October 16, 2009

if jen doesnt go to turkey, turkey comes to jen

hair dye day. i have now slept 2 nights in a row - solid. tonight i should go out with the foreigners (turns out the turkish guy who wrote me through HC is from istanbul, heh) so hopefully i wont fuck up my schedule too bad. tomorrow is my friend's wedding.

yesterday miss R got a new tattoo :D i kept her company and then we went to eat chinese.

my job-situtation is as confusing as ever. i officially had a project for 1,5months, so it ended yesterday. i still had a couple things to do, 1-2 days worth of stuff, i can finish them next week. and next week i will find out if theres more work or not, another project or so. i still have my #1 job, the editor thing, but its not enough to support me, so im rather nervously waiting what happens... theoretically there IS work, but there other complications to solve. this type of work is really challenging so i really hope it works out. also cos im so restless and would like to travel, go work abroad again in fact...

oh and here is an interesting perfume :) Vulva

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