May 13, 2009


the nice rain on monday suddenly turned into really aggressive hail when i was on my way home (safe inside the bus). the ground turned white, the hailstones were huge.

i was supposed to get my hair cut yesterday but then a meeting at work dragged on so long and i left it too late and had to reschedule the whole fuckin thing for thursday. from then on lots of 'fail's' followed. i finally paid for spotify just t have fuck up and loose half of the 80's playlist i spent an hour (at least) building last night. so i had to start again today, also cos spotify got so jammed it wasnt until the morning that i could see this happened. well, i then go to work and fight 45minutes for the computer to get working properly, the other monitor to work and what not... lotsa little things that seemed unbelievably hard to overcome.

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