July 12, 2009


so Morgan Freeman is getting married to someone remotely related to him (not by blood). i am not counting how many yrs age difference is there between 72 nd 27...but i think many. okay so is it any of my business? or anyones loss? no and no. u could think its Morgans current wife's loss, but he was clearly not happy in this marriage, so then i dont think its a loss. it just didnt go like in fairytales, nobodys fault.

and the Afghan government is working on a law to decriminalize rape in marriage. i am appalled but not surprised. end of story.

"five best online image editors" by lifehacker

blind search
... a taste test for search engines. i did about 10 searches and my votes went quite evenly to Yahoo, Bing and Google :o

i bought peaches the other day. rare occasion. they were raw, however now ripe... oh and yesterday i was at Arttu's parent combined birthday party. there were some relatives and others from the states visiting. and i we had an interesting conversation with Mark, whose done cellrev website. i was surprised he is just 18, but exceptionally aware of a lot of things, besides just cellphones and IT stuff. so, it was an interesting event.

after most of the guests left, in the living room with some of Arttu's relatives;

the main course; some salmon, ox, potatoes, salads...

the other day we went to the park behind my house, with Arttu. just for an hour in the evening before it got too cold as the sun went down.

my new favorite skirt in use recently;

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