May 06, 2009

finding a fault in a sentence. much more fun than finding faults in self.

dyed my hair yesterday. then did a facial scrub. polished my nails. almost feels like im taking care of myself. yay. also had a cider and a glass of Bailey's, was a super-shitty day (not the usual, but like, yea, nevermind, perhaps more at a more proper time).

Arttu is in Spain, he was requested there for a lecture on internet technologies (regarding streaming music or sumtin').

found dinally some good grammar tests from here, ive been kind of pursuing to get better with my english. and while my vocabulary is pathetic by my standards, i really want to press grammar etc now. prepositions and sentence structuring. it seems like ive come better at it lately and i correct documents at work and stuff... but i always wanted to be like...really good, not just good by general standards, but Oxford-fuckin-good.

world subway maps in same size scale. pretty cool.

my first dictionary is quite amusing
article "What Finland can teach American about true luxury". i can actually somewhat agree, on the facts and opinion, not about teaching, to each their own...Americans can keep playing happy camper any way they feel appropriate...

on ice hockey; "No I in Team Finland" "All for one, one for all--but who's going to be The Man?"

those fleeting moments was chosen a DD in dA, what a neat suprise when i logged in today :)

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Jim said...

Don't forget I've been an English teacher, translator and proof-reader since the late Pleistocene age, so I've got materials and stuph coming out of my ears. :) My professional advice also comes with discounts for fellow deviAnts. ;)