with IE6 you get this message tho ;)

im a part of this finnish web development brainstorming session next week. itll be webcasted and can be somehow participated by the 'audience' as well, dunno how exactly, i am lowsy at paying attention at things that dont directly require my involvement. except when i eardrop and then offer my advice to unappreciative people. anyway, theres knowledgeable people from all areas of the web, search engines and whatnot. i represent the web communities and heavy users, thats my thing :)
organized by Sitra.


hesi said...

I just wanted to point out your definition of "walking shoes" is pretty ridiculous :)

Jim said...

Jenni is an artist. Aesthetics are EVERYTHING. :D