July 11, 2009

this title objectifies women. at least MEEEE.

interesting to see Time reporting on MMA. latest article; White vs Fedor: Ultimate Fighting's Cold War Gets Hotter .while Dana White at UFC has been part of making the sports a success, nearly maistream already, i dont like his way of talking shit like that. th fact is, Fedor seems to be the best of the best right now. has been for a couple yrs. and he is the only really important fighter that the UFC does not have atm.

i do miss seeing Fedor, after Pride i dont think ive seen a single fight.

i was reading sociological images -blog alast night. sometimes i am pissed how everything is supposed to be wrong. people who have an agenda about something, see their fuckin agenda everywhere. here's on the ads for african liqueur. so they admit, if the models depicted had been all black, it would be 'wrong' because that means we only associate black with the wild and primitive nature of africa and think of them as less than white. however, these ads use both black and white models. and so the conclusion must be: "
In line with this tendency to think in this way, in this advertising it’s almost as if black Africans are meant to represent white humans’ own more primitive past".

umm? what? so what are the white people doing in the ads? they just dont count, its too equal to make sense of. if it had been just white people in ads, we'd be referring to how idiotic it is being that african population is black in most part and about white supremacy and white/western cultures trying to 'whiten' everything eeywhere. NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH.

of course theres stereotypes, prejudices and patriarchy and racism all around us. but not in everything. not just everything. some people just see them in everything, whether its black or white, the woman underneath or on top, theres gotta be something wrong we can always find a way to explain things to seem wrong.

in said blog, i also found an article on the photo series Fallen Angels, by Dina Goldstein. i also read discussion regarding this on other 'agendaish' websites (such as Racialicious, Women's Glib). dear god how wrong these photos seem to be, nothing right. all wrong. what does Rapunzel's hair being lost have to do with the story* what about Cinderella drinking, how is that related to the plot or moral of the story? oh please... thats so fuckin ridiculous. not everything is always related to something in a deep fuckin metaphoristic way which we would appreciate. the photographer took the Disney characters, and took modern day situations where women might not wanna end up in (but often do anyway), and voil'a. thats all there is to it.

especially the moaning over Jasmine in the midst of a war was unbelievable. racist? come on, she is dark skinned and haired, if she had been placed in NYC it would have been racist again, in another manner. if she had been wearing a burka with 15 children and no education, it wouldve been racist against muslims and so forth. nothing is good. it looks like Jasmine lives in middle east, which makes a lot of fuckin sense because of her features, and she is unfortunately having to be a part of army of some sort, because there is a war. simple as that. nothing racist about it. she does not even seem weak character.

i personally found these photos nice and fun to look at. i wonder what the Cinderella-reality version should fuckin be like, according to the critics? being a cleaner, at a subway station? nooo, that would refer to the age-old position of women as cooks and housekeepers alone, that would be degrading, it would mean its men's fault. her alcoholism in this photo probably is, too? i think some feminists really cant handle the fact that she has managed to fuck her life all by herself, no beating husband at sight. and thats why they need to complain "it makes no sense". what WOULD make sense? alcoholism is a very valid problem amongst women too, no?

and someone complained that in Beauty and the Beast, the moral of the story blah bah.... so why is she getting plastic surgery? well, i DO remember the story had some elements about looks too. no wait it was JUST the name. ah hah. right. i think the Dina came up with is pretty suitable. the obsession on our looks and image and self improvement is also such a common phenomenon amongst women especially. nothing new though, age old thing. plastic surgery just gives it that modern twist.

well im going to Arttu's parents birthday now, better stop whining and get my clothes on and get goin...

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