April 25, 2009

illustrating. or wanting to.

woah. i installed Adobe Illustrator finally, i got the spark to try learn...ive been meaning to do it for years but never really got to it. im completely confused but its good shit. i wish i knew how it works. i know someone who knows Illustrator...so i need to bug them i guess.

theres actually a work thing that would require some design... or we can do without, but itd be cool to have a design and since it wont invent itself i shall give it a try then. i am the visuals responsible...and i Do want things to look nice at the site. theres only so many aspects i can affect but this is one...finally.

i opened a new document and started testing... still confused as well, but it looks like i could be an awesome abstract artist.

i got lost in contactmusic.com yesterday after that hilarious 'in a boat'-video....and found NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK VIDEOS!!!11 JOOOOORRRDAAAAAAN!! I LUVS U! :P hehe. my favorite song was probably i'll be loving you forever, i mustve seen the video LOTS of times. and it still makes me smile.

digital illustrations by Adam Spizak - really goodlooking detailed work

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