October 19, 2009

a few disconnected hours

my internet did not start showing signs of life and after 2 hours i called the operator. they told me to go switch the modem in the store. which i did and now i have a working internet again. but that was some long hours of my life! heh. i did actually get a lot of stuff done in the meanwhile, laundry etc. it was more the knowledge of no internet, which bothered me.

another social week coming up. and i even have a photoshoot scheduled on wednesday :) but it must be bad karma to talk about it, so ill shut up.


i think some friends or acquaintances read this instead of contacting me... they have a feeling of contact if they read me, but ...hey! it doesnt work both ways! its just an impression i got a few times, so i have no real proof, and dont want to bring it up, i just wish it wasnt so.

ive been trying to figure out my wants and needs and feelings, but its a mess.

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