June 25, 2009

update from a lunch terrace

yesterday turned out to be a lot of fun. we met iustinian (Volkan) from dA and ended up spending the whole day with him and his friends. all the way until i cannot remember-late. its weird how the city is divided on separate pieces of land not just a river between but a sea. makes crossing over a bit slow.

Volkan mentioned knowing a tattoo artist or a friend of a tattoo artist and boom, in an hour i had a new tattoo. lol. need to take a photo of it. there was this area (on the asian side) with just bars and restaurants and tattoo studios and other nice stuff, and we moved around from one place to another all evening. enjoying the company of nice and smart people led to lots of interesting discussions.

and you can order any kinds of drinks you want. when i realized this, all hell broke loose. malibu-baileys-cointreau must have been one of my favorites.

today we are going to Istanbul music festival to see Toros Can play. i look forward to meeting him as well.

i love it how in the night the air is so soft and perfectly warm. not too humid either.

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