December 24, 2009

americans and some others

saw 2012 lat night. someone had been telling me how its not the typical "americans save the world"-story...but seriously? americans take the lead in what is done and when. the black guy is then a hero by suggesting to all other nations that the gates are opened, so they are just lambs. and Cusack's character is the american who saves their boat and its americans and indirectly the remaining world as we see it... so, if this isnt all-american i dunno what is. queen elisabeth is presented as funny with her dogs and all other nation leaders just sit and listen to what the americans have to say. italian prime minister (lol) is also gracious enough to stay behind like the american president. there is one bad guy (oliver platt) but the good guy wins, and at the end he gets the girl, the 'princess' (presidents daughter). how perfect. well, i expected nothing less, but i had to complain anyway.

iron man 2 is coming out next year. i kinda look forward to it altho i dont usually yearn after fictional action. must help that i adore robert downey jr and mickey rourke...

cruise & diaz movie knight and day is utter agent bs, but i might watch it anyway once it arrives.

hot tub time machine
seems like nice brain free comedy. so, works for me i guess.

frozen seems like a decent try at a "real life" thriller, but looking at the weather outside my window im not sure im amused. hits a bit too close.

i think nicolas cage just starred in yet another really shitty fiction/action; sorcerer's apprentice. but what do my nearly 30 yrs old eyes tell me on imdb...Monica?! Monica Bellucci! i had to watch the bloody trailer again in case i missed her...although how could i miss way. she was NOT on it! i am UPSET! why??!

prophet seems... i dont want to say promising, ill just end up disappointed...but there just might be something fresh and real in here.

the paranoids is a lively looking film, heartwarming perhaps. i think i need to see it.

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