September 24, 2009

let it go, open the window

the new (10th!) season of Ultimate Fighter is finally ON, titled 'heavyweights'. yay. Rampage and Rashad Evans coaching, with Kimbo Slice mixing up the pack. looking good, i am excited.

and House has started too. my life is saved. great premiere episode, too.

Christopher Nolan's Inception seems interesting. Lars Von Trier's Antichrist is a must of course...

based on the book by Tucker Max, whose 'blog', or collection stories, i have praised a couple times in the past, comes movie I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. the trailer does not convince me somehow :( and i think hes 'retired' from being an ass long ago, so its kinda blah altogether. too bad. he was entertaining in his day.

Peter and Vandy seems like a cute romantic comedy. havent seen one of those in a while.

Paranormal Activity is probably trying to be the new Blair Witch Project. well lets see, bring it on...

being home has its sides. no hugging and touching from people. touching is a nice&friendly thing of course but my limits get tested in the south... and i get Sprite Zero at home. and MY COMPUTER. i feel happily reunited with her now.

i guess i like being reunited. partly cos i dont like to let go of things. altho id like to think i do. i guess id like to learn. being in a position right now where i have to let go of some things im dwelling in insecurity.

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