September 28, 2009

helter skelter (not the beatles song)

the sunday was weird... i slept so late and then kept napping... managed to do laundry and work some, but thats about it. ive been watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl. both seasons, actually. that was that.

Wired had a cool "how to behave: new rules for hightly evolved humans" post. i dig.

Flickr logo now has "from Yahoo" added on it. whats with Yahoo, theyre bygones, no? why suddenly bother raise your brand image or something? pls. it brings Flickr down rather than raising Yahoo up.

im actually glad now that i went to see the 11th International Istanbul Biennial... as it was not my plan but happened anyway... im not too much into art, especially modern or contemporary... but i have to admit it doesnt harm seeing some - sometimes. there was some multicultural stuff, politicl elements... the theme was "what keeps mankind alive". i dunno. stubborn fuckin species...

ive realized, not surprisingly, that everyone (well those who dont know me reaaally well) think i went to Istanbul because of mr *very difficult*. thats incorrect. but i knew how it would look like and decided not to care. im making these decisions and things for myself...from a (perhaps)lonely and independent perspective. i dont see other choices.

the Polanski case is odd. i dunno what to say about it. he did wrong, i dont care which decade it was. but damn, it WAS a long time ago, wow. and ive always wondered, and its very hard... how it must feel to have your very pregnant wife stabbed to death. ...
i cant even add anything to that sentence. fuck.

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kervÄ said...

"helter skelter" is a good song !!!