June 13, 2009

held a camera. barely knew how to.

New York Times wrote an article of Father Mitro who got into the european parliament. i didnt read every word and it looks like the article fails to mention that the orthodox church is very much a minority here. i think it gives an interesting perspective to the whole thing.

the german exhibitor (Umsonts und draussen festival)of the Appaf Exhibition from last year is asking for descriptions or something for the photos. also something about me, where i live and basic stuff. not sure what i should to say, as usual. they wrote "Nothing really long, but the information that you also would like to have about a photographer when you visit an exhibition."

yea, mmmkay.

im shot burlesque promo photos today for a girl i know (and is known as Tinker Bell). and also have a shoot next wednesday with the same theme, an american girl whose performing here at some burlesque festival (or something?) needs promo shots. me is happy to shoot stuff along these lines :)

i have a date tonight. hes a feminist. i know hes not too keen on women who are very 'done', with plenty of make up and all that stuff. but perhaps hes just met the wrong kind of women. yet i feel like preparing for a war, the need to explain why its not anti-feminist to (excessively?) care for your outer self. its the inside that could make it crooked, wrong or distorted intentions or self images... anyway hes smart and im really interested in seeing what becomes of the evening :)

need to watch the latest episode of Ultimate Fighter. maybe later tonight?

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