June 02, 2009

no starfish and diving bunnies today

well, my mermaids required so much work that the tattoo artist (Linda at Luau Tattoo) didnt have the time to start with my new idea, the sea theme im going with. i got a new appointment for july 2nd tho, so 'only' a month. which feels like forever.

now im applying dexpanthenol cream and biting my teeth in pain. damn skin sure is sore. doesnt like being scratched and poked i gather?

tomorrow we have some swedish people coming over at work, were going to dinner afterwards and all thanks to a contest we won in february. we chose restaurant Demo that should have god food, relaxed athmosphere and yet 1 Michelin star. we'll see...

hmm, i can estimate my pains are not much compared to the guy who got his teeth knocked out in Ultimate Fighter season9. oh boy :S poor guy. 4 teeth. i can emphatize, considering, well, i still have em but right now theyre looking less than nice. cant wait until next tuesday. thats what these fighters do to anyway, they need to get nice fake teeth.

and im damn tired. off to bed.

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