November 06, 2009

surfing the webster

besides working some, i slept through the day. Sebastian quickly visited and returned my hat which i forgot at his place last friday. that was pretty much it...

i didnt even take any pics with my new cam today. just been sitting by the computer... looking through these 'home exchange' sites... building master plans and whatnot amazing ideas. i wonder how far that will fly...

very impressive treehouse
Darth Vader conducting Icelandic orchestra
rock giants in the Urals
rap in 30 languages - a pretty nice video
monday morning - lol
full body floss... OMG :D
Hitler's Xbox

Kev is back from his month long trip in China & Mongolia. and Miriam is in Stockholm right now, for some UN or feminist org conference. so close! but so far. i couldnt find a decently cheap way to go there now so no meeting :(

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